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Gisele Bundchen is Pregnant Pretty

Gisele Bundchen is Pregnant Pretty

Gisele Bundchen shows off her supermodel pregnant bod as she visits her friend’s house in Hollywood on Saturday (June 27).

The 28-year-old Brazilian bombshell recently spoke about getting married this Spring to football stud, Tom Brady, saying, “I already knew that we would get married a year and a half before we got married. We felt it. The heart spoke louder. I prefer to stay at home. The big husband wins. Because of this relationship, what is most important to me is the family. Now I am creating my other family.”

10+ pictures inside of Gisele Bundchen getting pregnant pretty…

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  • whattheeff

    The big husband wins?
    He is that big only because he is part ape – his ancestors swung from trees. I am amazed that he can stand upright and walk on 2 legs.

  • lol

    she looks like a horse

  • brenda

    Never could understand how she became a model. She’s not even pretty.

  • whattheeff

    Tom is not allowed to meet Gisele’s friends because he still eats with his feet. She is still trying to teach him to use a fork but he has not mastered it yet.

  • Chuck

    U may think that, but as ur not in the fashion world, it does’nt really matter, as long as anna wintour thinks she’s the one

    she earner last year 23 million, in second Heidi Klum and Kate Moss with 8 million hahaha

    there are supermodels and there is gisele bunchen, perfection

  • jd09

    I’m sorry but how is she pregnant? I don’t look like this on a good day!!

  • jd09

    I’m sorry but how is she pregnant? I don’t look like this on a good day!!

  • Neil

    Who REALLY cares what you nonentities ^^^^^^^^^^^^ think. Not Tom or Giselle. They’re living the life and you all sound nothing more than yappy little dogs being ignored.

  • lakers fan in boston

    look at those legs
    i said they were getting a lil big but i think that was stupid me
    they still look super long and sexy
    cute outfit as well, love the true religion shorts =D
    love u gisele!!
    im still not sure if she’s pregnant, she’s not looking a bit here

  • dundies

    He is that big only because he is part ape



  • dundies

    Tom is not allowed to meet Gisele’s friends


    HAHAHA what are you saying

  • whattheeff

    Gisele only married Tom the monkey for his money not for looks – c’mon the man has simian DNA and apelike features. He eats with his feet and has to practice standing upright for treats.

    ” The big husband wins.” – The big ape gets many bananas each time he impregnates me.

    This is how she talks to Tom the monkey because he can’t understand big words and has a limited vocabulary. Each time he gets the sentence right he gets a banana.

  • Anonymous

    That interview was translated from Portugese, she didn’t actually say “the big husband wins”- that was’s mistranslation.
    Here is the correct translation:

    Z- Imagine this, you’re at your home enjoying home’s life and then you have to work. You do it or will stay at home?
    G- Depends on the work. Years ago I did everything, I did go to work anytime and anywhere. Now I think twice sometimes many more before coming with a decision. Today I do what I really want. If I don’t like something, I stay at home.
    Z- So your husband wins?
    G- Yes, he wins. has horrible translators and now everyone is attacking/making fun of Gisele for things she didn’t say. Its so annoying!

  • Anonymous

    She’s pregnant, put on denim shorts and a t-shirt and looks stunning!! This woman’s a goddess…so not fair!

  • ines

    happy bday ed westwick!!!!!

  • Eh

    Do guys really find her legs sexy? I’m a girl and I think they’re so skinny they look snappable.

  • nosy

    she gotta be at least 2-3 months along

  • anna

    look at her legs, not one even a little bit of cellulite, so unfair

  • meg

    She is always so beautiful and natural. I’m sure she’ll be an excelent mother because she is a warm and lovely person, and a very dedicated and sweetie stepmother.

  • E

    Whenever these supermodels get pregnant they don’t seem to gain much weight..

  • justrocks

    Gisele is looking prettier than ever..pregnancy is doing good for her….

  • valdez

    If she 3 months pregnant then I am 24 months pregnant! And I am have a peni&s! I wish I look so pregnant like her does. Thanks and have a great nite!

  • karenina

    pregnant and with a perfect body, hope i look like that=)

  • sara-amw

    Dear, she was number 1, now is Raquel Zimmerman another brazilian model. She has a lot of money, just look in Forbes.

    sorry my grammar

  • Sassy


  • mailey

    she has a nice body and nice hair, but a crap face. just imo.

  • Bonitto

    Mailey, why dont you show us your face, I am sure it look worse than Gisele.

  • Adri

    I like that she looks so beautiful even when she is just natural. Lovely & unique.

  • rach09elm

    Damn, that legs!

  • mailey

    oh really u are soo sure? lol and why’s that? bec every single person that is beautiful is a model? and every single model is beautiful? have u seen some of the horse faces on the catwalk? and stop asking posters to share their pictures with you, you pervert.

