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Heath Ledger Covers Vanity Fair

Heath Ledger Covers Vanity Fair

Heath Ledger‘s final days are chronicled in Peter Biskind’s cover story, “The Last of Heath,” in the August 2009 issue of Vanity Fair, on NY/LA stands July 1 and nationally July 7.

“[Heath] was ready to bust out of the gate, but he didn’t want to step on the gas and become something that he didn’t want to become: a matinee idol,” Heath’s friend and agent, Steven Alexander, told Vanity Fair. “He was a private person, and he didn’t want to share his personal history with the press. It just wasn’t up for sale. That’s part of the reason he initially tore down his career. He wasn’t motivated by money or stardom, but by the respect of his peers, and for people to walk out of a movie theater after they’d seen something that he’d worked on and say, ‘Wow, he really disappeared into that character.’ He was striving to become an ‘illusionist,’ as he called it, able to create characters that weren’t there.”

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62 Responses to “Heath Ledger Covers Vanity Fair”

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  1. 26
    skip Says:

    His new movie is coming out you people.

    The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus with, Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell and Jude Law.
    So shut up.

    RIP Heath.

  2. 27
    always a bridesmaid Says:

    # 12 me is correct.
    Heath was a great young actor. Very different and fitting to each role.Never looking or sounding the same. Most American actors do not have that talent like British and Australians actors.

    Amercian great actors:Dinero,Pachino, Denzel Washington,John Travolta,Johnny Depp,and few others.
    Merly Streep,Cher, JodieFoster, .

  3. 28
    breathinbreathout Says:

    @Anonymous: YOu must be like 15 or something? Heath was famous for years before his death. Loved , respected and all over the world…far more so than your sorry self will ever be.

  4. 29
    annab Says:

    Truly a down to earth guy. I just wish he would have been more careful with the drugs. He had more things to accomplish on this planet.

  5. 30
    Tina Says:

    Love and miss you Heath!

  6. 31
    slambang Says:

    #2 – Heath Ledger was a very talented actor, a loving father, and a giving person. He was not a “druggie.” Go crawl back under your rock.

    RIP, Heath! We still miss you, and always will.

  7. 32
    loser heath again..!! Says:

    Gee they both died the same way.. accidental drug use…and having
    to see both Michael and Heath get the raw end of the deal..

    Now why not bring out Anna Nicole Smith too.. since we all know that
    she is the biggest icon of them all…Why do you think that Michelle broke up with him .. and his drug pipes and his drug abuse prescription and all..He was a scuzzbag greasy long haired guy who
    both him and Michael became friends with Deepak just before they
    both died.. Have both Michael and Heath on the cover both are loved
    by their fans…Cash cow Matilda again…right he lost a lot of money from his drug addiction..

  8. 33
    anya Says:

    32# What a moron you are. Do us all a favor and go jump off a bridge.

    Heath was very talented and beautiful and, judging by what everyone said about him and how he acted in interviews, a lovely person. He deserves all the tributes he’s getting. Bitter b*tches who can’t deal with that can gtfo.

  9. 34
    Shakirakitten Says:

    Well, Heath was really good at being an ‘illusionist’ I saw Batman and his performance gave me goose bumps and several of those ‘ahhh’ moments when one realizes one is seeing greatness. He was great.

  10. 35
    Ellis Says:

    It’s too bad he didn’t think of his daughter more and less of his self before the druggie OD and died.. He also could have updated his will for her, selfish prick

  11. 36
    whortensia Says:

    That was precisely what made him so great in Brokeback. He disappeared into Ennis; he became Ennis. In contrast Gyllenhaal was always Gyllenahal playing Jack. The Gyllenhaal never left the Jack, as it were. And that is the difference between a truly great actor and just a good actor.

  12. 37
    whortensia Says:

    He was very good as The Joker but not as good as he was as Ennis in Brokeback. Ennis was his greatest role and one of the greatest performances in all of movies. It was criminal to deny his the Oscar for that performance. The award he got for The Joker was sort of a “make amends” award, because however good it was The Joker performance was not the equal of the Brokeback one.

