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Zac Efron Sails Into The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud

Zac Efron Sails Into The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud

Zac Efron sets sail at Marina del Rey in Los Angeles on Friday (June 26) — most likely to prepare for his role in the adaptation of the novel The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud.

In the flick, the 21-year-old actor plays the title character, cemetary caretaker Charlie St. Cloud, whose world gets shaken up by beautiful Tess Carroll, a sailor who had plans to be one of the first women to circumnavigate the globe solo.

Zac will be teaming up again with his 17 Again director Burr Steers and production will begin in August in Vancouver.

15+ pictures inside of Zac Efron sailing into the death and life of Charlie St. Cloud…

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zac efron death life charlie st cloud 02
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  • yea

    Too bad paps were there but seems like fun. He’s always attractive!

  • Kooky

    Such a cutie pie. I love him!!!

  • Sarah May

    Jared, honey. Its

    Marina del REY not Marina del RAY.

    Sorry. I’m being a Los Angeles-local prick.

  • marie


  • Jennifer

    God does not approve of homosexuals.
    Accept Jesus as your lord and savior and Lord Almighty will help you change.

  • winter

    jennifer, are you trying to start fights…?

  • Trina

    The story blurb from the book by Ben Sherwood:

    Charlie St. Cloud loves his kid brother, Sam, more than anything else in the world. So one day, he “borrows” their neighbor’s car and takes Sam to see a Red Sox game, never dreaming that their escapade will end in a terrible accident that Sam does not survive. Charlies also dies, but is brought back to life. Thirteen years pass. Still keeping his promise to his brother that he’ll never leave him, Charlie is the caretaker at Waterside, the cemetery where Sam is buried.

    Every evening, as soon as Waterside is secured for the night, Charlie goes to a hidden area of the memorial park and plays catch with his brother.

    Meanwhile, master sailor Tess is ready to make a solo trip around the world even though she loves the “snug little village” of Marblehead, Massachusetts. But in spite of her state-of-the-art vessel, her tip-top physical fitness, and the drive of an adventurer, she barely survives a disastrous trial run (and it seems she dies and is brought back to life like Charlie was). Shaken, she visits her father’s grave and meets Charlie, who is immediately drawn to her. However, he believes that because he robbed Sam of his life, he doesn’t deserve love, but the more he’s around the living, the weaker his link to the dead (including his brother) becomes.

    Uniquely lyrical, Sherwood’s story of a devotion so strong it transcends death is mystical, magical, and moving.

  • kami

    zac has to learn something new for every role he does. guess he likes challenges.

  • zanessa4everrr!


  • Sofia

    @mary: naa he’s gorgeous as usual!:)
    just letting his hair grow in that way cuz of his role!

  • Karen

    Oh, my goodness, Zac actually on the main board! I almost fainted and thought I must be having a dream. I guess someone decided that if RP was going to get to be here that Zac should be too! It’s about time.

    I have to say, he’s looking even more “buff” than usual.

  • mykamicks

    to zanessa4everrr:

    The one who says Zac is ugly must be blind…. Damn ZAC is so GORGEOUS!

  • HsM_GiU


    This is a VERY HOT GUY!!! :Q________

    I Love Charlie’s character!

  • Althea

    Omg, look at all those muscles! His chest is getting big and so are his arms. Hot! Hot! Hot! Nice hair style Zac! I can’t wait to see this film.

  • tami

    Do people really give a rip about this guy ? Unattractive, uninteresting and untalented………he’s boring.

  • roni

    Do people really give a rip about this guy ? Unattractive, uninteresting and untalented………he’s boring.

  • bob

    Hey roni/tami…….gotcha. However whomever you are, I agree.

  • cubur

    good luck zac!!!

  • Boji

    Zac, looking buffier than usual. He does take his roles seriously. Anyway, this is a good and healthy sport. He’s already mastered dancing,basketball, now it is sailing, what next?

  • go sox

    I think it’s great when actors have to actually learn a skill for a movie role. It makes it more believable when you see the film!! He’ll love to sail…’s wonderful to get out there, enjoy the water, and the peace and quiet. I’m actually surprised he’s never learned before, since he loves surfing too.

