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Robert Pattinson: It's Another Vamp-Off

Robert Pattinson: It's Another Vamp-Off

Under a hoodie and pair of shades, Robert Pattinson arrives on the set of Remember Me in New York City on Friday (June 26).

The 23-year-old British actor, who plays Edward Cullen in the Twilight franchise, was insulted by fellow vampire Stephen Moyer, who plays Bill Compton on HBO’s True Blood.

“He’s a pu”!” Moyer told Marie Claire in this month’s issue. “He’s the Slim-Fast, Diet Coke of vampires.” (Moyer was likely referring to Edward, not Robert himself.)

15+ pictures inside of Robert Pattinson in another vamp-off…

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robert pattinson stephen moyer 01
robert pattinson stephen moyer 02
robert pattinson stephen moyer 03
robert pattinson stephen moyer 04
robert pattinson stephen moyer 05
robert pattinson stephen moyer 06
robert pattinson stephen moyer 07
robert pattinson stephen moyer 08
robert pattinson stephen moyer 09
robert pattinson stephen moyer 10
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robert pattinson stephen moyer 12
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  • Well…

    …Moyer’s right.

  • Both are fine!

    But, when compared to Bill, Edward is lighthearted.

  • diana

    What a beautiful man! He shaved. Yay!

  • xtina

    Rob is so HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!he’s the greatest!
    mmm..i’m don’t love Moyer, but vampire Bill is really sexy)))

  • Lolle

    Who is Moyer?

  • hh

    Its true, edward is a wimpy vampire. Twilight pretty much destroyed vampire canon

  • Xox

    OHHHH somebody is looking f*cking HOT!

  • deej

    I would rape that man anyday. He sure is something to look at

  • crazyyy

    blue looks soooooo good on him. Rob is a sexy beast!!!!

  • bri

    Ughhh Rob why don’t you just take that shirt off! You are too hot for your own shirt.

  • alexxa

    gosh he is so good looking. i want him so bad.

  • katy j

    SEXY is the right word. This guy is absolutely hot hot hot! And LMAO at the rape him comment. Well I can’t blame you.

  • deraj tsuj

    ugly looks like my dog just not as cute

  • lala

    rob is so freakin hot. he is just damn right sexy… i cant wait for remember me.

  • Angie

    Alright, Im no Twilight fan but this guy is mighty fine. He is pretty cool in his interviews, I think that speaks volume.

  • chelsea

    I lOVE ROB!!!! I dont care what anyone says but he’s hot and good looking. He has an awesome personality and he’s so nice to all the fans even the crazies. I can’t wait for this movie.

  • blah

    yeah ummm dont like moyer. rob is looking really good. love the new hoodie. go rob!

  • rob is sexy

    Rob rip the shirt off and show us the six pack. No need to be all dressed when you’re this hot.

  • Sissy

    OMG!!! ROB is HOT HOT HOT!!!!!

  • viv

    i want him in bed…. real bad

  • pixy

    gotta agree with comment #6….yet robert is looking mighty sensual in these pics. I prefer him non-edward.

  • omg

    I cant believe this! Rob looks really good. Ahh the things I’d do to that man.

  • jen

    rob looks sexy. im gunna have to agree with #8, i want to rape him too =)

  • uhhh

    pffftt who cares about edward when you got robert pattinson!

  • maritza

    I think the guy is Jealous because although true blood is getting really famous it still isnt ever remotelyy close to twilights fame,and i doubt it will ever be.

  • Bri

    Calm down. He’s going to end of committing suicide. Leave the man alone!

  • melissa

    ma quanto è bello??? rob sei un figone è inutile nn ci sono altre parole per descriverti..

  • kort

    ummm….you might be right maritza, but the only reason is because it’s marketed to an older demographic. So, no kiddies allowed. Also, Moyer has NO reason to be jealous. At ALL.

  • Naty

    He’s so right! When it comes to vampires…. Edward is a pu***!
    Bill Compton should crossover to Twilight and kick Edward’s skinny ass!

  • yoyo

    Moyer is a third rate british actor. The sort we have on the lowest tackiest soaps. He’s managed to fool the americans. You can keep him but give us back Pattinson.

  • holly

    I want to be wrapped in those wonderful arms of his

  • erica

    I am so turned on right now. He’s delicious

  • sadie

    @30 Robert has BARELY made it okay. They’re both “fooling” all of us by portraying these characters. besides, ever1 starts somewhere. Also, clearly you have nothing to offer Pattinson, or else he wouldn’t be here. ;)

  • sarah

    I want to tear off all of Rob’s clothes and take time making love with him.

  • helen

    Phoar mega hot

  • jane

    I love that t shirt shot

  • judi

    Hurry up Peter Berg and tell us Rob is in Dune. I want him to have that role so much.

  • badhabit

    I think its absolutely hysterical. People are now going gaga over him just because he plays Edward Cullen in Twilight when nobody could care less about him before; when he was in other movies. He’s better off as a wizard in HP4 than a stupid vampire.

  • Sianie

    He is so beautifulxxxxx

  • it’s me

    ohh helooo sexy !!!!

  • marina

    someone is smoking hot here.

  • me

    Lmao! I love Bill on TRUE BLOOD!! It has REAL vampires!

    Edward is so weak…I mean he GLITTERS and DRIVES A VOLVO!!

  • Sexymom

    Robert Pattinson looks really sexy in blue, and with that shades on, yummy.

  • sara

    Gee some old ugly guy is jelous of a young good looking guy and they say women are catty, by the way moyer you are aware that vampires are fictional and twilight is more popular than your little porno tv show will ever be. I don’t see his face on the cover of any magazines because people could care less.

  • hughjackman

    Ehhh, I think he looks above average, definitely not “smoking hot.” I think the reason a lot of girls are fooled into thinking he’s hot is because he’s “Edward Cullen.”
    I think Rob was cuter in Harry Potter 4, but now he’s….okay.

    Do you guys seriously think he’s hotter than Hugh Jackman?

  • Amy

    He looks so very finger licking good. I am older by 7 years, but wow, what I would do to him…yummy.

  • kIRSTY

    What a handsome man!

  • Sarah

    Holy crap, he looks hot here. Yeah, Edward is pretty wimpy for a vamp, but hopefully his darker side will come out eventually.

  • lizzie

    Re comment No.45……….Er yes actually I do…….

  • Saudia

    aw I love him. He’s so sexy when he smiles.