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Filipino Prisoners Pay Michael Jackson Tribute

Filipino Prisoners Pay Michael Jackson Tribute

The Filipino prisoners, most famous for their YouTube video of “Thriller”, paid tribute to their idol, Michael Jackson, on Saturday.

The 1,500 dancing inmates at the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) practiced for nine consecutive hours Friday night/Saturday morning and only took breaks only to eat or when it rained. What dedication!!!

Check out the MJ tribute vid below!

Filipino Prison Pay Michael Jackson Tribute
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  • JJ

    Probably no dedication, they have to do it.

  • Eh

    lol, that’s messed up.

  • mela

    who cares about their dedication…this made me cry…michael has got prisoners in the philipines dancing to the music he made when he was just a child even after his death. rip michael!!!! one of the last great musical child prodigies. RIP RIP

    who cares how michael died, i’m just sad we lost a musical genius. 143


    Michael is the greatest I hope it will more tribute to come for him. he is the legend no one like him

  • Sami

    i’m filipino, and i’ve been to the CPDRC (it’s become pretty much a tourist spot here)… and to comment#1, they do it, NOT because they HAVE to, but because they really enjoy it… it’s their pastime, a way to temporarily forget their worries and just have fun… they have livelihood projects, where inmates get to earn a living… save up if you will for after their stay in prison… so please don’t be so negative about the whole thing…. the place isn’t like most prisons in the US… it’s a great place for them…

  • Andrew

    I have cried to watch this. Thanks.

  • Claire

    Are some of the prisoners dressed up as nuns?? or are those real nuns? I’m confused.

  • joanne

    that was awesome! i shed a tears

  • Linzie

    SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! It brought tears to my eyes. He really impacted the entire world!! NOBODY else can ever do that. He is truly loved by Millions and Millions of people! R.I.P. King M.J.

  • mailey

    well, they’d really be enjoying life if they hadnt committed, you know, CRIMES. people do make mistakes. but still, i mean.. i doubt these are petty crimes criminals, right? i mean what are we talking here, are these murderers, rapists and armed robberers? yikes.
    it’s a nice gesture. but yah, i dont get the nuns either.. and i dont get why michael has a sword.. kinda creepy.

  • Paola

    Great video. RIP Michael

  • E

    They did “Thriller” fools. Aww, what a tribute. They made me cry. Michael would have been so pleased. Thanks for posting it.

  • AH

    you people are crying over a the death of a pedophile. nice.

  • Romina

    omg! how beautiful, this made my cry

  • http://yahoo belyn

    comment #1nine hours of practice no d-d cation?u probably from MARS. IDIOT… thank u kapwo kong pinoy, 4 ur awesome heartly,tribute to MJ,i was crying sure MJ, will be performing lots of tour at the other end. REST IN PEACE.i cannot believe that ur gone….

  • Fabric Princess

    @ JJ: I personally believe they CHOOSE to do this, rather than are forced to do it. Haven’t seen their “Thriller” video yet, but I rather doubt they’re forced to create music videos. If they are pushed into this type of ‘service,’ I can only say that I have been moved by this particular video and am touched by their efforts.

    @Claire #7: The video essentially has two musical themes running: Michael Jackson’s songs from childhood are played at the beginning while a visual salute is paid to the videos “Thriller” and “Black or White” (symbolized by the nuns outfits – black and white).

    Those who have seen his music videos will recognize the dance moves from them while “Ben” and other songs are being played.

    Thank you Sami, #5, for offering some insight and clarification about this prison and its policies regarding reform.

    I’ll miss you, Michael Jackson, and my heart aches with your passing.

  • Mousse

    @Sami didn’t they dance before on music from MJ? I have seen something like this before, but can’t remember where it was from.
    I find it impressing.

  • bdj

    That was very touching. RIP Michael. Your music will live on. Best wishes to your children and family.

  • Fabric Princess

    @ Ah #13: It’s tragic that Michael didn’t get the mental and emotional help and support he may have needed many years ago. He did not have a childhood, did not live a ‘normal’ life and paid a price for being extraordinarily talented and gifted. His conduct with children may have been inappropriate at times, but without a professional therapist or psychologist to evaluate him and understand him, it’s all too easy to make assumptions about his intentions. Keep in mind this “pedophile” created a large movie theater on his Neverland Ranch for terminally ill children, or children too sick to fully sit up, and installed special ‘seats’ that were actually adjustable hospital beds so the children could watch movies while hooked up to IVs and getting their medicines or medical treatments.

    I do think Michael was mentally not well for several years, but I don’t personally believe he fully intended or meant to hurt anyone. That’s just my personal opinion, since I never met him or knew him.

  • Mousse

    Thanks E, just watched Thriller also.
    I like what they bring.

  • a realist

    Beautiful! This is wonderful what these inmates did. God Bless Them All!

    RIP Michael.

  • yep

    I think that’s pretty damn awesome even if they’re forced. I would rather be forced to dance than forced to do other things. LoL

  • dew

    Respect to these people! I bet now Michael is doing moonwalk somewhere on the moon. Rest In Piecce.

  • zanessa4life

    One word: AMAZING

  • rocky

    @Fabric Princess:

    Well said! I love this video. I’ve watched it over and over and believe that MJ is smiling down from the heavens that so many people really did care about him. I was and always remained a fan.

