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Beyonce's Wedding Dress -- BET Awards Performance Video

Beyonce's Wedding Dress -- BET Awards Performance Video

Beyonce performs “Ave Maria” and Sarah McLachlan‘s “Angel” onstage during the 2009 BET Awards held at the Shrine Auditorium on Sunday (June 28) in Los Angeles.

Since we’ll probably never see Beyonce‘s real wedding dress from her marriage to Jay-Z, this BET Awards wedding/tutu dress will have to do! Anyone know what the purpose of the wedding theme was?

If you missed it, check out Beyonce from the red carpet at the BET Awards!

Watch the performance below…

Beyonce’s Wedding Dress — BET Awards Performance Video

25+ pictures inside of Beyonce‘s wedding dress tutu…

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beyonce wedding dress 01
beyonce wedding dress 02
beyonce wedding dress 03
beyonce wedding dress 04
beyonce wedding dress 05
beyonce wedding dress 06
beyonce wedding dress 07
beyonce wedding dress 08
beyonce wedding dress 09
beyonce wedding dress 10
beyonce wedding dress 11
beyonce wedding dress 12
beyonce wedding dress 13
beyonce wedding dress 14
beyonce wedding dress 15
beyonce wedding dress 16
beyonce wedding dress 17
beyonce wedding dress 18
beyonce wedding dress 19
beyonce wedding dress 20
beyonce wedding dress 21
beyonce wedding dress 22
beyonce wedding dress 23
beyonce wedding dress 24
beyonce wedding dress 25

Photos: Kevin Winter/Getty
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  • Michelle

    B has been doing this, both songs and the “wedding dress”, as a part of her current tour. Nothing new or special for BET.

  • royal beauty

    Disappointed….seriously! Maxwell was the best! I love you Michael, and thank you Janet and Jackson family for sharing yourselves and your grief with us!

  • MIchelle

    the song is “angel” by sarah mclachlan…

  • Alfie

    she was horrible.

  • Sally g.

    Is she marrying Michael Jackson?

  • jj fan

    @sally g LOL!!

  • anna

    Didn’t get mixing all the songs together or the wedding theme, especially when the bottom half of her dress is missing, she doesn’t do Sarah McLachlan’s song “Angel” justice,

  • Just Jared

    @MIchelle: Thank you!

  • Lori in canada

    I thought the songs were lovely. She has a beautiful voice and a lovely, sincere smile. I heard she was going to sing something else, but changed it to these in honor of MJ. Well done.

  • julie

    She was great!!!!

  • Michelle

    Jared please post pics of Taraji P. Henson! She looked amazing tonight!

  • mepj

    who’s she trying to be now? Sarah Brightman? … :-/

  • Fergie Fan !

    another stupid performance of Beyonce !

    sick of it !

  • [marie]

    I never liked Beyonce and I’m not gonna start now. Let’s remember that she was the one that dissed the Jackson clan a few months ago.

    When someone pointed out a possible comparison to the Jackson clan and her and her father relationship… this is what she had to say..

    “I grew up upper class. Private school,” Beyonce said during the controversial chat. “My dad had a Jaguar. We’re African-American and we work together as a family, so people assume we’re like the Jacksons, but I didn’t have parents using me to get out of a bad situation.”

    Fuhck this broad. I really can’t stand her… she’s only playing nice because MJ’s dead..

  • [marie]

    BTW This performance is just an ‘excerpt’ if you will from her concert tour.
    No real planning went in to the performance.


  • Afrika

    First of all, I’m new to this site and I just want to say JARED I LOVE YOU. Asian guys are always so cute. Second of all, BEYONCE is looking stunning and drop dead gorgeous as usual. Her vocals are ON POINT. She’s giving us some old school Mariah. Love it.

  • Alfie

    LOL. Beyonce as an old school Mariah? Hell never! She’s not that good to be compared to Mariah.

  • hello1

    alfie Mariah cant even carry a tune anymore and plus Mariah lipsynchs now. she lost her awesome voice she once had. shes old. plus her new material isnt even good. Beyonce is the queen now so bow down!

  • Ilia

    This woman is getting on my friggin’ nerves already. She is not getting a penny from me – f**k her!

  • um

    People just hate on B and are jealous cuz they don’t have her skills and her money. She is loved and respected world wide. These haters are lucky if even just 1 person knows them outside of their country.
    #4 highest paid celebrity, and there is a reason for that.
    There is a reason she is on this site and you are not.

  • billy

    #19 She doesn’t need your grimey pennies.

