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Josh Holloway Gets His Java On

Josh Holloway Gets His Java On

Lost star Josh Holloway takes a walk with his wife Yessica Kumala and daughter, Java Kumala, 11 weeks, at a park in Los Angeles on Friday (June 26).

The day before, the 39-year-old actor was seen picking up breakfast at McDonald’s in Hollywood.

Josh recently was named one of TV’s musts of the summer — “Must Island Hero” — in Entertainment Weekly‘s Must Issue.

The sixth and final season of Lost kicks off early 2010.

FYI: Josh & Yessica are using their Baby Bjorn carrier and Peg Perego stroller!

15+ pictures inside of Josh Holloway getting his Java on..

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  • hughjackman

    Josh is awesome he’s my favorite character on Lost!!

  • k

    java? like java the baby? baby java? lol

  • Sydney


  • jenny

    poor kid have to grow up with that hideous name.
    they must be drunk when they come up with that name

  • Just Jared

    @Sydney: Thanks!

  • shoegal421

    java is a common indonesian name, you know, the country that the mother is from.

  • Chantal

    Awwww, she is just so cute! Looks like both parents. She is going to be a pretty lady when she’s all grown up :)

  • AC

    It is a weird name but like the person above mentioned, his wife is from Indonesia so they probably wanted to incorporate some of that heritage. Besides, when is the last time a celebrity gave their kid a normal name? I would take Java over Bronx or Brooklyn any day. Naming your kid after a borough is much worse IMO…

  • meg

    The baby is so small and cute! Nice to know that Josh is not just a handsome and talented actor, but also a good father. ;)

  • mina

    So adorable! Josh, you are one lucky guy.

    AC, I’d like to see someone name their kid Queens. lol!

  • irish girl

    @hughjackman: He’s mine too.
    The guy is gorgeous. They look like a nice family.

  • Paige

    They really named their little baby girl Java?! I just don’t get why some celebrities have to give their kids stupid names. You just know that she is going to get teased big time her whole life over that ridiculous name. That’s just as bad as Michael Jackson naming his one kid Blanket!

  • Eh

    why’s their child’s last name Kumala? Shouldn’t it be Holloway, after Josh?

  • eD

    Java is actually a name of an island in Indonesia (like Bali, or Borneo, etc, google it.). It’s a very weird choice of a name. Being an Indonesian myself, I will think like 100 times before naming my child “Java”. Yes, her wife is Indonesian, but, naming your kid Java?
    @shoegal421 : I’m really sorry, but Java is NOT a common Indonesian name. Common Indonesian names: Dian, Pingkan, Tono, etc.

  • Josh and Yessica made one friggin’ adorable little baby.

    But McDonald’s for breakfast? Ugh! That crap is nasty.

  • billie jean

    He’s so hottt!

  • Blanche

    wife? I thought she was the nanny


    Good to see Josh with a plain looking woman. There’s hope for us all. The baby is beautiful.

  • TONI

    Wow, kind of surprised that’s his wife. Thought she was the nanny before I read the article.

  • roja

    This man is as beautiful as Mister Halle Berry!!!!

  • elizabeth

    That’s just as bad as Michael Jackson naming his one kid Blanket! f.y.i the little boy given name is prince Michael Jackson. Blanket is the little boy nickname. Java is still an awful name but at least is not Jagger Joseph Blue or her sister Poet Sienna Rose Diva Muffin Moxie Crimefighter worst celebrity girls name ever.

  • meh

    aww Java is so cute and teensy

  • Marieme

    If I ever ran into anyone from LOST – Jack, Sayid, Kate, Locke, etc., I seriously can’t be responsible for my behavior. I love this show and I love all these actors. The talent pool here beats any show bar none.

  • gitte

    Wow, Jared has been so wrapped up with all his Jon and Kate plus 8 debacle, its about time that he is posting more things about real celebrities. And I guess he was a little confused because the picture headings still say that baby Java is a boy (she is a girl).

