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Jon Gosselin Has Frisbee Fun with Kids

Jon Gosselin Has Frisbee Fun with Kids

Jon Gosselin spends some quality time with kids on Saturday (June 27) in Reading, Penn.

The 32-year-old father of eight showed Hannah how to toss a frisbee. Look at Jon showing off his ups!

He also gave rides to some of his kids on his ATV. Looks like he gave one girl and one boy a ride. Any guesses who he’s riding with?

10+ pictures inside of Jon Gosselin having frisbee fun with his kids…

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61 Responses to “Jon Gosselin Has Frisbee Fun with Kids”

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  1. 26
    Sam Says:

    Poor wee Aaden. He always looks left out and he’s just adourable. Come on Jon – don’t forget to be kind to your sons like your ‘Katie Irene’ (hahahahah, good one!!!) always forgets them. They are so sweet looking.

  2. 27
    mailey Says:

    so kate married a pansy. it’s not her fault that he just caved to whatever she wanted and never expressed or exerted himself. those were his own choices, for which he now wants to blame her for. not only that but he is a cheater. CHEATER! And he’s a tubby mess. He should spend his time in the GYM instead of running around with 23-year old homewrecker tramps.

  3. 28
    Patty Says:

    Unbelievable how this family has self destructed. I don’t know who is at fault but they should have thought of the children first. If it’s true that Jon thought that Kate was cheating on him with Steve, Kate should have ended all relationship with him on the spot. Even if it was a casual friendly interaction, she should have realized the potential harm right from the start. Jon on the other hand should also grow up because recent actions by him makes me to believe that he has no interest for his family. He really acts very selfish and self-centered in all his behaviors. This show needs to end now because as a former viewer, I will not watch this show any longer, it’s not a family show anymore and the “reality” is too “real” for my family to relate to.

  4. 29
    Ghost Says:

    KBI # 6. You may not like what Perez has to say or write on his blog as I don’t, But men and women have been defending our right to freedom of speech with their lives for the past two-hundred years. In My opinion this petition is a direct violation of this privilege . Please don’t sign !!!

  5. 30
    steph Says:


    Did u watch the episode? THEY TAKE TURNS WITH THE KIDS!!! Its Jons turn!

  6. 31
    e2 Says:

    Can’t the media find a more deserving welfare family to support with media money?

    The Gosselin family needs to go the the federal or state welfare program, they failed celebrity appreciation support through the media.

  7. 32
    sudcoree4 Says:

    Ghost @#29, It is also every citizen’s right to freedom of speech to start a petition and/or sign it asking others to essentially to boycott a scumbag. And the right of those others to do as asked or not. No one is actually muzzling said scumbag, which would indeed be a violation of his freedom of speech, They’re only asking, not forcing.

  8. 33
    LOL Says:

    ok, when you enlarge that first picture, the dog is trotting along in front of the ATV and for a minute there you think it looks like Jon is about to plow the dog down. LOL I can just imagine PETA people jumping all over that pic, saying how evil Jon is & that he’s “chasing the poor dog down with intent to strike fear in it!” or some other stupid b.s.
    though if it were kate on the ATV with a dog in front of it… it might be true. She makes no secret about how much she hates the dogs.

  9. 34
    Jessica Says:

    So cute how Aaden’s just sitting in the grass. I wonder if its Joel or Collin riding with Jon. The girl is definitely Hannah… love the kids. Soo Adorable.. :)

  10. 35
    ears ringing Says:

    Oh for God’s sakes leave these two ding bats ALONE. OMG it’s insane. They need to be apart from each other. It’s like the 9th circle when they are together. I feel bad for t heir kids bit PLEASE they are not able to work it out so they need to be apart. The whole teacher/body guard thing is just beyond creepy. In fact it’s just creepy period. Please leave each other alone.

  11. 36
    Reality Says:

    Jon has always been a “hands on” father. It is obvious the kids adore him.

  12. 37
    Paula Says:

    I enjoy seeing pics of Jon playing with the children. Because he looks like a “real” dad allowing his kids to be “real” children.

    Kate now seems to see the driveway as a fashion runway. Now, how many bikinis does that woman own? I kinda lost track…

  13. 38
    ****** Says:

    From what I could see Jon always enjoyed being with the kids,but Kate would yell at him to help her out all the time. Besides you usually see Kate with the kids when TLC is doing their filming and every once in awhile she tries to look like she cares but she usually has a phone in her hand and she really doesn’t look like she is giving the kids full on attention. I think it’s alright to want to make sure your kids are well taken care of but how are you suppose to bond with the children you so desperately wanted if you’re always traveling and you’re trying to look to perfect because the cameras are on you all the time. You can’t really give a 100%.

  14. 39
    Tazina Says:

    “Nana of 6″

    Why would Jon “try and get custody of the kids?” What kind of stupid comment is that? The kids will be shared equally between Jon and Kate as they should be. Kate is a firm parent, not a bad one. She always makes sure they are safe and well cared for. I have watched every episode of J&K and Kate has always been a loving parent. Sure, she can be bossy but having 8 children, 6 the same age, is a huge job. Rules and discipline have to be maintained to avoid complete chaos. T

  15. 40
    nana of 6 Says:

    if the mother you’ve been watching has ALWAYS been loving you need to check your channel guide.
    its apparent you’re watching a different show.
    aaden laying on the laundry room floor like a dog when he was sick, collin getting his bear thrown away because it had a tiny piece of gum on it, drinking water in front of a thirsty little girl.
    does any of this ring a bell? i was a firm parent and grandparent too but she is mean and cruel so i hope you don’t use her as a role model..god bless your kids if you do.

