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Rihanna Trumps Them All

Rihanna Trumps Them All

Rihanna covers up in a baby blue hoodie and bares her legs as she steps out of her Midtown Manhattan hotel on Saturday afternoon (June 27).

Earlier in the day, the 21-year-old Bajan beauty was seen shopping at H&M and Steve Madden.

On Sunday, Rihanna was M.I.A. from the 2009 BET Awards but she did pick up the BET Awards for Beautiful Hair and Viewer’s Choice (for her music video for “Live Your Life” with T.I.).

15+ pictures inside of Rihanna trumping her competition…

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rihanna trump 01
rihanna trump 02
rihanna trump 03
rihanna trump 04
rihanna trump 05
rihanna trump 06
rihanna trump 07
rihanna trump 08
rihanna trump 09
rihanna trump 10
rihanna trump 11
rihanna trump 12
rihanna trump 13
rihanna trump 14
rihanna trump 15

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  • Cooh

    it’s just too much,she has to many things,it’s not fun anymore to look at her,she seems fake

  • Yay!

    Trumping her competition at what? Worst outfit in New York ?

  • Yay!

    She trumps the competition at ugliest yellow shoes worn without pants.

  • la sigh.

    she looks trashy, so over this over rated girl.

  • pinkydoo

    She looks so outdated to me. Like something out of the 80′s or 90′s.

  • Scott

    I love how she won for ‘Beautiful Hair’, but one issue, her hair changes weekly haha. I never thought any of her hair styles were beautiful, I thought trashy at best. I like her music, and think she is unique. But like Cooh, I also think she seems fake.

  • dancer

    She looks like a transvestite.

  • LULU

    she’s gorgeous

    hello haters

  • kesler

    There are so many great pics of celebs to post yet this blog runs to post every single ugly photo of this chick. The label must pay them.

  • T

    Is that Rihanna? What happened to this girl? She looks like a homeless man who waxed his legs and ripped off a jewelry store.

  • Cisco

    I dont understand her appeal. I think she looks silly.

  • etro


  • just sayin’

    Does anyone else notice how ridiculous she looks whenever she comes to NY? Rihanna is sort of normal and cute in LA, but everything goes to shit once she hits NY. She gets so much more attention in NY than LA.

  • Pepsi

    Must have been a sale on hooker shoes…

  • CheapRules

    Oh come on Etro, youre having a Giraffe -she looks incredible!

  • AOZ

    What planet is she on? Why do celebrities think they can throw on crap and make it look hot?

  • zxc

    Hate her. She is soooooooo overrated.

  • fusion

    If you love ‘cheap clothing,’ she looks incredible.
    Seriously, she’s one of the worst dressed celebs. Time for her stylist to retire or this girl to be arrested by the fashion police.

  • Tis True

    Tis True. The girl cannot dress.
    Her body is her best feature – she looks phenomenal naked – and she’s managed to make even that look unattractive.
    Agree, she looks like a shemale in these pictures.

  • D


  • McLovin

    That dress is completely hideous and so is her hair.

  • Wilson

    Finally the big headed chick got a decent rug.

  • Shop Bop

    Love the hoody. Other than that she looks a damn fool.

  • Custom T

    She’s weirdddddd.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    Cool hoodie!

  • lulu

    I think Rihanna needs to lay off the lipstick, she looks like a clown.
    I wish she’d get her shit together.

  • L

    I respect her totally when she’s a singer, but fashion-wise,she’s just trying too hard. Ever since she got that haircut,she’s been acting like some fashionista wannabe…

  • enoughalready

    Y’all just now finding out that she is fake with no talent! Rihanna is in New York cause she is out of her element here and just like L.A. people are getting tired of her. Jay-z’s new song the death of Auto Tone is only going to hurt her cause that is what have sustained her thus far. Rihanna has no obvious talent just walking around in free clothing looking stupid. If the only thing you can give me is walking around in clothes showing off what! And you are an singer, then something is wrong with this picture. She needs to take a long trip back home (they dont want her there anymore either) and take singing lessons, dancing lessons, quit getting deeper and deeper in the labels pockets.

