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Kate Gosselin: No Longer Talking To Tabloids

Kate Gosselin: No Longer Talking To Tabloids

With a new bodyguard in tow, Kate Gosselin goes shopping with two of her 5-year-old sextuplets — Leah and Hannah — on Monday afternoon (June 29) in Reading, Penn. While out, the trio stopped at the UPS store, “Dick’s Sporting Goods” store and a “Giant” supermarket.

Love Hannah‘s facial expressions!

Kate and husband Jon Gosselin just released a statement: “During this very difficult time we will be working to focus solely on the needs of our family. This includes no longer commenting publicly or reacting to media stories and speculation. Our goal is to do the very best for our children and that will be done as privately as possible. We appreciate the understanding, support and well wishes from so many. Thank you.”

Tonight’s episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 will be a retrospective look at the Gosselin family, accompanied by some new footage.

15+ pictures inside of Giant grocery shopping Kate Gosselin

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228 Responses to “Kate Gosselin: No Longer Talking To Tabloids”

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  1. 151
    KIm davis Says:

    I am just amazed at what she is wearing to do some errands. I am lucky to be dressed to go out shopping and I only have two children. What kind of help do you have when you can be in a black mini and black high heels on a Monday. Guess you have to look good for the paparazzi if you aren’t talking to them anymore.

  2. 152
    gAYMARIE Says:

    I think you are all a bunch of heartless, judgmental, mean spirited people! How smug you all feel sitting there judging these people! They have 8 children and their marriage is on the rocks! You should all be praying for them NOT judging them! These poor children are stuck in the middle of this very sad situation! What these parents need is marriage counseling and prayer, not snide comments and ridicule! You should all be ashamed of yourselves! I am sorry for YOU ALL, you are sad examples for “caring” human beings!!!!!!!!!

  3. 153
    heidi Says:


  4. 154
    10doll Says:

    @Sam: – This is what you said…
    Sam @ 06/29/2009 at 5:51 pm Oh Sarah, that’s not very polite of you, but it’s ok, I know it’s not your fault either. Are you a spoiled brat too? Hannah IS a brat – she’s pushy and spoiled, it’s the truth. I’m not picking on the child, I did say that it was not her fault because she is just a little girl, but she IS a brat. The way she is skipping around there you can tell she is a very forward child – if that had been one of the boys he would be grabbed by the head or wrist and given a lecture by mommy dearest! That’s true too.

    Oh and her parents are not divorced yet. :)

  5. 155
    10doll Says:

    @10doll: This is what I said….10doll @ 06/30/2009 at 2:05 am @Sam: #21- You’re picking on the child regardless if you think so or not. How’s Hannah skipping around show that she’s a forward child? When all you can do is pick on the kids,then that’s a good sign that you’ve got nothing worth while to contribute

  6. 156
    10doll Says:

    @Sam: #147-
    You’re definately are entitled to your opinion,but you made a comment & I replied to it. That’s not “coming after you”,that’s replying to a comment. The “finger pointing” comment I made is directed to your comment “Guess you had nothing to do but come here and reply to everyone’s post you didn’t agree with”,when you are doing the same d*mn thing. I don’t favor either of my kids over the other,but I’d put money on it that you do that to your kids. Shame back at ya. Really!. I’ve got no prob with “fair play”,but when you jump on me for something & then you turn around & do it,that’s not “fair play”.

  7. 157
    10doll Says:


  8. 158
    EX-watcher Says:

    She has to be seen by the paparazzi to keep up her fame and popularity so people will watch the show and buy her books. She can’t keep her boyfriend on payroll anymore so she had to get a new bodyguard. She is so unsocial with her fans so she needs a bodyguard to keep them at bay so she can have people continue to pay for her autograph and pics with her. Kate-get off yourself and think about and spend time with your kids. Cancel the show if you really care about your kids and family.

  9. 159
    News flash Says:

    There she is the CEO of rent-a-kid.

    In case you wanted to know, kids available for birthday parties, trips to disney land, parks, zoo’s, vacation homes, wedding vow renewals, theme parks, circus, parades and dinner parties.

    -let the fans pay to babysit
    -just experience what life would be like with up to eight kids
    -experience no peace, no privacy, and no money.
    -experience parent wanna bees have
    -reality kids can be used to (presumably) scare teenage moms-to-be into using contraceptives
    -different levels of pointless screaming and needs to be fed and comforted
    -eventually go home with the parents
    -experience what foster care is all about
    -hire the brood and their “whispering” mom to get your own kids under control
    -experience if you agree that child possession is overrated
    -put them in the background as you piddle your lover off
    -determine if the best things in life come in small doses or over dose fertilization
    -use the kids to move the merchandise

    Terms: Kids are succesful having generated over $10 million in revenues in the last 5 years. Ongoing rate $150,000 per weekly episode. These kids have more frequent miles than most. This is the last litter of kids of kids like this as they broke the mold. Children carefully looked after by the Gosselins who genuinely believe they want to be parents (mostly immature, i just want one more, Kate; and its a parent trap, Jon )

    Warning renter is liable for verbal aggression toward the kids to include character attacks, competence attacks, background attacks, physical appearance attacks, maledictions, ridicule, threats, and swearing, Kids will be monitored at all time by camera even when they poop.

