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Britney Spears - 'Radar' Music Video

Britney Spears - 'Radar' Music Video

The Britney Spears music video for “Radar” just leaked out onto the Internet!

It’s the fourth single from her latest album, Circus. The vid was shot on May 27 and 28 at the Bacara Resort & Spa just north of Santa Barbara, Calif. It was directed by Dave Meyers, who previously worked with Brit on her music videos “Lucky”, “Boys”, and “Outrageous.”

Lookin’ good, Brit!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Brit’s new vid — HOT or NOT?

Britney Spears – ‘Radar’ Music Video
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  • Jill


  • karenina


  • twitter

    follow me on twitter!!! :)

  • rpatzfan


  • Mando

    Boring :(

  • Tt

    she’s hooooooooooooooot!!! and the video it’s amazing!!!!

    she always makes great videos, even with the balckout, but…

    she’s slowly making a solid come back to what she was, and the videos show that.

    a few more, and brit will be making those hot irresistible videos that she’s known for!!!!

  • Jamie

    already taken down :( boo…anyone find it anywhere else???? i need me some britney!!

  • Ashley

    boo i cant watch i wanna see it….

  • kate

    HOT, LOVE IT!!

  • Kind’ve boring. I was expecting something more futuristic to go along with the song, it didn’t match that.

  • SimbiAni

    Damn, Zomba sure is QUiCK! ;P

    *waits for next links*

    and for some reason the “info” boxes won’t let me use caps.. oy lol

    - SimbiAni

  • SimbiAni

    @SimbiAni: Oh, they went thru anyways.. cool ;D

  • .
  • C4rlit4

    Hot !!

  • Dani-l


  • Jamie

    Seeing as how Radar is recycled from Blackout, they should have pulled out all the stops to make this video and song rise to the top. Instead we get this cheesy snooze-fest. I loved the Womanizer and Circus vids, If U Seek Amy was decent, but this is a lame video. Radar is a dance song…where is the dancing? It seems all the dancing we see Brit do anymore is edited down to 1/2 second clips in her videos and simply prancing around on the stage in her concert while her dancers do the heavy lifting. I’m a huge fan and want to see her do well, but this was a throwaway single/video at best. :-/

  • Ariana

    i thought radar was on the other album? i did a dance to radar like last year?

  • angila Assemble

    It’s a very good video. I like Britney spears.

  • sarahhh

    boring. hm… why she not dance???? i like the song.

  • lyla

    I really love this video, actually I really love Britney Spears..she doesn’t need to dance in all her videos this one has a story it’s diferent I REALLY LIKE IT and QUEEN BRITNEY looks amazing so gorgeous!!

  • Noticias de famosos

    Britney looks great and sexy, I love the video!

  • ho

    Why won’t this no-talent white trash whore go away? Only gay boys and trashy girls like this s1ut.

  • Adrienne

    This song is HORRIBLE. One of the worst Britney song ever. I don’t really like the video, either.

  • mia

    Love this video, intresting style minus the stripper shoes.

  • karmiz_cute

    She’s soo pretty in this vid.. people saying that it sucks… are soooo lame. Go Britney!!! love u

  • mike

    oh wow, totally different to what i was expecting, and pleasantly surprised! im glad it wasnt futuristuc and lasers and crap how everyone was hoping for!

  • Anita

    I vote HOT:)
    But this song isn’t good:(

  • ana

    euhh.. a bit disappointed i must say…different type of video im not used to that but she looks amazing anyway!

  • DeliciousFAg

    @ho: yeah i’m a fag and a slut and i love britney. so what’s your point bitch

  • valeriefiercy

    This video SUCKS!!! are you kidding me??!!!!!!!! i don’t feel the transitions!!!! i feel like I’m just watching a race of horses! this is the first time that ive seen a video of Britney that doesn’t have video Effects…. BORING!

  • valeriefiercy


  • Hello_Stranger

    That’s Hot !!

  • Rose

    The guys look hot <3
    Britney looks hot <3
    Clip is awesome :)

    Great work Britney :D

  • Biankizz

    Totally HOT! The girl is coming back, haters! Love it!

  • kc

    I don’t get what’s wrong. This video was directed by the same guy that directed Britney’s video “Lucky” back in 2000. The “Lucky” video didn’t have dancing either but it worked. Here…this is just way too boring. The “Gimme More” video was even better than this. ):

  • Zzarazza

    Horses are beautiful… oh wait, it was Britney’s video!

  • NativeNYker

    Damn her music is for crap.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • mary

    she’s hot

  • Julie


  • Lucas

    I hate it.

  • *******

    I thought the video was pretty good. Just wondering why she always has sound affects to her voice lately and to see her suppose to be dressed up like a lady was kind of funny. It would have seemed more like her to be walking into a bar with a pair of daisy duke shorts on eye balling a guy, but like I said I was pleasantly surprised.

  • lala

    love it. she looks amazing

  • dj_riley

    She gets some really handsome men to star in her music videos. I love her boots in the opening sequence.

  • MalePaus


    Im the Male Heidi Montag.
    Jesus loves you xx

  • Adri

    I usually like her music, but think this song is very annoying and not catchy. She looks great though. I think she is finally comfortable being a sexy woman and a mom, instead of a little girl. She really didn’t have much of a transition period and I think that’s why she couldn’t deal with it all. Glad to see her doing so wonderful. Hopefully the next thing is she’ll find the right man to support her and make her happy.


    I love it, and I love britney spears so much, !

  • Greg

    What I don’t understand is her videos have these good-looking men but she settles for less than average looking men to date and fall for??? She need to aim higher.

  • chloe

    The video makes more sense for a country ballad. I expected the setting for this song to be a dance club. But oh well.

  • jenna

    I think this video is a joke.
    She can’t even sing anymore, hello?
    Does anyone have a brain out there?
    Her voice is always put through a computer now, like a robot.
    She even acts like a robot.
    I think the Britney people need as much $ as they can get for their lifestyles. It’s not about the music anymore. She is just working it for every last penny she can suck out of her fans until she’s 40.

  • Vann

    super hot!