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Kate Gosselin: No Longer Talking To Tabloids

Kate Gosselin: No Longer Talking To Tabloids

With a new bodyguard in tow, Kate Gosselin goes shopping with two of her 5-year-old sextuplets — Leah and Hannah — on Monday afternoon (June 29) in Reading, Penn. While out, the trio stopped at the UPS store, “Dick’s Sporting Goods” store and a “Giant” supermarket.

Love Hannah‘s facial expressions!

Kate and husband Jon Gosselin just released a statement: “During this very difficult time we will be working to focus solely on the needs of our family. This includes no longer commenting publicly or reacting to media stories and speculation. Our goal is to do the very best for our children and that will be done as privately as possible. We appreciate the understanding, support and well wishes from so many. Thank you.”

Tonight’s episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 will be a retrospective look at the Gosselin family, accompanied by some new footage.

15+ pictures inside of Giant grocery shopping Kate Gosselin

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kate gosselin giant supermarket 01
kate gosselin giant supermarket 02
kate gosselin giant supermarket 03
kate gosselin giant supermarket 04
kate gosselin giant supermarket 05
kate gosselin giant supermarket 06
kate gosselin giant supermarket 07
kate gosselin giant supermarket 08
kate gosselin giant supermarket 09
kate gosselin giant supermarket 10
kate gosselin giant supermarket 11
kate gosselin giant supermarket 12
kate gosselin giant supermarket 13
kate gosselin giant supermarket 14
kate gosselin giant supermarket 15
kate gosselin giant supermarket 16
kate gosselin giant supermarket 17
kate gosselin giant supermarket 18
kate gosselin giant supermarket 19
kate gosselin giant supermarket 20

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  • bella

    No talking . . .just pictures I guess.

  • Sam

    Hannah is a spoiled brat. She’s bossy and pushy, even ‘mean’, just like her mother. I know she is just a little girl but it’s true. I also know it’s not her fault, she’s mommy’s ‘golden child’, so how is she to know better. Just stating the facts here. I would love to see this woman out with her boys – no girls, just the boys. Come on Kate, you’re good at playing ‘pretend’, you can pull it off.

  • hmmm

    I think it’s good that she changed the bodyguard

  • Why

    WTH does she need a bodyguard in Reading PA?

  • irish girl

    Unfair. The people with talent are dropping like flies, and this worthless woman is alive and kicking and swimming and shopping and… well you get the picture.
    I have never seen her show, but I am irritated looking at her. She looks mean and don’t get me started on that hair awful.

  • jaye

    Good move; too bad they didn’t shut up from the beginning.

  • kelly

    Is that all this woman does is shop?!? Seriously who dresses like that to go to the grocery store!

  • lakers fan in boston

    i think i might watch the show
    im just hoping there’s some part where kate is screaming at jon =]

  • yea.. so

    kate ur about a divorce too late 4 that. I will no longer support their show – I am done.

    Im not sure what led to the divorce but what I dont respect is the fact that Kate never made a decision to end the show once her marriage was falling apart.

    Keep on saying ur doing the best for ur kids but I doubt ur kids are begging u to continue this show, a show that broke their family apart.

    Whats best for children is a happy home, perhaps that shouldve been her firs proirity instead of being a reality-celeb.

    i was one of the shows number 1 fan – not anymore.

  • Lola

    Kate and Jon are obviously really DUMB not talking to the paparazzi is wanting the best for their children? Umm how about canceling the show that documented their parents demise, so sad.

  • Denise

    How is the bodyguard supposed to do anything when he is carrying a stack of boxes???

    This greedy, freak of a Mom needs to give those sweet children to a family that would love them, not try to make a living off of them.

  • Shelly


    i thought that same thing, Kelly. Maybe she had some sort of professional appointment, ran home to get the girls, then out to the store but heels for grocery shopping? no thanks.

  • E

    Come on, Jared, you should be finding out what happened after NC with Steve Neild. Did Kate think she could carry on an affair or at the very least, one huge crush and not get caught?
    She shops all the time because she has to be seen by the paps everyday or she will go nuts or something. It is the narcissist in her.
    I will say this, she did take our hints and got the kids some more clothes and starting letting them dress separately. Wonder if that is the Healthtex clothes she was pushing before all hell broke loose before Mother’s Day? I read Gymboree cut her off because she overdosed on their generosity. She didn’t get the nick, “Greedlin” for nothing.

    If Hannah acts bad, it is because her mother makes her a favorite and it is never good to favorite a child over another. (You can tell because Hannah has a mouth on her already.) Every child pays a price, including the favored. The children deserve better, they are all beautiful kids. Shame on Kate for exploiting her kids.

