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Reese Witherspoon & Jack Nicholson Team Up

Reese Witherspoon & Jack Nicholson Team Up

Reese Witherspoon and Jack Nicholson visit the set of her not-yet-titled James L. Brooks movie in Washington D.C. on Saturday (June 27).

Looks like the entire cast is in good spirits! Owen Wilson and Paul Rudd also round out the cast for her film. The former Joker will play the father to Paul‘s character. Last week, Jack was spotted filming outside La Tomate restaurant in D.C.

James and Jack have already teamed up for As Good As It Gets and Terms of Endearment.

10+ pictures inside of Reese Witherspoon and Jackson Nicholson

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  • uglysexy

    he don’t look too good …how long does he have?

  • whortensia

    That terrible terrible woman. Here she is again to torture her haters. She pops up everywhere, doesn’t she? It must all be some kind of plot. LOl Come out Reese haters wherever you are and HATE HATE HATE.

  • melusa

    whortensia.. with ‘fan’s’ like you, who needs haters, Keep up the obsessive weirdness, its the only amusing thing about these endless Reese posts.

  • lizzie

    My dream is to make a movie with him!!!

  • deea

    evan chandler confessed yesterday that he lied about beeing molested by Michael Jackson.

  • Terry

    Whortensia @ #2, does CAA pay well? Sweet job you have getting paid to moniter gossip and blog sites and make posts about how wonderful your client, Reese, is. It’s not hate for her, but disgust. You should really tell your bosses that the overload of Reese photo ops from the set and with her unemployed gay boyfriend who is hanging around doing nothing all day is turning people off to the movie. CAA must think that this movie will be a huge box office flop if they have to promote it every day 1 year before it’s released. By the way, got a fax number for human resources at CAA? I need a cushy job like yours.

  • yawn

    Maybe it’s just cuz I’m really drunk but I don’t undertand this article. Waaa? I read it twice and I’m really good at context, not just decoding but I’m having some trouble tonight. I see Jack . I see reece. And I wonder WTF?

  • PUffy poppy

    Witherspoonhead HUMPED Nicholson years ago and that’s how she is in HOLLYWEIRD STILL.

  • Jen

    Two great actors.

  • yuck

    Reese Witherspoon is phony and fugly

  • anoN.y.c.

    bicthface took the day off I see

  • Sally

    Well, despite of the difference of their age, they’re both great actors, so talented and respected. Of course, Jack is hour concours. He’s the man! But Reese has everything to have a long and sucessfull career. Maybe they are meeting for some possible project to act together. It would be interesting to see! The both have a great timing for humor too and it would be so nice to see on the screens.

  • Pattycake

    @Sally: Reese and Jack are shooting a movie together NOW, along with Paul and Owen. That’s what these pix are from. What I’m trying to figure out is this, is releasing so many pictures from the set as the picture is being filmed the new trend or just something Reese’s PR people have picked up from Angelina’s? Angie is definitely the queen of manipulation. Reese seems to be emulating her. I wonder how far Reese with go?

  • Osiris

    melusa and Terry – I just love you at all *kiss*)))))
    It’s all clear with Whor#tensia – she is TROLL! She HATES Witherchin IRL and our posts are a balsam on her HATER SOUL. BTW, what about my Chinese, honey? LOL MOAR
    Witherchin is especially UGLY on this pictures. Monkey. Even Nicholson is most beautiful. I don’t care about Nicholson appearance – HE IS A GREAT ACTOR. I don’t care about Megan Fox’s or Halle Berry’s talent – THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL. But Witherchin has nothing besides PR, scandalous fake romance and “a lots of money©” payed by idiots who j*rking off on the tabloids. UGLY TALENTLESS MONKEY.

  • Osiris

    Whor#tensia, my dear friend, where are you?))) HATE IN DA HOUSE! C’mon react, honey, people is waiting for SHOW! Where are you, my smart, high-educated neverf*cked girl? I MISS YOU!!! REESE NEEDS YOUR SELFLESS PROTECTION! ROFL

  • julia

    Reese has the weirdest fans. She is the most boring person too which is so ironic.

  • Nova

    The only fan fugly fake Reese has is whorrensia.

