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Isla Fisher With a Splash of Olive Cuteness

Isla Fisher With a Splash of Olive Cuteness

A solo Isla Fisher is seen shopping in Hollywood on Friday (June 26).

Other pictures include the 33-year-old Aussie actress the day before with daughter Olive, 19 months, stopping for drinks at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Isla had taken Olive to a dance class in West Hollywood in the morning.

On Thursday, Isla came out to support her British fiance, comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, at the premiere of his new movie, Bruno.

FYI: Isla is wearing Melinda Maria‘s “Goddess of Power” necklace. The earrings are also MM.

20+ pictures inside of Isla Fisher out and about…

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isla fisher olive 01
isla fisher olive 02
isla fisher olive 03
isla fisher olive 04
isla fisher olive 05
isla fisher olive 06
isla fisher olive 07
isla fisher olive 08
isla fisher olive 09
isla fisher olive 10
isla fisher olive 11
isla fisher olive 12
isla fisher olive 13
isla fisher olive 14
isla fisher olive 15
isla fisher olive 16
isla fisher olive 17
isla fisher olive 18
isla fisher olive 19
isla fisher olive 20

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  • kelly

    She looks pretty :)

  • ashleigh

    i love isla she looks so sweet and genuine. i never see her miserable and her daughter is a cutiepie

  • kate

    he is her fiance JJ not her husband

  • NativeNYker

    Looks like a scene rite out of that movie she did.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Saudia

    she’s so pretty …I love Isla!!

  • Karen

    shes so sweet and down to earth!

  • Pandora

    She’s so very pretty, and that’s sans makeup, too! Great bod. I love her sundress and the tan colored bag. Oh, and her sandals.

  • becca

    could isla fisher be any more adorable???

    i wonder what it’s like to live w/ sbc… must be insane. but he’s supposedly nothing like his characters.

  • anna

    Isla is very pretty and Olive is soo cute!!!!

  • zoe

    That’s NOT her husband. He’s been her fiancee for the last 5 years.

  • Meream

    husband? They got married? Love her pink skirt. :)

  • umm

    almost all celebrity couple who have kids even if they’re not married are now considered husband and wife. it’s probably the trend. i don’t see anything wrong with it though, they have kids and live together just like real married couples do.

    btw, olive and isla are both pretty. they seem to have a happy disposition in life.

  • ct

    i adore her. she’s so pretty.

  • Paige

    Olive is so cute! She looks just like her pretty mommy! Love the tutu!

  • David

    I love redheads, Isla is no the exception, beside that her name remembers me the finest malt whiskies from Islay :-)

    I love you Isla

  • lakecitygirl

    She’s so cute and I have enjpyed any movie she has been in, BUT her husband? OMG Do you think she thinks he is funny? Brilliant? Talented? Do you think she is proud of such a retard? Do you think he embarrasses her? I hope his movie BOMBS! Then maybe she’ll ditch the guy because she has to support him. Poor Isla, he is so bad for her career.

  • billie jean

    I wonder what bruno is like int eh bedroom

  • mailey

    Isla = cute name. Olive, not so much. What were they thinking? At least apples (Gwynie) are good.

  • D9

    I love everything about both outfits– especially those sandals!

  • Jojoq

    Isla is adorable but what in the heck is she doing with Sacha Baron Cohen??? ICK is the only word I have for him!

  • karenina

    she is too cute for sasha, i love her style btw

  • jess

    her daughter looks a chipmunk awww too cutee!!

  • lol

    Mailey, so you actually believe you have a much better name? lol.
    Olive is more cuter than your name.

  • lakers fan in boston

    the best i seen isla in a while
    she looks good in both set of pics but im liking how she’s looking in the skirt, her legs look really nice and the boobs r juicy =D

  • Sally

    Cute! Isla looks so young and fresh. She has a special sense of fashion. I love the way she dresses, even when I dislike something in particular, because the look, when put it together, almost always look so cool and unique.

  • Sally

    Oh, and of course, the baby is a thing. Gorgeous!

  • anonymous

    @umm: It’s so incredibly sad if it really is the trend to see people who are merely living together as married because “they have kids and live together just like real married couples do. In the real world, being born out of wedlock was serious consequences for children financially, educationally and emotionally. Most kids born to unmarried mothers don’t do as well as kids born in wedlock. “Isla and other actress who do it have large enough incomes to make things work if the relationship goes sour, but they even generally end up raising kids with issues. No mater how cute she looks, Isla’s no role model. Not even for her own kid.

  • abc

    @lakecitygirl: He’s not her husband, just the guy she’s shacked up with for the last 7 years. In interviews she has called him the funniest guy in the world, so I would imagine that she is proud of him. I doubt that she’ll ditch him or ever have to support him. Before him she did soaps and posed for men’s magazines. I’d say he’s been good for her career.

  • Liv

    Well after 7 years its considered a common-law marriage, I think.

  • Peter Parker

    That’s bull crap, #27. Not a role model for her daughter. Jeez…

  • ana

    O-M-G they are so cute!


    60% of MARRIAGE’s in the United States end in divorce. couples that are happily living together are better role models for their children then the emotional turmoil of divorce. Marriage doesn’t guarantee you ‘forever after” it is a piece of paper. she is a brilliant role model. she has published two books too


    i like you. you are smart and you write liberal, kind things. anonymous is clearly jealous of Isla and hateful for no reason

  • klc

    obsessed with her tory burch bag!!!

  • klc

    obsessed with her tory burch bag!!

  • sarah

    isla is wearing the ganesha and goddess power necklace from Melindamaria!

  • lindas
  • anonymous

    @ANONYMOUS: @ANONYMOUS: Interesting post. You say “60% of MARRIAGE’s in the United States end in divorce” Most people who claim that marriage doesn’t matter say 50% ,and there are many analysts who claim that even that statisitc is too high and the real rate is lower. But either way, it’s a meaningless number unless you compare it to the number of break-ups between couples who are living together without being married. Unfortunately, no one keeps track of break-ups. However, right now. according to the last US census, there are more kids living in single parent homes than in two parent homes, including more kids living with never married moms than divorced moms. You also say, “couples that are happily living together are better role models for their children then the emotional turmoil of divorce. ” Yeah, maybe, but that assumes that all those unmarried couples are so happy together that they are celebrating by refusing to get “a piece of paper.” I don’t buy it. People who are happy together generally want to get married. And people who marry after living together have a higher divorce rate than people who marrried without living together first. You’re right that marriage doesn’t guarantee you ‘forever after,” but it is a formal promise to try that people who shack up don’t make to each other. Having kIds without marriage is just not a path I’d want my own kids to take. As far as being a “brilliant role model because she and HER MOTHER wrote two teen market books, you can’t be serious. I mean Hitler wrote a book too, and without his mom’s help. It doesn’t make you a role model. And as far as calling people, “jealous of Isla and hateful for no reason” goes, aren’t you a little too emotionally involved in ths?

  • anonymous

    @Liv: Common-law marriage no longer exists in most places. A woman who lives in without marriage has no legal rights, but the children have a right to child support. Women living with movie stars used to try to sue for “palimony” in the California courts after the break-up, but no one ever won one of those suits.

  • julia

    so pretty

  • Suppress your appetite

    She looks very hot to me!