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Beyonce's Wedding Dress -- BET Awards Performance Video

Beyonce's Wedding Dress -- BET Awards Performance Video

Beyonce performs “Ave Maria” and Sarah McLachlan‘s “Angel” onstage during the 2009 BET Awards held at the Shrine Auditorium on Sunday (June 28) in Los Angeles.

Since we’ll probably never see Beyonce‘s real wedding dress from her marriage to Jay-Z, this BET Awards wedding/tutu dress will have to do! Anyone know what the purpose of the wedding theme was?

If you missed it, check out Beyonce from the red carpet at the BET Awards!

Watch the performance below…

Beyonce’s Wedding Dress — BET Awards Performance Video

25+ pictures inside of Beyonce‘s wedding dress tutu…

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132 Responses to “Beyonce's Wedding Dress -- BET Awards Performance Video”

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  1. 76
    M Says:

    She was terrible…

  2. 77
    happygolucky Says:

    didn’t get the performance, she’s an awesome singer, but she just appears to be self-indulgent!!! Oh and Beyonce Knowles is a mezzo-soprano…. Sarah Brightman tops all levels of being a Soprano, a level Mrs. Knowles can’t achieve….. Beyonce has had formal training too achieve that voice….

  3. 78
    lala Says:

    Beyonce has a nice voice, but I think she takes herself too serious these days (trying to be a diva). Her performance last night was rather flat and I found the whole set up confusing. Ave Maria is an amazing song, but she lacks the passion and the understanding of the song to truly do it just. I am not the only one who….usually everyone will be calling Beyonce’s performance the best or second best of the show, but most people are like “she was alright”.

  4. 79
    lala Says:

    Beyonce has a nice voice, but I think she takes herself too serious these days (trying to be a diva). Her performance last night was rather flat and I found the whole set up confusing. Ave Maria is an amazing song, but she lacks the passion and the understanding of the song to truly do it just. I am not the only one who….usually everyone will be calling Beyonce’s performance the best or second best of the show, but most people are like “she was alright”.

  5. 80
    dddd Says:

    she seems miming to me, anyways everybody mimes today even michael jackson mimes… she looks good in that very original wedding dress, kinda hooker-like wedding dress but cute

  6. 81
    Tlynne Says:

    I am not a Beyonce’ fan so when I heard her singing one of my favorite Sarah Mclachlan songs…I was less than happy…and Ave Maria…you can’t sing every song half naked with your breast exposed. That’s just not appropriate!

  7. 82
    gshock Says:

    wtf is she thinking about – singing “AVE MARIA” and flaunting her front and huge thigh!!!!!!

  8. 83
    gshock Says:

    AVE MARIA is a solemn song for VIRGIN MARY – is BEYONCE trying to be “VIRGIN MARY” – PPPUHHLLLLEAASEEEE!!! Not funny at all! She actually looked stupid. Really – is she the only person that has to represent BLACK people! Why does she always want to be in the limelight? OBAMA won, she sings. Micheal died, she sings – - please can’t stand her anymore….

  9. 84
    Lexi Says:

    @MT07: if Ave Maria is a song about the pure Virgin Mary, perhaps Beyonce should have rethought singing it in panties and a see thu skirt.

    that is all.

  10. 85
    VICTORIA # 1 Says:

    Agree, Number # 25, ” SHAKIRAKITTEN “, I did not get the entire ” episode “. JARED, why so many pictures of the ” wedding ” dress ?
    Just a couple would have been all we would have needed, Thank You very much. That dress was just a little much, and really NOT needed for a tribute to Michael Jackson. It was a little odd and strangely inappropiate. Her voice came across as a little Mariah and a little Sarah B.
    Beyonce tried to hard. Maybe they did not have enough time to really think things out, and should have postponed the program and thought about what would be appealing for everyone. Just my opinion .

