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Kate Gosselin: No Longer Talking To Tabloids

Kate Gosselin: No Longer Talking To Tabloids

With a new bodyguard in tow, Kate Gosselin goes shopping with two of her 5-year-old sextuplets — Leah and Hannah — on Monday afternoon (June 29) in Reading, Penn. While out, the trio stopped at the UPS store, “Dick’s Sporting Goods” store and a “Giant” supermarket.

Love Hannah‘s facial expressions!

Kate and husband Jon Gosselin just released a statement: “During this very difficult time we will be working to focus solely on the needs of our family. This includes no longer commenting publicly or reacting to media stories and speculation. Our goal is to do the very best for our children and that will be done as privately as possible. We appreciate the understanding, support and well wishes from so many. Thank you.”

Tonight’s episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 will be a retrospective look at the Gosselin family, accompanied by some new footage.

15+ pictures inside of Giant grocery shopping Kate Gosselin

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  • Jessica

    @yea.. so: i COMPELETLY 100% agree with you!! allthough i know they couldnt end the show cuz they are on a contract though but still!!

  • aussie girl

    @irish girl:
    Are you serious??? You’ve never seen the show but will be that nasty about her anyway….insinuating she should be dead??? The mother of 8 young children should be dead and what was your brilliant reasoning??? Oh that’s right she has bad hair !! You people should grow the hell up and remember you are talking about the MOTHER of these children and as for the comment about taking the boys out instead of the girls that someone else made……what 5 year old boys would choose to go to the supermarket when the could hang out at home on a summer’s day????? I know mine sure wouldn’t have. People need to just have a look at the world today and remember there is a lot of bad stuff going on out there that needs your wrath but Kate Gosselin going grocery shopping doesn’t qualify !! If you dislike her look away people….it’s not that hard

  • Lemon

    That’s the perfect grocery shopping outfit (eye roll)….this woman LOVES cameras!

  • lindz

    OMG… ITS a CHILD…. find something else to do with your time sam…. holy god… god help you!!!@Sam:

  • Pinklemonade

    Wow.. i am absolutely shocked at how judgmental and cruel some people can be. For one, what is with the hate on the children? Based on the show, these kids are well-behaved, mannered children. To see some of the choice words used here is an absolute outrage. I don’t know what gives anyone the right to judge someone else’s kids the way some of you do. As for Kate’s appearance, I am beyond curious to see what some of you look like. You have got to be something real special to talk the way you do. Absolutely ridiculous! Some of you should be absolutely ashamed.

  • emma

    People please leave the hate to the adults i do not mind that but do not bring innocent kids into your hate.

  • Bree

    Maybe the parents NEED to hear some harsh rolling towards their props. Most kids want to emulate parents at some point. What choices do these kids have? I want to be a multi-capacity, incubatoror with a rotten attitude like mommmy. Or perhaps a dopey, pushover who likes to drink and chase young girls, Arrested developement??

    Maybe, if these two camera goons get a clue that these judgements are going to follow them and their cash cows for YEARS, they’ll pull out and move abroad till it blows over, get some therapy, fix their issues and learn to be productive humans…
    I doubt it but what the heck I’m feeling optimistic today!

  • Carly

    Even if they have a contract to fulfill with TLC, they can keep the children out of the filming. Let them film just Jon and Kate until no one will watch anymore. The children need their privacy. Obviously, these two idiot parents don’t care about this. Jon and Kate can also work off their contract obligations by appearing on some of TLC or Discovery’s other shows. Jon likes choppers, animals, yard work etc. Kate can become a director (since she likes to give orders), she can cook on another show, give cleaning and child rearing tips. They both can appear on “What Not To Wear”, etc.

  • Joslyn


    I am absolutely shocked as well to hear some of these disgusting comments. Clearly lots of people out there have emotional issues to be spewing on little children they don’t even know. If you watch the show, you’ll see that Hannah is a loving, sweet girl, always helping her mom. As for all the haters and your comments, don’t cry when I tell you, “KATE DOESN’T CARE ABOUT WHAT YOU SAY.” Go pick on someone else.

  • Amy

    How anyone can say Hannah is mean is beyond me. She is one of the better behaved kids. Seems to me that most of you only started watching the show AFTER the tabloids starting talking about them.

  • Sam


    OMG lindz ! (god god god!). You’re here telling me what to do – go find something else to do with YOUR time!

  • Sam


    Well, I guess you told me! I use the word ‘looks’ because that’s what we’re doing – LOOKING at a picture. Durrrrr! I do watch the show and Hannah is no better behaved then the other children, in fact she is the one that hits out and is most demanding to her siblings. She’s ‘mommy’s’ helper because she’s mommy’s favourite. Durrrr again!!! She IS a sweetgirl too – no question there, but she IS bratty.

  • Amy

    NO Sam, Alexis is the most demanding.

  • suzanne

    Ohhhh, come on people…don’t you go grocery shopping in your high heeled slingbacks, too??????? What a joke…

  • linda

    - she went to K-Mart in an evening dress.

  • Amy

    I don’t know where you are from but I see plenty of women grocery shopping in high heels.

  • emma


    why don’t you leave the kids alone and pick on someone your own size and age. If you are or ever become a mother i pity the kids and the father because they will have bad genes.

  • Kate gosselin

    LOOK AT ME !!!! ……………………d o n’ t l o o k a t m e
    LOOK AT ME !!!! ……………………d o n’ t l o o k a t m e
    LOOK AT ME !!!! ……………………d o n’ t l o o k a t m e
    LOOK AT ME !!!! ……………………d o n’ t l o o k a t m e

  • guardmePLease

    is it me or is that bodyguard one hell of a stud! please protect me!. kate’s no fool. she sure knows how to shop…and not just for clothes & groceries. she’s still has a hang up for the asian/persuasion i think. Loyalty takes different forms I see. Regardless…I’ll be waiting for some more pix of this hottie protector. Things have just gotten a tad bit more interresting. I hope this fineman knows what he’s getting himself into.

  • Colin

    why- can’t – i -come- out -and- shop- momm-eeee?- why ?…-i’m -tired- of -hid-ing- in- the- base-ment..please- momm-eee.

  • Sam


    Oh oh, you’re in trouble now. DUCK!

    You could be right, but it’s a close call!

  • Sam


    Oh Emma, are you here trying to make nice again? You give the same advice to a lot of posters here – over and over and over again…….. Could you try for some new material, just once? Please??

    I’m not picking on a child, I’m stating the facts that we can clearly see in the pictures and on the show. Hannah is the favoured child and it has made her bratty. The same rules do not apply to Hannah! Simply the truth.

  • Janet

    She needs a full length mirror! She always looks the same. Boring shirt, and boring skort(skirt), and those shoes look like my mothers! Honestly, I look better, and put outfits together, and I shop at TJMaxx, not Ann Taylor!!!

  • Kate Gosselin

    morning thoughts on the need for a BG:
    The world is a VERY DANGEROUS place out there… I think I’ll bring my kids along when I go out.

  • Get’er done

    Kate told the world last nite that she “can do it” wink wink. And no doubt, Katie bar the door some fool will get’er done.

    Cheese Wiz she must have spent all last week influencing the editors on the flashback episode.

    It was evident last night that delusional Kate forced Jon into the second pregancy and has stonewalled him since.

  • Lauren

    I’m watching their show right now on TLC-and Kate has her bitchface on bossing Jon about a hose! (screaming!) Now Kate is yelling at a swimming lesson, and Jon is trying to get terrified Aiden in the water. Kate is standing poolside, with her arms crossed, all made up, bossing Jon, kids crying, bossing the swimming instructor. Jon is definitely an abused spouse, and now he is finally standing up for himself, and seems to be rebelling. Jon still spends lots of time with his 8 children; more than most fathers manage to spend with 1 child! Jon is not perfect, but i am amazed he survived living in Kate’s lockdown for so long – that woman is a hellish, delusional witch!

  • VZ

    You can’t help but see Jon when you look at those kids’ adorable Asian-mix faces.

  • that’s all folks

    Hey Kate you got the look. Don’t listen to that grinch TLC you can talk to the fans, inquiring minds want to know. Thats one hot tattoo. You should do a show show with the LA Tattoo show bring the kids. What is good for the goose is good for the gosslings, its all good.

    I hear your going to be the best dressed volunteer lunch mom at the tups school. Dishing out your recipes for the masses you go girl autograph those lunch tickets.

