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Zachary Quinto Goes Beach Shirtless

Zachary Quinto Goes Beach Shirtless

Star Trek star Zachary Quinto and a mystery male hit the beach together on a sunny Saturday afternoon (March 27) in Malibu, Calif.

Earlier in the day, the 32-year-old Heroes actor and stylist to the stars Johnny Wujek picked up groceries, including Kettle Chips (sea salt and vinegar flavored).

On Wednesday, Zach posted a new entry on his official blog at Check out the “Buddy ‘N’ Andy” video he posted!

20+ pictures inside of beach shirtless Zachary Quinto

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zachary quinto beach shirtless 01
zachary quinto beach shirtless 02
zachary quinto beach shirtless 03
zachary quinto beach shirtless 04
zachary quinto beach shirtless 05
zachary quinto beach shirtless 06
zachary quinto beach shirtless 07
zachary quinto beach shirtless 08
zachary quinto beach shirtless 09
zachary quinto beach shirtless 10
zachary quinto beach shirtless 11
zachary quinto beach shirtless 12
zachary quinto beach shirtless 13
zachary quinto beach shirtless 14
zachary quinto beach shirtless 15
zachary quinto beach shirtless 16
zachary quinto beach shirtless 17
zachary quinto beach shirtless 18
zachary quinto beach shirtless 19
zachary quinto beach shirtless 20
zachary quinto beach shirtless 21
zachary quinto beach shirtless 22
zachary quinto beach shirtless 23

Photos: Michael Wright/WENN
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  • Sally g.

    I have to say I’m so sick of seeing Brooke Shields on every single commerical on TV.

    She would sell dog do do if she received money.

    Suntan lotion, eyelashes, cars, toothpaste, etc. What’s the next commercial Brooke? Enough!

  • irish girl

    This dude’s too serious. Lighten up.

  • irish girl

    @Sally g.: Move away from the computer. Go to sleep. I have no F-ing clue what you’re carrying on about!

  • [marie]

    He’s so cute! I wish he liked girls, because I think we would make some beautiful children together…


  • Terry

    His Boy is cute!

  • John

    My gaydar is going off…

  • jk

    might wanna change the date…posted march 27 its june!

  • Anon

    Oh gee…would I still be in denial think he’s straight… least his guy friend is cute….

  • casey


  • TR

    The latest Hollywood gay!! All the doubters take note; he will deny, deny and then 6 months later he’ll admit he loves the boys. So obvious, SO OBVIOUS!!!!

  • IvyMades

    @ Anon

    Yea, I was in denial for awhile too :’(

  • Anon

    @TR …what will he deny..he is never asked about his sex life in interviews and so technically there’s nothing for him to deny…he’s in Hollywood and he knows how to avoid any questions about his romantic life which only leaves people guessing ….and assuming.

  • V

    i’m still in denial and these pics makes it very hard :’(

  • mhm

    the guy in the red shirt oddly reminds me of dustin from big brother 8, it’s not but for some reason that’s all i see :[

  • heroesfan

    my bidar tell he is bi ;) so there is enough ZQ for everyone ;)

  • hmmm

    bet his agent is non too please….maybe the new Mr. Spock ‘coming out’ is not the best timing right after a big promotional tour of Star Trek

  • daisy

    Seriously, who gives a shit? This guy can be gay and people will still love him. Do people really need for him to “come out”??? I don’t care about assumptions, people can say pretty much whatever but if he wants to admit he likes guys, that’s his problem. He doesn’t need to come out for anyone’s sake. Just let him be.

  • kem

    There are three different guy. One in the red shirt with the box (maybe he is the guy on the beach with the arm tattoo), one in the black short and a third one in the red short.

  • becca

    my favorite thing about zq – his intelligence!
    a man with a good vocabulary melts my heart.

  • Matt


    His ‘problem’ or his ‘decision’? I agree with what you expressed in your comment but the word ‘problem’ might not be the word you meant to use. I don’t think you meant that there is a problem about Zach opening up about his sexuality. Right?

    Just so that you and I, Daisy, are on the same page. :)

  • LolaSvelt

    He’s hot.

  • lizzie

    :) he seems like a nice guy, happy with his bf !!!!!!

  • roja

    He is so sexy!!!!!

    I love him!

  • JackieO


    Yup so is mine!

  • JackieO


    he’s still cute/sexy/hot though…. ;)

  • chris


    I AM.

