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Rihanna: Happy Birthday, Allegra Versace!

Rihanna: Happy Birthday, Allegra Versace!

Rihanna (in Gareth Pugh) celebrates the 23rd birthday of Allegra Versace (daughter of Donatella) at NYC’s Gramercy Park Hotel on Monday (June 29).

The 21-year-old Bajan beauty’s ex, Chris Brown, was a no-show at Sunday night’s BET Awards because producers pulled his performance at the last minute, the NY Daily News reports.

Jay-[Z] is a big name in the BET community, and he was very vocal about his displeasure with Chris attending the ceremony. He didn’t want Chris anywhere near the awards so close to the court’s ruling,” a source said. While Rihanna was also a no-show, she has reportedly been spending more and more time with Orlando Magic forward Rashard Lewis.

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68 Responses to “Rihanna: Happy Birthday, Allegra Versace!”

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  1. 51
    Global Says:

    # 49 – • She did not get the bob back into fashion trends. It’s been around for ages and other celebs including Victoria Beckham were sporting variations of it before her. Not to mention the countless photos of her looking like she was going bald with this new do. Did she bring baldness back into fashion too?

    • There is little cache in making “Teen” Vogue’s best dressed list and even real Vogue has its share of hits and misses. If she is so fashionable, why doesn’t Vogue feature her on their cover? Even they they can see she’s a trainwreck who overloads on trends. She is not fashionable. She’s tacky.

    • Rihanna’s singles sales success has little to do with actual talent — have you heard her sing live, it’s quite an “experience” — than very good marketing in the Internet/download age. Do you really think she has talent remotely near the level of Aretha Franklin, Christina Aguilera or Michael Jackson?
    Perhaps you are being intentionally thick. If not, I’ve got some swamp land I’d like to sell you.

  2. 52
    ok Says:

    i think rihanna fans are paranoid

  3. 53
    lET them eat cake Says:

    That is probably what Allegra Verscae said.
    Thegirl is a gazillionaire but is anorexic.I doubt if she act cake.

  4. 54
    enoughalready Says:

    @49 It’s people like you who have kept this no talent chick in the industry…Having a nice song dont make you have talent and she is an prime example of that one.. I agree with 51, I to have swamp land in Alaska, wanna buy?

    If Rihanna had it like some think, this chick would be on a beach somewhere away from all this mess, but she’s broke and needs an endorsement cause the old ones have paid and she done spent.

    If D.O.A. comes to real life she is H.I.T.

  5. 55
    LOVVE Says:

    i love the look very futuristic
    mann why isnt she wearing her hair sticking up i love that look
    but whatever shes gorgeous no matter

  6. 56
    rihrih78666 Says:

    I finished two music schools and have my own studio. It’s NOT lipsync dude. Hearing the judgement from amateur people is not my kind of thing. It’s really yours.

  7. 57
    rihrih78666 Says:

    Sure she did bring baldness back into fashion: Kanye West’s girlfriend BALDS it around.
    *’why doesn’t Vogue feature her on their cover’ – certainly because of the fact they already HAVE.
    *If not, I’ve got some swamp land I’d like to sell you. – I didn’t like this. So dull, man.

  8. 58
    rihrih78666 Says:


    Comparing Riri to Lady Gaga? Or even telling Riri is falling behind lady gaga? Man I’m just considering your -i don’t know what to call it- in my calculations:

  9. 59
    dannette Says:

    im srry but i dont think is right wat jayz is doin to chris ….
    chris is a great peformer n just bc jayz doesnt want him there bc of the rihanna(+ i dont like how she been dressin lately but thats her prob)
    but i cant wait when chris has his comeback bc he goin to show all his hatters n jayz what a great performer n artist he is!!

  10. 60
    tibi Says:

    @rihrih78666: What does Kanye’s West girlfriend being bald have to do with Rihanna? You think the woman shaved her head bald so she could emulate RiRi’s receding hairline? I must have missed the baldness trend amongst woman due to Rihanna’s beauty clout.

    Rihanna has never been on the cover of American Vogue. That’s why she was chatting with Anna Wintour recently. She was hoping to land a cover but Vogue turned her down. Wise move. She is not Vogue material or ready for Vogue at the moment. Teen Vogue is not the same thing. They put reality tv stars on their covers. Lauren Conrad has at least two covers. Not a lot of prestige in the junior version.

    No comparison between Rihanna and Lady GaGa. Loonie ass, button head GaGa actually has talent and the pipes to back it up.

    I have some swamp land for sale too if you’re interested. lol

  11. 61
    rihrih78666 Says:

    What does swamp mean? Because im not from America.

  12. 62
    rihrih78666 Says:

    u had to do a little research about all the vogue thing, didnt you? (:

  13. 63
    Rogger Says:

    This looks GLAMUROUS! RiRi perfect.

  14. 64
    sexyred Says:

    Why are the haters comin on here talking **** about riri, they got to b jealous of this beautiful woman or else they would’nt comment on what she’s wearing and how she looks. “Get a life haters”.The woman is living her life, ur’ll making her more famous by commenting on here, stupid idots. Her fans love her and we want to know whats going on with her thats why we come on her site. Don’t come on here if u don’t like her go get a life,

  15. 65
    incognito Says:

    ^Numbnuts, this is JJ’s blog, not Rihanna’s fan site. We can come here whether we like Rihanna or not. If you don’t like it, you go get a life and hang out on a fan site instead of trying to police everyone’s comments.
    No one is making her more famous by posting here. The ones who don’t like her are not going to run out and suddenly start buying her records.
    Nothing beautiful about this woMAN, she looks like a dude and the outfits she wears are just silly, not stylish.

  16. 66
    suppress your appetite Says:

    love her so much

  17. 67
    Irving Plagman Says:

    pretty good stuff!!!!!

  18. 68
    ugg outlet stores locations Says:

    Along with of the weblog is fairly superb. i will like to own the ones colors way too in my blog site.

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