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Chad Michael Murray & Kenzie Dalton: Starbucks Saturday

Chad Michael Murray & Kenzie Dalton: Starbucks Saturday

Former One Tree Hill hunk Chad Michael Murray and his fiancee Kenzie Dalton get a little pick-me-up from Starbucks on Saturday afternoon (June 27).

It was reported earlier this month that former Lipstick Jungle hottie Robert Buckley would be replacing CMM on OTH.

Earlier this week, EW reported that Shantel VanSanten would play the series regular role of Quinn, one of the free-spirited older sisters of Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti).

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  • Terri

    this post is for #39
    Chad is a whorebag, whorebag, whorebag and nothing will change that. He has trash fans like yourself.

  • Iggles

    Chad looks terrible. They don’t look happy. It’s really pathetic. They’re not even holding hands. He must really hate to be alone…

  • lulu

    aw they are cute

  • Kelli

    Aww finally some Chad pics.!
    I am a Chad fan and I too am not fond of Kenzie…the girl just give off the wrong vibe for me.

  • Mommyby1210

    Chad stop playing on the internet. Shouldn’t have left your tv show. Go get a job, bum. @jonnee:

  • http://yahoo jacquelin

    he dont look that happy at all cuz thir not hugging or any of that stuf i wold be so cute to him! i love chad

  • chad ‘s girlfriend

    what chad is my boyfriend
    not kenzie ‘s
    real i am chad’s girlfriend in real life
    i promise with kenzie are only friends

  • amyyyyy

    @chad ’s girlfriend: sureeeee

    chads not looking his best there… he looks pissed

  • chad ‘s girlfriend

    yes sure
    i am in real chad’s girlfriend
    kenzie is chad’s ex- girlfriend
    there now only best friends

  • leah

    People are funny !!
    You are Chad’s girlfriend right ? You should learn how to speak english and post a pic to prove it ?

  • sophierwb

    Im sick of chad and kenzie , look at how unhappy they look. and they are still not married, they have been engaged for about nearly 2 years now! by the time they decide to get married, they will be broken up.

    i would love for them to break up. chads hot im not going to lie, but i think hes an idoit for getting with that little whore. im a Huge sophia bush fan, so im sure you can see why i hate kenzie.

    i think this is their last yeat together, i will be shocked if they last 2 more years. it look likes she is boring him to death. well the day they break up, i will celebrate, NO joke !

    i think everyone just wants kenzie to go away …!??!!!!???!!!
    thats all i have to say . lol

  • kk

    i dont get why sophias fans hate kenzie. is it because she has something that sophia doesn’t? sophia and chad broke up and they are over. even if CK splits up CS will not get back together.

  • Tori
  • Colleen

    Sophia leaving Chad was her BEST decision ever. He is such a loser. Who cares about K? Every CM topic always becomes about Sophia.
    haha to chad.

  • Dasiy

    @Colleen: HAHA and her topics dont become about him?

    sophia dumping chad was the best CAREER move she has made.
    IMO trashing someone else and using them will only get you so far. and its never worth it.

  • Mara

    I just felt the need to say that its not only Sophia fans who HATE Kenzie. I know plenty of Chad fans who can’t stand the girl and it has nothing to with Sophia and Chad breaking up. They have more than enough reasons to dislike his “fiance”. And I’m sure those who have reasons for disliking the blonde midget all know what I’m talking about. But whatever.

  • Jes

    These two look bored as f*ck. Its actually pretty sad. LOL

  • weexer

    i think they look happy in these pics,

    looks like the paps followed them to starbucks from the culver city mall. i would be so pissed if someone followed me like that.

  • xoxo

    Why the hell is Jared posting about these two losers.

  • cc27

    Chad is a fricken dumb guy to dump Sophia Bush over this blondie..

    Sophia Bush is soo much better than that bitch.
    At Least Chad & Sophia are good friends at the moment.

  • Milixa

    aii simplemente me encanta EL

    mmm papasiito (:

  • Krystal

    I am a Chad FAN..I don’t care about Sophia it’s not the reason why I dislike Kenzie at all. I just think Kenzie is no good for reasons that are best left unsaid..and I will be one of those happy campers when he finally does break free from her…seriously the look on these two just says it all.

