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Michael Jackson's Final Rehearsal Pictures

Michael Jackson's Final Rehearsal Pictures

Two days before suffering a cardiac arrest, Michael Jackson goes through a run-through during his final concert rehearsal at the Staples Center on Tuesday (June 23) in Los Angeles.

The 50-year-old entertainer was rehearsing for his planned shows in London. After going into cardiac arrest on June 25, Michael later died at the age of 50 at UCLA Medical Center.

This concert looks like it would have been amazing. We’ll miss you, Michael!

On Sunday night, Michael‘s younger sister Janet Jackson paid tribute to the King of Pop at the 2009 BET Awards.

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michael jackson final rehearsal 01
michael jackson final rehearsal 02
michael jackson final rehearsal 03
michael jackson final rehearsal 04

Photos: Kevin Mazur/AEG/Getty
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  • Soulmate Love

    WE miss you MICHAEL!!!

  • Naty

    He looked amazing as always!
    I’m so fortunate to have seen him at the Dangerous Tour in Brazil back in October 17, 1993!
    I’ll never gonna forget that day!

  • rocky

    He will definitely be missed!! There will NEVER be another one like him.

  • ma

    rest in peace

  • robinred

    He doesn’t look like he’s near death. Something STINKS about this whole thing..

    God bless your soul and spirit !

  • audrey

    Peace and Love Michael Jackson….
    Wondefuls videos from fans to Michael Jackson :

  • Gigi

    Umm…Don’t you mean he went into cardiac arrest and died? Not two days later, but that day?

  • rocky

    @Naty: He will definitely be missed!! There will NEVER be another one like him.

    You are VERY luck indeed! What great memories you must have.

  • E

    I hoped he died upbeat. It is awful to be worried, stressed or depressed. If he died a happy man then we should all be thankful. I hope his children will be allowed to know their mothers and Joe Jackson cools it when it comes to the grand-kids. RIP, MJ.

  • Just Jared

    @Gigi: Was still editing, thanks!

  • robinred

    He looks better than I expected after reading all the accounts of his failing health.

    I love watching him as a young man and then the dynamic powerhouse with the great voice and dance.

    The artists of the day just don’t hold a candle to his talent and gifts. A born entertainer and a man with a good heart.

  • amber

    kind of creepy that it says, “this is it” behind him…i know that’s not how they meant it, but still. he was one of a kind. i will miss him!

  • Noa

    rest in peace!

  • Sam

    This can’t be happening, he can’t be gone… I am so gutted after seeing how amazing he looked during rehearsals, how amazing the set was, the best concert and biggest musical comeback in history. Why God…?

  • Noa

    I don’t know why but I feel like the parents/familie have somethink to do with his dead, they don’t even cry if my brother/son or somethink would die I would cry for 2 months
    its weird there is somethink not right

  • mj4ever

    i will miss your genius and brilliance. you were a highly gifted individual and because of this, you have exceptional emotional sensitivities to things around you. those tabloids and leeches and greedy handlers, and everyone who wanted a piece of you, were so cruel and meanspirited, it hastened your death. you were never what the media made you out to be, you were a human being with fragilities like us. may those who sought to destroy you be judged one day for the crime they did to bring you down.

  • Rocky

    german newspapers are reporting, that those pictures are fake … its someone else acting as michael

  • Amanda

    Thank you for posting These photos and not the “Other one”. We, Michael’s Fans needed to see him doing what he does best. The stage made him happy. You can see it. He will ALWAYS be loved.

    To the haters that no doubt read these comments. We dont need to hear you. You dont need to show your ass and post disrespectful things about Michael. Your comments dont mean sh!t to the fans and your wasting your typing skills doing what you think is funny.

  • Amanda

    @Rocky: No Thats Michael

  • irish girl

    He does NOT look good.
    He looks emaciated and frail and certainly not in good enough health to launch a 50 show tour.
    I wonder of the family will continue with the shows. Probably. Perhaps Janet will jump on board the money train… I mean remembrance tour.

