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Jamie Foxx's Michael Jackson Tribute

Jamie Foxx's Michael Jackson Tribute
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  • rabs


    I’m not sure what was funny about his interruptions….he kept saying “I’m your conscience”… 5 year old does that when people laugh…..just keep doing it over and over


  • Theresa

    @fair is fair
    Fair is fair???? LOL to your dumb ass statement!
    OKay so lets get rid of BET then right stands for black entertainment twelevision…

    you know if we had a WET white entertainment television channel shit would hit the roof…

    and to top it off shouldn’t we all get minority rights at this point in society i.e education and job placement etc.

    Who gives a @#$% about hilidays??? IPeople can keep whatever holidays they want! The funniest part about that it Holiday comes from Holy and is supposed to be celebrated as a holy day anyway…but thats a whole different view……fair would be if people addressed eachother with love no matter what based on not whom they are talking to or looking at , but based on how they wasnt to be treated.

    I think this world is full of hipocrates and it’s disgusting to me that people who have power to influence our people as a whole, abuse their power to make themselves feel important. I am very sad and dissapointed for our children, what examples do they have to guide them. There are a few of us out there, but most people, just don’t care anymore about what’s really important. Jmie Foxx, you have let me down, but I will refuse to judge you as it is not my place or concern. But I am saddend by the things you said.

  • Melissa


  • Matt Beverungen

    I am so glad there is almost universal disgust over Jamie Foxx’s comments. What idiotic statements he made! I have been bothered by his words since he spoke them, and I decided to google Jamie Foxx Michael jackson and I got this thread….thank you so much, all of you who spoke up. I haven’t seen much in the mainstream media, but so what…these three pages of repudiation of Jamie Foxx’s words are curative.

    How arrogant for him to think he (or any number of millions of black people) has the right to say THEY are the ones who shared Michael with us. I am four years younger than Michael and I grew up with him. Screw you Jamie Foxx. Go back to Living Colour…pure entertainment. Maybe you’re just upset that Jim Carrey makes more than you. Fire Marshall Bill. Did “we” share him with you? I don’t think so. He’s one of the many Canucks who have done themselves proud.

    Vaya con dios, hasta la vista, Jamie.


    I’ve never had anything against Jamie Foxx, I just never thought he was a good actor and an even worse singer. I always thought that the trouble with Jamie Foxx is he plays every role the same…arrogant, thinks he’s indestructible and thinks he’s better than everyone else. In his sitcom where he worked at a hotel, he was so full of himself and so arrogant.
    But since I saw his tribute to Michael Jackson and what Jamie said, I really don’t like him. I really hope America shows him that what he said is not right, is racist and hateful.

  • derrick johns

    Another white whine… Jamie’s comments were not racist…and those who think so clearly do not know what racism entails…racism requires institutional power…power is both a necessary and suffcient conditon of racism….In otherwords, racially charged language issued by black people can and will not affect the upper social mobility of white people…However, racially charged language issued by white people against black people can and will affect the upper mobillty of black people…if you don’t believe this, go to any black neighborhood, perhaps with the exception of Atlanta, and you will see that of all the buisness located in the black communities are rarely owed by black people…

    In additon, what I think Jamie was trying to say is this: MJ is the product of black america and it’s rich artistic tradition…MJ belongs to us because we created him…we introduce him to the world…just think about it…Why Motown? Motown exist because a lot of white record label at the time would not give black artist the time of day, or the credit and respect that black artist deserved…in fact, there was a time when these record companies refused to put the face of these black recording artist on the cover of their on records…when did white people ever have to endure that kind of humilation?

    Jamie’s statement was not only historically correct, it was also reasonable…unlike racism…which is inherently false and irrationale

  • mjspyt

    Jamie’s comment was NOT racist. You all just got your panties in a bunch because MJ is black and black ppl are supporting him and devestated by his loss. You all love MJ however I’d doubt you’d be so accepting of any other black person…to you all MJ wasnt black but he was BLACK . There is nothing racist about speaking the truth….Michael Jackson was a black man and he was supported by the black community before you all even knew what was what… Screw the we are the world bullshit this is REALITY and in REALITY race matters. If the black community did not support Michael there would be no Micahel Jackson as you know it today. His mama is black and his daddy is black and no amount of monobenzone,nose jobs or lace front wigs will change that fact . I swear some of you Michael worshipping white people actually like to believe that he is a white man of the white race and that just simply isnt so….. Sorry to disappoint you all…Just admit it the reason you are mad at Jamie is the fact that he told the world that Michael is black and he was proud….but you all hate that…? WHY? He was black. You all love Michael…You all worship the ground he walked on….But beneath the facade…the makeup…the hair…the nose jobs…the other surgeries …He is your average black man….Why dont you look at other black people with that “we are equal and it doesnt matter” attitude? Why just MJ? I’d bet my last dollar the majority of you would never even look at a black person as a mate …yet you will fall on your knees in Michael’s prescence like he was God himself….Such a shame …. Beneath it all MJ is a brown skinned wide nosed thick lipped black man with beautiful eyes…..

  • um no

    @fair is fair, the Scottish Rite Dormitory has nothing to do with being Scottish, it was built by the Scottish Rite Freemasons for their daughters during a housing shortage. Anybody can live there.