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Kendra Wilkinson Wedding Pictures -- FIRST LOOK!

Kendra Wilkinson Wedding Pictures -- FIRST LOOK!

Check out these first wedding pictures of Playboy Playmate Kendra Wilkinson and NFL player Hank Baskett from the Playboy mansion in Los Angeles on Saturday (June 27)!

Kendra‘s former Girls Next Door costars Bridget Marquardt and Holly Madison were bridesmaids (pictured below in lavender). Playboy boss Hugh Hefner was also in attendance amongst the 500 guests.

“I could not be more delighted,” Hefner told E! “This is one of the happiest days in one of the happiest places on earth.”

After the ceremony, Kendra blogged, “Wussup everyone???? It’s the new Mrs. Hank Baskett!!!!!!!!! Ahhhh hahahahahha!! I cant believe I’m a married woman! Yayyyyy.”

A new episode of her reality show, Kendra, airs TONIGHT @ 10PM ET/PT on E!

10+ pictures inside of Kendra Wilkinson‘s wedding…

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  • Maggie

    Yeah, Holly looks really bummed out in the one pic!!!

  • fadfa

    Do people know the historical and symbolic logic behind a bride wearing white?

  • Bethany

    I love dress. So tranditional.

  • nessie

    I think Kendra is gross. She has a nice body but her face is UGLY. She’s a pig too with all of her burping and farting. She has no class at all. Hank seems like a really nice and decent man. I feel bad for him and I am so sorry she is pregnant. This will end in disaster. I feel bad for Hank. I hope when they get divorced that he gets sole custody. She in no way can be a mother with how filthy, dirty, irresponsible and sloppy she is. She shouldn’t even be allowed to have pets.

  • OCMama

    How can there be 500 guests? 13 rows times 6 and 17 times 8 (if I counted it right) = 213 + 16 in the wedding party = 229. So they had like 300 ppl that just showed up for the reception and not the ceremony?

  • someone

    OMG! im so happy for them, congrats :D kendra always looks stunning

  • Kendra Wilkinson Wedding

    just a simple wedding for a celebrity like them… But nice place…

  • lizzie

    I don’t like the dress!

  • James

    great couple

  • Kowhaifan

    Congrats Kendra! you deserve it all!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kowhaifan

    Congrats Kendra! you deserve it all!!!!!!!!!!

  • Glinda

    She looks like a princess, and Hank looks so Happy :) Good on them!

  • +******+


    How can you miss him??? 2nd row next to the twins (wearing yellow dresses)

  • Leanne


    Hef is sitting right behind Kendra’s family who are in the first row of seats in the middle

  • Liz

    The skank had a lot of nerve wearing white after what’s she’s done.

  • Ian


    Gold digger? She’s marrying the wrong guy. Hank makes decent money, but Kendra makes much more. His contract is only ~ $700K a year for the first few years of his contract, and in 2009 makes 1.5Mil. There are plenty of NFL players that make much much more than that.

  • Alicia

    not anymore….

  • Mnaje

    You people with the rude comments are nothing but haters!!!!
    Congrats to Kendra!!!

  • franny

    Congratulations, Kendra & Hank ! ! !
    Always loved you on the Girls Next Door !

  • Lady B. Good

    Why do her breasts have to hang out like that? This is a wedding. It’s a joyous and SOLEMN ceremony. What’s wrong with women today??? And she wore white!! Do women know what that means anymore? Do they make black wedding gowns with dead roses on them? At least she doesn’t look quite as trashy as I expected. I’ve seen worse locally.

  • Lady B. Good


    No, we’re just realists. When a person puts their wedding ceremony on the web for all to see they have to expect this. Maybe she should keep her next 6 weddings private. And just because people disagree with you does not make them “haters”. Grow up.

  • Lady B. Good

    Just because a man has a lot of money does not necessarily mean he is a good catch. I give this marriage a year or two at the most. Does anyone really marry “for bettter or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, as long as we both shall live” anymore? Of course not. It’s until one or both of them cheat, get bored, refuse to grow up, or they see someone “better” that they would rather have. We live in a world of temper tantrum throwing 2 years olds nowadays. Very sad, but true. Comments on websites like this prove it. How unfortunate that so many people today thing that being a slut and baring all on TV is what a self respecting young woman should do. Of course self respect went out in the 60s when the feminazis (formerly known as”women who hate men”) convinced women that they were missing out on all the fun of sex with many partners. Unfortunately back then most men had very little sexual experience so the feminazis made it all up but women were too stupid to figure that out. No wonder men don’t respect women any more. Women don’t respect themselves. Very sad state of affairs. Back then I didn’t even know any guys who had filthy mouths around women. Too much respect for us.

  • Debbi

    I can see the green with envy on Hollys face – she was so fake anyway.. bet she thought she was gonna land Hef hook line and sinker.. LMAO guess not eh Holly.

  • Gigi

    @mike: Hef is sitting in the 2nd row on Kendra’s side.

  • Gigi

    Hef is sitting in the 2nd row on Kendra’s side. He was there w/ the twins who were wearing long bright yellow gowns & his girlfriend who was wearing a long turquoise gown. Hef was SO adorable. We were DJ the reception & we’re sitting in bottom left corner towards the very back.

