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Kate Gosselin: No Longer Talking To Tabloids

Kate Gosselin: No Longer Talking To Tabloids

With a new bodyguard in tow, Kate Gosselin goes shopping with two of her 5-year-old sextuplets — Leah and Hannah — on Monday afternoon (June 29) in Reading, Penn. While out, the trio stopped at the UPS store, “Dick’s Sporting Goods” store and a “Giant” supermarket.

Love Hannah‘s facial expressions!

Kate and husband Jon Gosselin just released a statement: “During this very difficult time we will be working to focus solely on the needs of our family. This includes no longer commenting publicly or reacting to media stories and speculation. Our goal is to do the very best for our children and that will be done as privately as possible. We appreciate the understanding, support and well wishes from so many. Thank you.”

Tonight’s episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 will be a retrospective look at the Gosselin family, accompanied by some new footage.

15+ pictures inside of Giant grocery shopping Kate Gosselin

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  • Lauren

    I hope all this drama is some deranged plot, and Jon won’t move away. Those children adore him, and need him. Very few men have spent as much time raising their children as much as Jon as. I feel so badly for the children,

  • Amy1

    So now that Amy arguing with 10doll changed her name to Amy1 like I did. Amy you are an idiot.

  • Sheryl

    I have once again changed my name. So if suddenly “Sheryl” starts causing trouble, it won’t be me. It will be that idiot again.

  • Texty

    If only the
    M.D. (mildly derranged) had not gone overboard with the fertilizer the
    R.N. (registered nutcase) and.
    N.M. (I am not narrow minded, I am focused) would have been happy.

    Kate now is about to changes role from
    C.E.O. (certified egotistical opportunist) with her
    C.O. (cleavage overdone) and a
    T.H.O. (Titty Hard On) and
    S.H.A.O. (Showing Her Ass Off) and
    T.L.C. (The Liposuction Channel) ends the
    T.P. (tabloid press, toilet paper) war over
    B.M.W. (Big Money Wasted, Bikes Made Wonderful) and
    I.A.Y.F (Its All Your Fault)

    T.L.C. (the lick-me channel) will
    B.R.B (be right back) after hiatus to review
    C.T.T.D. (Cute Things They Do) and Kate is
    C.I.D. (Crying In Disgrace) as a
    M.I.L.F (man in left field) made a
    C.L.M. (Career Limiting Move) and now screams
    W.T.F.D.Y.T.Y.A. (who the f*** do you think you are) and has
    B.I.O.Y. (Blow It Out Yours) moment where everybody believes Kate’s
    B.O.B. (battery operated boyfriend) and that the big show
    J.K.&8 (just kidding with the 8) is not going to continue
    M.T.F. (More To Follow)

    AAMOF (As A Matter Of Fact)
    K9 (Kate with 9 lives) may have a few more
    J4SAG (Just For Shit And Grins) surprises with a couple more
    J6P (Joe 6-Pack) lovers
    B.O.C. (But Of Course)
    B.O.T. (Back On Topic) the
    S.2.B.X (Soon To Be Ex) the
    S.A.H.D. (Stay At Home Dad) as a
    H.U.M. (Horny Unattached Male) found another
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    W.W.S.(PEST) Wife Wants Sex (Please Excuse Slow Typing) is
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    B.S.F.(But Seriously Folks)
    I.K.Y.N. (I Kid You Not) the
    S.I.L. (Sister In Law) says
    S.W.M.B.O. (She Who Must Be Obeyed) has arrested the
    K.I.D.’s (Kinder in development) and it
    S.T.B.Y.(Sucks To Be You) Keight
    The kids deserve the truth-because it is the truth.

  • Sheryl

    This is a useless site.

  • Sheryl

    10 doll shut the hell up.

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  • 10doll

    Amy #192- I’ll leave my private life private. I got the message & will not mention her on here again. Some of the comments people are raking me over the coals about I didn’t post & at 1st I wrote a scathing comment,but I’m not sure who’s saying what,so I won’t post that. I don’t know who’s posting what anymore so I guess it’s best not to reply to a whole lot of them.

