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Rihanna: Happy Birthday, Allegra Versace!

Rihanna: Happy Birthday, Allegra Versace!

Rihanna (in Gareth Pugh) celebrates the 23rd birthday of Allegra Versace (daughter of Donatella) at NYC’s Gramercy Park Hotel on Monday (June 29).

The 21-year-old Bajan beauty’s ex, Chris Brown, was a no-show at Sunday night’s BET Awards because producers pulled his performance at the last minute, the NY Daily News reports.

Jay-[Z] is a big name in the BET community, and he was very vocal about his displeasure with Chris attending the ceremony. He didn’t want Chris anywhere near the awards so close to the court’s ruling,” a source said. While Rihanna was also a no-show, she has reportedly been spending more and more time with Orlando Magic forward Rashard Lewis.

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  • Liverwurst

    Yuck, I’m so tired of reading post about what this girl is wearing…is this news?

  • guest

    She looks like a man in a skirt.

  • vickie

    I think this blog gets paid to post about her cause Rihanna hasn’t been looking too good lately and she doesn’t seem very popular either.

  • beats

    When a 21 yr. old girl looks like a 45 yr. old transvestite, it’s time for a new stylist.

  • WTF

    WTF is she wearing?

  • LA

    Great legs but the dude face kills the look.

  • becca

    she looks beautiful!

  • enoughalready

    The only thing that can be said about this chick is her clothing and it’s getting prettey boring discussing the same thing over and over again..

    Go get some talent and like your mentor said DEATH OF AUTOTUNE OR AUTOTONE…Which means the DEATH of Rihanna

    DOA = Death of Rihana

  • Infinite

    That must be a wig cause she was balding last week.

  • mimi

    Normally I think she’s cute but she looks ugly here.

  • YUCK


  • tea

    She is nice, but her sunglasses are pretty weird

  • YUCK


  • hoyt

    Is that really a woman?

  • Devon

    Her weave looks fake.

  • gemini

    Something about the outfit just seems off to me.

  • tadow

    WOW!!!! I didn’t know so many people HATED Rihanna. Jeez girl, whatever you did to piss them off, you better fix because, shoooot, you are not popular here.

  • Tasha

    Give her an A for effort but C for the look. Rihanna is showcasing her legs — her best features — though the overall style is still unattractive.

  • aqua

    At least she did something with her hair. Imagine how ridiculous she’d look with that Woodpecker do’?

  • pebbles

    Omg! Horrible.
    Doesn’t she have a stylist?

  • greenleaf

    There are no words…. :-)

  • babe_luv_ya

    She is a whore,an attention seeker!!!
    She srly need to get a job

  • yep

    she is cute, but what the hell is she wearing???? lol

  • what’s up

    What’s up with RiRi? Why does she looks so fug lately?
    All that money and she looks so silly. I don’t get it.

  • lmao

    Maybe it was a costume party and she’s going as a female storm trooper? lmao!

  • rose

    damn and this is y we have so much hate in this world. ppl even talk about the little things in life that shouldnt matter like her outfit. for real ppl? i bet half of u can even afford that shit or anything she ever wears even if u didnt wanna wear it. so stop worrying about rihanna and worry bout that good education and money. fools, ppl like ya’ll get left behind in the dust too busy runnin everyones elses BI

  • Love

    Ugly and dump

  • Peace

    Sadly, she probably gets most of those ugly clothes for free and I read they’re deliberately designed to look cheap.
    Agree, she needs an education. She barely completed high school and if she were more knowledgeable maybe she wouldn’t have gotten ripped off by her label. Best thing that could happen to her would be to go back to school but doubtful that will happen. She seems to enjoy the limelight too much.

  • rihrih78666

    Just wanted to say how disappointed I was by your creativity guys… cos you all seem to be posers. It’s not about Rihanna anymore it’s just your lack of self-confidence which makes you think what you are told to.
    I bet that if the very first comment on the post was all about praising this girl, you would all totally go like just pasting it down. It’s not cool.

  • Lisa

    Rihanna is simply gorgeous! The definition of true beauty and she has an amazing sense of style. DAMN there are just to many of you haters now a days, and you guys are just JEALOUS

  • enoughalready

    @29 really, I would not have cared of it was the last comment, this girl is so overrated that it makes you say this stuff. I dont need a Rihanna to make me feel cool and confident but Rihanna needs a stan to make her. #26, Guess what? she cant afford it either, most of what she wears is free, the designer is hoping if she wears it they will buy, but you know it dont work with Rihanna. Rihanna is the type of chick you talk about, but you will not buy what she wears. Her records sold because of the writer not the singer (cause that she is not).. So stop saying hate, this is what these sites are about, venting, not hate, people vent. And you know the label and Little No Talent looks in on these sites. Speaking of Rihanna, Lady Gaga is taking over girl! Rihanna will be walking around next in her underwares instead of just showing the bra when Lady Gaga gets done doing her stuff. It takes true honest talent to survive in this game. Yes Rihanna uses, Autotune, backtracking, lip syncing and all that but the bottom line is true honest TALENT and she dont have it, a look will only take you so far…And ole girl is just about at her end (I got my fingers crossed).

  • lol

    @rihrih78666: @Lisa:

    yall crazy ppl have their own minds if the first comment was nice doesn’t mean everyone would be nice because even when she was famous and most like her she still had “haters” coz that’s wat ppl called it like u so

    she is a cute girl but with no brains, no talent its like a waste of space on this site
    nothing to be jealous of here

  • wft

    @lol and enoughalready, could not have said it better myself..she looks worse by the day even with the free clothes..tries too hard to be relevent like allegra even cares about her…someone must have told her she is a fashionista coz she cleary thinks she is.. she looks horrible and noone would even buy or wear that unless you are a high priced escort..Yuck!!!!!!!!