  13. 38
    Anon Says:

    whortensia, you are well named! Clearly a well established Jakehater. I adore Heath. But as far as Brokeback Mountain goes, Heath and Jake depended on each other for their performances. There would have been no great performance for Heath without Jake. And vice versa. They had “synergy.” You HAD to dump on Jake to exalt Heath. So sad. You should go back to your forums. Oh. I forgot. One of them won’t let you be negative and creepy. Well, they won’t let you be neagtive.

  14. 39
    +++ Says:

    loser heath again..!! , I do think Heath used drugs occasionally, but I don’t think he was an addict. I also think it was him who broke up, not Michelle. You should read the whole VF article to get some clues!

  15. 40
    heath the druggie Says:

    what do you think he died of? dee dee dee you obviously didnt eat your smart puffs this morning

  16. 41
    yawn Says:

    heath the druggie = same twat posting over and over the same rubish

    Go outside and play a little, get some fresh air and, you know, a life.

  17. 42
    char Says:

    Heath was a gorgeous man and a terrific actor. I loved him ever since I saw him in 10 Things I Hate about You but at the time it was more because of his charm and good looks. After Brokeback Mountain I realized what a great actor he was. His work in The Dark Knight is nothing short of outstanding.

    There’re very few actors who have managed to lose themselves in their characters like Heath has in Ennis and the Joker. Daniel Day Lewis, Gary Oldman, Philip Seymour Hoffman come to mind. The entertainment world and us fans have lost a very gifted young actor. It makes me so sad that we’ll never see him on screen again but in his short life he left an important legacy. Thank you, Heath. May you rest in peace.


  18. 43
    Camille Says:

    it isn’t fair to the families of Ledger and (now) Michael Jackson’s, to say drugs/medication was the cause of their passing, when you’re obviously not a toxicologist, nor know the complete story. It’s heart-wrenching to read comments about Michael Jackson apparently ‘popping pills’, when it’s quite possible he was using to rid himself of pain.

  19. 44
    michael Says:

    At last the people who were with him just before his death are speaking out and good for them. Shame on you Michelle Williams, you are a horrible horrible person and the way you have played the media to your advantage DISGUSTS me. That’s all I have to say.

  20. 45
    carmen Says:

    Heath ci manchi tanto,ti porteremo sempre nei nostri cuori.

  21. 46
    cain Says:

    with full respect, but ain’t this like a year too late?

  22. 47
    Anynoymous Says:

    Hooray for Vanity Fair and Terry Gilliam. Never liked Michelle Williams, she always seemed like she had tried to trap Heath via the baby trick and Heath put up with her as much as he could for the sake of the baby, who he truly loved. Why should Terry and the other people in this article KEEP QUIET? Why? In this case, keeping quiet would be like LYING. The truth is what matters and if the truth was what they claim, then I think it’s good for it to come out, in Heath’s honour. Terry loved Heath, they were likeminded people, they got on like a house on fire and he was the last person to work with Heath, therefore the man knows what he’s doing and I’m sure he’s doing it, coming out with the TRUTH because he felt it was for the best. Why should he protect Michelle’s image if it was she who had acted like a cow with Heath and therefore caused him to ‘snap’. I can’t imagine Heath angry with a girl but I bet he was very very angry with her, and frustrated, that he couldn’t be with his lovely baby daughter because of Michelle’s nasty character, because that’s all it was. Heath was a wonderful father and Michelle had no right to keep him away from Matilda. Why would Terry say all this now? Because it needed to be told that’s why. The truth is NEVER EVER wrong, that’s why.

  23. 48
    rena Says:

    we know now why he is dead and we know now who is responsable of his death

  24. 49
    heaths'close Says:

    I hope Heath’s familly will do something and will against michelle.
    michelle williams is selfish and she is a good actress to be a fake grieve, I know why she said in a interview that she made a mistake and try to forgive them. and why she doesn’t want to go in australia with heath’s daughter
    she is a b!tch!!!!!

  25. 50
    Anonymous Says:

    Heath Ledger fans are as tweaked as Robert Pattinson fans who despise any woman that dares breath next to their deity. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so creepy.

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