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Gwyneth Paltrow & Beyonce: Double Date!

Gwyneth Paltrow & Beyonce: Double Date!

After performing at the 2009 BET Awards separately, Beyonce and Jay-Z step out on a double date with good pals Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin at Madeo Restaurant in Beverly Hills on Sunday (June 28).

An onlooker tells People that both couples were “definitely having a good time and laughing.” At one point, the group switched seats so the ladies could sit next to each other in the booth while the guys sat on the outside. Cute!

FYI: Chris and GP‘s 3-year-old son Moses calls Jay-Z, Uncle Jay.

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Photos: Frank Micelotta/Getty
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  • irish girl

    It’s cool they get along so well. I wonder how this friendship started?


    Where is RIHANNA since Jayz announced that he would not do the show if Chris Brown was there… She should be inbetween Beyonce


  • l ray

    Too cute! Coldplay is awesome!

  • casey

    LOVE both couples!

  • camarlengo

    go chris! gwyneth you suck!

  • Rita

    power couples!!!

  • natt

    I think it’s good for both of them to hang out. Because both the couples are practically grand and private reg their romantic lives. Chris and Paltrow have being together since forever so Jay Z and Beyonce are going to achieve that kind of relationship. So it’s wonderful!

  • leslie arnelle

    I love to see these four together…they always appear to really enjoy eachothers company.

  • Keldo

    Beyonce and Jay-Z have been together longer than Gwyneth and Chris. They don’t need lessons from the couple that hardly lives together.

  • jj

    I like that B & J took their time and didn’t rush into marriage. Of course, the circumstances were different, but still it’s a nice way to go.

  • msblknasty1

    wat eva jay got tired of her ass and asked her to move lolol… hes selfish like that…. trust …bey dont want him to slap the shyt out of her in public

  • made up PR BS

    Sounds like Gwyneth and Chris Martin PR bullsh!t, it wouldn’t be their first made up celebrity “double date”.
    Madeo Restaurant has resident paparazzi – where are the pictures?

  • Hannah

    Jay-Z and his wife are a true power couple.
    Chris and Gwyneth not so much.

  • winter

    they’re all annoying and full of themselves. ugh.

  • preening queen bee rihanna

    DON’T FORGET JAYZ AND RIHANNA …she did after all get Jayz to
    get Chris Brown off the list.. Now that is a hot couple forget old
    lady Beyonce when he can have his fill with Rihanna..saying that
    he would not do the show if Chris Brown was there in honor of
    Rihanna give me a break..


    YOU suckas wish you had the bonds that C&J, AND J&B. I LOVE THE LOVE. Im sure they switch each other out from time to time.


    Sorry, C&G.

  • W

    Jay & Bee have been in a long term relationship and did not marry cause Bee had a bun in the oven. You also see them on tour with each other. That’s a genuine relationship. Martin and Paltrow not as much. They seem to be apart quite often.

  • Black

    Jay-Z is married to a beautiful woman. He doesn’t need to cheat with that Rihanna tranny or switch out with hag-face Paltry.

  • pook

    Love them all except for Gwyneth. She is such a boring snot.

  • amara

    Good point # 12, Huvane must be hard at work. I guess Gwynnie isn’t getting enough press for Goop these days.

  • white

    It is great but I heared Chris doesn’t even live with Gwenth and the kids.

  • Pete

    If this really happened, there would probably be pics. Madeo is crawling with paps.

  • Farmer Ted

    We know what Beyonce looked like at the BET Awards so no loss there. Be thankful for no new photos of horsey-faced Paltrow.

  • ivy

    Must be a slow news day…

  • jay z rocks

    I am so glad jay z banned chris brown @ BET
    He’s a good man

  • anon

    If you want an eye opening look at a different side of Beyonce involving JZ’s Maybach and an ambulance go to I was disgusted and it changed the way I saw her for good.


    Why bring out a photo of when they first got married than.. that was what 5 years ago before Apple was born…Way to when you
    can’t get a photo of them together at the event or after at dinner the
    camera did not zoom in on them at the show either..

    As for Jay z rocks… Yeah because he still has a thing for Rihanna..
    As always she will be the light of his eye ..Jayz wife Beyonce is
    way to old for him.. CHRIS BROWN ANNOUNCED THAT HE WAS

  • yummy

    Beyonce is so beautiful. If I were Chris Martin, I’d invite her over and then send Gwynnie out for coffee.

