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Rihanna is a Philippe Chow Chick

Rihanna is a Philippe Chow Chick

Rihanna keeps it comfy in a Helmut Lang oversized dress shirt while grabbing lunch at the upscale Chinese restaurant Philippe Chow on the Upper East Side of New York City on Monday (June 29).

The 21-year-old Bajan beauty lunched at the best table in the house with singer/songwriter Santigold (formerly Santogold, nee Santi White, pictured here).

Is a Rihanna-Santigold collaboration in the works? Let’s hope so!!!

Rihanna brushed her hair down this time around. Wasn’t it more fun when it was high and spiked up???

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Credit: Jackson Lee, Gawker; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • irish girl

    It’s almost unnatural to see her hair look…. ordinary.

  • true blood

    Her hair looks much fuller on top.
    You can tell it’s a weave.

  • Steph

    I think her hair looks better this way but she looks very butch.

  • Weeds

    Bitch is still fug but at least she covered that fivehead.

  • Adam

    No way that’s a chick.
    That’s a man!

  • frenzy

    Looks like Rihanna’s balls finally dropped.

  • salma

    She has nice skin but she needs a better lipstick color.
    Neutral shades wash her out.

  • opus

    C’mon, two posts about her in one day and she’s not doing a thing in either. Just combine posts instead of taking a spot from someone.
    She makes Katie Holmes look productive.

  • irish dreams

    Rihanna is the new Paris Hilton of the blogosphere.

  • narnia

    Her hair reminds me of Adam Lambert’s.

  • black beauty

    you people need to listen to “hi hater’ by maino
    rihanna looks great!

  • pr person

    She’s out for her daily photo-op.

  • express

    If Rihanna were a guy, she’d look good, but she looks transgendered here not great.

  • scooby doo

    First it was Prince, then Michael Jackson, now it’s the dude from American Idol. Bitch needs to stop swaggerjacking everyone’s style!

  • Ewww

    In the close-ups, you can see the glue holding on her wig.


    Beautiful girl.

  • thanks

    More BET, less Rihanna!
    She is overexposed and boring.

  • LULU


  • LULU


  • Jen

    Finally she toned down the hair. Now she just needs someone to teach her how to do her makeup. Beige lipstick is not a good look.

  • rascal

    I think she looks just as bad here as she did with the big hair. Both are unflattering styles.

  • cupcakes

    I’m sick of this alien looking girl.

  • Justin

    I don’t know why but her legs look thicker.
    Not that that’s a bad thing.

  • chronies

    Pretty soon her booty will be bigger than Beyonce’s.


    The new haircut looks great!

  • Eh

    all girls look like guys with man hair. one time a barber completely messed up my hair, and he had to cut it really short like a guy’s.

    guess what? i was mistaken for a guy by a police man when my dad was driving me to soccer practice and he got a ticket…it sucked and i was extremely offended

  • borat

    Who’s the dude?

  • Ma76

    I don’t think short hair really suits Rihanna. Neither does long hair. She should try a chin length bob. She doesn’t have the features to pull off really short hair. Probably her best look is a chin-shoulder length bob.

  • chick

    she needs a job

  • lola

    Good lord the hateration is being guzzled up in here. LMAO! What would you haters have for a life if you couldn’t rag on this girl 25/8? Nada. The fact that you NEED Rihanna to appear interesting says a lot. You must be doing something right Ri cuz the haters can’t shut up about you. When they do THAT…then it might be time to call it quits. For now? Get yours and get paid doing it. Bawhahahaha

  • Leo

    Rihanna is too boring to hate. The constant photos, however, are annoying and “haters” are not going to buy this chick’s records. She needs lovers not haters if she wants to become more than a singles girl.
    Hope she’s getting paid for all these paparazzi pics because she doesn’t seem to be working much.

  • Honest 26

    and why is she still relevant? She only has good looks going for her. She cant sing or dance. She better come harder this year with the album, and from the sounds of it with that “te amo” bull, her next album is gonna flop.

  • April

    Santogold is awesome, I’d love to see her and Rhianna do something together.

  • awesome

    Just wanna say True beauties are actually among ourselves,
    __m ill ion aire ch ats C om__hot and sincere young girls and handsome men there are much more attractive and charming!!!!

  • shurly

    I don’t know why people are so mean and why they hate her so much here, but I think you should ask the paparazzi not to take her picture all the time and you should ask Jared not to buy them. Because it’s not HER fault that you see her here everytime, she’s just living her life quietly.

  • babe_luv_ya

    She is bleaching her skin,you can tell.
    She looks SO weird!
    There is something bizarre about her, I don’t know :s

  • rose

    get em riri keep the hatas talkin u should see how much they hatin and worried bout u right now that they took time out of their day to post about u!!

  • riri

    hooo looks like JZ sister?? mayb thas why he hates on chris so much??

  • Mystique

    Why is Rihanna trying to look like a man? She’s keeping people talking alright but not in a good way and these “haters” her stams keep whining about are not going to buy her cds so all this “talking” will do her no good. She should get a makeover and maybe stay in once in a while. Give people something to anticipate. Let them miss her.

  • sURI

    i like it better sticking up it was edgy and unique
    rihanna your gorgeous cant wait for the next cd
    nd dont u love the haters they give u a reason to do it!!!
    LVE IT!!!




    HEY Mystique!!! maybe rihanna doesnt give a shit about u
    and obviously your obsessed with her and arnt sick of her cuz why would u keep looking at her pics and take time out to post something about her ur prolly a bigger fan than me and will buy all her cds. i bet all these hateful posts are written by the same person. if ur so sick of just jared posting pics of her why dont you stop looking at the pics and writing comments you guys look like her fan club not her haters.

  • tibi

    @MANNY: You really think that person is going to buy her CDs? Rihanna has some pretty silly fans or maybe it’s just a fan (singular). lol If these people were her fans they’d be waxing poetic about how beautiful and talented she is. I bet all the bitching ‘youre a hater’ posts are written by the same obsessed fan. Same pattern of personal attacks because someone doesn’t share their opinion.
    And she does not look good with really short hair. She should go chin length. A woman has to have a striking or truly beautiful face to work hair that short and Rihanna does not cut it in that area. Hair that short makes her look rough. That little curly bob she sported at the WMAs a few years back was adorable. She should stick to that. It’s a good look for her.

  • manny

    I just don’t UNDERSTAND why somebody that doesn’t like her or her style that much and finds her that ugly would look at her pics in the first place and even leave a comment. if shes that ugly then dnt look at her how is that so hard to accomplish. Even though i dnt like calling people in this world ugly their are some people i do truly find ugly but guess what i do when i see them i close my eyes, shut my mouth, and walk the other direction because its none of my business. i truly find it disgusting that people (or person) would have so much hate for a person and themselves that they would make fun of someone they dont know to make themselves fell better…U dnt know HER…u people (or person) are PSYCHO get a LIFE or hobby!!!!!

  • petra

    Rihanna looks great in my opinion. Her clothes, her hair, everything looks so fabiulous

  • incognito

    ^Numbnuts, this is JJ’s blog, not Rihanna’s fan site. We can come here whether we like Rihanna or not. I see Rihanna fans commenting about celebs they don’t like on this site. Freedom of speech works both ways. You don’t get to censor people just because you happen to like the celeb. If you don’t like it, you go get a life and hang out on a fan site instead of trying to police everyone’s comments.

    Nothing beautiful about this woMAN, she looks like a dude and the outfits she wears are just silly, not stylish.



  • Suppress your appetite

    Love this girl!

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