  • zach fan

    please, your blog is cool, but when you post photos of someone who want to have a break with a friend, or what ever, you become as … the paparazzi that haunts stars…

    Stars deserve the right to have a life, would you be happy if someone track you every time ?

    I don’t think you ‘d enjoy

    so, your blogr rocks whent it’ s official photos in official places but too much is too much…

    Anyway i must be the only one who thinks that stars are like us and deserve the right to live without being spyed every move they make…


  • Summer time

    Seems like he is there with a group of friends, including a mother and her toddler. I hope he stays in the sun long enough to get a tan.

  • Summer time

    The pictures are not showing a wide angle of the entire group, but are only focusing on ZQ and whichever male he is in close proximity to. The paps obviously know how to take their pictures so that they can sell them.

  • me

    Omg! Is Zachary homosexual!?!! I had no idea!

    I have the biggest crush on him! Why are all the hot guys gay? :(

  • Sunday

    @ summer time, I agree. If it was just the two of them, in speedos, no body hair, lots of sun tan oil, frolicking in the water…..then that would be another story, and a sexy one !! Ok, let me snap out of that mental image. That is obviously not the story here. Just a group of people out for some summer fun.

  • Angela

    I was thinking the same thing, I am pretty sure he is with his friends and their child. Focus on the fact that he quite smoking and the fact he keep putting up that pesky towel, he has a great body.

  • In fact

    In fact JJ’s lead picture is puzzling. Why was the picture of his friend, who was not even shopping with ZQ at the time, placed beside ZQ? Is he a celebrity? I do not recognize him. As a matter of fact ZQ was actually shopping with another dude in a red tank top, why didn’t JJ show that picture without having to fix the frame? Then, there is a third dude in red trunks at the beach. Are we to assume he is in “relationships” with all three at the same time?

  • Why “Mystery male” ?

    From all the pictures it is obvious that it was a group, including a woman and her small child that hit the beach together. I guess it is only manufactured gay rumours that can cause readers to stop and read a post.

  • John

    Im pretty sure thats Matthew Bomer from chuck

  • happy

    A little disappointed in you Jared…”mystery male”? – he is with a group of friends! No need to make it something that it’s not. I think Zach is a fine actor, a total hottie and smart to boot, so let’s leave it at that – what he does is his own business.

  • kiki

    He’s not gay!!!!! I refuse to accept it!!!

  • Lurker4life

    Gay all day.

  • sweetness

    does being gay really effect an actor’s career anymore or is that all a myth?
    he’s hot as hell…so and his career is not likely to come to a screeching halt…so what is the big deal if he is straight or gay…maybe we are all just curious to see WHO he is dating..if they are hot or not…

  • Bianca

    You know,if he is gay (which I think he is) then I really like how he deals with it in regard to the media.
    There are no long interviews about his coming-out and neither is he like “Gay? I’m not gay. I don’t even know what that is. Never heard of the word. But whatever it is I’m not it…”. Know what I mean? He’s not making a big deal of it either way,and not because of how people would react but because he’s just not seeing the need to. I respect that and think it’s great .

  • Angela

    The brown haired woman looks like the one from the MTV Movie Awards and that is probably her daughter. I agree, I vote no mystery just the very sexy Zach having fun on the beach with his buddies!

  • stacie

    I don’t think it matters if he’s gay or not . Either you like him or ya don’t. I just happen to love him A LOT. And if he’s happy ,I’m happy for him.

  • bella

    that guys is bryce from “Chuck”

  • jake

    Why do actors all seem to want to live in LA/Hollywood.

    They know the paparazzi are there. Being photographed does not make you more famous, its about the craft and how you wow audiences.

  • karenina

    WHAT ???????/ HE IS GAAAY?=(

  • Luciana

    Supposing he is gay. It would be really a problem to you guys?

  • what the hell

    we’re all not too sure if he’s gay or not. it seems like whenever he goes out…he seems to hang out more with males than females. which that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s gay but it does bring us closer to a conclusion of his sexuality.

    if he is gay…it’ll shatter the females dream but if he isn’t it’ll still shatter our dreams because we know that we all will never get to be with him.

  • Buddy N andy video

    What was even more hilarious than the Buddy N Andy video was the fake paparazzi video of him walking with them and faking a fall, even Noah, his dog, had a role to play !!

  • pinkydoo

    Sometimes it’s obvious when somebody is gay that there is no reason to come out. Why should he? When people are straight do they talk about fact that they are straight?

  • Bianca


    that’s EXACTLY the way I see it