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Kate Gosselin: No Longer Talking To Tabloids

Kate Gosselin: No Longer Talking To Tabloids

With a new bodyguard in tow, Kate Gosselin goes shopping with two of her 5-year-old sextuplets — Leah and Hannah — on Monday afternoon (June 29) in Reading, Penn. While out, the trio stopped at the UPS store, “Dick’s Sporting Goods” store and a “Giant” supermarket.

Love Hannah‘s facial expressions!

Kate and husband Jon Gosselin just released a statement: “During this very difficult time we will be working to focus solely on the needs of our family. This includes no longer commenting publicly or reacting to media stories and speculation. Our goal is to do the very best for our children and that will be done as privately as possible. We appreciate the understanding, support and well wishes from so many. Thank you.”

Tonight’s episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 will be a retrospective look at the Gosselin family, accompanied by some new footage.

15+ pictures inside of Giant grocery shopping Kate Gosselin

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228 Responses to “Kate Gosselin: No Longer Talking To Tabloids”

  1. 1
    bella Says:

    No talking . . .just pictures I guess.

  2. 2
    Sam Says:

    Hannah is a spoiled brat. She’s bossy and pushy, even ‘mean’, just like her mother. I know she is just a little girl but it’s true. I also know it’s not her fault, she’s mommy’s ‘golden child’, so how is she to know better. Just stating the facts here. I would love to see this woman out with her boys – no girls, just the boys. Come on Kate, you’re good at playing ‘pretend’, you can pull it off.

  3. 3
    hmmm Says:

    I think it’s good that she changed the bodyguard

  4. 4
    Why Says:

    WTH does she need a bodyguard in Reading PA?

  5. 5
    irish girl Says:

    Unfair. The people with talent are dropping like flies, and this worthless woman is alive and kicking and swimming and shopping and… well you get the picture.
    I have never seen her show, but I am irritated looking at her. She looks mean and don’t get me started on that hair awful.

  6. 6
    jaye Says:

    Good move; too bad they didn’t shut up from the beginning.

  7. 7
    kelly Says:

    Is that all this woman does is shop?!? Seriously who dresses like that to go to the grocery store!

  8. 8
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    i think i might watch the show
    im just hoping there’s some part where kate is screaming at jon =]

  9. 9
    yea.. so Says:

    kate ur about a divorce too late 4 that. I will no longer support their show – I am done.

    Im not sure what led to the divorce but what I dont respect is the fact that Kate never made a decision to end the show once her marriage was falling apart.

    Keep on saying ur doing the best for ur kids but I doubt ur kids are begging u to continue this show, a show that broke their family apart.

    Whats best for children is a happy home, perhaps that shouldve been her firs proirity instead of being a reality-celeb.

    i was one of the shows number 1 fan – not anymore.

  10. 10
    Lola Says:

    Kate and Jon are obviously really DUMB not talking to the paparazzi is wanting the best for their children? Umm how about canceling the show that documented their parents demise, so sad.

  11. 11
    Denise Says:

    How is the bodyguard supposed to do anything when he is carrying a stack of boxes???

    This greedy, freak of a Mom needs to give those sweet children to a family that would love them, not try to make a living off of them.

  12. 12
    Shelly Says:


    i thought that same thing, Kelly. Maybe she had some sort of professional appointment, ran home to get the girls, then out to the store but heels for grocery shopping? no thanks.

  13. 13
    E Says:

    Come on, Jared, you should be finding out what happened after NC with Steve Neild. Did Kate think she could carry on an affair or at the very least, one huge crush and not get caught?
    She shops all the time because she has to be seen by the paps everyday or she will go nuts or something. It is the narcissist in her.
    I will say this, she did take our hints and got the kids some more clothes and starting letting them dress separately. Wonder if that is the Healthtex clothes she was pushing before all hell broke loose before Mother’s Day? I read Gymboree cut her off because she overdosed on their generosity. She didn’t get the nick, “Greedlin” for nothing.

    If Hannah acts bad, it is because her mother makes her a favorite and it is never good to favorite a child over another. (You can tell because Hannah has a mouth on her already.) Every child pays a price, including the favored. The children deserve better, they are all beautiful kids. Shame on Kate for exploiting her kids.

  14. 14
    sarah Says:

    sam shut up…hannah is a sweetie and shes not a brat, cant u give the kid a break, here parents just got divorced and shes 5

  15. 15
    jasmine Says:

    Im so sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk of this family! I honestly used to be such a big fan and constantly watch the show, but now it’s getting to the point where they are getting way to OVERRATED, which isn’t a good thing, obviously. Who are they to be covering mag. stands every darn week??? Society is so ignorant and is getting really sad day by day…

  16. 16
    anon Says:

    Better late than never. I still say there are negotiations going on for one or two really well timed and scripted interviews which will be headlined as tell-alls. I wonder if Jon is staying in TrumpTowers because he made deal with the Donald himself to appear on Celebrity Apprentice…maybe that’s what he meant when he said maybe someone will offer him a job? I hope they start to keep the paps out of the front yard as well by using their money to install a gate to block them and build a covered backyard area where the kids can play in privacy….just a thought.

  17. 17
    E Says:

    Well, no one was really talking to the Gosselins, were they? The deaths of Farrah, Michael J., and Billy May sorta knocked off the tabloids, didn’t it? By making this statement, they are reminding people….Hey, we are still here! Hence, why we see Kate dressed to the nines and out and about. Jon makes sure he is out in the FRONT yard with the kids all the time.

    Good gosh, why don’t the Gosselins enjoy that nice back patio with the huge nice swimming pool and grounds? Paps can’t see back there or something?

  18. 18
    mime Says:

    haha! It looks like Hannah loves being photographed!!! :)

  19. 19
    lily alexa Says:

    Hannah Kate golden child is always with her or near icky boys poor Aaden Joel and Colin.

  20. 20
    yeah right Says:

    ti they offer to pay her for a story.

  21. 21
    Sam Says:

    Oh Sarah, that’s not very polite of you, but it’s ok, I know it’s not your fault either. Are you a spoiled brat too? Hannah IS a brat – she’s pushy and spoiled, it’s the truth. I’m not picking on the child, I did say that it was not her fault because she is just a little girl, but she IS a brat. The way she is skipping around there you can tell she is a very forward child – if that had been one of the boys he would be grabbed by the head or wrist and given a lecture by mommy dearest! That’s true too.

    Oh and her parents are not divorced yet. :)

  22. 22
    Preesi Says:


  23. 23
    Sam Says:

    @lily alexa:

    You’re so right! And if that had been one of the boys skipping ahead and not holding on he would have been grabbed, given THE LOOK and lectured. Not Hannah! And not that the little boys get much of a chance to go out alone with mom – there is always a girl out with her.

  24. 24
    shelly Says:

    Uh…for the record…Jon’s only interview was with people magazine, and the only thing he said was…nothing…Kate on the other hand openly shared the two’s drama and conflict in her TWO interviews for people magazine. It’s funny now that its over and the marriage is gone down the shitttter…she decides not to talk publicly. Way to go Kate…you got your jabs at Jon, now you’re gonna be quiet. What a selfish human being she is…BARF

  25. 25
    papsaroni Says:

    Vehicle must be new no license plate.

    Looking like the girls are holding up well.

    There is a tat on above the left ankle.

    No hats yesterday or today

    Nice of Giant to pick up the tab

    I guess UPS doesn’t do home delivery in their city. Or the legal papers are not to be “shared”. Straight to Kates’ bedroom safe

    Kate is it important to distract your bodyguards hands with packages.

    Peanut butter Bumper cookies are not organic, lots of preservatives.

    The boys are probably out drinking and do what boys do with 2 year old chicks. Aunt Jodi said that Kate gave them permission. Poor woman all her little men left her. But hey she has a “paid” bodyguard.

  26. 26
    Hmmm Says:

    Kate, Why not go one more step and just CANCEL the show??? I know why $$$$$$$$$$$$.

  27. 27
    trifecta Says:

    TLC is treading water big time. The Gosselins have TLC right where they want them. Spoil one be sued by the other for defamation and emotional distress on the kids.

    Its a three custer, who wins, stay tuned.

    TLC to Gosselin- no more comments to the tabloids.

  28. 28
    Sam Says:


    Hilarious and right on!

  29. 29
    AmandaG Says:

    I really thought Kate was bad until I started reading what her fans say. These woman are obsessed with Kate. They cut their hair like her and beat their kids like her. They lie to their husbands and spend the money for food on more things that Kate has.

    They defend child exploitation and would happily sell their kids if the price was right.

  30. 30
    AmandaG Says:

    @Preesi: Yeah, free groceries for Life for the Gosselin clan. What about families without homes or jobs?? Neh, Giant would much rather give rich people freebies than actually help anyone. If I shopped there, I’d stop.

  31. 31
    cal Says:

    So many ‘tards posting, esp. Sam!

    You idiots who are critical that Jon or Kate aren’t cancelling the show: There’s a contract, stupid!
    If the last two shows had 9 and 10 million viewers, and YOU were the boss of TLC, would you rip the contracts up, or make some money? And don’t give me that BS “but we have to think about the children sob sob!”

