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Kate Gosselin: No Longer Talking To Tabloids

Kate Gosselin: No Longer Talking To Tabloids

With a new bodyguard in tow, Kate Gosselin goes shopping with two of her 5-year-old sextuplets — Leah and Hannah — on Monday afternoon (June 29) in Reading, Penn. While out, the trio stopped at the UPS store, “Dick’s Sporting Goods” store and a “Giant” supermarket.

Love Hannah‘s facial expressions!

Kate and husband Jon Gosselin just released a statement: “During this very difficult time we will be working to focus solely on the needs of our family. This includes no longer commenting publicly or reacting to media stories and speculation. Our goal is to do the very best for our children and that will be done as privately as possible. We appreciate the understanding, support and well wishes from so many. Thank you.”

Tonight’s episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 will be a retrospective look at the Gosselin family, accompanied by some new footage.

15+ pictures inside of Giant grocery shopping Kate Gosselin

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  • johanna

    For anyone who has watched the show consistently, it is obvious that Hannah is Kate’s fave…the Golden child. Kate even admitted in her book that Beth wrote (Multiple Bles$$ing$) that she favored Hannah. Of course she always looks the happiest of all the kids. I thought that maybe with the last few days of Kate wearing hats, that maybe she was growing out that awful roadkill hair. No such luck, it looks like she just got it freshly cut and dyed. Was a fan of the show at one time, but am officially sick of the Gosselins and their various dysfunctions. Will not be watching the retrospective look tonight or any Gosselin show again. Goodbye Gosselins. Best of luck in the future. You are going to need it with eight seriously fu**ed up teens. Now that will make for some great television hahaha.

  • anon

    Chester…God, you know what good point! Gives me the creeps to think of sick men who may be watching the show. The prowl the internet for kiddie porn as young as toddlers so it’s not out of the question. Wow you should send Oprah or Dr. Phil an email suggesting it as a show topic. Seriously. And Kate please keep this in mind…kids who arent even on TV are preyed on and abducted every year. Now I really cant watch anymore.

  • anon

    Ok, seriously to those who keep insisting the paps leave them alone…have you not seen that Kate and Jon CAN disappear when they WANT to for days at a time! It’s common for celebs to make deals with certain photographers and paps to tip them off as part of keeping themselves in the spotlight. It’s part of the fame game…esp if you dont have a proven professional career like singers, award winning actors etc.

  • Hmmm

    Its ALL about the $$$$$$$$$$$$

  • steph

    do u ppl HEAR yourself? Youre bad mouthing a 5 year old! What has this world come to?!?!?!

  • Carly

    Another new bodyguard? Is he employed by the Gosselins or TLC? I have wondered if there is another reason Jon was spotted apartment shopping with regards to the Trump name. The crooked house business also has a connection to Trump. I think Kate would be better suited to be on the Apprentice than Jon.

  • Sam


    Thanks Sharon! I was just stating the simple truth – it’s beyond evident in the pictures and on the show. If one of those darling little boys had DARED to skip ahead like that he would have been in for a lecture, to say the least. I would LOVE to see those little boys smile as much as Hannah does. It all speaks volumes.

  • M

    We could only be so lucky that Kate would quit talking.

  • Daisy

    Watching the old episodes and where they are at right now, it’s just very sad. I cannot watch this show anymore. It’s just too bad, especially for the kids

  • Ariana

    shes dressed up a little much to be grocery shopping but whatever

  • Carly

    Maybe Kate was at a job interview prior to shopping at the food store. At least she’s not wearing one of her bikinis.

  • VL

    Gosh People LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • onion

    Hanna is Kate’s helper that’s the only reason she is the favorite. Mady makes Kate’s life hell, so she is despised but must be appeased at all times. Kate will emasculate those boys just like she has done to Jon.

  • emily s

    She looks great and the kids a re cute!

  • jeffrey musial

    How long before she starts ” doing”, her young bodyguard? And I didn’t know that bodyguards are domestic servants , I thought they were for security services.