    Nice appareal for picking up the fan mail, looks profressional. The guys at starbucks miss ya wonder if your going to come back and talk to them anymore. But hey if your off filming kiddi pormotions for their new commericals they understand

    Well if you change your mind the fans and paps are out there for ya.

  • emmy jay

    Re: high heels at the grocery store…..I do see some women wearing them at the store, but it’s usually early evening and they are wearing their “work clothes”. It is something that I do on occasion and by the end of a long day in my office, shopping in heels is the last thing I want to do.

    Then, I have to remember that going to the store with her kids, is her job, at least for right now.

    Running errands with or without my children is a great time to wear a pair of flip flops or a cute pair of flats.

    Hopefully, this fameho’s fifteen minutes are almost up. The show just doesn’t seem to hold much interest any more. As the kids get older, I just see what the interest will be. It’s one thing to see kids as they are learning to walk, learning to talk, etc. It’s another to watch a group of 7 or 8 years old. At that age to have a camera in their faces, seems a bit mean to me.

    Just let the kids be kids. Just have the adults be the adults and take responsibility for their kids and not rely on the TLC production crew work on getting them handouts.

    I watched alot of the episodes and Khate seemed to really appreciate Jon more when he worked, and was excited for him to get home. He had his role as a provider in place and I think he felt better about himself. As he turned into Mr. Mom, he seemed to lose respect from Khate and he probably lost his role in the family. Bad move to put all of their eggs in the TLC “Showtime” basket for Jon. I feel sorry for Jon and think that Khate was very disrespectful towards him.

  • Jac

    hannah is mommys favorite in every magazine she says that she thinks hannahs older than the rest of the sextuplets and shes in every picture with her
    why doesn’t she like her boys?

  • coverupKate

    Right, she’s doing the shopping as if the chef needs her to get the goods. Such a fraud. And with a body guard at $1600 a day she could have sent the chef off to grab some extra snacks or whatever. She’s bound and determine to help ensure the earth dies sooner then later with her gas guzzling vehicle and daily excursions for pap photo ops. If she absolutely must go out why not take the kids to a park or someplace that they can hang and make little friends.
    I hope the Gosselin 15 minutes is finally up, sick of them and their lies.

  • Sam


    You’re right and that’s the perfect question. Emma?

  • Melanie

    Oh Kate…. what will you do without the tabloids and paparazzi for a few months? Probably, shrivel up and die… We all know that is what keeps you going! Doing what is best for the kids……. PLEASE!

  • princess

    NO NO NO dont go back. Talk to us, attention is better love come to the dark side be a celebrity your addicted to attention, listen to your handlers, have your people talk to the TLC people its only money. The tabloid are the truth. Your so close to a star on a sidewalk hall of fame. you can give each of your kids a oscar. You cant hold out, you held out on Jon and look what happened. you own it it yours…..

  • Carly

    It’s disturbing that a parent would allow their little daughter to ham it up and be photographed for paparrazi, tabloids, internet etc. and worse, the parent finds it amusing. What this trashy parent is wearing or advertising isn’t the problem.

  • Michelle

    Come on people I understand if you people don’t wanna watch the show anymore but don’t kick them when they are down. Exactly what have they done to you guys? It is sad to watch the family self-destruct but leave them alone already. I just hope they find peace with the family and go back to their religous roots and beliefs they cherished in the beginning.

  • 10doll

    @sam: #91-
    Hannah’s skipping like any other 5 year old would do. Kate’s a revolting human being,but kids are kids & should be left alone. Your clever input about me coming here to only address people I disagree with,is kinda what you’re doing. So take that pointy finger & turn it around on yourself,because you’re no better. I do agree that time’s a wonderful thing & you appear to have a lot to spare as well.

  • 10doll

    @Vicki: #88-And here you are bashing the kids again. I pray that you’re sterile & not around kids ever!

  • aud


    reading isn’t exactly the nicest place lol i’d like a bodyguard when i go there

  • 10doll

    @Carly: #135- It would be disturbing if the parent wasn’t Kate Gosselin,but she’s proven time & time again what her priorities are & they are for her to be in the spotlight at whatever cost. Her marriage was disposable & until there was a lot of press about her being gone so much on book tours & not seeing her kids much did we see her with her kids. She will be da*ned if she’s gonna let Jon one up her on time spent with her kids. The days of Ms. Kate going to town in shorts,t-shirts & flip flops are SO over. The new Kate is pap camera ready at all times.