  32. 32
    Sam Says:


    You think ‘we’ (me) are being critical – look at your post. You used the words ‘tards’, ‘stupid’, ‘idiot’, ‘BS’ and my goodness – - such sarcasm!! Shame on you, don’t be so harsh. :)

  33. 33
    E Says:

    Didn’t the Gosselins say there would be no more comments last Monday too?

  34. 34
    annie Says:

    go away kate, no one likes you.

  35. 35
    jordan Says:

    hahaha what a joke.
    yeah all us moms dress like hookers to go to the grocery store with our kids.
    oh and can’t forget the much needed bodyguard in reading, pa.
    kate gosselin you’re such a joke.
    no comments but picture taking and smiling is all okay.
    as long as your scummy face still shows up on websites like this.
    you’re such an embarrassment and quite pathetic.
    please go home. and stay there.

  36. 36
    Amy Says:

    If you had paparazzi following you everywhere, wouldn’t YOU feel better having a bodyguard along? She has no choice about being photographed when she goes out or even when she is in her own yard.

  37. 37
    sharon Says:

    @Sam: Sam I agree with you. Hannie has always been the golden child, and she has this I’m better than the rest of you, look on her face all the time. I feel really bad for the boys. I also think that Cara is not one of kates favorites because she favors Jon.

  38. 38
    Steve n Says:

    My daring Kate.

    You must keep up your appearances. I am so turned on daily when I see you on sights like this. Remember don’t use the webcam or phone for pictures your leaving a trail. I so hope you get another 10-20 million from TLC and split it with Jon. Gawd knows about are three-somes but worry worry I won’t leak it out, the public just don’t understand. You know you have groupies now that part their hair upstairs and downstairs just like you. Please dress in clue something tommorrow.

    till tommorrow 6 pack.

  39. 39
    Amy Says:

    Such petty people, picking on children.

  40. 40
    Nick w Says:

    Are they still sextulets if she doesn’t dress them alike?

    I agree with Kelly that it seems that Kate does a lot of shopping. I guess that’s all she knows to do unless TLC is funding some event.

    I thinks it’s unscrupulousthat Kate excuses all her choices by saying she is doing it for the children.

    The body guard looks more like her type than the last one …..

  41. 41
    dawne Says:

    She is such a fameho; Aniston should be her bestie; Her Hairness to Her Hairness, mirror to mirror, cheapness to cheapness, lie to lie, can’t keep a man to can’t keep a man….

    and sell your soul and anything else that is handy to be photographed daily while so busily pursuing your career…….oh, yeah, all the while swearing they hate the papz……’s a fameho contest as I see it.

    As for going ‘mum’ …..what an effing joke…………..for the kids……….that’s their story and they are sticking to it because they are getting so much bad press for continuing to keep the show going and who*ing out their kids, cause we all know if they really gave a crap about their marriage and/or eight kids, that show would have hit the brakes a year ago when Jon wanted it to stop but KATE DID NOT.

    It’s her ‘job’ you know…….she’s a career woman bilking America and every retail outfit she can freeload from. Diiiiiiiisgusting. This woman believes her own bullshitttttttt. Aunt Jodi had it right on the nose when she said someone should speak out in terms of protecting these kids.

    But who cares? If they are in matching dresses and shoes, America will be charmed.

  42. 42
    Marissa Says:

    Is Hannah the chubby one?

  43. 43
    emmy jay Says:

    who the heck goes shopping with two little active children in sling back heels?

    someone who wants to look on the web sites !!

    Khate is such a famewohre – who has the other kids? The nanny that they don’t have?

    Those poor twins are in for it when they go back to school. The other kids WILL comment about the mags and the buzz about the G’s….

    Poor kids!

  44. 44
    Isabel Says:

    High heels to go grocery shopping, must be very uncomfortable. Oh yeah, she thinks she’s a star so she must dress the part.

  45. 45
    Jonie Says:

    Hanna is build stocky just like her mom.

  46. 46
    Chester Says:

    On usweekly there’s a picture with Leah with her hand on her hip in a two piece bathing suit. I swear her mom is training her to be a babywhore. I’m sure plenty of pedophiles tune in to THAT show.

  47. 47
    Amy Says:

    Chester you are just sick!

  48. 48
    Kellie Says:

    Kate hates Mady because she doesn’t buy any of Kate’s phoniness. Mady is my fav because Kate cries about having to deal with her and anyone that gives Kate a hard time is a fave of mine.

  49. 49
    chester Says:

    I’m not sick Amy because I would never put my kids in their underwear on TV like Kate does. I guarantee there are pervs watching those kids for all the wrong reasons but Kate doesn’t care as long as the money keeps coming in.

  50. 50
    TWPumpkin Says:

    Now that the show is on hiatus she does not want to talk. She only wants to talk when she is making money. Jon and her suck as parents.

  51. 51
    johanna Says:

    For anyone who has watched the show consistently, it is obvious that Hannah is Kate’s fave…the Golden child. Kate even admitted in her book that Beth wrote (Multiple Bles$$ing$) that she favored Hannah. Of course she always looks the happiest of all the kids. I thought that maybe with the last few days of Kate wearing hats, that maybe she was growing out that awful roadkill hair. No such luck, it looks like she just got it freshly cut and dyed. Was a fan of the show at one time, but am officially sick of the Gosselins and their various dysfunctions. Will not be watching the retrospective look tonight or any Gosselin show again. Goodbye Gosselins. Best of luck in the future. You are going to need it with eight seriously fu**ed up teens. Now that will make for some great television hahaha.

  52. 52
    anon Says:

    Chester…God, you know what good point! Gives me the creeps to think of sick men who may be watching the show. The prowl the internet for kiddie porn as young as toddlers so it’s not out of the question. Wow you should send Oprah or Dr. Phil an email suggesting it as a show topic. Seriously. And Kate please keep this in mind…kids who arent even on TV are preyed on and abducted every year. Now I really cant watch anymore.

  53. 53
    anon Says:

    Ok, seriously to those who keep insisting the paps leave them alone…have you not seen that Kate and Jon CAN disappear when they WANT to for days at a time! It’s common for celebs to make deals with certain photographers and paps to tip them off as part of keeping themselves in the spotlight. It’s part of the fame game…esp if you dont have a proven professional career like singers, award winning actors etc.

  54. 54
    Hmmm Says:

    Its ALL about the $$$$$$$$$$$$

  55. 55
    steph Says:

    do u ppl HEAR yourself? Youre bad mouthing a 5 year old! What has this world come to?!?!?!

  56. 56
    Carly Says:

    Another new bodyguard? Is he employed by the Gosselins or TLC? I have wondered if there is another reason Jon was spotted apartment shopping with regards to the Trump name. The crooked house business also has a connection to Trump. I think Kate would be better suited to be on the Apprentice than Jon.

  57. 57
    Sam Says:


    Thanks Sharon! I was just stating the simple truth – it’s beyond evident in the pictures and on the show. If one of those darling little boys had DARED to skip ahead like that he would have been in for a lecture, to say the least. I would LOVE to see those little boys smile as much as Hannah does. It all speaks volumes.

  58. 58
    M Says:

    We could only be so lucky that Kate would quit talking.

  59. 59
    Daisy Says:

    Watching the old episodes and where they are at right now, it’s just very sad. I cannot watch this show anymore. It’s just too bad, especially for the kids

  60. 60
    Ariana Says:

    shes dressed up a little much to be grocery shopping but whatever

  61. 61
    Carly Says:

    Maybe Kate was at a job interview prior to shopping at the food store. At least she’s not wearing one of her bikinis.

  62. 62
    VL Says:

    Gosh People LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. 63
    onion Says:

    Hanna is Kate’s helper that’s the only reason she is the favorite. Mady makes Kate’s life hell, so she is despised but must be appeased at all times. Kate will emasculate those boys just like she has done to Jon.

  64. 64
    emily s Says:

    She looks great and the kids a re cute!

  65. 65
    jeffrey musial Says:

    How long before she starts ” doing”, her young bodyguard? And I didn’t know that bodyguards are domestic servants , I thought they were for security services.

  66. 66
    awesome Says:

    Just wanna say True beauties are actually among ourselves,
    __mill ion aire chats C om__hot and sincere young girls and handsome men there are much more attractive and charming!!!!

  67. 67
    Sam Says:


    Why is HannaH her only helper? There are 7 other children! Look at the faces on those little boys as they constantly sit off quietly in the back ground! Mady, a litlte girl, makes her mother’s life hell? I think that is the other way around – and Mady won’t kow-tow to her mother’s meanness! Good for Mady!!

  68. 68
    E Says:

    I heart Dr. Coolsex.