  • awesome

    Just wanna say True beauties are actually among ourselves,
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  • Sam


    Why is HannaH her only helper? There are 7 other children! Look at the faces on those little boys as they constantly sit off quietly in the back ground! Mady, a litlte girl, makes her mother’s life hell? I think that is the other way around – and Mady won’t kow-tow to her mother’s meanness! Good for Mady!!

  • E
  • emily

    WHO goes to UPS every day? THEY deliver to your home! But if they delivered to the home, then Kate would have one less stop on her daily photo shoot! I KNOW– Kate is picking up another box of freebies! I would bet those boxes have new suits, new dresses and maybe even a new HAT! Lets pray one has a hat– Something to cover that NUTTY looking hair!
    Okay, the kids are happy, the BODY GUARD seems happy too!
    I agree, WHAT MOTHER wears high heels to run errands?
    I would think if a child got away from me, or someone grabbed one, it would be easier to chase after them in flat sandals or even sneakers. (Maybe she would wear those if someone sent her some to wear!)
    Here is what I think is going to happen. (Best guess)
    1) In August, TLC will announce a new format for their show, less taping, and just a sprinkling of one hour specials throughout the next year. (Best for the family and children–but will satisfy their contract!)
    I think after this year–DONE!)
    NO more show!
    2)So by that time, KATE needs to find her a RICH MAN! WHAT rich, poor or insane man would want to live with all THAT? She has already shown her colors and I doubt ANY MAN in this country would want to be with her for more than 15 minutes.
    3) Also, Kate will need to have a REAL job, because she will have to be able to help pay the taxes on her property, and will have to be able to get her nails done , go to tanning beds, get liposuction, and pay THE FOOL that keeps her hair so nice! So she will be writing a TELL ALL BOOK! EVEN if it will hurt her children–because it will be throwing Jon under the bus! But so far hurting her children has never bothered her, so we all know she will DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DINE IN ORDER TO PAY for her lifestyle.
    4) Honestly, I think Jon will slowly fade out of the public eye. He has always seemed more private,more rational, and more real. He was not thinking however, when he took Kate up on her DEAL–you know the contract she made with him about giving him his freedom–to see other women etc. –as long as he stuck with the show–and didn’t even attempt to touch her, sleep with her, or blow any germs her way!
    5) In a few months–NOONE will watch–no one will even comment any more about Kate, because there will be nothing left to say! We all knew she was nuts, she proved it on the air and does it daily for the world to see.
    6) In a few years–we will hear today Kate Gosselin was hospitalized, due to stress or exhaustion or whatever! SOMETHING–she will do anything to bring the cameras back to her.
    7) in 13-15 years–the Kids will make a comeback! They will each write their own books–telling about their memories–the shows, the parent fights, their controling mother, their quiet dad, the absence of real parenting. They will remember their NANNIES, their body guards and their dogs fondly! We will all buy their books, because the MONEY will go to them and they will need it because their MOTHER will have spent EVERYTHING–they will have nothing left to show for the pain and embarrasment this WOMAN and this show brought to them. OH YEA and they will finally get to meet the grandparents they were kept from–the extended family they never saw as children–and actually be around their cousins! Too bad their childhood will be gone by that time. Lets hope their grandparents are still alive and able to hold, hug, and encourage them!

  • ihatehaters

    ups does have po boxes and having one myself, they don’t deliever that to your house.

  • Sylvia

    Every time when I hear Jon talks or acts, it sound so childish and something that a high school person would say or do. He is so darn immature that it’s really pathetic. Watching the earlier episodes I thought he was kind of thoughtful and mature, but I seems like he is just a kid. How in the world is this guy going to take care of his kids, let alone himself? I am not a Kate fan, but this family really needs some structure and guidance that parents needs to do for their children.

  • Debra

    Hey people there’s a new show on TLC, it’s half-ton gosselin brothers, lol.

  • Laura

    Right…I always go to the grocery store in a short black skirt, f*ck me pumps and perfectly coiffed hair.

    Kate is such a fame whore and now she brought along her little diva-in-training, mini-Kate, Hannah.

  • Jan

    @anon: I do think Jon will be on Celebrity Apprentice BUT Trump does NOT own those apts. He allows his name to remain but he sold the building.

  • olivia

    Hey Emily, Amen.

  • Lala

    papsaroni – you missed one.
    Tens of thousands of dollars “Going Green” (solar panels, state tax rebates, et al) – but she can’t manage a half dozen $2 recycled bags for groceries.

    Just goes to show……again……what a lying two-faced beeeyatch
    the whole gosselin clan AND TLC AND Figure 8 AND media in motion AND Zondervan (Christian publishing company….NOT!!!!) ALL are.

    And yeah…once again – dude is a “baggage handler” – NOT a bodyguard — what a joke!!

  • Candles

    HA. Probably should have thought of that before.

  • 10doll

    @Sam: ‘

  • 10doll

    @Sam: #21- You’re picking on the child regardless if you think so or not. How’s Hannah skipping around show that she’s a forward child? When all you can do is pick on the kids,then that’s a good sign that you’ve got nothing worth while to contribute.

  • 10doll

    @cal: #31-
    Well Sam then they have made their choice between the show or the kids. You might want to grab a tissue then,since you’ll start sob,sob. I think the kids deserve a little “thinking of only the kids” time for a while & they also deserve that the issues their dealing with now & will have to in the future,not be reduced or compared to BS! You’re no better then Jon & Kate themselves.

  • 10doll

    Should have said “Well Cal then…” not meant for Sam. Sorry

  • mac

    This woman is such a poser! Fake nails, bleached teeth, lipo & tuck, fake boobs, and constantly at the “spa”. No one wears clothes and shoes like that to go grocery shopping. She doesn’t like to be in front of the camera, but on her last vacation, she wore 3 different skimpy bikinis in 2 days. Most of all, I hate her bragging. She does everything better than everyone else. What happened to her? It seems like a few years ago she was so different. I guess money and freebies can do that to you.

  • 10doll

    @mac: #82- Kate doesn’t LIKE to be on camera,she craves it! She loves the spotlight & it makes her feel important to have that bodyguard with her. Every single move Kate makes,has been planned & well orchestrated by her. She’s loving this s*it!


    This whole thIng is a fraud being perpetrated by TLC and the Greedlins. According to TV guide they already have 40 episodes filmed and now have to make those episodes appear as if they were filmed after the divorce announcement. They will magically edit and the first episode that will be shown on August 3rd will be the NC trip she took in late May prior to the separation. The sheeple won’t know any different.

  • bleeeech

    Those legs are just plain ugly ( pic loading groceries into the car) . You can’t get a personal trainer to repair what took years of sitting in a dollar store chair to create.

  • jenna

    She looks just like what she is. Life-long lower middle-class white trash who just hit it big.

  • anonymous

    Laura @ 06/29/2009 at 11:42 pm
    Just because you’re a slob doesn’t mean all women should follow your lead. Nothing wrong with dressing nicely. Try it. You might like it.

  • Vicki

    suprise suprise, have to post about this ugly whore again and ugly kids

  • NITA

    Most of you people have serious issues. This is a child you are talking about. Do any of you smart a** people have small children? Shame on you ! These are real people just like you and I only on tv.
    Shouldn’t they be able to be in their front yard if they want to with out being stalked? This is their property. Their home. Stay away from it. None of you know what they pay for and what they don’t. Of course she needs a bodyguard there are stalkers chasing them around There are crazy people in this world in case you haven’t noticed.
    Do I detect some jelousy. Good luck Gosselins and God Bless.

  • Courtney

    People should stop watching this show….these parents should find a job and stop exploiting their children…


  • sam


    It’s not all I do or did. Hannah IS forward because she is bold enough to skip and make faces for the camera, when she knows the RULES of the great Kate. Hold hands, hold the cart, don’t smile, don’t play – rules and lectures!! Hannah isn’t worried about breaking the rules because she’s HANNAH and SHE can. Have you seen any of those boys skipping, smiling or even present for 95% of the time???? No.

    Guess you had nothing to do but come here and reply to everyone’s post you didn’t agree with. Time – it’s a wondeful thing!

  • jeannette laframboise

    Kate states: “Our goal is to do the very best for our children and that will be done as privately as possible.” If that were in fact true, they would dump the show, return to private life and fix their marriage. Money certainly became the evil in this situation. Let the million dollar house go, give up the show and move on with a focus on the marriage-now that would make me sympathetic to their plight. Right now, just seems to me that money became more important than their marriage and family stability…so very sad it all is!

  • Jessica

    Okay so people are saying why dont they cancel the show they cant just do that in the middle of the season they are on a contract if anyone hasnt noticed! and even if they wanted to for there kids tlc wont let them! Hannah is NOT spoiled i have seen EVERY single show since the beginning and shes mommys little helper! shes like the best behaved out of all of them always folding clothes and helping kate so i dont know what show your watching! and a lot of times kate takes the girls out and jon takes the boys because some of them are mommys little girls and the others are daddsy little boys! i am really disappointed in jon though. if anyone watched the show hes the one who wanted a divorce NOT kate. even though kate can be bossy they should have tried to work it out which kate tried! jon cant just leave his family of 10!! and think everything will go away!! it makes me soo mad! and kate has bodyguards because now shes famous!! there are paperazzi following her everywhere! its just to make it safe! and come on be real if you had a bodyguard would you ask them to hold your bags thats what they are for!!

  • Jessica

    @Sam: uhh sam sorry to tell you but you keep say she “looks” like shes a brat cuz shes skipping ahead that doesnt make any sense! hannah is SOO well behaved she always loves to help kate! they call her “mommys little helper” on the show i should know i have seen every single episode since season 1! you should really getyour facts before you judge people by how they are skipping! by the way shes skipping to me it looks like shes just a happy kid who likes to hang out with her mom!

  • makeme

    Now people are viciously going after Hannah. I know now for sure that the haters of the Gosselins shouldn’t be allowed to breed because they are so damn evil and nasty.

  • Jessica

    im sure if anyone of you were kate and getting photagraphed everyday that you wouldn’t want the next headline to be kate gosselin lazy and slumpy? nobody would i would want to look my best if everytime you walk out the door the whole world sees your outfit! i dont see why everyone keeps commenting of how she dresses too good! you guys are probably just jealous that you dont have that kind of money to buy nice clothes! ehat i always think is so what she wears pretty stuff cool! and i absoulutly adore the kids! they are so cute and whoever says anything rude about them, they are just kids smiling skipping and well being a kid but jon on the other hand i am very disappointed with him because hes leaving kate to take care of 8 kids on her own! i used to love this family every one of them! now i am second guessing jon and his priorities! because they are obviously not his family!
    anyone agree?

  • Michelle

    Last night was about a one year anniversity where our family watched the show from all the reruns and new episodes. We will say that it was the last show that we will ever see it again. It just is to pitiful and painful to watch a family destroy itself right in front of our eyes. It’s goodbye, so long, good luck, and adios.

  • Jessica

    @jeannette laframboise: for the millionenth time jeannette they cant quit the show…hello contract!! and when you say loose the million dollar house they cant afford to do that, its a family of 10 they cant just sell that and live in a shack. ohh and when you said try and fix the marrage kate did try if you have watched the show she kept saying how jon wouldn’t talk to her and would not work it out even though kate wanted the marrage to work and did NOT want a divorce!! they also cant just return to private life that easily! they are famous now they cant turn around now! cameras will still follow all the time sorry but the truth is the fact that you stated is very hard to actually accomplish!! and they tried there best!

  • angela

    I don’t get it. Thier mansion has this HUGE beautiful back yar, with a pool and like 25 acres. Yet Kate spends ALL of her time in the front yard so the paps can have take the photos she says pisses her off. WTH!!!!

  • Heidi

    The parents are mindless attention mongers and the kids are midless brats. They”ll end up worse than Lohan and Spears because NO ONE in the family can do anything more than beg, mooch, scream, throw tantrums and mug for a camera. This tribe is apt to make the Kardashian’s look good!