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Hilary Duff's Side Tattoo: Ma Petite Amie!

Hilary Duff's Side Tattoo: Ma Petite Amie!

Last week, Hilary Duff vacationed in a little black bikini on a beach in Hawaii.

The 21-year-old singer/actress showed off a new tattoo on the right side of her rib cage that read “ma petite amie.”

The Duffster‘s new tattoo likely refers to a close female friend, meaning either “my little friend” (literally) or “my girlfriend” (proper meaning). The tattoo probably is not referring to boyfriend Mike Comrie, so who could Hilary be referring to? Older sister Haylie Duff perhaps?

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Hilary Duff’s new tattoo?

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  • adrianna

    hahahaha “ma petite amie” omg she’s dumb all the french people understand that as “my girlfriend” you don’t says “ma petite amie” when you mean “my liltle friend” !!!!

  • karenina

    its little so is ok

  • offtheproperty

    she still looks great despite the singular minor self-inflicted flaw

  • monoi

    “ma petie amie” does mean “my girlfriend” in french. Petite amie = girlfriend here in France so, no mistakes.

  • bey rocks

    lol why do people get tattoos in foreign languages if they dont really know what they are stating? and anyway, i saw this tattoo last week the first time i saw this picture. why are u only talking about it now Jared?

  • winter

    yeah, i don’t understand the getting of a foreign language tat. specially when ya don’t speak that language. anyways, that tattoo looks stupid.


    She should write nothing

  • irish girl

    This new “writing” fad in tattoos will pass just like the other trends.
    Look at Pam Anderson’s barbed wire tattoo. At the time everyone thought it was amazing and many celebs and regular folks copied her. Look at it now… tacky and not attractive especially on an aging woman’s body.
    She’s been packing on weight too, so this tattoo will stretch and distort and look like a mess eventually.
    I am glad I never went in for this permanent body art. It looks semi-passable on the young, but tres, tres declasse on older people. (BTW, Hilary, if you’re reading that means very, very classless)

  • HMM

    Looks wonky

  • Kah

    can refer a nickname by which the flame Mike

  • Pining for Chris

    Irish Girl…you’re right!
    I hope this star craze will go too, even though Rihanna killed that quickly! Everyone I know has them, it’s sad. People really don’t think into the future do they? That dumb arse tattoo on Rihanna’s hand is gonna look GREAT in 20 years….

  • Noticias de famosos

    To be a tattoo so small could have chosen better elsewhere, there is no good.

  • bleh


  • blah

    yup, it means girlfriend. otherwise it ll be mon petit ami, that means my boyfriend in french.

  • tassibelle

    it’s pretty crud to be quite honest. come on hilary!!

  • Sofia

    first hayden with “vivere senza rimIpianti” (i’m italian, and trust me, it’s spelled in the wrong way, its’ “vivere senza rimpianti” withou the “i” betweem “m” and “p”) then hilary with this no sense tattoo…i hope it does make sense for her but…the rest of the world will just laught at her…LOL

  • Dani

    Hilary’s tattoo isn’t supposed to make sense to the rest of us. So long as it is important to her, that is all that matters. tattoos are a personal choice for those who have them.

  • storyliar

    hillary give up your drugs please

  • Holly

    Where did you see “ma”? It could be “ta petite amie” – “your GF”. It’s obviously referring to Mike

  • blah

    “The 21-year-old singer/actress showed off a new tattoo on the right side of her rib cage that read “ma petite amie.” ”

    there honey, i read it there!

  • Sharon

    yeh i was gunna say doesnt that mean girlfriend in french haha

  • franky

    The picture doesn’t actually show the word “ma”, so unless another picture surfaces with it, you can’t necessarily believe it says ma petite amie.

  • Lola

    Ma petite copine means a more serious girlfriend in French than ma petite amie.

  • heythere

    she got it with best friend, and MOD host, leah miller.
    so cute ;)

  • heythere

    oh and p.s
    they got the same one, so the meaning is MY GIRLFRIEND…
    so i believe she knew the

  • boo

    I don’t like tattoos and, if you are going to get one, why not get one in your own language???

    I have so many girlfriends with 90s tats and tramp stamps on their lower back and I feel sorry for them.