  • Pat

    In response to Mike-Hef is 2nd row 2nd seat in–left hand side (brides side) behind Kendras brother-he is sitting with the bitch twins and Holly’s replacement-Crystal

  • ausgirl

    Id have to disagree with wendy#18, shes not a golddigger at all, she loves hank a lot, you have to watch kendra to see their chemistry. But shes really in love. The person thats a golddigger and hungry for fame is Holly, she will do anything to get ahead, I think its cruel the things she’s said about criss and hef in a recent artical for Las Vegas. Kendra is a down to earth girl. So is Bridget, they both seem happy, but Holly is in the background all the time, because she has nothing interesting going on. I really hope that Holly finds happiness and soon, before she becomes a complete stripper…

  • Barbara

    Anyone who thinks she is dumb is not very bright. Kendra is very young 22-23? She has a 1 million $$ home, her own show, which she is paid well for, a gorgeous wedding and an apparently nice husband. Her “act” of being dumb is exactly what got her to where she is at such a young age. She isn’t dumb at all. This is TV, all that “dumb” behavior is an act. Granted she isn’t a Harvard grad, but she is doing just fine.

  • Rana

    @mike: there are like 3-4 empty seats wtf are you lol’ing about?

  • chrisy

    She looks beautiful, and deserves to be happy!

  • Luv kendra

    Congrats Kendra! You look beautiful & Hank is a very handsome groom. Wish you only the best. Keep on enjoying life. Only jealousy brings out the bad comments, sad for you folks, obviously you have nothing to be happy abt in your life, thus initiating nasty comments. I can hear Kendra laughing at you now.

  • rose

    I give it 2-3 years until the divorce…

  • Loren

    Oh my goodness!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy, go Kendra!! Wooooo!!

  • franz

    She is a good looking girl i wish them the best and soon the arival of the baby.

  • franz

    Holly madison you need to leave plaboy mansion look for a handsome football or basketball star married have children and be happy

  • amee

    oh we love you kendra in aus and we love the show

    amee 00xx

  • Amanda

    Wow… this web site has no shame, don’t you think it… well ruder then hell to fly over someones wedding and steal thier image to plaster all over the place!
    Seriously this site is what is wrong with society as a whole today, and you will not hear from me again. This place is disgusting.

  • jbaby

    @wendy: are you dumb? she was a playmate, they’re loaded as shit so therefore she has no need to be a golddigger

  • luckylady

    beautiful wedding, you will make a great family congratualtions and also love your dress it is lovely

  • Sherri Austin

    I Love Kendra & hope she & Hank live happiley ever after!!! I am such a fan When god made Kendra he knew what he was doing!! Must have been on a coffee break when he made me.ha ha. Ive seen bridget on Kendra’s new show but what has happened to holly? Kendra is so lucky!!So Smart!!! Go Kdub!!! Also so beautiful!!! Inside & Out!!!! You Go Girl!!! Best of luck to you & Hank!!!!! A Big Fan Always!!!! Tinkerbell 6762


    @mike: hef is sitting in the seconed isleinthe second ro wwith the three chickss,lol,, and there areonly a few empty seatss,,,,,,,, Y R U JELOUS OR SOMETHNG LOL


    @mike: hef is sitting in the seconed isle in the second ro wwith the three chickss,lol,, and there areonly a few empty seatss,,,,,,,, Y R U JELOUS OR SOMETHNG LOL

  • Amanda

    ~ I think its wonderful !. All these Negative rude people that have posted prior to my comment are just HATERS. Don’t get mad because you didn’t get your Fairy tale wedding or ending. If you were a true fan you would see why she is close to hef. He was a father figure to her. The real father walked out on her mom when she was little. This is a Happily ever after in my eyes..

    BTW all these pictures were clearly taken from the ski. & Hef & his new Girls were in the Second row on the brides side behind Kendra Mom, brother, ectra.. IF you watched the show you would have know that.. but I forget.. Your too Busy Hating on other people Happiness because your is a waste.

  • Neva

    As a professional wedding photographer I can often tell during the reception if thecouple even has a real connection or not. Watching Kendra and Hank together, I see a true connection there. He is very sweet and attentive and she is just a bundle of joy. Kendra has a childlike spirit that will always be with her and that alone will bring joy into their marriage. I think they have a happy life ahead of them and Kendra will be a fun mom. And the best part – they will always have a good sex life! Such an important part of a marriage. At least she’s real with who she is and not pretending like so many of us do. Best to you both!!

  • Greg

    Damn. This is garbage. Shes suppose to be my future wife. What the hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lynn

    Wait.. June, July, August, and were practically September.. She was already pregnant when she got married?!?!?! Tisk tisk!

  • Lynn

    Wait.. June, July, August, and were practically September.. She was already pregnant when she got married?!?!?! Tisk tisk!

  • elizabeth Havird


    ya right more like 4evaaa

  • Gene

    A pregnant mudshark with fake boobs, an irritating laugh and an empty shell for a head……………What Trash!

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