  • sjk

    HOT!!! Yes, we do care about this guy. He is working hard on a new role and is definitely looking like a very hot man and no longer just a teen heartthrob! MMMM getting better with age!! Vanessa is one fortunate lady. :)

  • xoxzanessaluvxox

    I wonder who is going to play Tess in the movie..does anyone know? I can’t find it anywhere, maybe they haven’t cast her yet. He is as hot as ever. Hopefully his hair is just like that for the early part of the movie when he is a teenager & then he can cut it. I thought Zac would have to put on weight for the role, glad he doesn’t, seems as if he went the opposite way instead, he seems more fit. Glad to see he is dedicated to the role and learning new skills.

  • what’s wrong with his face?

    His face looks swollen

  • mhay


  • peggy


    FRANKLY V should be here to since she working with 2 major directors AND it rumored to have agreed to Lorenzo DiBonaventura’s next movie.

    THese games have to stop.

  • gracemarie

    @go sox:

    Like V having to go into martial arts fight training for Sucker Punch.

  • gracemarie


    V belongs here too – her HSM days are over and she working with amazing directors.

  • April

    To those of you who “don’t give a rip” and think of Zac as a failure, why would you waste your precious time getting on a Zac Efron based link and posting negative comments about him. There is obviously some thoughts and drive to your actions (meaning that you DO give a rip) if these comments continue to pop up. If you don’t like him, that is your opinion and leave it at that. But if you are trying to get people upset, you just need to realize that this is FAN based and nothing you say will deter our thoughts. We love Zac no matter what your comments. I would just think that if you found Zac a waste of effort, you wouldn’t be posting, much less using time to click on websites that are devoted to him. Just sayin’

  • qwerty

    Yes, in fact if you read the comments you will see that most people do give a “rip” about him and find him gorgeous, intriguing, and incredibly gifted.

  • zanessa4life

    Thanks Jared for putting him back on the main bord. He really deserves it.
    for the ones who dont believe hes a good actor: Of course he couldn’t show his full potential in HSM and maybe not even 17 Again, but if you’ve seen him on Summerland, you should know that he can do more than just playingg kind of himself in HSM.
    You’ll all see what I mean in “Me and Orson Wellen” and “The death and life of Charlie St Cloud”

    I guess he LOVES sailing. So glad that he gets the chance to learn it.

    We ♥ you Zac


  • Bradley B

    I so can’t wait to see Zac in The Death and Life of Charlie St Clound.


    i love him

  • Ann

    Good luck to him on this movie.

    Love ya ZAC.

  • Malia

    Zac’s looking good, as usual, in his sleeveless shirt.

    I read the book and really think it’s a good, intriguing story, though a bit creepy that a big part of it is set in a cemetery and Charlie can see dead people before they “pass on” to the other side–including his brother.

    Seems to me that Tess has more of an out-of-body experience (when her boat capsizes) rather than dying and being brought back to life. Because while her body is at sea and she’s missing, she is visiting her father’s grave in the cemetery where she first meets Charlie. But the odd thing is, she can see Sam. And we are lead to believe that only Charlie has this power because he died and was brought back to life.

    Will be interesting to see how close they stick to the book.

    True to form, Zac takes his roles very seriously. And whether or not he has to sail in the movie, he will know everything there is to know about sailing when the cameras are ready to roll.

  • alltheway!


  • ana

    zac is the best

  • Matt

    What’s up with his face, did someone punched him?

  • kami

    i think zac has food in his mouth in that pic. he’s eating something–whatever is in that tray he’s holding. isn’t that food?

  • Karen

    peggy & gracemarie:

    I never said Vanessa shouldn’t be on the main board. As a matter of fact over the past several days I have had more than one post on JJJ about this “problem” of both Zac and Vanessa not getting their just due here on the main board after which we suddenly got several new threads on both on JJJ and and now Zac on the main board. I’m not saying that was the cause but after after next to no real new threads on Vanessa or even Zac even on JJJ we got some new ones. The one thread of Vanessa even mentioned about voting for her at the TCA’s which had not even been mentioned before!

    Excuse me if I misunderstood both of your comments but I never once meant or said Vanessa shouldn’t be on here. I protested loud and long when Jared first created the JR site and regulated both of them to that site and even got an email from JJ concerning my displeasure and made a slight reference to it in my aforementioned posts on JJJ. As I made mention in the one comment it used to be I could go to the yahoo search for Just Jared and when the page came up with different choices both Zac and Vanessa would be listed within the first 4 and now—get ready for this—the first person named is Suri Cruise! Zac and Vanessa are not even mentioned. This after getting the email from Jared way back when telling me to calm down that they would be on this site when there was something “truly” newsworthy. Of course I didn’t really read anything noteworthy about Dakota Fanning’s last thread on thos site or even Robert Pattinson.