  69. 69
    emily Says:

    WHO goes to UPS every day? THEY deliver to your home! But if they delivered to the home, then Kate would have one less stop on her daily photo shoot! I KNOW– Kate is picking up another box of freebies! I would bet those boxes have new suits, new dresses and maybe even a new HAT! Lets pray one has a hat– Something to cover that NUTTY looking hair!
    Okay, the kids are happy, the BODY GUARD seems happy too!
    I agree, WHAT MOTHER wears high heels to run errands?
    I would think if a child got away from me, or someone grabbed one, it would be easier to chase after them in flat sandals or even sneakers. (Maybe she would wear those if someone sent her some to wear!)
    Here is what I think is going to happen. (Best guess)
    1) In August, TLC will announce a new format for their show, less taping, and just a sprinkling of one hour specials throughout the next year. (Best for the family and children–but will satisfy their contract!)
    I think after this year–DONE!)
    NO more show!
    2)So by that time, KATE needs to find her a RICH MAN! WHAT rich, poor or insane man would want to live with all THAT? She has already shown her colors and I doubt ANY MAN in this country would want to be with her for more than 15 minutes.
    3) Also, Kate will need to have a REAL job, because she will have to be able to help pay the taxes on her property, and will have to be able to get her nails done , go to tanning beds, get liposuction, and pay THE FOOL that keeps her hair so nice! So she will be writing a TELL ALL BOOK! EVEN if it will hurt her children–because it will be throwing Jon under the bus! But so far hurting her children has never bothered her, so we all know she will DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DINE IN ORDER TO PAY for her lifestyle.
    4) Honestly, I think Jon will slowly fade out of the public eye. He has always seemed more private,more rational, and more real. He was not thinking however, when he took Kate up on her DEAL–you know the contract she made with him about giving him his freedom–to see other women etc. –as long as he stuck with the show–and didn’t even attempt to touch her, sleep with her, or blow any germs her way!
    5) In a few months–NOONE will watch–no one will even comment any more about Kate, because there will be nothing left to say! We all knew she was nuts, she proved it on the air and does it daily for the world to see.
    6) In a few years–we will hear today Kate Gosselin was hospitalized, due to stress or exhaustion or whatever! SOMETHING–she will do anything to bring the cameras back to her.
    7) in 13-15 years–the Kids will make a comeback! They will each write their own books–telling about their memories–the shows, the parent fights, their controling mother, their quiet dad, the absence of real parenting. They will remember their NANNIES, their body guards and their dogs fondly! We will all buy their books, because the MONEY will go to them and they will need it because their MOTHER will have spent EVERYTHING–they will have nothing left to show for the pain and embarrasment this WOMAN and this show brought to them. OH YEA and they will finally get to meet the grandparents they were kept from–the extended family they never saw as children–and actually be around their cousins! Too bad their childhood will be gone by that time. Lets hope their grandparents are still alive and able to hold, hug, and encourage them!

  70. 70
    ihatehaters Says:

    ups does have po boxes and having one myself, they don’t deliever that to your house.

  71. 71
    Sylvia Says:

    Every time when I hear Jon talks or acts, it sound so childish and something that a high school person would say or do. He is so darn immature that it’s really pathetic. Watching the earlier episodes I thought he was kind of thoughtful and mature, but I seems like he is just a kid. How in the world is this guy going to take care of his kids, let alone himself? I am not a Kate fan, but this family really needs some structure and guidance that parents needs to do for their children.

  72. 72
    Debra Says:

    Hey people there’s a new show on TLC, it’s half-ton gosselin brothers, lol.

  73. 73
    Laura Says:

    Right…I always go to the grocery store in a short black skirt, f*ck me pumps and perfectly coiffed hair.

    Kate is such a fame ***** and now she brought along her little diva-in-training, mini-Kate, Hannah.

  74. 74
    Jan Says:

    @anon: I do think Jon will be on Celebrity Apprentice BUT Trump does NOT own those apts. He allows his name to remain but he sold the building.

  75. 75
    olivia Says:

    Hey Emily, Amen.

  76. 76
    Lala Says:

    papsaroni – you missed one.
    Tens of thousands of dollars “Going Green” (solar panels, state tax rebates, et al) – but she can’t manage a half dozen $2 recycled bags for groceries.

    Just goes to show……again……what a lying two-faced beeeyatch
    the whole gosselin clan AND TLC AND Figure 8 AND media in motion AND Zondervan (Christian publishing company….NOT!!!!) ALL are.

    And yeah…once again – dude is a “baggage handler” – NOT a bodyguard — what a joke!!

  77. 77
    Candles Says:

    HA. Probably should have thought of that before.

  78. 78
    10doll Says:

    @Sam: ‘

  79. 79
    10doll Says:

    @Sam: #21- You’re picking on the child regardless if you think so or not. How’s Hannah skipping around show that she’s a forward child? When all you can do is pick on the kids,then that’s a good sign that you’ve got nothing worth while to contribute.

  80. 80
    10doll Says:

    @cal: #31-
    Well Sam then they have made their choice between the show or the kids. You might want to grab a tissue then,since you’ll start sob,sob. I think the kids deserve a little “thinking of only the kids” time for a while & they also deserve that the issues their dealing with now & will have to in the future,not be reduced or compared to BS! You’re no better then Jon & Kate themselves.

  81. 81
    10doll Says:

    Should have said “Well Cal then…” not meant for Sam. Sorry

  82. 82
    mac Says:

    This woman is such a poser! Fake nails, bleached teeth, lipo & tuck, fake boobs, and constantly at the “spa”. No one wears clothes and shoes like that to go grocery shopping. She doesn’t like to be in front of the camera, but on her last vacation, she wore 3 different skimpy bikinis in 2 days. Most of all, I hate her bragging. She does everything better than everyone else. What happened to her? It seems like a few years ago she was so different. I guess money and freebies can do that to you.

  83. 83
    10doll Says:

    @mac: #82- Kate doesn’t LIKE to be on camera,she craves it! She loves the spotlight & it makes her feel important to have that bodyguard with her. Every single move Kate makes,has been planned & well orchestrated by her. She’s loving this s*it!

  84. 84

    This whole thIng is a fraud being perpetrated by TLC and the Greedlins. According to TV guide they already have 40 episodes filmed and now have to make those episodes appear as if they were filmed after the divorce announcement. They will magically edit and the first episode that will be shown on August 3rd will be the NC trip she took in late May prior to the separation. The sheeple won’t know any different.

  85. 85
    bleeeech Says:

    Those legs are just plain ugly ( pic loading groceries into the car) . You can’t get a personal trainer to repair what took years of sitting in a dollar store chair to create.

  86. 86
    jenna Says:

    She looks just like what she is. Life-long lower middle-class white trash who just hit it big.

  87. 87
    anonymous Says:

    Laura @ 06/29/2009 at 11:42 pm
    Just because you’re a slob doesn’t mean all women should follow your lead. Nothing wrong with dressing nicely. Try it. You might like it.

  88. 88
    Vicki Says:

    suprise suprise, have to post about this ugly ***** again and ugly kids

  89. 89
    NITA Says:

    Most of you people have serious issues. This is a child you are talking about. Do any of you smart a** people have small children? Shame on you ! These are real people just like you and I only on tv.
    Shouldn’t they be able to be in their front yard if they want to with out being stalked? This is their property. Their home. Stay away from it. None of you know what they pay for and what they don’t. Of course she needs a bodyguard there are stalkers chasing them around There are crazy people in this world in case you haven’t noticed.
    Do I detect some jelousy. Good luck Gosselins and God Bless.

  90. 90
    Courtney Says:

    People should stop watching this show….these parents should find a job and stop exploiting their children…


  91. 91
    sam Says:


    It’s not all I do or did. Hannah IS forward because she is bold enough to skip and make faces for the camera, when she knows the RULES of the great Kate. Hold hands, hold the cart, don’t smile, don’t play – rules and lectures!! Hannah isn’t worried about breaking the rules because she’s HANNAH and SHE can. Have you seen any of those boys skipping, smiling or even present for 95% of the time???? No.

    Guess you had nothing to do but come here and reply to everyone’s post you didn’t agree with. Time – it’s a wondeful thing!

  92. 92
    jeannette laframboise Says:

    Kate states: “Our goal is to do the very best for our children and that will be done as privately as possible.” If that were in fact true, they would dump the show, return to private life and fix their marriage. Money certainly became the evil in this situation. Let the million dollar house go, give up the show and move on with a focus on the marriage-now that would make me sympathetic to their plight. Right now, just seems to me that money became more important than their marriage and family stability…so very sad it all is!

  93. 93
    Jessica Says:

    Okay so people are saying why dont they cancel the show they cant just do that in the middle of the season they are on a contract if anyone hasnt noticed! and even if they wanted to for there kids tlc wont let them! Hannah is NOT spoiled i have seen EVERY single show since the beginning and shes mommys little helper! shes like the best behaved out of all of them always folding clothes and helping kate so i dont know what show your watching! and a lot of times kate takes the girls out and jon takes the boys because some of them are mommys little girls and the others are daddsy little boys! i am really disappointed in jon though. if anyone watched the show hes the one who wanted a divorce NOT kate. even though kate can be bossy they should have tried to work it out which kate tried! jon cant just leave his family of 10!! and think everything will go away!! it makes me soo mad! and kate has bodyguards because now shes famous!! there are paperazzi following her everywhere! its just to make it safe! and come on be real if you had a bodyguard would you ask them to hold your bags thats what they are for!!

  94. 94
    Jessica Says:

    @Sam: uhh sam sorry to tell you but you keep say she “looks” like shes a brat cuz shes skipping ahead that doesnt make any sense! hannah is SOO well behaved she always loves to help kate! they call her “mommys little helper” on the show i should know i have seen every single episode since season 1! you should really getyour facts before you judge people by how they are skipping! by the way shes skipping to me it looks like shes just a happy kid who likes to hang out with her mom!

  95. 95
    makeme Says:

    Now people are viciously going after Hannah. I know now for sure that the haters of the Gosselins shouldn’t be allowed to breed because they are so damn evil and nasty.

  96. 96
    Jessica Says:

    im sure if anyone of you were kate and getting photagraphed everyday that you wouldn’t want the next headline to be kate gosselin lazy and slumpy? nobody would i would want to look my best if everytime you walk out the door the whole world sees your outfit! i dont see why everyone keeps commenting of how she dresses too good! you guys are probably just jealous that you dont have that kind of money to buy nice clothes! ehat i always think is so what she wears pretty stuff cool! and i absoulutly adore the kids! they are so cute and whoever says anything rude about them, they are just kids smiling skipping and well being a kid but jon on the other hand i am very disappointed with him because hes leaving kate to take care of 8 kids on her own! i used to love this family every one of them! now i am second guessing jon and his priorities! because they are obviously not his family!
    anyone agree?

  97. 97
    Michelle Says:

    Last night was about a one year anniversity where our family watched the show from all the reruns and new episodes. We will say that it was the last show that we will ever see it again. It just is to pitiful and painful to watch a family destroy itself right in front of our eyes. It’s goodbye, so long, good luck, and adios.

  98. 98
    Jessica Says:

    @jeannette laframboise: for the millionenth time jeannette they cant quit the show…hello contract!! and when you say loose the million dollar house they cant afford to do that, its a family of 10 they cant just sell that and live in a shack. ohh and when you said try and fix the marrage kate did try if you have watched the show she kept saying how jon wouldn’t talk to her and would not work it out even though kate wanted the marrage to work and did NOT want a divorce!! they also cant just return to private life that easily! they are famous now they cant turn around now! cameras will still follow all the time sorry but the truth is the fact that you stated is very hard to actually accomplish!! and they tried there best!

  99. 99
    angela Says:

    I don’t get it. Thier mansion has this HUGE beautiful back yar, with a pool and like 25 acres. Yet Kate spends ALL of her time in the front yard so the paps can have take the photos she says pisses her off. WTH!!!!

  100. 100
    Heidi Says:

    The parents are mindless attention mongers and the kids are midless brats. They”ll end up worse than Lohan and Spears because NO ONE in the family can do anything more than beg, mooch, scream, throw tantrums and mug for a camera. This tribe is apt to make the Kardashian’s look good!

  101. 101
    Jessica Says:

    @yea.. so: i COMPELETLY 100% agree with you!! allthough i know they couldnt end the show cuz they are on a contract though but still!!

  102. 102
    aussie girl Says:

    @irish girl:
    Are you serious??? You’ve never seen the show but will be that nasty about her anyway….insinuating she should be dead??? The mother of 8 young children should be dead and what was your brilliant reasoning??? Oh that’s right she has bad hair !! You people should grow the hell up and remember you are talking about the MOTHER of these children and as for the comment about taking the boys out instead of the girls that someone else made……what 5 year old boys would choose to go to the supermarket when the could hang out at home on a summer’s day????? I know mine sure wouldn’t have. People need to just have a look at the world today and remember there is a lot of bad stuff going on out there that needs your wrath but Kate Gosselin going grocery shopping doesn’t qualify !! If you dislike her look away people….it’s not that hard

  103. 103
    Lemon Says:

    That’s the perfect grocery shopping outfit (eye roll)….this woman LOVES cameras!

  104. 104
    lindz Says:

    OMG… ITS a CHILD…. find something else to do with your time sam…. holy god… god help you!!!@Sam:

  105. 105
    Pinklemonade Says:

    Wow.. i am absolutely shocked at how judgmental and cruel some people can be. For one, what is with the hate on the children? Based on the show, these kids are well-behaved, mannered children. To see some of the choice words used here is an absolute outrage. I don’t know what gives anyone the right to judge someone else’s kids the way some of you do. As for Kate’s appearance, I am beyond curious to see what some of you look like. You have got to be something real special to talk the way you do. Absolutely ridiculous! Some of you should be absolutely ashamed.

  106. 106
    emma Says:

    People please leave the hate to the adults i do not mind that but do not bring innocent kids into your hate.

  107. 107
    Bree Says:

    Maybe the parents NEED to hear some harsh rolling towards their props. Most kids want to emulate parents at some point. What choices do these kids have? I want to be a multi-capacity, incubatoror with a rotten attitude like mommmy. Or perhaps a dopey, pushover who likes to drink and chase young girls, Arrested developement??

    Maybe, if these two camera goons get a clue that these judgements are going to follow them and their cash cows for YEARS, they’ll pull out and move abroad till it blows over, get some therapy, fix their issues and learn to be productive humans…
    I doubt it but what the heck I’m feeling optimistic today!

  108. 108
    Carly Says:

    Even if they have a contract to fulfill with TLC, they can keep the children out of the filming. Let them film just Jon and Kate until no one will watch anymore. The children need their privacy. Obviously, these two idiot parents don’t care about this. Jon and Kate can also work off their contract obligations by appearing on some of TLC or Discovery’s other shows. Jon likes choppers, animals, yard work etc. Kate can become a director (since she likes to give orders), she can cook on another show, give cleaning and child rearing tips. They both can appear on “What Not To Wear”, etc.

  109. 109
    Joslyn Says:


    I am absolutely shocked as well to hear some of these disgusting comments. Clearly lots of people out there have emotional issues to be spewing on little children they don’t even know. If you watch the show, you’ll see that Hannah is a loving, sweet girl, always helping her mom. As for all the haters and your comments, don’t cry when I tell you, “KATE DOESN’T CARE ABOUT WHAT YOU SAY.” Go pick on someone else.

  110. 110
    Amy Says:

    How anyone can say Hannah is mean is beyond me. She is one of the better behaved kids. Seems to me that most of you only started watching the show AFTER the tabloids starting talking about them.

  111. 111
    Sam Says:


    OMG lindz ! (god god god!). You’re here telling me what to do – go find something else to do with YOUR time!

  112. 112
    Sam Says:


    Well, I guess you told me! I use the word ‘looks’ because that’s what we’re doing – LOOKING at a picture. Durrrrr! I do watch the show and Hannah is no better behaved then the other children, in fact she is the one that hits out and is most demanding to her siblings. She’s ‘mommy’s’ helper because she’s mommy’s favourite. Durrrr again!!! She IS a sweetgirl too – no question there, but she IS bratty.

  113. 113
    Amy Says:

    NO Sam, Alexis is the most demanding.

  114. 114
    suzanne Says:

    Ohhhh, come on people…don’t you go grocery shopping in your high heeled slingbacks, too??????? What a joke…

  115. 115
    linda Says:

    - she went to K-Mart in an evening dress.

  116. 116
    Amy Says:

    I don’t know where you are from but I see plenty of women grocery shopping in high heels.

  117. 117
    emma Says:


    why don’t you leave the kids alone and pick on someone your own size and age. If you are or ever become a mother i pity the kids and the father because they will have bad genes.

  118. 118
    Kate gosselin Says:

    LOOK AT ME !!!! ……………………d o n’ t l o o k a t m e
    LOOK AT ME !!!! ……………………d o n’ t l o o k a t m e
    LOOK AT ME !!!! ……………………d o n’ t l o o k a t m e
    LOOK AT ME !!!! ……………………d o n’ t l o o k a t m e

  119. 119
    guardmePLease Says:

    is it me or is that bodyguard one hell of a stud! please protect me!. kate’s no fool. she sure knows how to shop…and not just for clothes & groceries. she’s still has a hang up for the asian/persuasion i think. Loyalty takes different forms I see. Regardless…I’ll be waiting for some more pix of this hottie protector. Things have just gotten a tad bit more interresting. I hope this fineman knows what he’s getting himself into.

  120. 120
    Colin Says:

    why- can’t – i -come- out -and- shop- momm-eeee?- why ?…-i’m -tired- of -hid-ing- in- the- base-ment..please- momm-eee.

  121. 121
    Sam Says:


    Oh oh, you’re in trouble now. DUCK!

    You could be right, but it’s a close call!

  122. 122
    Sam Says:


    Oh Emma, are you here trying to make nice again? You give the same advice to a lot of posters here – over and over and over again…….. Could you try for some new material, just once? Please??

    I’m not picking on a child, I’m stating the facts that we can clearly see in the pictures and on the show. Hannah is the favoured child and it has made her bratty. The same rules do not apply to Hannah! Simply the truth.