  • LOL

    ^^all i’m saying is what is so bad it cant be said? there is nothing that bad. and if there was i’m sure people would be SAYING it

  • KB

    I know that some people don’t want to say some things that they do know because they are private things they’ve learned from people who know stuff. If they start spreading it around, then Chad and anyone else who is involved would find out who these people are and stop talking to them.
    I’m sure we’ve all been in positions before where someone has told us something and but has told us to keep it quite because it would just end up coming back to them if word gets out. Everyone has secrets. I know something too that someone told me a few months ago. As much as I would love to tell people, I’m not going to because I don’t want the other person to get into trouble.
    But the thing is that a few people ARE SAYING some of the many things they know. But some just don’t want to believe them and overlook them…….and these are the people who are in constant constant with Kenzie. Thats right…..she feeds people bullsh*t when they text her and email her and these people end up believing every word that comes out of her mouth. I know three people who are in constant contact with her but I won’t say their names because I don’t want to start anything. I’m sure they know who they are. And then these same three(I know there are more as well) take everything she says and spread them on forums to try and show people what a “nice” person she is when she’s really not. Do you really think she’s going to try and make herself look bad to you guys?? HELL NO. If anything, she’s going to try and make herself look like a saint. Which she’s NOT. There are reason why most people hate her and can’t stand her……and NO, its not because people are “jealous” or whatever other stupid reason some like to chalk it up to.

  • LOL

    no offence to you or anyone else but i’m not gonna believe it. i highly doubt there is anything that kenzie or people close to kenzie have said that is THAT bad. if she was THAT bad then why is chad still with her?

    to each there own. unless someone can give proof not “ohhhhh someone said kenzie said” or “i just cant say what it is” i’m not gonna buy it. sorry.

    OH and btw i’m not trying to be rude to anyone on here just IMO

  • KB

    Thats fine. You don’t have to believe it. But trust me, if I could, I would post proof of her true personality in a heartbeat. Some people close to her have come out to a few people in Wilmy and have told things that show everyone what kind of a person she really is. These exact same people don’t consider her a friend anymore because of her personality…..especially after she got with Chad. Her true personality and motives are among the reasons even Chad fans want them to break up and be with anyone in the world but her. I can’t say anything about their relationship…..but I’m sure, if not today at least, some day everything will eventually come out. There’s only so long one can keep everything hidden for such a long time. But any ways, like you said… each their own.

  • LOL

    @KB: what i dont understand is why these people who dont like her and will tell things to fans (i assume) in wilmington. idk what is so bad about her, when i met her she seemed sweet (kinda fake if you ask me but at least she was trying unlike others) but i dont really hold that as proof seeing as i saw her for maybe 5 mins.

    what i wanna know is why cant you? what does it matter?

    now again i’m really not trying to be rude or anything!
    on a side note why would chad, who could have any number of women, stay with someone like her if she is such a bad person? if anything staying with her is HURTING his career and i’m sure he knows it.

    but whatever. they wont last. if they are not married now (i dont think they are) they will most likely not get married.

  • Jo

    These people that don’t like her, aren’t telling fans anything. From what I’ve seen myself and heard, these people are telling people they know really well who are further passing the information along. And I know of at least one person myself who used to be friends with her but isn’t anymore……for several reasons. Thats why slowly, more and more stuff is coming out. Its only a matter of time until everyone, even those who think she is nice, find out that she really isn’t.
    And I don’t know if you know this……but she wasn’t always sweet to fans. In fact, any one who you talk to who met her during the first year or so when she and Chad became a couple will be the first ones to tell you that she used to be downright nasty to fans who would come to meet Chad. But she started being fake nice to them when word started to get out online of what a b*cth she was. People would talk about it on various forums and she realized she needed to get her act together in front of fans which she did. But its still so obvious most of time that she is SO fake.
    And there are a few main reasons as to why Chad is with her. While I won’t get into it, I will tell you that he never wanted to her in LA with him. Thats all I’m goning to say about that.
    But lets see what happens. They don’t make any sense whatsoever but I have a very strong feeling as well that they won’t make it either.

  • weexer

    um #74 the sophia does the same thing kenzie does. accourding to what your saying. haha

  • sophierwb

    god people !

    i will always be a sophia fan .. and i dont want chad and sophia to get back together, breaking up with him was the best move for her.

    i dont like kenzie beacuse i find her to be a bitch, i find her to be over the top , shes looks like one of them people who are all about the fame, when shes doesnt even have any….chads bearlly in the spot light anymore (still love him, but hes an idoit from time to time ) .. so i dont hate her beacuse of sophia.. even though sophia we always be better than her.

    ok im only dissing kenzie here not chad.

    and there are alot of chad fans that hate kenzie. not just sophia fans !
    to be honest there are only a few people who like her !

  • Leslie

    @Jo: Is it true that Kenzie really is holding the whole “we were together before I was 18″ card over him? I’ve some stuff about that…

  • Haylee


    i have heard that one too. not that she can do anything with it. the age of consent in NC is 16.