  • lovely

    I think it’s really beautiful.
    And she looks healthy, not fat. Stop looking at Vogue.
    And I’m pretty sure even thought it’s a common french term, it also runs
    from Le Petit Prince (That’s a book for all of you who don’t know).

  • iluvshoes

    Its Hilarys body… she can do whatever she wants….

  • ewredrrarw

    she has another tatto on her leg. it says “let it be”

  • brad.

    Why do people always say that those with tattoos will regret them when they get older! That’s ridiculous! Tattoos are always about the present, anyone that gets one, knows this. Besides, who cares what they look like 25 years from now! People that get them want them, and think that they are either cool or have meaning. What do you suggest, that if we want a tattoo, to wait for a few years and see if you still want it and make sure that you don’t put any weight on in the meantime! Give your judging head a shake and leave people alone!

  • Amanda

    is for her sister! Shut up! the body is her, she will give that a tattoo! Nobody has nothing to do with it. I loved the tattoo, I thought very beautiful. is a tribute to Haylie, stop acting as if it were a crime. She make a tattoo quiz in French, let alone!

  • Lily

    If she and her friend got the same tattoo, it shouldn´t be “ma petite amie”, because although in English the word girlfriend can mean both from the point of view of a boyfriend (or girlfriend) or a female friend, in French this specifically means girlfriend as in a (sexual) relationship type of thing…

  • french girl


  • Randi

    I think she’s an ADULT, so who cares what her tattoo is? It’s not like it’s a giant penis on her side or something. Let her be.

  • http://MYSPACE.COM Mandii 255

    omg!!!! why cant you people jjust leave the stars alone???? i mean big deal- she got a tatoo, so what if she got a tatoo? not big, whats big is that micheal jacksons dead! let me get this right so if your making a big deal about this, that means if i wear famous and i farted….would you make a big deal ABOUT THAT????????????? I MEAN… EVERY ONE FARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOSOSOSOOSSOO RETARDED

  • Pining for Chris


    Because it’s true half of the time. Fair enough if you’re getting something meaningful….but just following a trend you are most likely going to regret it; just not admit to it.
    I know plenty of people who have gotten stars on their backs (as one example) and regret it now that everyone has them/ it being pointless.
    Some people do care what they look like in the future, for instance in your occupation. You ain’t gonna look very good covered in meaningless tattoos whilst serving a customer are you?! Let’s be real now (and no i’m not talking about a job at a supermarket till)……

    ‘WHAT DO YOU THINK of Hilary Duff’s new tattoo?’ – We are supposed to give our opinions. No one is judging her as a person!
    I for one think it was sensible of her to get it so small and in that area.

  • me


    You are absolutely right. For French speakers here in the US, it means the same thing – my girlfriend.

  • me

    @Mandii 255:

    If you are so concerned about Jackson’s death, then go to those threads. It’s obvious this one isn’t about him. Plus, it’s not as if Michael Jackson made the sun rise and set. He was a musician, not God.

  • amber

    i think it is fine

  • Hmm

    Hmm, that’s so queer. *I mean the old fashioned word, so don’t you all get your trousers in a bunch*

  • kittiekat615

    I think the tattoo is referring to what Mike calls her…so that’s what she’s branded as.
    easssyyy peassyyy

  • MAureen

    I think that maybe it’s her boyfriend who asked hilary to get this tattoo. he was probably thinking “She’s my property” at the moment like “she’s MY GIRLFRIEND” or whatever idk

  • Michelle

    I had no idea she had a tattoo!!! But I would seriously like to know the reason why she got it.

  • tuck

    in french it means ” my girlfriends ‘ :)

  • Nikki

    When people get a tattoo theres no need for everyone ELSE to understand it. Tattos are personal things and usually have a meaning behind it that sometimes only they need to understand.stop judging!

  • Primp

    Yes, she’s put on weight but she looks ok with it. She always looks ok, girl next door style. Tattoos? Not my bag but it takes all sorts. Hope she’s not trying to do a Megan Fox having lots of text all over her side.

  • Marjorie

    So stupid, it’s like she is dating a girl…
    It’s the same for Hayden Panettiere with italian tattoo
    SO STUPID…lol

  • Willemijn


    Who says it has no sense? Just because you don’t know what it means, it could to her. Maybe her girlfriend is her sister or something.

  • Voula

    I love H.D. I agree with Nikki

  • Willemijn


    How do you know this?