    Sam’s someone that’s probably always been pushed around by adults & the only people that it can bully effectively are kids. If it talked to adults like it talked about & probably to kids,it would get knocked on it’s rear end. So it feels big & bad when it runs innocent kids into the ground. Let’s all pity Sam for forever being someones lap dog & only able to intimidate kids. Poor,poor lap dog Sam!

  • 10doll

    @emma: I agree. The kids didn’t sign up for the show.

  • Jokergurl

    These two are more of those “celebrities” who are famous through reality t.v. in other words you don’t have to have talent to be a celebrity anymore you just have to be on a reality show. Never watched them, never will anyone who puts their young children on a reality show should be smacked upside the head. The psychological damage is not good for the children, they’re celebrities they didn’t ask for it, SHAME on their parents for putting them through this! This goes for THE OCTOB****CH too!

  • Beatrice

    I totally believe Kate does have love for her children. She may be self-centered in the light of the fame that she has but deep inside I believe she dedicates herself for her kids. Jon, oh boy he just hasn’t grown up yet. Most likely due to his upbringing. I think when he saw an opportunity with the media attention, he took it to the limit and saw a chance to be somewhat famous. Guess what, it won’t last forever and the man/child does not realize it yet. Heard he’s interested in becoming a manager for a band in a night club. How much more juevinile can he possibly get? He has 8 kids to take care of! Maybe, just maybe, he will grow up one of these days.

  • Laurie

    Why doen’t TLC realize that nobody, I mean nobody want’s to see a family fall apart like this. What joy is it in showing this show in front of a national audience with a family in such a turmoil? Hopefully they can somehow regroup. I highly doubt it. But don’t let the audience see a breakdown of a family. We have LEARNED enough, if you catch my drift.

  • http://myspace Molly

    does anyone feel bad for cara?? shes my favorite i never see kate talk to her or anything! same with those precious little boys! and is it true they get 75 thousand an episode? if so thats ridiculous. i feel so bad for all of those kids. i mean kates a bitch but jons no prize either.

  • Sam


    You pointed the finger first!! I have my opinion and you have your opinion but you came at me first. What’s wrong – don’t like ‘fair play’? That’s evident. Do you favour one of your children too? Shame, really.

  • Sam

    @PITY SAM:

    10doll – now you’re using an alias! (ISP gives you away)! ‘Lap dog’, NO,I’m just not afraid of little people like you who come here telling posters not to give their opinions – but you can give yours. What is with that anyway? You want to defend Kate, go ahead, I don’t care but don’t tell me what to post either. And next time you want to use an alias switch it up a little, give it more then 10 minutes (which is the time it took you to type yet another rant) and watch out for those ISPs, some of us know how it works.


  • Sam


    I do – - for Cara, Mady and the little boys. Kate’s only got time for Hannah and Alexis, and even Leah. The proof is in pictures and on the show, all you have to do is LOOK.

  • VICTORIA # 1

    AGREE, with you ” 10 DOLL “. Even Kate’s own family has said she loves the spotlight WAY to much, and that has always been a thorn in Jon’s side. She still has several book tours left, and is just waiting for the negative publicity to die off, before she continues.
    ” MICHELLE “. NUMBER # 136. What religious beliefs and values are you refering to ? Kate has stated numerous times that she ” detested organized religion ” and they have even tried a non-denominational church, ” which they found comical and a little over the top, with to much drama for all of them. ” ( Whatever that means )
    Kate and Jon THEN said, they would teach them about God and Jesus Christ at home, and that God can be found everywhere, NOT just at church. Kate’s sister-in-law and her own father, said the children do NOT know one thing about GOD or any religion. That meal time prayer’s ( when said, and only for the camera, when remembered ) are meaningless.
    She ( the sister-in-law ) mentioned Jesus once, when keeping the children near Christmas, and one of them ( the boys ) replied, ” WHO ? ” Is he a camera-man to ? ”
    MICHELLE, I would NOT hold my breathe for any family values to even start now. At least not in that area. The poor children have seen and heard enough to last a life time. When school starts back, they will only re-live everything all over again. And be teased. How sad for them.