  • Emm

    In these pictures they don’t seem so happy, but you have to see them in the other pictures there are out there on Chad Michael Murray’s website from the same event. They are smiling and talking and they look super adorable. Sure it was kinda creepy in the beginning of their relationship, but screw it. They are (probably) married and in the other pictures seem content with their lives otherwise they wouldn’t have gotten engaged or stayed together for so long. ( Save the rumors or theories that everyone has, cause I heard it) I’m happy for them and Sophia made a good decision to leave him. Now they are both happy with their lives without dealing with regret or betrayal as a married couple, cause that isn’t healhty.
    By the way, don’t excepect a couple to be happy 24/7 they don’t have smile everytime the paps are around it makes them seem like they like the attention; either way they are in a lose/lose situation. Give them some slack on that part.
    If you don’t like them, you have a right not to, but if the only reason they bother you as a couple is because they aren’t smiling then that is a mistake.

  • Emm

    By the way whether she is sweet or mean, I think that if she is willing to try and be nice to fans that’s a step up. It might not be the best, but who cares its not like you have to spend the rest of your life with her. Also, as reminder when she got together with Chad she was young and people change over time. She was still new to the whole idea of the fans and was just getting used to it. It’s a huge change to her personal life physically and emotionally. Whether or not she is still mean doesn’t really matter to me, if Chad is willing to risk his career (already has risked his career) for Kenzie then they should be together and people shouldn’t
    stop them. As bloggers we are mostly judging people by how we see them in photos and fan meetings. Of course there will be a diverse amount of opinions about their perspective on Chad, but we really don’t have a right to state facts about their personalities if we don’t know 100%. We aren’t friends with them and 5 min with someone doesn’t give you anything about the person (sorry to break it to you guys).

    Of course he made a big mistake in the past with cheating on Sophia and getting engaged so quickly to someone who was barelly legal, but I see it as water under the bridge. It’s time to move on. Breathe in a new breath of fresh air.

  • Linds


    Why does Just Jared post about Sophia? Its not like anyone knows who she is anyways. Seriously? She’s nothing special. If he gets rid of posting about Chad, he can get rid of posting about Sophia aswell. They are both D list celebs. Who gives about both? Except Chad is REALLY hot. Sophia can just go find a different celeb to use to bump her up a notch in the celeb status and then dump then and tell every gossip mag. Talk about mediawhore.

    At least Chad knew that he was risking his career to be with Kenzie. That proves a lot! He’s probably really into her if he is put his career in jeopardy. I can’t say that about Sophia. She only became famous because of him.

  • Sara

    Are you f*ckin stupid?????????
    You want to know WHY Just Jared posts about Sophia?? Because although you may have trouble digesting what I’m about to say, the girl has a lot of fans and even though it appears that you may live under a rock, she IS famous. And definitely a lot more famous than half of the people Jared posts about on his site .And I’ve been visiting this site long enough to know that so I’m not just pulling this sh*t out of my a$$.
    And she never used Chad you idiot. She maried him because she loved him and then dumped him when she learned that he had been cheating on her. What did you expect her to do? Stay married to someone who sleeps around with other women although he’s a married man? So get off your high horse. And she never bashed him to any media or any gossip mage. All of that is in your screwed up little head. All she ever said was that she was really hurt and heartbroken(which she has every right to feel and say) but never came and out and said what Chad had done and who he had done it with. Had it been any other woman in her place, she would’ve definitely dragged his entire reputation over and over again through the mud and bashed him left and right which Sophia NEVER did. Sophia didn’t become famous because of him. She was already working on JTMD before they split up and that movie is what put her name on the map that year. So regardless of whether they would’ve stayed together or not, she would’ve still become famous. So go take your little “opinions” or “thoughts” and go to tell them to someone who is actually stupid enough to believe them.

  • Linds

    Exactly JTMD was what got her name put on the map and she wouldn’t have gotten the part if she and Chad didn’t publicize their relationship. No one knew who she was when Chad talked about her with A Cinderella Story or House of Wax. He brought her to all his appearances and thats how she became famous. Without his help she wouldn’t have really gotten anywhere. The storylines for One Tree Hill would have been EXTREMELY different if they didn’t date. She probably wouldn’t make as much money as she does now.
    After the mags started paying attention to them because of Chad doing Dawsons Creek and Gilmore Girls thats when people actually started to know who she was and become major fans of her and Chad.
    Who cares if Kenzie’s a bitch. If you really hate Chad why post on these blogs. It just proves that you still follow him as an actor and that you DO care wht he does with his life. He ruined his career for Kenzie and that’s pretty BIG!

  • Linds

    BTW Sarah,
    Sophia Bush’s movie Table for Three bombed. She isn’t the great actress that you think. Neither is Chad, but at least I can admit that. They both are really bad.What else can you expect? They were on One Tree Hill.