    I don’t know, I find it a little unfortunate that the first thing so many people thought when seeing Josh and his wife,was that she was the nanny. Just sad really.

  • nat

    @Paige: That’s an Indonesian name, and is very common back there, and the name of Michale’s son was not blanket that’s a nick name the press gave him after Michale showed him from a balcony. His name is Prince second(I think)

  • patrice

    Kumala is a very common name or last name in Indonesia. I don’t know why they didn’t use Holloway…I guess, they really want to bring that Indo flavor. His wife is just a normal girl, not a celeb or any famous person. That’s awesome. Normally celebs marriage never last long. I guess Josh is a smart man.

  • Nina

    Why is Java not a pretty name? Just because in some english speaking countrys it means coffee or something like that? I mean away from the US nobody will more or less assiocate the name with coffee, so if Josh, his wife and his daughter will have any problems in the US later on because of her name they can move to my country ;)

  • Vicki

    ugly baby

  • Leah

    In the birth announcement they stated her full name as Java Kumala Holloway, so Kumala (Josh’s wife’s last name) is the baby’s middle name.
    Gorgeous baby.

  • Yar

    Java? Oh Lord! When I heard her name I immediately thought of Jabba the hutt.

  • graz

    And Yessica wears Batik from Java.

  • graz

    And Yesica wears Batik from Java.

  • DeeDee

    His wife is ugly. He is way out of her league. I hope he divorces her. The child unfortunately looks like her.

  • strawman

    Wow, there’s a lot of hating on the wife. Is it because she’s a normal non-hollywood woman? Or Is it because she’s non-white..

  • john

    you don’t need to look pretty, glamorous, etc….to have a handsome husband. Personnality is important ..

  • lizzie

    awwwwwwwww this babyyyyy

  • dakila

    Geeezzeee to those who say the wife and the ugly are not good looking. The ones saying it are uglier than words can say. You don’t need to look like a fake queen to attract a real king. I think JOsh is so smart not to fall on those fake-high-maintainance type of ‘beauty’.
    Josh is one of the most attractive actors in Hollywood, but he’s keeping it all in low key. Way to go, JOsh!

    The name Java is very exotic.

  • roja

    #35 and #37 totally agree and in this case, it must be true

  • coza

    Love him..and love his show… cant wait to next season… I dont know what he is doing with her.. she looks like blaaaa…. That is one think that i hate about all this women that before they get married they all do the best to look good and then once they are married they let go … they get fat and dont take care of them selfs.. i think they should keep it up… there is no need to get fat when you are pregnant … sad, sad, sad… but that is how it is.. looks are important for man .. do not care how nice and how much the guy love u already … he is going to expect that you look good for him… if you dont he will find someone better later… sorry but that is how it is…

  • Manis

    I am an Indonesian, but I never ever known anyone by that name… small, young.. or older… Indonesian most popular name is:
    Tuty, Janty, Rini, Tini, Ida, Jusrah, Waty, Sri, the list goes on..
    but never Java:lol:
    Java is one of our many Island in Indonesia, but never before use as a name, I can promise you that.
    Jessica is one very lucky girl, OMG.. I am a BIG fan of Lost…
    Wish them both and Java all the best and happiness in the world!

  • Suppress your appetite

    Cute baby :)]

  • Hermit

    LOL WUT? Java may be the name of an indonesian island but it’s pretty exotic. I like it =P

    It amazes me how some ppl here are ranting about Josh’s wife. Hmmmff…..rabid fangirls~

  • raisoiso

    so his named their children with lee and kumala but not his last name which is holloway? why? a lot of white guys marrying and reproducing with asian girls named their children with asian last name…why? is it because the white men don’t want their children to become white?

  • raisoiso

    so his named their children with lee and kumala but not his last name which is holloway? why? a lot of white guys marrying and reproducing with asian girls named their children with asian last name…why? is it because the white men don’t want their children to become white?