  • Karen

    BTW, for those of you who think something is wrong with Zac’s face…he is eating. How do I know this? This story is also posted on JJJ and in the information given there with the picture it says he was snacking on sushi.

  • Tiptoes

    Its good to see Zac preparing for his next movie project and learning some new things too. I think once he has learned this, he will go sailing along with surfing when he goes on vacation.

    I haven’t read the news of who will play the role of Tess; I guess they are still deciding on the actress, and putting all the cast together.

  • Tiptoes


    He ate sushi after his sailing lessons.

  • tami

    I have read the book too and here is a very accurate synopsis.

    Two brothers, Charlie (15) and Sam (12) decide to go to watch a baseball match. They ‘borrow’ their neighbor’s car and drive to the stadium. On the way back, however, they have a car accident and they die. When they are dead, they find themselves close to the cemetery in Marblehead, the town where they live. They are scared and make a promise that they will never abandon each other. However, Charlie gets resuscitated and carries on living.

    The story jumps thirteen years forward. Charlie has grown up and works at the cemetery in Marblehead. Every evening he goes to a nearby forest where he plays catch with Sam. Charlie has a gift of seeing ghosts and thus he can play with Sam. This also serves well his job as a caretaker, because he can talk with the deceased.

    In the town there lives Tess Carroll, a yachtswoman who desires to make a round-the-world trip. A week before her departure she directs her yacht into storm to test it but due to an accident the yacht sinks and Tess is lost. At the same time Tess appears at the cemetery. She meets Charlie and they go on a date. The day after Tess realizes that people ignore her and the proof that something is wrong comes when she cannot see her reflection in water. What is more, she can play with Sam St Cloud, the boy who died 13 years ago.

    Charlie is shocked at the thought that Tess could be dead. In the meantime everyone in the town in possession of a boat explores the bay to find Tess’s body, including Charlie. He has to admit that he hasn’t seen real Tess, only Tess’s spirit.

    Everyone gives up the search, but then Charlie feels that there is one place he has to go. With help of Sam he finds Tess’s body. Tess is transported to a hospital where they stabilize her . However, she is in a deep coma.

    A few months afterwards Charlie decides to quit his job and move on. During his last visit in hospital Tess wakes up and after talking to her a while she begins to recollect her memories as a ghost.

    The whole story is in a frame-construct, narrated by a dead fire-fighter Florio, the one who resuscitates Charlie at the beginning of the story.

  • athena

    @mary: Why is it always the naysayers that get their two cents on this board first…why bother wasting your time to say something negative you!!!

    Zac comes from a beautiful family, mother and father…his looks will never falter….so there….he’s hot, hot, hot….

  • ashlee

    zac is a true professional.

  • marisa

    zac i love you but PLEASE get a haircut before filming begins!!!!

  • athena

    @Malia: The book is a great read….I borrowed it from my sister and finished it in a matter of days…
    It does read well, and I’m really interested to see how Burr Speers will direct this and pull it off…The book is so vivid with the imagery, I can’t wait to see Zac in the role of Charlie…WOW…the description of him is a bit different, but can you imagine, a tanned, slightly scruffy, long dark haired man with gorgeous blue eyes starring at you…YUMMY!!! I think Zac can carry this role without a doubt!!! Can’t Wait!

  • Sofia

    @tami: i read the book too!:) just one thing…every single word you posted is the same on wikipedia…^^’
    @Karen: you’re right!:D if u elarge the pic you can see a black plastic box with some colorful food in it! Yummy!@athena: long haired, that’s the point!in the last fex months i’ve been reading of ppl complaining for zac’s hair. they even laughted at me when i told it was cuz charlie has long hair…duh…and btw, i agree!can’t wait to see his work!:D

  • tami


    That’s where I got the synopsis from. I didn’t mean I wrote the synopsis myself. I said “here is a very accurate synopsis.” Guess I should have mentioned it was from Wikipedia.

    But from having read the book, that synopsis is right on.

  • Malia


    I visualize lots of the scenes, especially at night, having fog or that ethereal quality about them. Sort of dreamlike and beautiful like this: