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Public Service For Michael Jackson On Friday

Public Service For Michael Jackson On Friday

A public service for Michael Jackson will be held this Friday (July 3) at his Neverland Ranch, north of Santa Barbara, Calif.

A private service for family and close friends will be held on Sunday (July 5).

Michael‘s hometown of Gary, Indiana, is hoping to be burial site. Gary will host a memorial service July 10.

Michael‘s body will return to his Neverland on Thursday via a 30-car motorcade.

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  • irish girl

    Dollars to donuts Neverland will be turned into a “park” people can visit… for a fee of course.
    Have any of you been to Graceland. They are racking in huge bank. By my estimates, at the time I went in the mid-90s, they were pulling in at least $400,000 in ticket sales alone. WOW.

  • ******

    Prayers to the family

  • ******

    I wondered myself if they would make Neverland a place for visitors like Graceland. It’s going to be interesting to see that’s for sure

  • aerin
  • dundies

    july 3rd is my birthday :(

  • aerin

    ^ Happy birthday, dundies!

  • vika

    honored to live in the same time as Michael did !!!!!!

  • LYNN

    Thanks you jj for that information.

  • Amy Grindhouse

    This is going to be so insanely over-crowded. Sigh. I bet everyone and their momma goes out to mourn him.

  • a total fan

    I mourn the loss of such a beautiful person who had such a misunderstood innocent soul. I truly hope he is now resting in peace because so many made his life at time a terrible place to be.

  • http://justjared think +

    we continue to mourn such a great loss. There are moments in each day when I forget and then remember and it seems like such a nightmere…………….. still too hard to believe.

    I hope we can make it to Neverland someday and see the place he loved.

    RIP Michael

  • Arnoldteam


  • Fabric Princess

    I would like to share a video tribute I made of Michael – it’s for him and his fans. There will never be another creative and artistic genius quite like him.

    Carmen Lozano

    P.S. We were making his costumes at WCC (Western Costume Co.) before he passed, so please forgive me if I brag a little about having been able to see and touch some of them. They were really something to behold!

  • someone

    I wonder if Joe Jackson will charge admission, I woulsdn’t put it past him!


    How sad is it that this child molesting, freak of nature garners nationwide press coverage and the most decorated Marine aviator in US history, a veteran of three wars, passes away and it only makes local news?

  • mailey

    whoa, seriously? wow, that place is going to be crazy. alot of people are gonna go.

  • agathi

    i want to go there…but i am from greece…i am gonna miss him so much …rest in heaven my michael….your star will bright always

  • itis

    CALVINT — THERE IS NO PROOF THAT HE WAS A CHILD MOLESTER. There was a lot of conflicting testimony at his trial which is why he was never convicted of the crime. Personally, I don’t believe he molested anyone. The guy was asexual. I do believe he made some poor judgements…which led him open to other accusations from people looking to exploit him for $$$$$ Research the trial please and then tell me if you think he’s guilty.

  • $ go toreal owner not mike

    Well for starters he does not own it anymore so unless Joe can pay
    the mortgage on NeverLand go ahead..!! And turn it into a Michael
    Jackson Park.. The owner will have to approve and also have to get
    any money from it..

  • Pining for Chris

    Itis…Exactly. People are quick to judge before looking into his background and the trail. I guess the media suceeded in manipulating some people, into believing anything – as usual!

    I wish I could go there in person. Rest in peace Michael.

  • dundies

    :) thanks aerin

  • anna

    Wow with California in financial ruins this will help the budget Hopefully this will be done at the expense of the Jacksons who will be raking in more money than when he was alive! Sad but true. SICKO

  • amez :)


    same :)
    how old will you be?

  • lena

    because micheal jackson is the kinq of pop. he broke down racial barriers and he was the 1st african-american to ever play on mtv. so i think he does deserve to be covered nationwide. stop hatinq the man is dead let him rest in peace.

  • dundies

    same :)
    how old will you be?


    ill be 19, and you :) go cancers lol

  • LuckyL

    I wish I could go!!!!

  • hmmm

    I’ve been listening to Mj on my ipod and it’s amazing how many songs I had forgotten that I love. He was definitely a weird guy but there is no denying his talent. His music is timeless.

  • zulu warrior

    If it is a Joe Jackson organized event, people better bring plenty of money. No wonder Michael didn’t want to wind up looking like his father.

  • Kat
  • Chick

    Chris Brown to Perform MJ Tribute VMA’s 2009

    Please sign, if your not on twitter, sign up, it don’t take that long

  • Shakirakitten

    It is truly a wonderful tribute that Michael will be remembered in the place he so loved. This is a lovely idea and it will be a good memorial.

  • prayer

    It is so terribly sad how his life unfolded. Listening to his music brings my happiest childhood memories. I remember my parents buying our first stereo, and I had his music on a cassette tape, and danced like crazy. He has a beautiful soul. I remember him visiting orphans’ house in Russia. He did love children. It is very very sad.

  • prayer

    There are some comments accusing MJ of child abuse or him being weird. How do you know? Do you have any proof? Only God knows what is happening in that shady “show business” world. But what we do know is his music, his worldwide charity work. He did bring lots of joy into people’s hearts. Michael wasn’t ordinary person. Genius like him is born into this world once in a century. I can’t stop crying right now. Such a sweet person should not have ended like this. He deserved better.

  • ashley

    he was so misunderstood while alive. i believe he was innocent. he had done so many charities. RIP

  • Brenda


    Let me put it this way jerk. You know nothing about a person that has given so much of himelf to save the children of the world. At Neverland there was a special faulicty that was set up for cancer patients that were for children and their parents to get them away from the hospital. If he had been guilty of what you have been saying he would have been found guilty and like all of his fans we know that he did nothing wrong. I went through crap like that and Michael was not like that. He was a Man that never had a childhood he was always on stage and his father treated him like s**t. Also his mother has light a light skin tone for anyone interested. So people grow-up and let Michael R.I.P. We love you Michael and you were a great artist

  • nora

    Michael is only guilty of trusting too much. Even an idiot who is not racist can see his accusers are only after his money. No parent would allow a molester get away with all the money in the world. I am not suprised one of people close to michael set him up.

    Michael is the only american artist in history who is loved all over the world. Sad that his racist coountryment are the ones who are putting him down because of their bigotry

    You are the king michael. The world always love you RIP

  • Wow!?

    R.I.P, Michael Jackson! Unfortunately, what he shared with the world about the old man is correct…an ignorant, despicable, and greedy man. You can take the man (Joe Jackson) out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the man. Don’t purchase the music and line the pockets of this dysfunctional family in the future.

  • ALY

    michael is going to be laid to rest in a muslim service

  • ALY

    and i am hoping to fly in for it