  • sarah

    sam shut up…hannah is a sweetie and shes not a brat, cant u give the kid a break, here parents just got divorced and shes 5

  • jasmine

    Im so sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk of this family! I honestly used to be such a big fan and constantly watch the show, but now it’s getting to the point where they are getting way to OVERRATED, which isn’t a good thing, obviously. Who are they to be covering mag. stands every darn week??? Society is so ignorant and is getting really sad day by day…

  • anon

    Better late than never. I still say there are negotiations going on for one or two really well timed and scripted interviews which will be headlined as tell-alls. I wonder if Jon is staying in TrumpTowers because he made deal with the Donald himself to appear on Celebrity Apprentice…maybe that’s what he meant when he said maybe someone will offer him a job? I hope they start to keep the paps out of the front yard as well by using their money to install a gate to block them and build a covered backyard area where the kids can play in privacy….just a thought.

  • E

    Well, no one was really talking to the Gosselins, were they? The deaths of Farrah, Michael J., and Billy May sorta knocked off the tabloids, didn’t it? By making this statement, they are reminding people….Hey, we are still here! Hence, why we see Kate dressed to the nines and out and about. Jon makes sure he is out in the FRONT yard with the kids all the time.

    Good gosh, why don’t the Gosselins enjoy that nice back patio with the huge nice swimming pool and grounds? Paps can’t see back there or something?

  • mime

    haha! It looks like Hannah loves being photographed!!! :)

  • lily alexa

    Hannah Kate golden child is always with her or near icky boys poor Aaden Joel and Colin.

  • yeah right

    ti they offer to pay her for a story.

  • Sam

    Oh Sarah, that’s not very polite of you, but it’s ok, I know it’s not your fault either. Are you a spoiled brat too? Hannah IS a brat – she’s pushy and spoiled, it’s the truth. I’m not picking on the child, I did say that it was not her fault because she is just a little girl, but she IS a brat. The way she is skipping around there you can tell she is a very forward child – if that had been one of the boys he would be grabbed by the head or wrist and given a lecture by mommy dearest! That’s true too.

    Oh and her parents are not divorced yet. :)

  • Preesi


  • Sam

    @lily alexa:

    You’re so right! And if that had been one of the boys skipping ahead and not holding on he would have been grabbed, given THE LOOK and lectured. Not Hannah! And not that the little boys get much of a chance to go out alone with mom – there is always a girl out with her.

  • shelly

    Uh…for the record…Jon’s only interview was with people magazine, and the only thing he said was…nothing…Kate on the other hand openly shared the two’s drama and conflict in her TWO interviews for people magazine. It’s funny now that its over and the marriage is gone down the shitttter…she decides not to talk publicly. Way to go Kate…you got your jabs at Jon, now you’re gonna be quiet. What a selfish human being she is…BARF

  • papsaroni

    Vehicle must be new no license plate.

    Looking like the girls are holding up well.

    There is a tat on above the left ankle.

    No hats yesterday or today

    Nice of Giant to pick up the tab

    I guess UPS doesn’t do home delivery in their city. Or the legal papers are not to be “shared”. Straight to Kates’ bedroom safe

    Kate is it important to distract your bodyguards hands with packages.

    Peanut butter Bumper cookies are not organic, lots of preservatives.

    The boys are probably out drinking and do what boys do with 2 year old chicks. Aunt Jodi said that Kate gave them permission. Poor woman all her little men left her. But hey she has a “paid” bodyguard.

  • Hmmm

    Kate, Why not go one more step and just CANCEL the show??? I know why $$$$$$$$$$$$.

  • trifecta

    TLC is treading water big time. The Gosselins have TLC right where they want them. Spoil one be sued by the other for defamation and emotional distress on the kids.

    Its a three custer, who wins, stay tuned.

    TLC to Gosselin- no more comments to the tabloids.

  • Sam


    Hilarious and right on!

  • AmandaG

    I really thought Kate was bad until I started reading what her fans say. These woman are obsessed with Kate. They cut their hair like her and beat their kids like her. They lie to their husbands and spend the money for food on more things that Kate has.

    They defend child exploitation and would happily sell their kids if the price was right.

  • AmandaG

    @Preesi: Yeah, free groceries for Life for the Gosselin clan. What about families without homes or jobs?? Neh, Giant would much rather give rich people freebies than actually help anyone. If I shopped there, I’d stop.

  • cal

    So many ‘tards posting, esp. Sam!