  • Lisa

    I gonna comment as if I’m seeing this for the first time.
    That was an impressive performance and showed some great vocal capability and range.
    If you research, Beyonce actually has the same range as sarah brightman. The difference is at least Beyonce can sing more than an opera piece.
    Oh and if we are comparing her to Mariah. I admit Mariah is great, She lip-syncs a lot now though and she’s been to rehab.
    Beyonce never faultered, has an iconic enterainer quality and doesn’t just stand there when she sings.
    She is not just a dancer or not just a singer, she is both.

  • Jackson

    Beyonce was amazing. Quality performance. Very touching.

  • SL


  • Shakirakitten

    Really, Beyonce. I love your albums but I DID NOT UNDERSTAND THIS. It was just, shall we say, over the top and what was the message? Didn’t get it. Was this a serious vanity piece gone wrong? go back to pop. You reign there.

  • Alfie

    LMFAO! Don’t make me laugh. Don’t ever compare Beyonce to old school Mariah. Beyonce isn’t even half as that good as old school Mariah. People can say whatever they want to about Mariah, but Beyonce is/will be nowhere near the old school MC. She just has no voice to compete with Mariah. Like it or not, that’s it.

  • Britney

    the piggy can’t sing
    what a horrible dress

  • cody

    This woman is overexposed i cannot bare her anymore!!!!!!!!!!

  • tloc

    She even had to make her tribute about ‘HER”, she could have sung the song without the stupid wedding dress, she another entertainer that wanted to make it all about her, even her tribute. Can’t stand beyonce…..

  • Shar

    Couldn’t she just sing a Michael j. song to honor him or simply wear a clothing or artifact representing Michael Jackson just for today? This performance was suppose to be a tribute to MK, but all I saw was Beyonce/AKA Sasha Fierce promoting herself.

  • Australia Grace

    My sentiments exactly! @tloc:

  • Shar

    oops, I meant MJ, not MK.

  • c in canada

    I enjoy Beyonce, at times, however I believe most of the time she’s quite the actress – it’s not real – it’s acting to evoke emotion. She’s great at it, but as the other comments say or imply – fake. P.S. – I don’t think her dress is “weddingy” so much as she’s trying to go for “angelic.” haha. I agree – didn’t due McLaughlin’s Angel justice at all.

  • Kambuib
  • c in canada

    Actually – ixnay that wedding comment – just saw the veil. Lame.

  • shurly

    WHAT WAS SHE THINKING ???? OMG lol, that is so funny. She’s really ridiculous in this thing…

  • t


  • just me

    I didn’t quite get the outfit but her voice is beautiful! She is beautiful! Love her.

  • Sara

    Man, this woman has no breath control whatsoever. She completely butchered those two songs. I mean, she can’t get to the ends of any phrases, it’s making her high notes FLAT, and if you really need to take 3 breaths in one phrase, then maybe you’re too nervous to be a performer.

    But thanks Jared for posting these from the awards shows.

  • lizzie

    Beyonce is a goddess on earth !!!

  • cindy

    Beyonce always copys someone with her looks. This so reminds me of ala Madonna from the 80′s or when Madonna, Britney, and Christina Aguilera all dresssed up like brides for VMA’s. Who will Beyonce copy next?

  • Hannah

    Can Beyonce ever be original? She doesnt write her own music, she copys previous stars styles and perfomances. Seriously…shes just a karaoke singer. Good singer, but thats it.

  • girlygirl

    How amazing is she! this was great!

  • Milano2009

    Ave Maria is a classical wedding song, hence the wedding gown.

  • loulou


  • MT07

    OMG, you ignorant American people make me sick! Have you ever listened to Ave Maria, the original song? it is often played at WEDDINGS. Ave Maria is a eulogy to the pure Virgin Mary. WHITE is the symbol of purity.

    You should read more, poeple, instead of spending your days hating on celebrities. I find Beyonce charming and very talented. It was a great performance.

  • Lara

    She really annoys me…how about a break, Beyoncé? Being everywhere is not too good.

  • yep

    It was inapppropiate, she sang the hail mary in that outfit, she wanted it to be about her , as usual and she blew it big time! besides that is not mj religion!

  • Uhhh…

    And can someone explain to me why she sand a religions song half naked?! Please?!

  • LULU

    this woman
    she won’t show her fans her wedding pics but goes ahead and taunts them with a perfomance in a wedding dress

    Would it have killed there to don MJ kinda attire and sing one of his songs

    She is always ‘on’
    She’s not the sweet girl she pushes down our throats
    she’s a vain, money hungry, bi*chwho is trying to destroy ex destiny members’ careers behind their backs
    she doesnt spend her own money, spends poor jay’s ofcourse
    and she will NEVER make babies for him