    Rihanna just go away for a while! But is’nt it real she got an award for hair and the one she got with T.I was because of T.I and not her!

  • live your life f**k haters.

    enough already jealous much get a life haters

    all this nonsense you people are saying doesnt affect on e bit she is going to get richer while you fools keep running your mouths.please people get a life all of you.

  • nyro

    Rihanna foots the bill for most expenses right now. Hard to get rich that way. She looks trashy and her clothes are wearing her instead of vice versa. Doesn’t she get designer freebies anymore?

  • bella

    Wow, she seems to have become like the rest of the young Hollywood, who just dresses designer and shops all day. Such a hard life.

  • sandy-boo

    i think she looks gorgeous
    all u h8tz stop h8tin
    cuz u can neva b lyk her..

  • Lizzie

    her career is slowing down

  • babe_luv_ya

    She’s gross

  • Meream

    Hoodie and nothing else? Oh-kay. I think she has gorgeous skin,though.

  • becca

    i love rihanna!

    she looks amazing!!!

  • enoughalready

    I really hope I’m never like her, I wish and am PROUD to be me! Rihanna is a fake so who wants that on their head anyway?

    She walking around pretending that’s she shopping and people actually believe it, it is hurting her more than it hurts us, she’s the one living the lie. This girl with her immature, young stupid self should be at home with her family instead of walking around trying to make people think she got it going on. I my self looks darn good in my clothes when I put them on I dont need a Rihanna to make my self realize something I’ve known from the getgo. That’s what wrong with the young impressionable this generation they try to live through the wrong entertainers. Be your self and dont let people like an Rihanna make you fill like something.

  • Jen

    could she dress any worse? I have never liked her much besides she is a horrendous singer who thinks she is a fashionista but isn’t

  • irish girl

    Gorgeous girl. I’m glad that Chris got what he deserved.

  • lenna

    she looks so beatyful l love her

  • jess

    She is only 21 but looks much older. Too much make-up and the clothes look cheap. She would probably be very cute if she took better care of herself.

  • rihanna is a nobody now..

    See everyone was Chris Brown there NO WAY MAN…HE WILL NEVER
    NOW. Wow bright yellow shoes with a pastel blue hoodie and short
    skirt..the 80′s again..Where are her famous friends..does she have
    any…from this decade..

  • chritina

    i love rihanna i am the big fans of her she look fabulose here in all photos that she have she is the most baeutiful singer in the word i love her songs and her new look is just perfect

  • http://khristi06/29/2009@12:29pm Khristi

    You guys sure love to post crap about people. If you don’t like someone that much-why take up your time to tell them how shitty they are. Jealous much.

  • babykiki

    Why does she think she looks good? Hmmmmmmm.

  • stop it please…

    @rihanna is a nobody now..:

    Well actually, RIhanna wasn’t at the BET Awards either. And it was said that BET kept changing their minds because they didnt want the backklash. And Jay-Z said that he wasn’t going to perform if CB was going to. I think that it would’ve did the show some justice, because most of it was a hot mess. I think that we should forgive him and let him pay his respects to MJ. There were plenty of other performances that I believe should’ve been scratched. “Drake and Weezy” what was that Drake sat the whole time bc of a torn ACL, and lil’ girls paraded around while they were singing “F… every girl in the world”. What happened with that??? CB will get his chance you just wait and see!

  • Chelsea

    @AOZ: b cuz they can.

  • Magnolia

    Sure they can wear ugly stuff, but it doesn’t mean they look good. Rihanna looks like shit here. Commenting on it doesn’t mean we’re jealous. Nothing to be jealous of with this weekly trainwreck. It’s a shame this girl has turned into a sideshow. She gets more attention now for her crazy clothes than her music.
    And we’re all entitled to share our opinions on this blog, positive or negative. Shame we get these crappy photos instead of coverage of the beautiful and talented Alicia Keys at the BET Awards.

  • Chelsea

    I get PO win all u haters try 2 insult her win ur just jealus.U don’t no wat it’s like 2 gro up poor then 1 day every 1 looks up 2 u.Plus she just had 2 go thru all that s*** with Chris Brown.

  • YUCK