  • B


  • B


  • B


  • ana

    The translation is wrong,jared.I watched and she was asked :
    Z : So,the husband wins?
    G : Yes.

  • lizzie

    You people don’t see how beautiful she is? She must be very tall too, perfect for modeling

  • ears ringing

    LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL OMG she didn’t!!!!!!!! “The big husband” lolllllllll. OMG I’ve got tears in my eyes. Thats messed up. Why would she go on recond sayign such a weird thing. Alrighty.

  • Lauren

    Im a HUGE patriots fan , and i love tom brady , im also a fan of gisele , i think they are great together!
    People told Gisele she was never gonna be a model , she became the TOP.
    People told tom he was not gonna be a good QB..he became #1!!
    oh , and all you stupid bridget fans! go get a life! you dont even know know in an interveiw she said the bst thing about dating brady was the free hats!!what kind of a gf says that? gisele is also more bridget traped brady . yes she TRAPPED him you cant just “forget to take your birthcontrol pills” shes an actress she knows how to act innocent to make tom look bad.she says shes “classic” when she got herself in havin a baby out of wedlock.
    all you jets and colts fans just want a reason to hate tom. @ Bonitto – i love your way these haters dont understand
    they should type “tom brady” and “gisele bundchen” on google and read about them

  • Lauren

    @Bonitto: they dont know what they are talking about..those haters..why dont they go type in “tom brady” and “gisele bundchen” and read about them..gosh

  • lisa

    her legs.. I want!!!

  • annie

    Does anyone actually want to see photos of this woman every single day? She is just a model (albeit very highly paid but not very attractive) married to a footballer. Not great actors, musicians, dancers, or anything else which needs real talent so what is the big deal about them?

  • JLS

    Too bad she’s going to be dogged the whole pregnancy. That’s what you get when you treat others like sh**. Karma gets you every time. She actually seems pretty good with Jack, much better than his dad is. She and Tom really should have thought twice about how they treated Bridget in their early relationship. We’ll never forget and I’m sure she won’t either.

  • enildo

    gisele vc é muito gata!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    JLS- what do you mean “how they treated Bridget”…why does everyone say that and talk about it as if you actually knew what what going on? From what I know, Tom and Bridget broke up late November, Tom and Gisele met and started dating right before Christmas, they found out about the pregnancy in February.
    Sure, it was a bad situation- Bridget was having the baby and Tom was dating Gisele but no one actually did anything wrong. Was Tom suppose to leave Gisele and go back to a relationship that they both already knew didn’t work? That doesn’t make sense!
    At no point was there any indication that Tom and Gisele were being rude to Bridget. Tom was there for the birth and Gisele sent her a gift basket. Were you like expecting all of them to go shopping for the baby together or something?!
    From what I see…all three handled the situation well and with maturity. And this was like 3 years ago, they all have moved on! Why are people who weren’t even involved in any of this still holding onto it? Let it go already!

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    She looks like a boy. If a tall boy would shave his legs- he would have Gisele’s legs.
    She is proof that the fashion industry is ruled by gay men who love masculine features.

  • Anonymous

    Its so funny you say that because Gisele is actually credited with bringing curvy models back.. Before her, all models were flat chested and extremely thin. Actually, at the beginning of her career people told her she would never be put on a magazine cover because she didn’t have the features of a “typical model”- such as Kate Moss, for example.
    “A tall boy” ?? Have you seen pics of Gisele? She actually has a womanly figure that is not typical for a tall girl which is what makes her body so amazing.
    Just because a woman doesn’t have Pam Anderson’s fake breasts or JLo’s butt doesn’t mean she doesn’t have curves!
    Read up on people before you make stupid statements like calling the #1 supermodel a “tall boy”

  • Lucy


  • NEY


  • sassy
  • nepatsfan

    Hey Lauen, I agree totally.
    None of the negative posters are from NE and they have not a clue what really went on between three adults during a difficult time for all.It is all speculation and petty hatred.
    I can say that BM made it very well known while living with Tom, most especially that last year they were a couple, that she was ready to settle down, marry and have kids…that old biological clock was ticking. She made very public in statements and gave local Boston interviews stating this. At the very same time, Tom was stating in interviews that he was happy being single and paying football and that he was not ready for kids or to be married. I remember thinking that it seemed odd that they were at such different places relationship wise and yet were still hanging out together.
    So,I would say these two had serious issues well before they finally broke it off in the fall of 2006. I also remember reading that BM was “shocked” that Tom didn’t return to her once he learned she was pregnant…that she had fully expected him to. Seems to me that she rolled the dice hoping to score big…baby and marriage but things just didn’t go the way she planned. It is a story as old as time.
    All that said, it is really nobody’s business.
    I wish T & G the very best and look forward to what the coming season has in store…both on the football field and off. GO PATS!!!

  • Anonymous

    Oh come on, She’s flat as a board and has implants. She seems very insecure and just remember karma will come back to bit her in the butt!