  • 10doll

    Sam #234- Well you also never said you DIDN’T see peoples ip addresses either. My bad. #190- Thank you very much for your comment,I do appreciate it, regardless what you read on here. They can mock me,but this helps & I’m scared to death if I go to sleep,I’ll miss the call I dread more than anything. I feel 10,not 36 & I’m not ready to not have her anymore. Well that’s enough of that,don’t need to give them more ammo to use on me. Thanks again from me & my family. Sincerely. Also I didn’t post all the comments on here that have my name. I do indeed post A LOT of other,not so nice comments,but I didn’t post this little attacking ones.

  • Judie

    @Michelle: It’s too bad that fame tore them apart. Kate is really bossy and demeaning to Jon. He should have spoke up earlier. It’s the kids that are going to suffer for the rest of their lives. Boys are going to be scared thinking the girls are going to be bossy like their mom and girls are going to think the boys are door mats like their dad.
    It would be nice if they would go for marriage councelling (God knows they could use it) and try to make things work for the kids sake. They should have cancelled the contract when the marriage started to have problems (then again there might not have been a show).
    I hope that Kate has learned something about this. That no man likes a bitchy woman and they will turn to someone else.

  • sam


    Hi 10doll. You’re not wrong. I did not post any of those nasty posts. I am not after you – I just wanted to post about the pictures I saw here. I don’t mind a good discussion or opinions going back and forth either. I do not need to attack anyone. I don’t know who is posting as me (and some of the other posters) and spewing mostly one liners. Her (his?) spelling and puncutation are pathetic, like the game they are playing. I suppose they think they are funny and will carry on and on and on till this place bans them. It CAN be done, but not sure if it WILL be.

    I pretty much knew it wasn’t you posting to me either – it’s very easy to tell who someone is after reading a few posts. I hope you believe me, because I believe you.

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  • 10doll

    @sam: #239- I sincerely believe you didn’t post the bad comments & I appreciate you believing me also. The “fake Sam” comments are simply being posted to hurt someone as much as possible,so I re-read your posts & I don’t see you intentionally trying to hurt someone like these slugs are he*l bent on doing. Regardless of the fights we’ve had,you tend to stay pretty close to only posting about the Gosselins & you seem to cuss very little if you cuss at all. We’ve already thrown a monkey wrench into their plan by not buying their bs & letting them know they are slime & not funny. We may never be bf’s,but if you’ll give me the benefit of a doubt when mean sh*t is posted under my name,then I’ll do that for you as well. As far as I’m concerned,me & you are cool.

  • 10doll

    Sam- I wrote down all the post numbers that used my name & posted sh*t comments with it & flagged them all. One or maybe 2 times I can blow it off,but 10 on one page is a bit excessive I think. So it said admin will look into it. Now I wait to see if anything comes of it.

  • 10doll

    ” Your access may also be subject to termination if you post or transmit any illegal content; harass or threaten any user of any Site or any Buzznet employee; post content (including, but not limited to, the creation of a username) that is offensive or otherwise disruptive of Site activities; post unsolicited advertising; or improperly impersonate a Buzznet employee or other individual.” This is some of Buzznets rules that I saw when I flagged the “fake 10doll” comments. Let’s see what happens.

  • dorothy grimes

    I believe that Kate is in a time warp. Why? Shopping in heels etc.In the 40′s & early-mid 50′s, most women went shopping dressed-up even,
    and I did also, wear gloves! Glad those days are gone. Watch I Love Lucy re-runs and you will see.

    Jon did try to respond to Kate’s remarks in early episodes. Got smacked even harder & told to shut up. Guy couldn’t even breathe right! So, where does this leave us?

    Kate’s digging the hole deeper and deeper. Who cared for the kids [see early episodes] while Kate had to sleep-in. Jon! Who diapered, bathed, etc.? Jon! Give the guy a break. He put up with Kate’s attitude because he LOVES his kids. Jon deserves a life, his life as Jon. Not Jon & Kate plus 8.

    Trust the judge will view all episodes. time will tell.

  • Amy1

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  • pan

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  • pan

    sam good one.

  • pan

    @pan: sam write a book.

  • Anna

    People always criticize how Kate favors Hannah and Leah and not the boys. But what about little Alexis? She is the prettiest of all the children, and is ignored. Hannah and Leah treat her like crap. :(

  • pink

    Hannah is so sweet .

    AND I love her so much!!

  • Suppress your appetite

    @bella: he he he :):):) :!: :!: :!:

  • Nox Edge

    People have mentioned the kids covering their faces with towels. where are the pics or is this just more fiction?