  • Pattycake

    @julia: Fascinating, isn’t it? Like watching a train wreck. But the haters are laughably extreme also. What is it about her that sets people off? I don’t think she’s beautiful but she’s pretty. I think she has talent but also think it’s a joke that she won an Oscar for Best Actress. I suspect she has less of a miss sunshine personality than she projects for her publicity but don’t really care. What DOES interest me, and why I follow her, is what I talked about above. Just how far will she go in PR manipulations? She seems to have an almost endless need to be admired and loved by the public. Or maybe that’s just a means to an end. Yes, indeed, interesting.

  • Hannah

    Ohhhh… that’s the movie! I was in D.C last week and I saw the set and one of the guards said Jack Nicholson was in the movie. When I looked up Jack Nicholson, the movie said it was unnamed still. Thanks for the info!!

  • 4C is piece of sh!t

    Reese is gross, an extremely overrated actress

  • Sam

    I love Jack Nicholson !!
    He is the best !!!

  • ….

    First of all Abby you wanted Reese’s husband now you have him, so fcuk off you nasty ho. Reese and Jack will be number one at the box office. You don’t fcuk with married men with kids, that should be common sense you idiot.

  • ….

    Abby sihthole is the biggest who** there is. Ryan sweetheart she’s not only screwing you she’s also screwing your friends, what comes around dumba$$ will always come back to f$#% you.

  • Just a thought

    @….: What does Abby have to do with this? You seriously think Abby is reading this crappola? Seriously?

  • whortensia

    Hey look whom she’s bearding now. Nicholson of all people. Well since she is Hollyweird’s best known beard I imagine she is in a lot of demand. Jake needs to be careful or he’ll have to find a new beard. Gee. think of that!! Would Dunst work a second time round???

  • whortensia

    Here’s a thought for the “Jake is gay” crowd. If Jake got married and had four kids people would doubtless say it was to cover up his gayness. If someone asked “how do you know Jake is gay” the answer would be “well he’s married and has four kids of course that proves he’s gay”. How’s that? “Well if he were straight he’d be seen in gay bars all the time and be living with a guy and going around all the time with a guy. That would prove that he is normal.”


  • whortensia

    Terry; Well CAA hasn’t paid me recently. Would you write to them and tell them I need my check? LOL

  • whortensia

    I’ve got news for you all. Whortensia is a guy, a GUY! You know like a tranny. A guy in the guise (name) of a woman. Get with it.

  • Sally

    @Pattycake: Oh, mine! You’re completly right. I saw just now at imdb. Sorry for my mistake. I was bad informed. Great that they’re already filming together. I should have read the note of Jared carefully. Bad girl. :)

  • jake is gay

    Jake Gyllenhaal needs smarter fangirls than whoretensia to defend his “straightness”.

  • whortensia

    Jake is gay: No, he needs brighter people than you to prove his gayness. You don’t have a shred of proof but that doesn’t stop your wild imaginings.

  • Pattycake

    @whortensia: A tyranny, hum? Well, that expains alot.
    @Sally: That’s OK. Sorry if I sounded harsh. This film has an interesting cast to say the least. I hope it is as good as the director’s past associations with Jack.

  • whortensia

    BattyPatty: a “tranny” is not a “tyranny”. Your English isn’t very good, is it? Buy a dictionary and read it.

  • Pattycake

    @whortensia: Yeah, typing too fast. Knew you’d pick up on that. Sorry if I offended your delicacy.

  • lakers fan in boston

    good 2 see jack back doing something
    i always found him funny
    reese looks alright, the pics r pretty blurry so thats 2 bad =[

  • Osiris

    He can had ten children – he is GAY. Elton was married – he is GAY. Everett was dating Sarandon (sic!) – he is GAY, there are 100500 examples, dear GAY… sorry GOY… sorry GUYtensia…
    If Princess of Persia even hint at he is gay – good uncle Jerry Bruckheimer bites him the dust. JG must be an alpha-male (OMG HOW?!!), or his career will be bury. He is not McKellen and he’ll never be (it’s about TALENT, baby…) And Reese “B!tchface” W just pissed, she doesn’t wanna look as loser in personal life (oh yes, she is))). Ryan could show her a middle finger, but Jakey-girl will never can do that. That’s all folks!©
    BTW. Whor#, dear, if you are GUY IRL… OMG… Your nickname and style of posts makes some suspicion… QU**R DETECTED!!!
    I can repeat it all in Chnese ROFL.