  123. 123
    Janet Says:

    She needs a full length mirror! She always looks the same. Boring shirt, and boring skort(skirt), and those shoes look like my mothers! Honestly, I look better, and put outfits together, and I shop at TJMaxx, not Ann Taylor!!!

  124. 124
    Kate Gosselin Says:

    morning thoughts on the need for a BG:
    The world is a VERY DANGEROUS place out there… I think I’ll bring my kids along when I go out.

  125. 125
    Get'er done Says:

    Kate told the world last nite that she “can do it” wink wink. And no doubt, Katie bar the door some fool will get’er done.

    Cheese Wiz she must have spent all last week influencing the editors on the flashback episode.

    It was evident last night that delusional Kate forced Jon into the second pregancy and has stonewalled him since.

  126. 126
    Lauren Says:

    I’m watching their show right now on TLC-and Kate has her bitchface on bossing Jon about a hose! (screaming!) Now Kate is yelling at a swimming lesson, and Jon is trying to get terrified Aiden in the water. Kate is standing poolside, with her arms crossed, all made up, bossing Jon, kids crying, bossing the swimming instructor. Jon is definitely an abused spouse, and now he is finally standing up for himself, and seems to be rebelling. Jon still spends lots of time with his 8 children; more than most fathers manage to spend with 1 child! Jon is not perfect, but i am amazed he survived living in Kate’s lockdown for so long – that woman is a hellish, delusional witch!

  127. 127
    VZ Says:

    You can’t help but see Jon when you look at those kids’ adorable Asian-mix faces.

  128. 128
    that's all folks Says:

    Hey Kate you got the look. Don’t listen to that grinch TLC you can talk to the fans, inquiring minds want to know. Thats one hot tattoo. You should do a show show with the LA Tattoo show bring the kids. What is good for the goose is good for the gosslings, its all good.

    I hear your going to be the best dressed volunteer lunch mom at the tups school. Dishing out your recipes for the masses you go girl autograph those lunch tickets.

    Nice appareal for picking up the fan mail, looks profressional. The guys at starbucks miss ya wonder if your going to come back and talk to them anymore. But hey if your off filming kiddi pormotions for their new commericals they understand

    Well if you change your mind the fans and paps are out there for ya.

  129. 129
    emmy jay Says:

    Re: high heels at the grocery store…..I do see some women wearing them at the store, but it’s usually early evening and they are wearing their “work clothes”. It is something that I do on occasion and by the end of a long day in my office, shopping in heels is the last thing I want to do.

    Then, I have to remember that going to the store with her kids, is her job, at least for right now.

    Running errands with or without my children is a great time to wear a pair of flip flops or a cute pair of flats.

    Hopefully, this fameho’s fifteen minutes are almost up. The show just doesn’t seem to hold much interest any more. As the kids get older, I just see what the interest will be. It’s one thing to see kids as they are learning to walk, learning to talk, etc. It’s another to watch a group of 7 or 8 years old. At that age to have a camera in their faces, seems a bit mean to me.

    Just let the kids be kids. Just have the adults be the adults and take responsibility for their kids and not rely on the TLC production crew work on getting them handouts.

    I watched alot of the episodes and Khate seemed to really appreciate Jon more when he worked, and was excited for him to get home. He had his role as a provider in place and I think he felt better about himself. As he turned into Mr. Mom, he seemed to lose respect from Khate and he probably lost his role in the family. Bad move to put all of their eggs in the TLC “Showtime” basket for Jon. I feel sorry for Jon and think that Khate was very disrespectful towards him.

  130. 130
    Jac Says:

    hannah is mommys favorite in every magazine she says that she thinks hannahs older than the rest of the sextuplets and shes in every picture with her
    why doesn’t she like her boys?

  131. 131
    coverupKate Says:

    Right, she’s doing the shopping as if the chef needs her to get the goods. Such a fraud. And with a body guard at $1600 a day she could have sent the chef off to grab some extra snacks or whatever. She’s bound and determine to help ensure the earth dies sooner then later with her gas guzzling vehicle and daily excursions for pap photo ops. If she absolutely must go out why not take the kids to a park or someplace that they can hang and make little friends.
    I hope the Gosselin 15 minutes is finally up, sick of them and their lies.

  132. 132
    Sam Says:


    You’re right and that’s the perfect question. Emma?

  133. 133
    Melanie Says:

    Oh Kate…. what will you do without the tabloids and paparazzi for a few months? Probably, shrivel up and die… We all know that is what keeps you going! Doing what is best for the kids……. PLEASE!

  134. 134
    princess Says:

    NO NO NO dont go back. Talk to us, attention is better love come to the dark side be a celebrity your addicted to attention, listen to your handlers, have your people talk to the TLC people its only money. The tabloid are the truth. Your so close to a star on a sidewalk hall of fame. you can give each of your kids a oscar. You cant hold out, you held out on Jon and look what happened. you own it it yours…..

  135. 135
    Carly Says:

    It’s disturbing that a parent would allow their little daughter to ham it up and be photographed for paparrazi, tabloids, internet etc. and worse, the parent finds it amusing. What this trashy parent is wearing or advertising isn’t the problem.

  136. 136
    Michelle Says:

    Come on people I understand if you people don’t wanna watch the show anymore but don’t kick them when they are down. Exactly what have they done to you guys? It is sad to watch the family self-destruct but leave them alone already. I just hope they find peace with the family and go back to their religous roots and beliefs they cherished in the beginning.

  137. 137
    10doll Says:

    @sam: #91-
    Hannah’s skipping like any other 5 year old would do. Kate’s a revolting human being,but kids are kids & should be left alone. Your clever input about me coming here to only address people I disagree with,is kinda what you’re doing. So take that pointy finger & turn it around on yourself,because you’re no better. I do agree that time’s a wonderful thing & you appear to have a lot to spare as well.

  138. 138
    10doll Says:

    @Vicki: #88-And here you are bashing the kids again. I pray that you’re sterile & not around kids ever!

  139. 139
    aud Says:


    reading isn’t exactly the nicest place lol i’d like a bodyguard when i go there

  140. 140
    10doll Says:

    @Carly: #135- It would be disturbing if the parent wasn’t Kate Gosselin,but she’s proven time & time again what her priorities are & they are for her to be in the spotlight at whatever cost. Her marriage was disposable & until there was a lot of press about her being gone so much on book tours & not seeing her kids much did we see her with her kids. She will be da*ned if she’s gonna let Jon one up her on time spent with her kids. The days of Ms. Kate going to town in shorts,t-shirts & flip flops are SO over. The new Kate is pap camera ready at all times.

  141. 141
    PITY SAM Says:

    Sam’s someone that’s probably always been pushed around by adults & the only people that it can bully effectively are kids. If it talked to adults like it talked about & probably to kids,it would get knocked on it’s rear end. So it feels big & bad when it runs innocent kids into the ground. Let’s all pity Sam for forever being someones lap dog & only able to intimidate kids. Poor,poor lap dog Sam!

  142. 142
    10doll Says:

    @emma: I agree. The kids didn’t sign up for the show.

  143. 143
    Jokergurl Says:

    These two are more of those “celebrities” who are famous through reality t.v. in other words you don’t have to have talent to be a celebrity anymore you just have to be on a reality show. Never watched them, never will anyone who puts their young children on a reality show should be smacked upside the head. The psychological damage is not good for the children, they’re celebrities they didn’t ask for it, SHAME on their parents for putting them through this! This goes for THE OCTOB****CH too!

  144. 144
    Beatrice Says:

    I totally believe Kate does have love for her children. She may be self-centered in the light of the fame that she has but deep inside I believe she dedicates herself for her kids. Jon, oh boy he just hasn’t grown up yet. Most likely due to his upbringing. I think when he saw an opportunity with the media attention, he took it to the limit and saw a chance to be somewhat famous. Guess what, it won’t last forever and the man/child does not realize it yet. Heard he’s interested in becoming a manager for a band in a night club. How much more juevinile can he possibly get? He has 8 kids to take care of! Maybe, just maybe, he will grow up one of these days.

  145. 145
    Laurie Says:

    Why doen’t TLC realize that nobody, I mean nobody want’s to see a family fall apart like this. What joy is it in showing this show in front of a national audience with a family in such a turmoil? Hopefully they can somehow regroup. I highly doubt it. But don’t let the audience see a breakdown of a family. We have LEARNED enough, if you catch my drift.

  146. 146
    Molly Says:

    does anyone feel bad for cara?? shes my favorite i never see kate talk to her or anything! same with those precious little boys! and is it true they get 75 thousand an episode? if so thats ridiculous. i feel so bad for all of those kids. i mean kates a ***** but jons no prize either.

  147. 147
    Sam Says:


    You pointed the finger first!! I have my opinion and you have your opinion but you came at me first. What’s wrong – don’t like ‘fair play’? That’s evident. Do you favour one of your children too? Shame, really.