  16. 41
    Sam Says:

    @nana of 6:

    Yup. You forgot to add how she has commented on her baby boys being ‘gross’ , ‘disgusting’ and how she has shivered many times while talking about those beautiful boys. She is rarely seen cuddling , holding or praising a boy c/hild, it’s 95% of the time a girl (Hannah or Alexis). She always seems to ‘guide’ a boy by his head, turning it sharply, as she wants it. Also, Kate did not go one even one of the boy’s ‘special days’ and Jon went on all 8 children’s’ special days’. However Jon has pulled a child (Aaden’s) ear, said some pretty rough stuff about his boys, put his boys ‘roughly’ in their seats or into a bed. Jon’s not ‘as bad’ with the boys and I see him better since not being under “Katie Irene’s’ mouth anymore.

    ‘mean’ and ‘cruel’ does certainly describe Kate – so does ‘favoritism’. Shame on her. ICKY!

  17. 42
    nana of 6 Says:

    i’m amazed at how many women justify her action. must be many more kids out there that are being brough beat by their moms.
    i think that saddest thing for me is picturing holidays and knowing how thrilled my kids and grandkids get when its time to spend the day together.
    those precious kids have never had a christmas, thanksgiving, easter etc with a houseful of grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins.
    any holiday celebrating they do is on an off day and theie loved ones NOT are camera crews.
    the swat she gave alexis the other week is kind compared to the verbal and mental abuse she dishes out to them, jon and the poor dogs on a daily basis.
    she is lucky she’s not my daughter because i would be her worst nightmare until she conceeded to come to terms with herself and seek help.

  18. 43
    boo Says:

    @KBl: Why don’t you just not look at his web site? Why make such an issue about something you have a choice about?

  19. 44
    whoever i want to be Says:

    at least he does things with his kids…besides yell at them.

  20. 45
    Virginia Says:

    I like Jon. He chose his first wife or she chose him very badly. But the kids are wonderful and I hope they won’t be too, too damaged by their mother. He is fun. I don’t care if he wears earrings or EH shirts as long as the kids get taken off TV for good and get to live a normal-like life. I hate his wife and everything about her. Someone referred to her clown car uterus and that fits her to a T.

  21. 46
    Ellen Says:

    Me think this guy just wants the maximum out of the minimum. Basically having the minimum responsibility while having the maximum fun for himself. If you just look at the past few years, it has been about himself, family comes second. I’m sure he loves the kids, but when it comes to bottom line, he is just into himself MORE than others around him. He is just a KID himself. Look at his current behaviors in regards to his OWN family. Not looking good.. I hope he just GROWS up one of these days. If he doesn’t, at least 50 percent of the kids are going to end up like him, unmotivated, no goals, no directions, be happy go lucky, party all the time, no ambitions, and just be HAPPY but will not last, I could see this in the future. I just hope the fans of this show comes to their senses and see what WE all see and for the sake of this family, either pull the plug or come to their stupid senses.

  22. 47
    Sam Says:

    @nana of 6:

    Hi! It’s very hard to see what those kids go through in front of the camera, (never mind in private) and it is indeed verbal absuse (same thing she has done to Jon – then she says something like ‘I don’t know what could be wrong’ HA!). I’ll never understand how some people seem to think that it’s ‘acceptable’ and how people can call Kate a good mother just because she spends ‘time with her kids’. That doesn’t automatically make you a good mother (or father). The belittling, the favourtisim, the insults, the screaming, the punishments (no supper, no water etc.) on and on – is not only unhealthy for a child, it IS abuse. Those children are on camera a lot and they rarely smile or laugh out loud that giggle of small children – especially the little boys.

    As for the grandparent/family thing, I understand what you are saying but may be they do see family off screen, not sure. I know that when my children were small we lived far from my parents/family so every other Christmas was spent with them, but my children still had a happy time, BUT my children were not ‘used’ or ‘abused’ with mean words or harsh grabs to be made feel bad!

    As for the dogs – thank God Jon is there to show them some love and affection, she is HORRIBLE to the dogs EVEN on the camera, what does that woman do without a camera on?

    Kate is very simply, not a nice person. She has still not figured out (she admits it!) what made Jon so unhappy. HUHHH??? She still orders, insults, is sarcastc to other people ( inluding her children and Jon) and now we have her thinking she’s some gorgeous special woman that has done no wrong. ICKY

  23. 48
    emma Says:

    Love the kids. But why do you all like Jon when he was the one accused of cheating? It’s not all Kate you know it takes two.

  24. 49
    beachlovin Says:

    I luv Jon. I will marry him soon.

  25. 50
    Ellen Says:

    I try to be neutral about this situation but if anybody that thinks Jon will be a better parent is not only stupid but have other agenda. What has he done for the past few months. Go to several clubs from beginning of December, if not sooner, then go to concerts and club hopping, having a joint here and there from January till June! What kind of example he is setting for his kids? Don’t like Kate too much either but at least she has her head screwed on right. Do you want your kids ending up with no motivations, drives, goals, ambitions, and say or do whatever will be will be? Because this is how their kids are gonna end up like. Bottom line is these two fools could have used good judgements and put aside anything except for God and their family. Just really sad.

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