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Chad Michael Murray & Kenzie Dalton: Starbucks Saturday

Chad Michael Murray & Kenzie Dalton: Starbucks Saturday

Former One Tree Hill hunk Chad Michael Murray and his fiancee Kenzie Dalton get a little pick-me-up from Starbucks on Saturday afternoon (June 27).

It was reported earlier this month that former Lipstick Jungle hottie Robert Buckley would be replacing CMM on OTH.

Earlier this week, EW reported that Shantel VanSanten would play the series regular role of Quinn, one of the free-spirited older sisters of Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti).

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  • bleh

    I’m surprised they’re still together.

  • mailey

    he’s gross.

  • C.

    Robert will no replace CMM. He plays another character, Nathan (James Lafferty)’s agent.

  • Marco

    He is Gorgeous, wow, nice features.

  • jessica

    They don’t look very happy together..

  • liz

    He Gorgeous!!! Love Him <3

  • Terri

    Chad is creepy. They look so miserable together.

  • liz

    and yeah Robert is not replacing anyone. Hes playing a different character.

  • ashley

    they totally got married. You can see Chads ring.

  • Leslie

    He’s look good. Interesting that she is wearing a see through shirt…

  • Leslie

    Looks like they did

  • leah

    They look pissed especially her .
    She could give a smile to the paps , she ‘s engaged to an handsome man and she left a little town to live in LA . She should be happy of her new life .
    Anyways , hate her look : see through is not sexy if you have nothing to show .

    Hope he’ll get soon a new project cause for the moment leaving OTH didn’t make her carreer go better !

  • Kay

    I’ve been watching OTH since season 1 and I feel like Chad has just gotten uglier with age. He doesn’t look good anymore at all.

  • natalie

    congrats to them if they did.

    He looks super hot here!!!!!

  • Sally

    They’re really cute together.

  • Len

    Yeah I highly doubt they got married. Chads always wearing a ring on that finger. Sometimes he leaves it on for days and sometimes he takes it off.
    He doesn’t look happy at all in the pictures though…..almost as if he’s miserable out of his mind.

  • irish girl

    This is a weird relationship. He broke up with his wife for her. She was way, way too young for him.
    I dunno. I’m with the other posts… creepy.

  • Jeni

    I think his face is really starting to look old. Its really strange. And it doesn’t help that he’s always making these weird scrunched up faces like you can see in almost all of those pictures……almost as if he’s smelling something really bad.

  • greetz

    he should go back to sophia

  • Rachel

    he is so hot!

  • beanie

    Random fact for you – Kenzie’s sister is Miss USA 2009!

  • sarah

    Who still cares about him? His career is over anyway. Besides that there is more than enough proof out there what a total douche he is.

    I’m glad that OTH got rid of him. Just sad that he took Hilarie Burton with him.

  • ale


  • karenina

    i like him better with sophia and i think nobody is replacing him.. its a new character

  • SB

    Anyone else noticing the ring on his finger?! Did they get married already?!

  • Bree

    yeah they really don’t look that happy, and what is she wearing?!?!
    i’m a chad fan, but definitely not a kenzie fan. oh well..

  • Anna

    They are both gross.

  • Leslie

    @Bree: Same. I love Chad, but not a big fan of her.

  • Sophie

    i think he was way better when he was with sophia

  • Emil

    Honestly, his fiancee has no appeal whatsoever. I don’t find her to be the least bit attractive at all. She’s too short, skinny, and looks more like a 12 year old if anything.
    Chad looks okay.

  • weexer

    @Emil: what if youtr not not someones type, they may say your too tall and have too big of teeth but no one should judge someone by the way they look. look in the mirror and just yourself on your looks, would you like you based on what you see?

  • Emil

    Well if what I said pisses you of so much then I guess you should be giving the entire world the same lecture as well. If you really think that no one else in this world judges someone solely from the way they look, then you are more than just delusional. People are judged based on their looks everyday. I said what I said because thats MY opinion. If you don’t agree then too bad, move the hell on. Don’t bother lecturing me because I don’t give a sh*t about what you say or think.

