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Halle Berry & Nahla Aubry: SeaWorld Sunday!

Halle Berry & Nahla Aubry: SeaWorld Sunday!

Halle Berry catch one of the aquatic shows with daughter Nahla Aubrey, 15 months, at Sea World on Sunday afternoon (June 28) in Orlando, Calif. So cute!!!

One bodyguard was in tow for the mother-daughter pair.

Halle‘s beau has been busy strutting the catwalks on the other side of the pond during Paris Menswear Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010.

On Saturday, Ms. Berry was spotted shopping with an interior designer for her kitchen.

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  • lala

    I don’t care what some of you are going to say b/c you’re evil…. but that little girl is BEAUTIFUL!!! and the status of her parents relationship doesn’t really matter b/c she is loved.

  • kprocks89

    nahla’s so cute! and halle’s gorgeous, too!

  • Zoe Moon

    My heart almost stopped when I saw Nahla. She is gorgeous. I am so happy that Halle’s dream came true with this beautiful little girl. And she picked the right man to make her dream come true!

  • Jennifer

    Halle Berry is a closet lesbian. She needs to come out.

  • Jennifer

    Halle Berry is a closet lesbian. She needs to come out.

  • Nahla or GOLDILOCKS

    Oh my Gosh, am I the only who thinks that she looks like Goldilocks? lol Too BEAUTIFUL! What a beauty. She’s going to be so gorgeous when she grows up…..Imagine her adult with long hair and her amazing blue eyes, WOW. I’m jealous ha. Seriously, Nahla is the most beautiful babygirl in Hollywood for sure! Nahla is a little goddess!

  • Jennifer

    Halle Berry is a closet lesbian. She needs to come out of the closet.

  • Lillianne

    What a precious little baby doll. Can’t wait to watch her grow up.

    JJ – what’s the deal on Angelina and Brad’s kids? No pix in so long.

  • Jae

    there is no orlando in california…its san diego my friend

  • Soulmate Love

    she’s such a cutie…

  • VL

    Sooooo adorable!!!

  • VL

    Sooooo adorable!!!

  • -

    nahla looks like a boy and she isn’t that pretty

  • JUST JARED idiot

    Just jared are idiots. Please correct your errors. ORLANDO???? Where??? in Cali???

  • joanne

    jared, it’s either orlando, fla or san diego, calif. ??

  • bintk

    She’s a cutie!

  • maria

    She looks like a cabbage patch doll.

  • Saudia

    aww Nahla is so cute!! I love this family. Beautiful ..

  • Wendy

    Where the hell is Orlando, Calif ?

    Did the people at JJ ever graduate high school?

  • http://aj AJ


    I have to agree with you….both are very boyish looking actually!

  • jaye

    Except for the skin tone, she doesn’t look like Halle at all. She looks like her father. I don’t find his looks particularly appealing although he has excellent facial bone structure. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Edie

    I have never seen this kid smile, very weird.

  • Ryan

    Yes she was at sea world on Sunday we practically brush shoulders with her as we were walking crazy uh

  • jo jo

    Halle’s hair is awful – the little girl is not very cute. She used to be though.

  • becca

    what a beautiful mother and daughter pair!!!


    @-: I agree with you. She’s not that pretty and being a mixed baby she will change for the better or worse.

  • Ariana


  • Sally

    Oh, Nahla is so cute and sweetie. Loved the pics. Halle seems to be a adorable mom. They look lovely, both.

  • rocky


    You tell it! She’s one gorgeous little baby and to hell with those who have something negative to say. None of their damn business how they live their lives as long as that beautiful little child is loved.

  • theotherliz

    @5,6,8 WTF? Not going there.

    Yes, SeaWorld is in SD. JJ ya might want to correct your article. Cute summer family outing.

  • rocky


    Jared made a mistake. You’ve never made a mistake? You’re so perfect you have to call him out with ‘Stupid’? Get over yourself!

  • Roxanne

    Oh my goodness!! I can’t believe some of you thinks this little girl is not a cutie pie. To me she’s absolutely beautiful. She’s going to grow up into a beauty. Stop hating so much. The baby is cute. If you wanna talk about not cute kids google Kate Hudson’s son because he looks like Benjamin Button.

  • Shelly

    and you’re a bitter nasty moron.

  • nicola

    jennifer and people wh agree with her only have a problem with this baby as its father is white grow up and get over yourself white men do find black women attractive sometimes how does that effect your life?

  • rocky


    ITAWU! She’s a cutie pie. Benjamin Button when he was old!! Kate Hudson’s kid might look a bit cuter if she cut that horrible long hair. I mean, his father was no prize on the looks.

  • rocky

    What the hell is wrong with some of you people. Jared made a misake — PERIOD!!! Like you’re so perfect? Get over yourselves already!

  • Daneesha

    no respect for her. but little girl

  • Daneesha

    no respect for her. but little girl

  • rocky


    Nicola, don’t waste your brain waves responding back to some of these people. Not worth it. You’ll only give yourself a headache. I think some people just live off ‘nasty’.

  • Susan

    ummmm….orlando, CA? It’s either FL or San diego.

  • ricola

    Emme and maxx are the ugliest children ever born. Too bad they came into the world the same time Brad/Angelina twins did. Honor, Harlow and Nahla are going to be three beautiful girls when they grow up.

  • chris

    Jennifer Lopez became a lesbian the day she married that heroin addict.

  • Glenda

    Anyone who calls this baby ugly is retarded and blind. But we all know that.

  • Princess MIMI

    I agree, it is the same person bringing the negativity but who cares a picture paints a thousand words and it paints Nahla beautiful. I also think that Harlow and Honor and Nahla are going to be hot little mamas when they grow up, It would be awesome if they were friends.

  • adriana

    She is stunning!

  • debra77

    I think this little girl is just a beauty. I love Halle’s hair cut short like this. It is her trade make do.. She was one of the first women who made short hair on women sexy.

  • CaliWriter

    LOOK AT A DAMN MAP….the only sea world in in San Diego, California…morons

  • CaliWriter

    was she in Orlando, FLORDIA?

  • Joes

    Just Jared, there is no sea world orlando in california. you mean florida?…if not, it must be new… wow!

    btw Nahla is beautiful