  148. 148
    Sam Says:

    @PITY SAM:

    10doll – now you’re using an alias! (ISP gives you away)! ‘Lap dog’, NO,I’m just not afraid of little people like you who come here telling posters not to give their opinions – but you can give yours. What is with that anyway? You want to defend Kate, go ahead, I don’t care but don’t tell me what to post either. And next time you want to use an alias switch it up a little, give it more then 10 minutes (which is the time it took you to type yet another rant) and watch out for those ISPs, some of us know how it works.


  149. 149
    Sam Says:


    I do – - for Cara, Mady and the little boys. Kate’s only got time for Hannah and Alexis, and even Leah. The proof is in pictures and on the show, all you have to do is LOOK.

  150. 150
    VICTORIA # 1 Says:

    AGREE, with you ” 10 DOLL “. Even Kate’s own family has said she loves the spotlight WAY to much, and that has always been a thorn in Jon’s side. She still has several book tours left, and is just waiting for the negative publicity to die off, before she continues.
    ” MICHELLE “. NUMBER # 136. What religious beliefs and values are you refering to ? Kate has stated numerous times that she ” detested organized religion ” and they have even tried a non-denominational church, ” which they found comical and a little over the top, with to much drama for all of them. ” ( Whatever that means )
    Kate and Jon THEN said, they would teach them about God and Jesus Christ at home, and that God can be found everywhere, NOT just at church. Kate’s sister-in-law and her own father, said the children do NOT know one thing about GOD or any religion. That meal time prayer’s ( when said, and only for the camera, when remembered ) are meaningless.
    She ( the sister-in-law ) mentioned Jesus once, when keeping the children near Christmas, and one of them ( the boys ) replied, ” WHO ? ” Is he a camera-man to ? ”
    MICHELLE, I would NOT hold my breathe for any family values to even start now. At least not in that area. The poor children have seen and heard enough to last a life time. When school starts back, they will only re-live everything all over again. And be teased. How sad for them.

  151. 151
    KIm davis Says:

    I am just amazed at what she is wearing to do some errands. I am lucky to be dressed to go out shopping and I only have two children. What kind of help do you have when you can be in a black mini and black high heels on a Monday. Guess you have to look good for the paparazzi if you aren’t talking to them anymore.

  152. 152
    gAYMARIE Says:

    I think you are all a bunch of heartless, judgmental, mean spirited people! How smug you all feel sitting there judging these people! They have 8 children and their marriage is on the rocks! You should all be praying for them NOT judging them! These poor children are stuck in the middle of this very sad situation! What these parents need is marriage counseling and prayer, not snide comments and ridicule! You should all be ashamed of yourselves! I am sorry for YOU ALL, you are sad examples for “caring” human beings!!!!!!!!!

  153. 153
    heidi Says:


  154. 154
    10doll Says:

    @Sam: – This is what you said…
    Sam @ 06/29/2009 at 5:51 pm Oh Sarah, that’s not very polite of you, but it’s ok, I know it’s not your fault either. Are you a spoiled brat too? Hannah IS a brat – she’s pushy and spoiled, it’s the truth. I’m not picking on the child, I did say that it was not her fault because she is just a little girl, but she IS a brat. The way she is skipping around there you can tell she is a very forward child – if that had been one of the boys he would be grabbed by the head or wrist and given a lecture by mommy dearest! That’s true too.

    Oh and her parents are not divorced yet. :)

  155. 155
    10doll Says:

    @10doll: This is what I said….10doll @ 06/30/2009 at 2:05 am @Sam: #21- You’re picking on the child regardless if you think so or not. How’s Hannah skipping around show that she’s a forward child? When all you can do is pick on the kids,then that’s a good sign that you’ve got nothing worth while to contribute

  156. 156
    10doll Says:

    @Sam: #147-
    You’re definately are entitled to your opinion,but you made a comment & I replied to it. That’s not “coming after you”,that’s replying to a comment. The “finger pointing” comment I made is directed to your comment “Guess you had nothing to do but come here and reply to everyone’s post you didn’t agree with”,when you are doing the same d*mn thing. I don’t favor either of my kids over the other,but I’d put money on it that you do that to your kids. Shame back at ya. Really!. I’ve got no prob with “fair play”,but when you jump on me for something & then you turn around & do it,that’s not “fair play”.

  157. 157
    10doll Says:


  158. 158
    EX-watcher Says:

    She has to be seen by the paparazzi to keep up her fame and popularity so people will watch the show and buy her books. She can’t keep her boyfriend on payroll anymore so she had to get a new bodyguard. She is so unsocial with her fans so she needs a bodyguard to keep them at bay so she can have people continue to pay for her autograph and pics with her. Kate-get off yourself and think about and spend time with your kids. Cancel the show if you really care about your kids and family.

  159. 159
    News flash Says:

    There she is the CEO of rent-a-kid.

    In case you wanted to know, kids available for birthday parties, trips to disney land, parks, zoo’s, vacation homes, wedding vow renewals, theme parks, circus, parades and dinner parties.

    -let the fans pay to babysit
    -just experience what life would be like with up to eight kids
    -experience no peace, no privacy, and no money.
    -experience parent wanna bees have
    -reality kids can be used to (presumably) scare teenage moms-to-be into using contraceptives
    -different levels of pointless screaming and needs to be fed and comforted
    -eventually go home with the parents
    -experience what foster care is all about
    -hire the brood and their “whispering” mom to get your own kids under control
    -experience if you agree that child possession is overrated
    -put them in the background as you piddle your lover off
    -determine if the best things in life come in small doses or over dose fertilization
    -use the kids to move the merchandise

    Terms: Kids are succesful having generated over $10 million in revenues in the last 5 years. Ongoing rate $150,000 per weekly episode. These kids have more frequent miles than most. This is the last litter of kids of kids like this as they broke the mold. Children carefully looked after by the Gosselins who genuinely believe they want to be parents (mostly immature, i just want one more, Kate; and its a parent trap, Jon )

    Warning renter is liable for verbal aggression toward the kids to include character attacks, competence attacks, background attacks, physical appearance attacks, maledictions, ridicule, threats, and swearing, Kids will be monitored at all time by camera even when they poop.

    Puppy Option: Rent and bring along the dogs too.
    Virtual DVD Option: Virtual attachment watching DVD
    Brooke Shield Option: Overpowering show mother
    Michael Jackson Option: Overpowering show father
    Brady Bunch Option: My nanny loves me
    Slowed Development: Cant read or write at five
    Aunt and Uncle: rent free Aunt and Uncle upon request
    Familiar in all surroundings: kids know no strangers
    Body Guard Option: Come with their own bodyguards.

  160. 160
    Sam Says:


    10doll, ou forgot this one!

  161. 161
    Sam Says:


    10doll, you’ve ‘replied’ to a lot of posts telling us we shouldn’t say what we say, which is great!. But I did that BACK to you and you don’t like it. That’s how it works here and it IS ‘fair play’. If you don’t like getting it BACK then don’t play at all.

    As for my children, they’re grown, responsible, happy, healthy. loved young adults and I am proud of them and proud of how we raised them – EACH knowing how very special they are. You can LOOK and SEE that is NOT the way of the Gosselin’s. Come on now!

  162. 162
    Yikes! Says:

    10Doll, do you ever sleep? How many sites have you been kicked off ? So angry, so sad…

  163. 163
    Michelle Says:

    Victoria # 1, If that is their true feelings about religion, I agree 100 percent with that. I also believe that if you are a true Christian, you can accept any religion whether it be Catholic, Protestant, Seventh-day Adventist, Mormom, Anglo-Saxon, Baptist, and other religions that I haven’t mentioned. I believe they all serve one purpose, which is God first then everything else is secondary. That’s why I hope this family can somehow realize this.

  164. 164
    ed Says:

    Let’s leave them alone. For the sake of her adorable kids.

  165. 165
    Amy Says:

    When the Gosselin’s are gone, who will Sam trash?

  166. 166
    10doll Says:

    @Sam: #162- No Sam I’m simply saying that you gripe about me “telling people not to say certain things” when in your next post you’re telling people what they shouldn’t be saying. For the record I loathe Jon & Kate Gosselin, but sometimes he does seem to get the raw end of the deal. My issue with you was simply based on your kid comments only. I want Jon & Kate dragged out in the middle of the ocean & just let them fight it out there. The 1st one back is the winner. I agree that you rarely see her with the boys & I can’t even begin to understand what’s going on with that. I just think kid comments regarding who’s the favorite is not needed. That’s it. I also am raising(their only 17 & 9 so I’m still in the raising stage) 2 awesome kids that I pray will get to adulthood & not look back & say “Wow mom & dad really fu*ked us up”. Crossing my fingers. I also said that you’re very much entitled to your opinion & you’ve got every right to voice it. That’s all

  167. 167
    10doll Says:

    @Yikes!: #163- As a matter of fact, I don’t sleep much,my grandmother lives out of state & has been diagnosed for the 3rd time with cancer. I’m afraid something will happen to her & I won’t hear the phone ringing. Stupid & paranoid maybe,but it is what it is.