  • Sara

    Are you really that naive to believe that Sophia would’ve never gotten JTMD if Chad hadn’t publicized their relationship?? You’re acting like Sophia was some girl he randomly met somewhere and not an ACTUAL actress who not only had one of the main roles on OTH but had also done some minor things before she became a part of the show which means that she had some prior acting experience. Can you say the same thing about Kenzie?
    Sophia auditioned for JTMD and as in the rest of the films she did that year and forward on, the casting team liked what they saw and HIRED her because of that. Not because she was in a relationship with Chad. But because they wanted to cast her in their films. You’re talking like Chad was Brad Pitt or something which he NEVER was. Granted that she wasn’t as famous as him back then but she was still somebody and that somebody went on to slowly establish herself. Is she Julia Roberts or something? No. But the point is that the media still knows who she is and so do plenty of other people. She has a strong fan following and is pretty famous.
    Notice how a lot of the things you are saying are NOT actual facts but what you yourself think? Why don’t you stop predicting what happened or what would’ve happened if they didn’t get married or if they did this or if they didn’t do that and just get over it?
    You want to know why I posted here? Its because his posts on JJ are always extremely entertaining. Some things that some of his fans say are always downright hilarious. I wasn’t even going to bother posting a comment until I saw yours and then realized how completely wrong and dumb your post sounded. I don’t follow him as an actor and I definitely DON’T care what he does with his life. But like I said, I knew some of the posts here would make laugh and decided to check them out.
    And stop saying he ruined his career for Kenzie and that its “pretty big” or whatever because it isn’t. I wouldn’t even be surprised if it turns out he doesn’t even know that she may be potentially harming his chances of getting somewhere. Last time I checked, he barely used the internet and has no idea what a lot of people think of her.
    And BTW, Sophia’s movie Table for Three went to DVD. So what?? Not every film an actor or actress does ends up making films that are a hit with fans or critics every time. Thats the case with almost every actor and actress in Hollywood. Just look at Nicole Kidman(Fur) and Jennifer Aniston(Management) which were MAJOR box office disasters.
    Sophia isn’t able to devote any time to film movies because she spends nine months out of the year on the other side of the country away from LA working on OTH. She can only make films that fit into her short breaks from the show. And taking that into consideration, she’s still doing okay. Her independent film “The Narrows” that came out last month has been getting great reviews from both critics and people who’ve gone to see it alike. Which is pretty good considering that most independent films just get overlooked, even the ones that have famous actors in them. Point is, she’s raking in money and not sitting on her a$$ worrying about being unemployed.
    And BTW, you spelled my name wrong. You should really consider looking into your facts and thinking things through before you make such rash comments next time……especially ones you know will cause others to respond back.
    And if I don’t hear from you again, have a nice life.

  • Katt

    Lets stop this now.
    If people have something to say, make sure its about the two people this post is about. If not, then hold your tongue and don’t say anything at all. I agree with what Sara has said. But I’m not going to say anything else because this post isn’t about Sophia or anyone else for that matter. Its about Chad and his fiance and so people need to stop bringing in others. Because if you do, then you’re just going to end up having fans of those people bite back.
    Every one should just end this now. Period.

  • Haylee

    wow the sophia crazies are out.

  • kris

    Don’t you mean the Chad crazies are out??
    Just take a look at some of the things that are coming out of their mouths. It doesn’t exactly take a genius to figure out some of them ar a bunch of morons.
    And go fck yourself “riri”.
    The only person who cheated in that marriage was Chad. Accept it bitchhhhhhhh. No matter how much you might say otherwise, it won’t chnage what really happened. She got with Jon AFTER she ended it with Chad whereas Chad has cheated on her both before and after they had gotten married. Chad even admitted it to at least two people on set, Greg S. being on of them. So why the hell do you feel the need to defend his asssssss when he admitted to cheating on her and admitted that the marriage ended because of him?
    This argument can go on for days if you want. But if you want to continue fighting over something you know your wrong, then thats entirely up to you.

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  • Leslie

    Anyone know the username Kenzie posts under at oth forums?

  • *MGG


  • Haylee

    @kris: take a look at what her fans are saying. my god guys chill

  • JC

    @Leslie: she does not post on OTHforums. no one even knows if she did.

  • http://JustJared Elizabeth

    If you look at the last picture I think Kenzie has 2 rings on her left ring finger not just the engagement ring! Plus the ring on his left ring finger!

  • Dellis

    I don’t want to spark up a debate or an argument, but she actually did post on OTHforums. She had like six accounts and posted there pretending to be an LP fan. She told some people she is in regular contact with on FF who blabbed to some other people and word got out. Thats one of the reasons a lot of people, especially on othforums, know that she always used be on it and was reading everything everyone posted.
    Like I said, I don’t want to spark up any debates. I’m just saying what I know. If someone doesn’t believe me, then fine.

  • Shannon

    does anyone else notice that chad is apparently wearing a wedding ring???