  11. 86
    idk... Says:

    i’d never really listened to beyonce’s music, so i hadn’t really heard her sing. i just decided to listen to this and i thought it was a beautiful performance. i don’t really care about the dress. haha

  12. 87
    Ginny Says:

    I LOVE BEYONCE!! she’s soo talented and i get to see her perform on July 23rd woo hoooooo!<3

  13. 88
    TG Says:

    100% GARBAGE was Beyonce and most of the BET Awards this year. This performance had no purpose and it dumb-founded even some of the other entertainers in the audience. The outfit(s) was so inappropriate for the songs she was singing and even if this is something she does in her tour show, it still seems unnecessary and WAYYY over the top.

  14. 89
    yep Says:

    you folks are missing the point, no one is denying that bey has a talented voice, what some of us are saying is that she wanted to outdo everyone else by going on stage half naked and as a catholic i was offended by her choice of ave maria, mj or bey are not of this religion , she could have sang one of his songs, and made a tribute to his music, but no bey had to make it about her, that was the worse show ever, the performers were horrible, bet should have waited and given mj a better tribute!, Jamie foxx sucks azz!

  15. 90
    Michelle Says:

    On a night that’s dedicated to the amazing Michael Jackson, Beyonce makes it all about her. Disgusting.

    That is taken right out of her tour, no tribute there at all. She should be ashamed.

  16. 91
    tyra #1 fan Says:

    on sum real **** she coulda did a hype song or at least a song everyone knew. but she did good. it showed a diffrent side of her singing tho. but i wouldve strongly perfered a song that would get everybody hype. but what was the dress/tutu for?

  17. 92
    wtf Says:

    This is one effin fugly body wtf is this fat legs, ridiclous always trying to get some attention , she is so full of herself and treats her entourage badly, no wonder why she has a diva-reputation…

    God after watching this awful performance, i realised that im gonna really really really miss Micheal !

  18. 93
    brwnsuga Says:

    @wtf: ***** u a hater. u wish u looked as good

  19. 94
    diamond Says:

    what was this Bey? I seen her the night before on tour and seen the same act, with the same outfit on. This was nothing special for Micheal. I love Bey to death but she feeling herself too much.

  20. 95
    la rosa Says:

    This BET show actually showed why Michael Jackson was the King of pop. Jamie Fox was awful, it was all about him, he butchered MJ’s songs. That was a shameful show, they all looked like idiots and couldn’t put a good show together at the drop of a hat. BET sucks Culo!!!!

  21. 96
    khriswill Says:

    beyonce was beautiful..The songs were touching..the outfit not so much..well the body suit was cute but I didnt understand the rest of the outfit..and yeah she did change it for micheal..!

    R.I.P Micheal Jackson…

    i really cried

  22. 97
    dee Says:

    Jamie Foxx said that Beyonce was going to sing I’ll Be There/Halo, but the head of BET Stephen Hill asked her at the last minute to change it to Ave Maria/In the Arms of the Angel, which is apart of her tour already. She’s always showed MJ a lot of respect. Her performance was gorgeous and the song was very appropriate since it contains a prayer anyway.

  23. 98
    melody Says:

    I’m huge fan of Beyonce’s. I know she had been on tour for 2 straight nights and flew into LA and got there early in the morning to do the BET Awards. The head of BET had her change performing a MJ song to her song at the last minute. This performance is apart of her tour, so she knows this routine very well and wanted it to be a well done performance in honor of Michael. I personally think that MJ would’ve liked the visual of her becoming a bride/angel. If anybody looked at the show, they would’ve known that almost nobody sung MJ songs. So how people can be saying that Beyonce was making it about her is ridiculous. At least, her song was appropriate to commemorate Michael unlike a lot of other artists’ songs on the show. Plus, she dedicated her first award to MJ when she won. The woman is a very sweet, gracious woman.

  24. 99
    jessica Says:

    Beyonce was one of the few artists that did a performance appropriate for the occasion. She could’ve sung an uptempo song like Ego or Sweet Dreams. But she did a ballad to honor Michael Jackson. Nothing was wrong with her costume. God created the human body. The woman has such a gorgeous voice and her performance was really beautiful and touching.

  25. 100
    george Says:

    Beyonce is a beautiful woman with a great voice. No need to hate on her for it. I thought she gave a really great performance.

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