  • anon

    Re Beyonce and ambulance story here is exact link for those to lazy to search site…

    and first post on her site about it…

    Lesson…dont put any person on a pedestal.

  • yummy

    Beyonce is so beautiful. If I were Chris Martin, I’d invite her over and send Gwynnie out for coffee.

  • BEY1

    You ain’t kidding about Bey, beauty, talent, swag….she is the goods. Have you seen Rhianna without makeup? Ugggh…no natural beauty, and even less talent. Stiff as a board.

    Good for JZ sitting Chris’s ass down…..he promised he would make life difficult for the lady beater.

  • sillyally

    I swear, Jay-Z’s nostrils could serve has temporary housing for the homeless.

  • sam

    nobody cares for this two monkies anymore..

  • lala

    @ made up PR BS

    You hit the nail on the coffin. This is nothing but PR BS for BOTH couples.

    As for the Chris Brown incident…wasn’t Jay-Z caught on camera HITTING a woman a few years back? Jay-Z is also a dude that sold DRUGS to his own people and continues to profit from it with his “gangsta lyrics”. Jay-Z is a joke and a hypocrite!

  • fathead

    With all the money they have and how they want to control the music industry they should all live together in a bubble..and he can be the king of all the fools and puppets.

  • ron

    jz is the master to all his puppets at the bet awards….shame

  • riri

    Tommorw he will be walking with another bigger ego…oprah

  • @@

    JZ kinda looks like Riri the hoooo could b his fam..

  • pictures?

    “If this really happened, there would probably be pics. Madeo is crawling with paps.”
    Did anyone see pictures?

  • dee

    People make me laugh calling somebody 27 old. Are people really that jealous of successful, talented and gorgeous people. Beyonce is 27 and Rihanna is 22. I fail to see that she’s that much older than Rihanna. Jay-Z is more than a decade older than both of them. What a chauvinistic attitude to think that a 27-year old isn’t young enough for him. Anyway, it doesn’t matter because Beyonce is much more beautiful and talented than Rihanna. So I’m sure Jay-Z is very happy he wind up with the lady that he did. Also, Jamie Foxx said that BET was the one that decided against Chris Brown not performing because they didn’t want to steal the spotlight away from Michael Jackson by inviting Chris this year. He said that Jay-Z had no choice in that decision because Jay-Z doesn’t run BET.

  • dee

    @ Sam, You are a racist pig. I’m sure that nobody cares about your pig butt anymore. You are digusting.

  • dee

    My last comments to Sam didn’t post. But you’re a piece of trash. Nobody cares about a piece of trash.

  • lakers fan in boston

    lol i could just imagine what they talked about
    i kinda imagine it would be a bit awkward

  • cherry

    beyoncé is top sexy but paltrow is a foulbrood without formless.

  • SarahC

    Actually I care more about them than those island monkeys Marc Anthony and that fat loser hasbeen- JLO Jello!

  • plez

    Both females are fakes.

  • remember da truth

    What is this Rihanna fan going on about like a fool who hasn’t discovered that men and women can work together and not be sleeping together?

    “Give me a break” it says, because Jay Z acted like a man and told Chris Brown how to behave like one, too? Wish others had done so, especially black leaders of the music industry. No one needs another Ike Turner around.

    And Jay Z was Rihanna’s PRODUCER, idiot. Not every man and woman in the vicinity of each other are hot for the other one. What, are you in high school and just learning about relationships and boys and girls? It was fitting that the producer stand up and say something, and try to guide the young girl who was confused and stop the young man from a destructive path. Not enough people in the music industry took a stand, so I give kudos to Jay z for doing so.

  • tasha

    I think that it’s so cool that they’re friends. Three of the greatest musicians in the world now–Beyonce, Chris Martin and Jay-Z.

  • jmho

    I have never gotten Gwyneth’s appeal, but Beyonce is absolutely beautiful and seems very sweet. I can’t imagine Jay-Z would cheat with what he’s got waiting for him at home. Beyonce seems to adore her husband. She may be older than Rihanna but to me, Rihanna looks older than Beyonce.