  168. 168
    10doll Says:

    @Yikes!: You’re probably gonna come back with a poor 10doll,sob sob,pity party for 10doll. Please don’t.

  169. 169
    10doll Says:

    @Yikes!: #163- I don’t think I’ve been kicked off any sites. I chose to leave Retro along with my friends, DD stopped her site & we talk on our site off & on throughout the day. Not kicked off that site. BabyMama’s got the mental stability of a turnip & only allows comments that she 100% agrees with,but when she left her site open she came back & erased all the “bad” comments. That may be considered a “kick off a site”,but that’s the only one. I don’t think I’m angry,because imo angry implies that your comments bother me. Not in the least.

  170. 170
    Sam Says:


    I was going to ask her/him the same thing but was afraid!!!! :)

  171. 171
    Sam Says:


    I haven’t trashed anyone. I said Hannah is bratty. She is. That’s not trash talk. I didn’t say she (or anyone, especially a child) was ugly, stupid, full of ____, made me sick, I wish they would die etc. etc. etc.. I said Hannah is a brat. She is. I said she is favoured, she is. If that is ‘trash’ talk you better get out of here and fast ’cause there is lots of ‘trash’ around.


  172. 172
    Sam Says:


    Hmmmm, fair enough. Please remember the only word I used for Hannah that you didn’t like was ‘brat’. I didn’t say she was ugly or stupid or disgusting etc.. On the show she is the one that is a brat and gets away with it. A good example that comes to mind right now (one of many) is when Kate was given her new scooter and the kids were ringing the bell it was Hannah that was doing it constantly, for many minutes. The boys finally had a turn and were told after just a second or two ‘STOP IT, the next person that does that goes to bed’ (not a quote). Those little guys backed off Immediately, no smiles, they just stopped. Ok??? So a few minutes later we see Miss Hannah ringing the bell AFTER the threat of bed, not worried in the least bit and Kate was right beside her. Hannah did not go to bed. WHAT?????? (the only thing I will add is that I might be confusing Hannah with Alexis). This happens all the time with Hannah. She is favoured and she is a brat.

    P.S. I hope your grandmother will be ok, that’s a scary time, I too know of it.

  173. 173
    10doll Says:

    @Sam: 173- I dislike all the names you said,not just “brat”. Spoiled Brat.bossy,pushy,mean

  174. 174
    Sam Says:


    All are true. She is. I just watched a rerun. I am right, that wee girl is all of the above. It’s a fact.

  175. 175
    10doll Says:

    @Sam: #175- You say it’s not the kids fault,but you seem to enjoy railroading a 5 year old. You make it seem like it’s the kids fault regardless of your claim that it’s not.

  176. 176
    Sam Says:


    It’s not the kid’s fault. It’s the parent’s (mostly Kate’s) fault. A ‘brat’ is what results when parents don’t do their job well. That is the case here.

    Go take a nap, you’ll feel better for it. The end.

  177. 177
    Amy Says:

    I still don’t believe that you have ever watched much of this show.
    Hannah is one of the better behaved Gosselin kids.

  178. 178
    10 doll Says:

    hannah is mommys favorite little brat.

  179. 179
    10doll Says:

    hannah is a little punk.

  180. 180
    10doll Says:

    Hannah is .bossy,pushy,mean little brat.

  181. 181
    10doll Says:

    My kids are fat little whales like me there bullys just like me.

  182. 182
    10doll Says:

    ive been kicked off So many sites im angry, and jelaous of Kate because im a fat ass pig i live on blogs all day and all night.

  183. 183
    10doll Says:

    I have to correct everyone im a big fat bully so are my fat little kids.

  184. 184
    Amy Says:

    It seems if you were worried about your dam grandma 10 doll you would be doing something else and not fighting with other people on blogs. You need mental help you fat ass cow.

  185. 185
    10doll Says:

    I also am raising(their only 17 & 9 so I’m still in the raising stage) i really fu*ked THEM UP AND THERE FAT AND UGLY LIKE ME THATS WHY I NEVER SPEND TIME WITH THEM I WOULD RATHER BLOG ALL THE TIME I CANT STAN MY KIDS.

  186. 186
    think about the kids Says:

    Celine Dion is on Larry King talking about Michael Jackson and the tremendous pressure he was put on to please his parents since he was 5 years -old, without the support of his parents or balance….a cautionary tale as we mourn his passing at a young 50 years of age — the man was clearly tormented, abused by his parents and who eventually abused himself.
    (these are Celine’s words and she knew Michael well)

    This is a life snuffed out too early by selfish, greedy, abusive parents…JUST LIKE THE GOSSELINS!!!! It’s NOT too late to save those children.
    Stop the show……NOW!!!!!!

  187. 187
    Molly Says:

    listen to her!! :)

  188. 188
    10doll Says:

    @Amy: #185- What a stupid bit*h a*s comment to make! Blogging keeps me awake & helps to distract me from thinking about what’s going on with her. What other things would you suggest I do? Sit & twiddle my thumbs worrying 24/7? Run & talk to other family members,so we all can play the “what if” game? Sit & cry in front of my kids,when we haven’t told my youngest what’s going on & she will be wondering why I’m crying. I don’t even know what to say to you anymore. It might be better to end any commenting between the 2 of us & I’m sure you’ll agree with that. If coming on here & reading & responding to comments is able to distract me for even just 10 minutes,then this is what I will do. So by all means call me whatever names you want & keep implying that me being on here shows I’m not all that concerned about my grandmother. When she does pass away I’ll let you know so you can rub my face in it & maybe you’ll throw in a “glads she’s dead” comment also or “10doll was always on here,so she can’t be too upset about her grandma.” You’ll probably come up with more equally horrible things you can say about me,in regards to my grandma,so have at it. Let’s try this…You don’t comment to me or attack me while you’re talking to other people & I’ll return the favor. If you’re unable to stop commenting to me,then will you at least not include my grandma or how you feel I’m blowing smoke about a sick grandma & if I was truly concerned I wouldn’t be blogging? That’s all I ask.

  189. 189
    sam Says:

    @10 doll:

    You are a trouble maker. It’s no wonder people call you names and go after you. This is ridiculous behaviour – grow up!

    I wished you well re: your grandmother because I know how it feels to worry over one that is so special, and you ignored it. You didn’t concentrate on that at all. Instead you went WILD on my ‘Hannah’ comments adding words and sarcasm. You don’t know when to calm it down and quit. Who you going to blame THAT on!?

    Stop telling people to be ‘nice’ to you (not a quote) and try to be ‘nice’ youself. You think??

  190. 190
    anonymous Says:


    I know the terrible feeling that comes when someone, even in extended family, is seriously or terminally ill. I also know the tragedy of losing someone close–a husband, a child. You have to do what helps you get through.

    I wish the best for your gramma and your family, as well. You don’t know me. I haven’t always agreed with your views or the way you state them, but if it helps you to write to get through this sad period of time–that’s really all that counts. “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” I think I would try to say things that would make your gramma proud–that may help you avoid caustic remarks which bring you nasty replies and the additional stress that comes with them. Right now, you don’t need that additional stress.

    I wish you and your family well, and peace for your Gramma and Mom and Dad.

  191. 191
    emma Says:



  192. 192
    Amy Says:

    Looks like I better change my name because the Amy that is arguing with 10doll is not me. I am the one who keeps saying that Hannah is one of the better behaved Gosselin kids.

  193. 193
    Amy1 Says:

    There, I am now called Amy1

  194. 194
    sam Says:

    Wow. All I wanted to do was comment on the picture I saw. The show too. Hannah does act like a brat, she is forward, favoured and spoiled. I didn’t ever say she was ugly or stupid or a little b____, I would never say that. She IS a brat. That’s all.

    I don’t know any of these people (well I do now!) but if someone doesn’t like what I say that is more then fine. However if you comment on my post, then you have to expect to get a reply to BACK. 10doll likes to say whatever is on her mind without stopping to think first, or so it seems. I tried to be nice but she went right past that and on and on and on she goes. That’s fine too – but she will get it right back.

    One thing on here that is not so cool though, is people changing their ‘name’ to be someone else. Not saying anyone has done that but if they are, it’s not cool. Stick with who you are, use your own name so we can follow what is said. Thanks! Amy1 – thanks for clearning that up!!! :)

  195. 195
    sam Says:


    This is not from the original 10doll. Not even close, and I know it. Stop using other people’s names, (and many different names to post under) very immature to say the least.

  196. 196
    sam Says:


    And this is not from me. Someone is playing baby games and thinks it’s funny. Low, is what it is. Yellow too. Enjoy yourself, you’re not fooling anyone (your ISP, for one, gives you away).

  197. 197
    Amy1 Says:

    10 doll go away.

  198. 198
    sam Says:


    This is all wayyy too much for me. I didn’t say half the things on here that have my name on them. This is not the place for me – I won’t play games with whoever is playing them. What a shame that someone is ruining this place. I hope they’re caught and banned.