  • Osiris

    Oh yes. I’d show this picture of my favourite “actress” to my friens. The same reaction – ATOMNIY PIZDETZ (there are no synonim in English, so good for English)). BTW just one of them knew who is she (I work in university). My chinese friends from Harbin State Univercity and from Sanya doesn’t know her – NO ONE OF THEM. Here in my country a woman with THAT FACE will never been an actress, exceptionally if she has a great actor’s talent. PR rules… So sad.

  • whortensia

    Osiris, calm down please. Now tell me what SUBSTANTIAL

  • whortensia

    Osiris, calm down please. Now tell me what SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE that you have to prove Jake is gay. Just repeating fan page gossip from people who know nothing isn’t enough. You have to have some PROOF. Do you know that proof is? You need some before you can say he is gay. And you really don’t have any because he isn’t.

  • Brooks&dunn fan

    I love Reese and admire her…but people can’t tell me her and Jake
    are down to earth.I saw pictures of her and Jake walking in the rain
    with their bodyguards holding the umbrella for them.See thats what ticks me off soooo bad about celebrities.And Reese is always got this
    forced smile anymore everytime I see her in pictures.Whats wrong with her?I thought she acted more humble way before.I guess she
    ain’t what I thought she was.

  • whortensia

    Brooks, well my dear with crazies like you around of course these celebrities need bodyguards. And why should she be “humble”? She gets 18 million or so every movie and is rolling in dough. That tends to “un-humble” people. LOL. I even bet she expects door to be opened for her and chairs pulled out for her. Which reminds me of another not humble person Queen Victoria. When she wanted to sit down she just lowered away knowing that there would be a chair in place to catch her. I don’t think she ever hit the ground. LOL

  • jj

    Pot calling the Kettle black.

  • Brooks&dunn fan

    As for my comments earlier there wasn’t any insinuation at all that would make me a crazed fan just sounds to me like you are!.And
    just because she has money doesn’t mean she can’t be humble.
    I don’t post comments on here just to start arguments which sounds
    like you come on here to do.With the name WHOREtensia what more can anyone expect though?LOL.And also Reese ain’t no queen!!

  • whortensia

    I love to start arguments, especially with numbskulls like you. LOL. See post re actresses’ salaries. Witherspoon comes in at #6 tied with Sandra Bullock at 15 million the last year. Aniston earned more, like 25 million. I never knew anybody making 15 million a year who was humble. Humble is say $40-50,000 a year or less. LOL

  • whortensia

    Brooks, etc: I forgot to add that I suspect you are in the “Humble” income range. Why should she be? She isn’t like you at all. LOL.

  • whortensia

    There is one super rich and probably rather “humble” movie star, a guy, Daniel Radcliffe. He makes millions every movie, more than all but one or two, and is reported to behave “modestly”. “Modest to a fault” one fellow actor said. Very nice kid, but a bit odd sexually. He seems to like trannies. And I suspect, just a suspicion, that he is well acquainted with escort services.

  • haha

    Most humble actor to me is Stuart Townsend. He live with mega popular star Charlize Theron for eight years but yet he found the way to stay so humble and decent. Love him.

  • whortensia

    What about Ryan Phillipe? He lived for years with mega star Witherspoon. Did he stay “humble and decent”? Do you regard Jake Gyllenhaal as “numble and decent?” Just askin’.

  • haha

    I never have any doubts about their love but with Reese Jake lost his appeal he is still decent and most handsome guy but different.

    Ryan Phillipe sorry but i never like that guy.

  • whortensia

    Hey I agree about Baby faced Ryan. Icky in the extreme. Well Jake finally found a soul mate. Dunst was not like him at all; a party girl who liked to drink (and drug?). Jakey doesn’t party and I doubt that he drinks much and I am pretty sure he doesn’t do drugs. Reese is very similar.