    You idiots who are critical that Jon or Kate aren’t cancelling the show: There’s a contract, stupid!
    If the last two shows had 9 and 10 million viewers, and YOU were the boss of TLC, would you rip the contracts up, or make some money? And don’t give me that BS “but we have to think about the children sob sob!”

  • Sam


    You think ‘we’ (me) are being critical – look at your post. You used the words ‘tards’, ‘stupid’, ‘idiot’, ‘BS’ and my goodness – - such sarcasm!! Shame on you, don’t be so harsh. :)

  • E

    Didn’t the Gosselins say there would be no more comments last Monday too?

  • annie

    go away kate, no one likes you.

  • jordan

    hahaha what a joke.
    yeah all us moms dress like hookers to go to the grocery store with our kids.
    oh and can’t forget the much needed bodyguard in reading, pa.
    kate gosselin you’re such a joke.
    no comments but picture taking and smiling is all okay.
    as long as your scummy face still shows up on websites like this.
    you’re such an embarrassment and quite pathetic.
    please go home. and stay there.

  • Amy

    If you had paparazzi following you everywhere, wouldn’t YOU feel better having a bodyguard along? She has no choice about being photographed when she goes out or even when she is in her own yard.

  • sharon

    @Sam: Sam I agree with you. Hannie has always been the golden child, and she has this I’m better than the rest of you, look on her face all the time. I feel really bad for the boys. I also think that Cara is not one of kates favorites because she favors Jon.

  • Steve n

    My daring Kate.

    You must keep up your appearances. I am so turned on daily when I see you on sights like this. Remember don’t use the webcam or phone for pictures your leaving a trail. I so hope you get another 10-20 million from TLC and split it with Jon. Gawd knows about are three-somes but worry worry I won’t leak it out, the public just don’t understand. You know you have groupies now that part their hair upstairs and downstairs just like you. Please dress in clue something tommorrow.

    till tommorrow 6 pack.

  • Amy

    Such petty people, picking on children.

  • Nick w

    Are they still sextulets if she doesn’t dress them alike?

    I agree with Kelly that it seems that Kate does a lot of shopping. I guess that’s all she knows to do unless TLC is funding some event.

    I thinks it’s unscrupulousthat Kate excuses all her choices by saying she is doing it for the children.

    The body guard looks more like her type than the last one …..

  • dawne

    She is such a fameho; Aniston should be her bestie; Her Hairness to Her Hairness, mirror to mirror, cheapness to cheapness, lie to lie, can’t keep a man to can’t keep a man….

    and sell your soul and anything else that is handy to be photographed daily while so busily pursuing your career…….oh, yeah, all the while swearing they hate the papz……’s a fameho contest as I see it.

    As for going ‘mum’ …..what an effing joke…………..for the kids……….that’s their story and they are sticking to it because they are getting so much bad press for continuing to keep the show going and who*ing out their kids, cause we all know if they really gave a crap about their marriage and/or eight kids, that show would have hit the brakes a year ago when Jon wanted it to stop but KATE DID NOT.

    It’s her ‘job’ you know…….she’s a career woman bilking America and every retail outfit she can freeload from. Diiiiiiiisgusting. This woman believes her own bullshitttttttt. Aunt Jodi had it right on the nose when she said someone should speak out in terms of protecting these kids.

    But who cares? If they are in matching dresses and shoes, America will be charmed.

  • Marissa

    Is Hannah the chubby one?

  • emmy jay

    who the heck goes shopping with two little active children in sling back heels?

    someone who wants to look on the web sites !!

    Khate is such a famewohre – who has the other kids? The nanny that they don’t have?

    Those poor twins are in for it when they go back to school. The other kids WILL comment about the mags and the buzz about the G’s….

    Poor kids!

  • Isabel

    High heels to go grocery shopping, must be very uncomfortable. Oh yeah, she thinks she’s a star so she must dress the part.

  • Jonie

    Hanna is build stocky just like her mom.

  • Chester

    On usweekly there’s a picture with Leah with her hand on her hip in a two piece bathing suit. I swear her mom is training her to be a babywhore. I’m sure plenty of pedophiles tune in to THAT show.

  • Amy

    Chester you are just sick!

  • Kellie

    Kate hates Mady because she doesn’t buy any of Kate’s phoniness. Mady is my fav because Kate cries about having to deal with her and anyone that gives Kate a hard time is a fave of mine.

  • chester

    I’m not sick Amy because I would never put my kids in their underwear on TV like Kate does. I guarantee there are pervs watching those kids for all the wrong reasons but Kate doesn’t care as long as the money keeps coming in.

  • TWPumpkin

    Now that the show is on hiatus she does not want to talk. She only wants to talk when she is making money. Jon and her suck as parents.