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Janet Jackson Honors Michael Jackson at BET Awards

Janet Jackson Honors Michael Jackson at BET Awards

Janet Jackson made a brief appearance onstage during the 2009 BET Awards held at the Shrine Auditorium on Sunday (June 28) in Los Angeles.

The 43-year-old sister of Michael Jackson honored her older brother during the ceremony, saying, “My entire family wanted to be here tonight but it was just too painful, so they elected me to speak to all of you. I’m going to keep it very short. To you, Michael is an icon. To us, Michael is family. And he will forever live in all of our hearts. On behalf of my family, and myself, thank you for all of your love. Thank you for all of your support. We miss him so much. Thank you so much.”

Watch the speech below!

After Janet left the stage, host Jamie Foxx and Ne-Yo sang a tribute duet to Jackson 5‘s “I’ll Be There.”

Janet Jackson Honors Michael Jackson at BET Awards
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  • SHopaholic22

    Stay strong Janet

  • fdgsdfg

    shouldnt it be…”The 43-year-old sister of Michael Jackson honored HER older brother during the ceremony”…?

  • black beauty

    i was about to cry when she walked out. i love my brothers and i cant imagine her pain right now. RIP MJ

  • roro

    that was so touching . i literally was bawling when they sang that. it was my favourite song of the whole event

  • Sally g.

    Not too painful.

    Father Joe was there!

  • Angelica

    =*( That looked like it was incredibly hard for her to do. Mr. Joe Jackson should take some damn notes on how to express grief. Asshat.

  • Just Jared

    @fdgsdfg: Thanks!

  • Alfie

    he definitely knows something about her what we dont know.

  • dollhouse

    At least she looked genuinely grieving unlike her douchebag of a father. I hope that man rots in hell

  • melissa

    sally g,

    why do u have to be so judgemental.

  • [marie]

    RIP Mike. I felt bad when I saw Janet. You can really see the pain that she’s going through on her face…


  • sarah

    Yeah, Michael’s family loves him so much, and misses him so much, that’s why his Mother drove to his house, and started searching for his money, demanding the nanny tell her where it is, because she knows he kept money there.

  • Pascall

    @Angelica: I agree. He was there to promote his new business venture. I hopfe he is not the executor of the will.

  • Myles

    I feel so bad for Janet & and the entire family. You could deff see the pain in her eyes as she tried to keep from crying. :[

    RIP Michael.

  • dANA

    Joe Jackson actually promoted his record label while taking to CNN on the red carpet tonight. My gosh that is a cold man.

  • Cierra

    AWWWW!!!Janet made tears come 2 my eyes….I still cant belive that Michael is gone, but 2 c Janet on the awards in honor of her brother-i know it was hard 4 her to do,but it was done & she look incredibly beutiful!!!!!!!!!!stay strong JANET we LOVE u & MICHAEL will live on 4ever

  • Ashley

    That must have been so hard for her to do!! Stay strong Janet RIP Michael you missed very much..

  • aa

    the father, joe, is such a freak of a so-called father. he was on fox news talking about how the world she be aware that michael was a superstar. what? has this man completely sold hisself to the devil?

  • boohoo Brangelina

    how these two ended up with an asshole father like Joe Jackson is beyond me…

  • Killroy

    Hummmph! Papa Joe is running around accusing, calling the death suspicious and in on any money making schemes and mamma Katherine is trying to find any cash Michael stashed away.. shopping at target for sleeping bags for those new money making grandkids..

  • dakid

    I LUV Janet & the Jackson family!!!!man win janet 1st walked out, my eyes began 2 water-up) :n when she began 2 talk i just let it all go….i have brothers and i cant imagine the pain that Janet is feeling, but i could c the emotions in her eyes & just 2 c her really touched me,i was crying a river(even as i am typing this message) DANM!!!!!man i just cant belive it…….I LUV U MIKE♥!!!!!!!!stay strong JACKSON FAMILY-we eill all miss MJ & remember him 4 all his hardwork
    RIP MJ-u will b miss’d & always l♥ved

  • eden


    no friggin’ kidding. despicable parents. i’m so glad Janet grew up to be a real person that Michael could actually talk to.

  • http://deleted koko

    wow,what a father,no wonder micheal jackson was so lonely. i miss him so much.todays singers who are saying he is their inspiration cant even sing.