  • Helene

    In February, on this website, there were pictures of Chad with a wedding ring. That one was white color (like silver). But this time, if you look closer, the ring has the color of gold. If they were really married, they would seem happy. There isn’t any smiles from either one. In addition, I think Kenzie would show her wedding ring ,if they were married. That what married couple usually do. They shows how happy they are. Not on these pictures. Also why aren’t they holding hands? They seems to be mad at each other or act that they are friends with benefit..
    CMM hasn’t been replaced by Robert Buckley. Robert Buckley will be playing Nathan’s agent.

  • cslove

    I saw on another site that that they booked into some hotel, someone asked if they got married and Chad replied (in a very strong Southern accent, which is quite weird?) that it’s none of their business. He does seem p*ssed off at something.

  • Ann


    i agree they were a great couple

  • Shannen


    Interesting.. Do you remember which site you saw this at? :)

  • Sham

    Why some of you are so mean?
    In my opinion they made a cute couple, and they don’t look annoying at all they’re just normal people walking on the street, they don’t have to be smiling to the paparazzis… they are annoying.
    I’m happy if they get married =) but i hope it last longer than his other marriage.

    i’m sorry my native language it’s not english so.. x-)

  • Haha

    F*ck off you idiot. Chad happy?????? lol
    Thats the funniest thing I’ve heard today.
    The guy is slowly losing his effing mind.

  • jonnee

    oh did your retarded source angie tell you otherwise ….lulz…
    oh right chad is desperate for sofffieee and wants to dump kenzie
    your fkcing delusional

  • Haha

    No one said anything about that you idiot. You’re the one who’s bringing up this dumping and desperate crap and everything. Stop putting words in people’s mouth cuz you’re just gonna get a whole pointless argument started here. Unless thats what you want so keep on talking then. No one is more fcking delusional than you.

  • Shannen

    Why do some people act like they know all of Chad’s thoughts? They are walking down the street, and from that you can say whether Chad is happy or not? Yeah, I can’t take that seriously..

    But why do these posts always turn into fighting about CS and CK? Why is Sophia even brought up?

    Anyways, there are more pics (plus a close up of their rings ) on

  • Haha

    I am neither you assholeeeeeeeee.
    I don’t know either person. But I assure you, that are a TON of people who don’t like Chad or his blonde midget “fiance” so don’t sit there and bother calling people out. Cuz there are PLENTY of people out there who don’t like either one of them.

  • Mommyby1210

    He is still with that child-looking chick? And wow, Sophia Bush, good for you. Because his good looks are completely gone. So no lost.

  • Haha

    In you dreams you fcking loser.
    You fcking retards post on her blogs every chance you get so don’t bother lying about it cuz we’ve all seen it happen. Don’t act like a fckin saint. Cuz your nothing but dogsh*t.

  • Haha

    Give it a fckin rest. Are you sure you don’t give a “flying fck” as you put it?? If you didn’t then you wouldn’t have brought her up in the first place. Instead you could’ve just said what you wanted to say without bringing her up and moved the fck on. But here you are……still talking about her as if theres no tomorrow. And shut the fck up about being a hypocrite. I’m not the one who said that haters don’t stalk or post on her blogs, you did. And they sure as hell do.

  • chelsey

    they’re still together?! wow.

  • Anna

    Thank you Kenzie for showing us everything you
    Looks like Chad’s been working out but he looks old and that hair needs to go,he’s not young anymore.

  • Terri

    #39 same douche is here again.
    Licking CM’s behind.
    You are a loser.

  • Cali

    OMG what happened? i HATE the hair :( boo it sucks…

    i wonder if he has any work yet hopefully so!

    i dont like kenzies outfit toomuch but thats just me! i wonder if they are married… we will find out sometime lol they are cute <3

  • Terri

    CM passes himself around to anyone willing to spread their legs. He married Sophia and that didn’t stop him. Little baby Kenzie can’t stop him either. He is a loser.