  • rocky



  • Sami

    @mailey #10 The CPDRC is a maximum-security reformatory. Its inmates have committed crimes ranging from petty shoplifting, to murder and rape yes, but they’re trying to better themselves and reform… people change, and even if this looks like fun… you have to remember, they’re still in prison… this doesn’t change the fact that they’re locked up.

    plus, most prisoners participating in the dances have only done petty crimes and are pretty safe to be with, in fact tourists can go down to “the pit” (aka their exercise yard – seen in all their vids) and have their pictures taken with them… they’re really funny guys actually… they’ll pose with you and just be themselves…

  • somja

    that was beautiful, i cried also, Michael truly deserved that, RIP KING OF POP. how touching.

  • LuckyL

    Yeah, this is old, but still interesting.

  • mmsic

    @JJ: There is a lot of dedication in that video,I must say.MJ was big in the Phillipines,he was loved there because of his music.Like some of the posters,the last song ‘We are the world” made me cry.RIP,MJ! You and your music will never be forgotten!

  • irish girl

    @Eh: I totally agree.

  • bananabottom

    @mela: i totally agree!!

  • mutti


  • LuckyL
  • sky

    hey number 13, when was MJ proven to be a pedofile. All that was proven by these stupid cases was that a lot of white trailer trash made up a bunch of likes to get rich quick.

  • noelle

    people who make fun of the dead (or deaths) are jerks, nuff said

  • Ellie

    tks for posting…it really sad and so touching….RIP MJ

  • anon

    Dang MJ would be the last person you would think had street cred. Impressive.

  • http://yahoo belyn

    the first thing u heard is the CEBUANO version of OUR FATHER.and then MJs voice when he was oh just love the last song WE ARE THE WORLD,i remember i sing that music when i was 2nd im old that i needed a cane.lolby the way that is a classic music,always touches my heart.

  • http://yahoo belyn

    the first thing u heard is the CEBUANO version of OUR FATHER.and then MJs voice when he was oh just love the last song WE ARE THE WORLD,i remember i sing that music when i was 2nd im old that i needed a cane.lolby the way that is a classic music,always touches my heart.

  • marainsconset

    Wonderful!!! rest in peace Michael. We love you forever.

  • http://yahoo belyn

    the first thing u heard is the ENDING of CEBUANO version of the OUR FATHER. my hat is off to those inmates who put their hearts and soul to make a wonderful tribute to MJ,im sure hes watching them,he probably want to join them too…hay pakaanindot sa tribute,maraming salamat nalingaw jud ko kaayo.

  • mimi

    RIP MJ <3

  • jorge

    That was a beautiful tribute to MJ. I nearly cried for just listening to MJ’s songs. I was still in high school when Ben hit number 1 in the airwaves. RIP MJ, you really deserve the tribute. You’re one of a kind.


    I almost forgot how many humanitarian songs Michael Jackson had writenand performed. The words to these song are so sensitive and heartfelt–he has a beautiful heart and a caring soul. I believe all that stuff about him and kids were not true. I do believe that he loved children and they made him feel accepted–they gave him unconditional acceptance–for who he was as a person. I truely believe he started to die when people believed he was capable of harming children –the people he loved most. To think that he had given so much of himself to the people and then to have people treat him so terribly and believe such horrible things about him. I think that this broke his heart and his spirit. He was gentle and wounded by life. I cry not because of his death but because of what he had to go through in life. I have loved him and believed in him all my life–and I always will. Loving, kind and sensitive souls always break first. Mr. Michael Jackson I have always felt you were bigger than life and now I know you are–You have earned your wings. Now soar free through the universe–with God’s speed. Love everlasting, BRS

  • aseret64

    Im from the Philippines. These inmates do these as their past time or form of exercise, probably part of their rehabilitation. At first, the officials at CPRDC find it difficult to convince these inmates to dance as part of their exercise. The first video they made is Thriller of Michael Jackson.

    When MJ died, one of our local news station interviewed the person responsible for these dancing inmates (forgot his name), he said that the inmates were affected by MJ’s suddent death. So, they decided to do this as their tribute to MJ.

    Let us give these inmates due credit for doing this as their tribute to MJ. #1, believe me, they are not forced to do it, they enjoyed doing it because they love MJ.

    #13 – yes, we are “crying” not because of the death of a pedophile but because we lost, if not the greatest, one of the greatest music geniouses of all time. If you dont have anything good to say about MJ, just keep your mouth shut out of respect for his death. Your family wouldnt want to hear the same too if you die, right?

    RIP MJ.

  • Kroometoo

    i played softball in the CPDRC. the inmates are really nice you know. they get to earn money for after their time in jail so they can start a new life.

  • Lisa too

    Sami and Asere64…. Since you both seem to know some about the prison, who sets up these dance routines and how do they know where to be placed? It all seems so orderly that I don’t understand how the guards can make sure that a riot doesn’t happen? Also, do you think that Michael ever got to see them perform in person when he was visiting overseas?

  • mina

    Jezzz, I can’t believe I’m tearing up. lol! It might be corny to say but music is really a universal language. Well done Dancing Inmates of Cebu, Philippines and good luck to you all.
    RIP Michael.

  • Alena

    My God I cried so hard… They did a great job