  • RIP michael

    there will never ever EVER be anyone like him. I’m gutted and the tears are just not stopping. Its surreal to see him on stage and in so many years look HAPPY, COFIDENT and raring to go for his tour. I just cant believe he has passed away. RIP always Micheal. I feel lucky to have lived in the same era as that of Michael Jackon and been a witness to his performances and music.

  • Freddie

    OMG! STE TV CHINA claims Michael is alive!

  • agathi

    if only this could be a lie….i really wish someond told me that its a lie….cant believe life without this performer…really i am gonna miss his powerful movement…he maked me happy with his songs..

  • Amanda

    @irish girl: How rude can you be. A man is dead and you call it the “Money Train”. You must be a hater else you would have some compassion for a man who has done so many wonderful things.

    Michael looks Fabulous. he doesnt look as you said he looks. Michael is a fantastic man and will always be missed regardless what haters say about him……..In regards to China. They are wishful as always.

  • gGlam

    I agree with #20.

    ..but he looked happy to be on stage again. I think the pressure and the thought of “disappointing the fans” affected him. I read an article saying he felt helpless, cuz he couldn’t sing and dance like he used to.. he was very scared he would disappoint the fans or give a lousy performance and face that public humiliation..that’s a lot to bear up, all in addition to his frail health condition..
    It’s so sad to see an amazing, talented man like Michael going through an emotional hell, as people stand down and watch his self-destruction.. I doubt no one knew he was troubled.. it’s just that no one cared enough to at least say “hi, how are you?” to him.

  • rocky


    I completely know how you feel. They were playing his complete videos on VH1 over the week-end and I kept saying to myself that he was still alive and not gone. Like you, I still can’t believe it.

  • http://lidora1666@YANDEX.RU lida

    People like him dont die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shaya

    He looks so good :(
    He truly was a beautiful person inside and out.



  • Bee

    He seems so happy on those pictures… so alive… Im just 14, his music is lot older than myself but I love it. Its such a shame for whole world… They were laughing at him. Now they dont dare cuz they see what they have missed. My 7 year olds sister loves his music also and THAT means something! His music was one of a kind, there will be no other person like him. He started something new and HUGE. Every single one artist who meant/means something in music business copied him in some way… But I hope hes on a better place now. RIP, Michael!

  • http://justjared shamilah

    OMG why did this hav to happen to him :(
    he looks so good in these picture’s such a good person in this world who has gone. Why…….:(
    everyone loved him, his music is the best, nothing ever is going to be better than Michael’s music ever!!!! Miss Him soooo much, just wish this wasn’t True!!! i hope he goes to a much better place, Everyone is going to miss him, His Music Will still go on for ever. R.I.P Michael Jackson! We Will Miss You Alot!!!!!!

  • bored

    Why are people saying he was anorexic? Look back on MJ’s history and you’ll see he was always the same size. He was a skinny dude. @gGlam: that report was false. a lot of the people at the rehearsal said MJ “still had it” and the rehearsal was “electrifying” I think I’ll believe the people who were there instead of the people who are pretending like they knew him and what he was thinking/ feeling.

  • Sarah

    I miss you Mike…
    I will always love you I ‘ll never let you part…

  • glotree51

    We loved Michael and my son was one of his greatest fans. We loved the Jacksons so much I named one of my children after the Jackson 5′s. Our heart goes out to the family and our prayers will be with you always. We are the world that loved Michael and we thank you very much for sharing him with us.

  • Terra

    In the last few years I really haven’t gotten into his music…I’ll be honest. But, I am 36 years old and a lot of my child hood memories include him. He was a very talented and amazing singer and dancer. Part of my child hood died with him. :(

  • Fatima

    I saw Michael with the Jackson 5 and the Osmonds, oh so long ago.

    I have always loved you Michael, and will love you forever.