  • asdf

    The only problem is that the people on here that commented negatively about what she is wearing have no fashion sense and shop at old navy. The outfit is fabulous. And as for her looking like a ‘she male’…that’s insance. When will mainstream America realize that their concept of beauty is NOT what’s considered beautiful by everyone??Being a black female, she is gorgeous…with beautiful black, full features….Why she is photographed everyday, I don’t understand – but she certainly does dress better than the other A-List celebs , including your precious Megan FOx and Angelina Jolie,

  • ITA

    @lol: ITA – people do not base their opinions on the first comment of a post. Only a 12 year old would do that and the first comment of her court appearance post said she looked great and everyone didn’t follow along and say how wonderful she looked, so that debunks that silly theory.
    Also agree, she’s a waste of space here. She is a poser and people are catching on to her lack of talent and originality. She needs the silly outfits to get attention because she doesn’t have great vocals. If this blog didn’t post about her so much maybe people would be kinder, but the incessant posts are annoying especially when you consider more talented performers hardly get any coverage here.

  • Ice

    I am black. I don’t find her attractive and can understand why some might think she looks like a shemale. She is hard looking period and regardless of ethnicity. The way she dresses doesn’t help and just makes her look bizarre. She is not stylish at all but that’s probably not her goal. The stranger she dresses, the better her chances of landing in the papers and websites. Her management knows that and probably encourages the behavior.
    At least when we see posts about Angelina and Megan, they are usually promoting something. Rihanna is just promoting herself.

  • um

    Isn’t She broke





  • huh

    Wow i didnt think chris would want to perform after pleading guilty to beating on a woman. agree that joe jackson is a sleazebag

  • natt

    She’s trying to achieve the diva status but apparently she’s just so trashy to be one. Gosh, move on media to some more attractive and authentic talent woman. Her career is gone when she called 991 and ruined Chris Brown life and went to see Chris Brown months after.

  • msblknasty1

    she is jays mistress….. y is he worried about chris brown …. how dare him he should be worried about that weave, fake booty.. selfish wife of his SMDH…. rhi rhi looks cute

  • Lorna

    if she’s not popular then why thousands of you click to read about her daily

    I loooooooove her outfit. she is channeling MJ


  • babe_luv_ya


  • babe_luv_ya

    HELLO S u C k E r

  • poisonivy

    if people dont like rihanna guess what just jared does not only post stories on her so just bypass the post if you don’t want to read about her….honestly she’s a very pretty girl but her outfit is blah, by now we should all realize whether you think that she is a fashion icon or not her style is always out of the ordinary and she is dressing the way she likes….oh and seriously i highly doubt she wants the papz on her ass every hr of the damn day so its really not her fault that these photographers take pictures of her all damn day long

  • black beauty

    she looks fierce. jared dont start gossiping about rihanna cuz none of that sh*t u wrote is true. stop believing mto!

  • TC

    I don’t know what happened to Rihanna but she’s not pretty anymore. Very rough and manly looking actually. It’s pretty obvious that Jared favors Rihanna but it’s not fair that he shoves her down everyone’s throat. This is a business not a personal blog. He should be giving his readers what they want and keep the Rihanna posts to a minimum. She does not get the hits that Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox does, so business-wise, you can’t justify this type of over-posting. Unless he’s getting directly paid by her label to promote her. You never know.
    If she doesn’t want the paps on her ass, stop tipping them off or move into a house instead of hanging out at a well-known hotel. When she’s in Los Angeles, you don’t see her nearly as much. When she’s in New York, we see her every goddamn day cause her crew is tipping the paps off and they hang out at her hotel. If she hated the attention, she’d stay inside once in a while instead of being out every night with a photo crew.

  • hahah

    i hate this stupid attention seeking b****…… chris brown needs to come back because NO MATTER WHAT he still makes amazing music, and thats all that should matter. and no wonder jay z stood up for rihanna, they were sleeping together and he was cheating on beyonce……haaaaaaa rihanna and her ugly man face and hair need to get off this planet, because truth is honeyyyy, no one likes you no moree ;)

  • rihrih78666

    I couldn’t resist not to reply, haha! Anyways, it’s more interesting than idling away the afternoon.
    • Okay, we’ll start with big Umbrella come-back: I loved the ritzy way she got the ‘bob’ back into the fashion trends when even Y-O-U coppied it.
    • For more, would you ever dare wear high rise which you newbies find ‘oldfashioned’, just like Rih wore it when she promoted FREE (take it) clothes by Derek Lam at The Derek Lam Store Opening in New York? If you did, you would totally get to the top of Teen Vogue’s best dressed list what she’s just achieved.
    • And yes, I almost forgot: you mentioned some kind of ‘lack of her true talent’ but I was still being afraid of if she would beat the king of pop MJ on this little list of worldwide single certifications – IF SHE WILL BRING ONE MORE SINGLE #1 UNTIL JANUARY 2010 AT BILLBOARD HOT 100 LIST, SHE WILL BE NAMED ‘MOST SUCCESSFUL ARTIST OF THE DECADE’. At the moment she is #10, beating evergreens such as Aretha Franklin, Prince, Britney, Christina, Destiny’s Child and George Michael and falling behind Michael Jackson for 3 places.

    So, are you being intentionally thick?!

  • Jolie hot chin not

    I lov eJay Z for standing up against Chris Brown and RI looks great. Avant-garde.