    Puppy Option: Rent and bring along the dogs too.
    Virtual DVD Option: Virtual attachment watching DVD
    Brooke Shield Option: Overpowering show mother
    Michael Jackson Option: Overpowering show father
    Brady Bunch Option: My nanny loves me
    Slowed Development: Cant read or write at five
    Aunt and Uncle: rent free Aunt and Uncle upon request
    Familiar in all surroundings: kids know no strangers
    Body Guard Option: Come with their own bodyguards.

  10. 160
    Sam Says:


    10doll, ou forgot this one!

  11. 161
    Sam Says:


    10doll, you’ve ‘replied’ to a lot of posts telling us we shouldn’t say what we say, which is great!. But I did that BACK to you and you don’t like it. That’s how it works here and it IS ‘fair play’. If you don’t like getting it BACK then don’t play at all.

    As for my children, they’re grown, responsible, happy, healthy. loved young adults and I am proud of them and proud of how we raised them – EACH knowing how very special they are. You can LOOK and SEE that is NOT the way of the Gosselin’s. Come on now!

  12. 162
    Yikes! Says:

    10Doll, do you ever sleep? How many sites have you been kicked off ? So angry, so sad…

  13. 163
    Michelle Says:

    Victoria # 1, If that is their true feelings about religion, I agree 100 percent with that. I also believe that if you are a true Christian, you can accept any religion whether it be Catholic, Protestant, Seventh-day Adventist, Mormom, Anglo-Saxon, Baptist, and other religions that I haven’t mentioned. I believe they all serve one purpose, which is God first then everything else is secondary. That’s why I hope this family can somehow realize this.

  14. 164
    ed Says:

    Let’s leave them alone. For the sake of her adorable kids.

  15. 165
    Amy Says:

    When the Gosselin’s are gone, who will Sam trash?

  16. 166
    10doll Says:

    @Sam: #162- No Sam I’m simply saying that you gripe about me “telling people not to say certain things” when in your next post you’re telling people what they shouldn’t be saying. For the record I loathe Jon & Kate Gosselin, but sometimes he does seem to get the raw end of the deal. My issue with you was simply based on your kid comments only. I want Jon & Kate dragged out in the middle of the ocean & just let them fight it out there. The 1st one back is the winner. I agree that you rarely see her with the boys & I can’t even begin to understand what’s going on with that. I just think kid comments regarding who’s the favorite is not needed. That’s it. I also am raising(their only 17 & 9 so I’m still in the raising stage) 2 awesome kids that I pray will get to adulthood & not look back & say “Wow mom & dad really fu*ked us up”. Crossing my fingers. I also said that you’re very much entitled to your opinion & you’ve got every right to voice it. That’s all

  17. 167
    10doll Says:

    @Yikes!: #163- As a matter of fact, I don’t sleep much,my grandmother lives out of state & has been diagnosed for the 3rd time with cancer. I’m afraid something will happen to her & I won’t hear the phone ringing. Stupid & paranoid maybe,but it is what it is.

  18. 168
    10doll Says:

    @Yikes!: You’re probably gonna come back with a poor 10doll,sob sob,pity party for 10doll. Please don’t.

  19. 169
    10doll Says:

    @Yikes!: #163- I don’t think I’ve been kicked off any sites. I chose to leave Retro along with my friends, DD stopped her site & we talk on our site off & on throughout the day. Not kicked off that site. BabyMama’s got the mental stability of a turnip & only allows comments that she 100% agrees with,but when she left her site open she came back & erased all the “bad” comments. That may be considered a “kick off a site”,but that’s the only one. I don’t think I’m angry,because imo angry implies that your comments bother me. Not in the least.

  20. 170
    Sam Says:


    I was going to ask her/him the same thing but was afraid!!!! :)

  21. 171
    Sam Says:


    I haven’t trashed anyone. I said Hannah is bratty. She is. That’s not trash talk. I didn’t say she (or anyone, especially a child) was ugly, stupid, full of ____, made me sick, I wish they would die etc. etc. etc.. I said Hannah is a brat. She is. I said she is favoured, she is. If that is ‘trash’ talk you better get out of here and fast ’cause there is lots of ‘trash’ around.


  22. 172
    Sam Says:


    Hmmmm, fair enough. Please remember the only word I used for Hannah that you didn’t like was ‘brat’. I didn’t say she was ugly or stupid or disgusting etc.. On the show she is the one that is a brat and gets away with it. A good example that comes to mind right now (one of many) is when Kate was given her new scooter and the kids were ringing the bell it was Hannah that was doing it constantly, for many minutes. The boys finally had a turn and were told after just a second or two ‘STOP IT, the next person that does that goes to bed’ (not a quote). Those little guys backed off Immediately, no smiles, they just stopped. Ok??? So a few minutes later we see Miss Hannah ringing the bell AFTER the threat of bed, not worried in the least bit and Kate was right beside her. Hannah did not go to bed. WHAT?????? (the only thing I will add is that I might be confusing Hannah with Alexis). This happens all the time with Hannah. She is favoured and she is a brat.

    P.S. I hope your grandmother will be ok, that’s a scary time, I too know of it.

  23. 173
    10doll Says:

    @Sam: 173- I dislike all the names you said,not just “brat”. Spoiled Brat.bossy,pushy,mean

  24. 174
    Sam Says:


    All are true. She is. I just watched a rerun. I am right, that wee girl is all of the above. It’s a fact.

  25. 175
    10doll Says:

    @Sam: #175- You say it’s not the kids fault,but you seem to enjoy railroading a 5 year old. You make it seem like it’s the kids fault regardless of your claim that it’s not.

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