  • Shiolo

    Some people here can be so cold it is unbelievable. Janet and any member of the family came out to express their appreciation for the support they have received all over the world and I can imagine how hard it was for them but yet they did it for Mike. If you didn’t like mike and want to tear him even now he is dead via reading tabloids and believing anything that the media brainwashes you with , it is really pathetic . Mike is dead and you can call him names, accuse his family , talk of how much they make etc but they are strong family and this is not the first time media and haters have campaigned against them – So Mike legacy will live on forever and he is King of POP whether you hate him now that he is dead..too bad he cannot hear all your hate now .RIP MIKE, THOSE OF US WITH HUMAN SOULS WE APPRECIATE YOU AND WE KNOW NO ONE IS PERFECT!

  • Diana pinheiro

    we miss you, the world will never somebody like you!

  • deea

    he looks very good in this pictures..and happy to be on stage…but you never know what actually lies beneath…I know he was a very emotional person….his emotions were as big as his talent
    I am sorry there was nobody there with him to tell him:Mike..stop have done’re the man…but you need a good rest and a healthy life
    if he anticipated his death…which i personally doubt..i dont’t think he would have got himself on a 50 concertes london tour knowing he has 3 children at home!
    it saddens me truly that he had no real friends…if he would have made a public appeal to his fans i am sure he would have found more than 1 person to trust and to be willing to take care of his well-being..but it’s too late now for this…may he rest in peace

  • h

    we love you Michael!


  • haitian girl

    wow! that’s how micheal looked last week, he looked happy and he was ready for that concert. he was going to give 100percent at 50

  • haitian girl

    wow! that’s how micheal looked last week, he looked happy and he was ready for that concert. he was going to give 100percent at 50

  • Monica

    Dear Michael.
    You will never be forgotten. Your troubles are over. You will always be in our heart.
    I understand you so well, living the life you had was hard. It wasn`t easy to trust people, you never knew if they liked you for you or for who you were and what they could benefit from being around you.
    So many times i wished i could take you away from it all and protect you from this hard world.
    I think you knew your faith, you died to young but you died at the top. I think you were happy at the end, the way you knew how to be happy: You gave everything to everyone else, you should have though of your self. It wouldn`t matter for those ho loved you for the right ways. You had given us so much already, we knew and we never though bad of you Michael.
    I will keep you in my heart for ever, i hope you are in a good place and can rest in peace and feel our love. I`m sending you a big warm hug, hope you catch it my dear. You are one of i kind and the world have lost a great person with the worlds biggest heart!!! Thanks’ Michael!!!!
    See you in heaven Michael.

    Love always, Monica from Norway.

  • ebenezer love

    Micheal, the whole world is really sad about your death and I say we’ll always remember you. May God give you a perfect resting place till we meet again. We’ve indeed lost a Great Hero.. Rest In Peace Micheal, Rest In Peace…

  • http://justjared jean

    I ,think #5 is right,something stinks. He looks ok little thin but his face didnt look like cant put it in to words.But that morning or night before can change in a heart beat. The Doctor only can tell and if hes smart he wont even tell his law-

  • PNK

    Janet couldn’t handle her own recent tour, dontcha remember? Cancelled after, like, 2 performances. No way she would do this.

    He looks amazing and happy, CANNOT believe he’s dead. NO-NO-NO
    SAY-SAY-SAY It isn’t so!

    He’s the best. I want to see the film of this rehearsal show, it looks that good!

  • Jolie hot chin not

    Sad because he looked so great. Does not look like someone who was to die the next day. RIP sweet Michael. May you no longer be tormented by demons. Rest in peace.

  • lyla

    this makes it even worse
    rest in peace michael jackson

  • trinalove

    I have always felt a connection to Michael Jackson from the time I was a little girl and saw him on tv to the las few years with the hardships he was having with people trying to make him look bad. So what he was a little wierd. We all are in our own ways. Look at his background and upbringing. He never really had a childhood thanks to his father. He was living his life thru the children he kept around him. They were all honest with him and that is why he had so many children as friends or made friends with children and kept them as friends for as long as he could.
    I had my 10 year old son watch some of his videos and he was just loving them. He didn’t know about the moves, the songs, he loved them and know Michael has another fan.
    We can all say we were his friends, but were we…. really?????
    Did anyone ever stop to think…. Did we ever really imagine Michael as an old man?????

  • sparplug70

    I strongly agree with everything you said. I feel the same way.