  199. 199
    Lauren Says:

    Has anyone noticed that this bodyguard is younger/more ripped than the other grey fox dude? And she is laughing with him- she is trying to piss off Jon. That new bodyguard looks like an action figure!

  200. 200
    jj Says:

    @sam: ive never seen them ban eneyone on here so go cry some where else sam.

  201. 201
    Lauren Says:

    I hope all this drama is some deranged plot, and Jon won’t move away. Those children adore him, and need him. Very few men have spent as much time raising their children as much as Jon as. I feel so badly for the children,

  202. 202
    Amy1 Says:

    So now that Amy arguing with 10doll changed her name to Amy1 like I did. Amy you are an idiot.

  203. 203
    Sheryl Says:

    I have once again changed my name. So if suddenly “Sheryl” starts causing trouble, it won’t be me. It will be that idiot again.

  204. 204
    Texty Says:

    If only the
    M.D. (mildly derranged) had not gone overboard with the fertilizer the
    R.N. (registered nutcase) and.
    N.M. (I am not narrow minded, I am focused) would have been happy.

    Kate now is about to changes role from
    C.E.O. (certified egotistical opportunist) with her
    C.O. (cleavage overdone) and a
    T.H.O. (Titty Hard On) and
    S.H.A.O. (Showing Her Ass Off) and
    T.L.C. (The Liposuction Channel) ends the
    T.P. (tabloid press, toilet paper) war over
    B.M.W. (Big Money Wasted, Bikes Made Wonderful) and
    I.A.Y.F (Its All Your Fault)

    T.L.C. (the lick-me channel) will
    B.R.B (be right back) after hiatus to review
    C.T.T.D. (Cute Things They Do) and Kate is
    C.I.D. (Crying In Disgrace) as a
    M.I.L.F (man in left field) made a
    C.L.M. (Career Limiting Move) and now screams
    W.T.F.D.Y.T.Y.A. (who the f*** do you think you are) and has
    B.I.O.Y. (Blow It Out Yours) moment where everybody believes Kate’s
    B.O.B. (battery operated boyfriend) and that the big show
    J.K.&8 (just kidding with the 8) is not going to continue
    M.T.F. (More To Follow)

    AAMOF (As A Matter Of Fact)
    K9 (Kate with 9 lives) may have a few more
    J4SAG (Just For **** And Grins) surprises with a couple more
    J6P (Joe 6-Pack) lovers
    B.O.C. (But Of Course)
    B.O.T. (Back On Topic) the
    S.2.B.X (Soon To Be Ex) the
    S.A.H.D. (Stay At Home Dad) as a
    H.U.M. (Horny Unattached Male) found another
    H.U.F. (Horny Unattached Female) and the
    W.W.S.(PEST) Wife Wants Sex (Please Excuse Slow Typing) is
    E.O.D (End Of Discussion)

    B.S.F.(But Seriously Folks)
    I.K.Y.N. (I Kid You Not) the
    S.I.L. (Sister In Law) says
    S.W.M.B.O. (She Who Must Be Obeyed) has arrested the
    K.I.D.’s (Kinder in development) and it
    S.T.B.Y.(Sucks To Be You) Keight
    The kids deserve the truth-because it is the truth.

  205. 205
    Sheryl Says:

    This is a useless site.

  206. 206
    Sheryl Says:

    10 doll shut the hell up.

  207. 207
    Molly Says:


  208. 208
    10doll Says:

    Amy #192- I’ll leave my private life private. I got the message & will not mention her on here again. Some of the comments people are raking me over the coals about I didn’t post & at 1st I wrote a scathing comment,but I’m not sure who’s saying what,so I won’t post that. I don’t know who’s posting what anymore so I guess it’s best not to reply to a whole lot of them.

  209. 209
    10doll Says:

    Sam #234- Well you also never said you DIDN’T see peoples ip addresses either. My bad. #190- Thank you very much for your comment,I do appreciate it, regardless what you read on here. They can mock me,but this helps & I’m scared to death if I go to sleep,I’ll miss the call I dread more than anything. I feel 10,not 36 & I’m not ready to not have her anymore. Well that’s enough of that,don’t need to give them more ammo to use on me. Thanks again from me & my family. Sincerely. Also I didn’t post all the comments on here that have my name. I do indeed post A LOT of other,not so nice comments,but I didn’t post this little attacking ones.

  210. 210
    Judie Says:

    @Michelle: It’s too bad that fame tore them apart. Kate is really bossy and demeaning to Jon. He should have spoke up earlier. It’s the kids that are going to suffer for the rest of their lives. Boys are going to be scared thinking the girls are going to be bossy like their mom and girls are going to think the boys are door mats like their dad.
    It would be nice if they would go for marriage councelling (God knows they could use it) and try to make things work for the kids sake. They should have cancelled the contract when the marriage started to have problems (then again there might not have been a show).
    I hope that Kate has learned something about this. That no man likes a bitchy woman and they will turn to someone else.

  211. 211
    sam Says:


    Hi 10doll. You’re not wrong. I did not post any of those nasty posts. I am not after you – I just wanted to post about the pictures I saw here. I don’t mind a good discussion or opinions going back and forth either. I do not need to attack anyone. I don’t know who is posting as me (and some of the other posters) and spewing mostly one liners. Her (his?) spelling and puncutation are pathetic, like the game they are playing. I suppose they think they are funny and will carry on and on and on till this place bans them. It CAN be done, but not sure if it WILL be.

    I pretty much knew it wasn’t you posting to me either – it’s very easy to tell who someone is after reading a few posts. I hope you believe me, because I believe you.

  212. 212
    anonymous Says:


    Right sammy

  213. 213
    anonymous Says:

    right sam.

  214. 214
    10doll Says:

    @sam: #239- I sincerely believe you didn’t post the bad comments & I appreciate you believing me also. The “fake Sam” comments are simply being posted to hurt someone as much as possible,so I re-read your posts & I don’t see you intentionally trying to hurt someone like these slugs are he*l bent on doing. Regardless of the fights we’ve had,you tend to stay pretty close to only posting about the Gosselins & you seem to cuss very little if you cuss at all. We’ve already thrown a monkey wrench into their plan by not buying their bs & letting them know they are slime & not funny. We may never be bf’s,but if you’ll give me the benefit of a doubt when mean sh*t is posted under my name,then I’ll do that for you as well. As far as I’m concerned,me & you are cool.

  215. 215
    10doll Says:

    Sam- I wrote down all the post numbers that used my name & posted sh*t comments with it & flagged them all. One or maybe 2 times I can blow it off,but 10 on one page is a bit excessive I think. So it said admin will look into it. Now I wait to see if anything comes of it.

  216. 216
    10doll Says:

    ” Your access may also be subject to termination if you post or transmit any illegal content; harass or threaten any user of any Site or any Buzznet employee; post content (including, but not limited to, the creation of a username) that is offensive or otherwise disruptive of Site activities; post unsolicited advertising; or improperly impersonate a Buzznet employee or other individual.” This is some of Buzznets rules that I saw when I flagged the “fake 10doll” comments. Let’s see what happens.

  217. 217
    dorothy grimes Says:

    I believe that Kate is in a time warp. Why? Shopping in heels etc.In the 40′s & early-mid 50′s, most women went shopping dressed-up even,
    and I did also, wear gloves! Glad those days are gone. Watch I Love Lucy re-runs and you will see.

    Jon did try to respond to Kate’s remarks in early episodes. Got smacked even harder & told to shut up. Guy couldn’t even breathe right! So, where does this leave us?

    Kate’s digging the hole deeper and deeper. Who cared for the kids [see early episodes] while Kate had to sleep-in. Jon! Who diapered, bathed, etc.? Jon! Give the guy a break. He put up with Kate’s attitude because he LOVES his kids. Jon deserves a life, his life as Jon. Not Jon & Kate plus 8.

    Trust the judge will view all episodes. time will tell.

  218. 218
    Amy1 Says:

    10 doll grow up who cares if someone uses your name get a life use another name.

  219. 219
    funny Says:

    yeah 10 doll likes to bug others she cant take being called out. She tryes to bug us on baby mamas site all the time she get kicked off all the time what a tard she is school yard bully she needs to act her age.

  220. 220
    freed Says:

    wheres 10 doll that whale.

  221. 221
    pan Says:


    I’m sorry no one bothered to teach you about puncuation, proper spelling, etc. etc.. Get off the computer and read a book, learn how to talk and spell.

  222. 222
    pan Says:

    my name is 10 doll duh

  223. 223
    pan Says:

    sam good one.

  224. 224
    pan Says:

    @pan: sam write a book.

  225. 225
    Anna Says:

    People always criticize how Kate favors Hannah and Leah and not the boys. But what about little Alexis? She is the prettiest of all the children, and is ignored. Hannah and Leah treat her like crap. :(

  226. 226
    pink Says:

    Hannah is so sweet .

    AND I love her so much!!

  227. 227
    Suppress your appetite Says:

    @bella: he he he :):):) :!: :!: :!:

  228. 228
    Nox Edge Says:

    People have mentioned the kids covering their faces with towels. where are the pics or is this just more fiction?

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