  • anon

    Me thinks papa Joe is in a bit of denial with both his sons history of drug addiction, and deep emotional issues (from the abuse of his Joe himself) and by his gaunt appearance unhealthy lifestyle. We get he was a brilliant artist but take a cue from your daughter and show some more grace and class right now. His kids dont need you stirring up even more negative media attention. And wouldnt the family have enough money to pay someone to go and shop for them so Grandma Katherine can have some privacy from the cameras??

  • Cierra

    man y r u trippn-this family just lost, their son & yall on this web bashin them…… ppl need 2 stop hate’n & give that family some support……Stay strong Jacksons-MJ will live on 4ever

  • Paulie

    I figured Janet would use this as an opportunity to boost her sagging career since her last 3 albums flopped.

  • somja

    people are saying things they know absolutely nothing about, the family have their own money, yes Michael had more but each family member is set for life already, the only unstable one now is Latoya and maybe randy, the other sibling have stable intact families, they should all pitch in and help raise Michael’s kids, Joe does not live with Katherine, haven’t for years, he lives in las Vegas, NV. away from the entire family don’t put out lies. Debbie row only wanted the money, she does not want her children, she was and is a gold digger that was bought.

  • bahama beauty


    I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • karmiz_cute

    I felt the pain… just seeing her talk like that… wah.. I wanna cry.. I really wanted to see Michael J. back on track by his comeback concert! RIP King of POP.

  • L

    I think it is so inappropriate for any family member to show up anywhere when your loved one isn’t even cold yet. To #25- this is a family that deserves everything that is heaped on them. The parents are pure trash for what they did to their kids.

  • somja

    @ Sarah, why wouldn’t Mrs Jackson get Michael’s money and anything else of his if she wants, it’s her son, would you prefer her to let the nanny take it? and how did Mrs Jackson know Michael had money stashed away in a private place? they were close and he told her, like i tell my mom personal stuff, are you the nanny and wanted his money?,

  • kamilah

    as soon as i saw janet walk on stage my eyes started watering. i didnt expect anyone from his family to be there tonight (not including his douchebag father). you could really tell going up there was really difficult for her. my heart goes out to her and the rest of the family. the last song jamie and neyo sang had me crying. still cant believe he’s really gone.

  • somja

    every last one of Michael’s sibling and mother loved Michael deeply, the family tried to help Michael, but Michael is a grown man and refused, i know that feeling of helplessness, but they have nothing to feel guilty of, just remember he is in a better place. my prayers goes to that family in pain. and may Michael RIP.

  • LuckyL


  • LuckyL


  • http://google wanda perez

    joe jackson made me pychically sick. how can any parent show no grief! may he rot in hell!

  • SSS

    where was she when mj need her?

  • corey

    wow, you are really miserable inside aren’t you. you must be so proud of yourself. grow up.

  • corey

    paulie: wow, you are really miserable inside aren’t you. you must be so proud of yourself. grow up.

  • CaliWriter

    Damn that family wastes no time jumping on the gravy that is thier dead son and brother….tacky

  • Nik

    The kid [Jordan Chandler] who accused MJ of molesting him, supposedly came clean today. He admitted that he lied about the whole thing. Bastard, he should be ashamed of what he put Michael through. Disgusting, I hope Mike’s fans find him and Karma ensues.

    As for Michael, you were amazing.
    Truly a gift from God.

  • lizzie

    It is touching, and they sing very well

  • Jolie hot chin not

    janet: wishing you strenght. we love you and rip michael. when in doubt, people should just say that and move on. be strong janet.

  • bee

    That had to have been one of the most heartbreaking speeches I’ve seen. I cried yet again. My heart hurts so much for her && that whole family.

    I still can’t seem to accept that he’s gone, && I’m just a fan, I can’t even imagine what his family is going through.

    Rest in Peace Michael, the world will never ever be the same. One love.

  • megan

    so sad :(
    ” we miss him so much” too Janet !
    All the world are with you !

  • sienna

    Rest in Peace Michael.
    Thankyou for the music.
    May God bless your grieving family and may He hold them all in His Heart.

  • la sigh.

    I was so thankful they didn’t show resent pictures of him during the tribute. In fact they didn’t show one picture AFTER the plastic surgery or skin bleaching. I had forgot just how beautifully handsome Michael once was…

  • Liverwurst

    @somja: Actually thats not true. Several of the brothers have struggled finacially for years…one of the reasons why they weren’t speaking.

  • debbie

    Thank you L #30 for expressing it so well. This family seems to know no bounds! Sigh.

  • agathi

    too painfull for her!!