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Robert Pattinson Doesn't Think He's Attractive

Robert Pattinson Doesn't Think He's Attractive

Robert Pattinson films a scene for Remember Me in Central Park on Tuesday morning (June 30) in New York City.

The 23-year-old New Moon actor shared how he doesn’t think he is all that good-looking.

“I never really considered myself attractive,” Robert told the Improper. “I was always kind of gangly in school.”

When asked further about his looks, Robert said, “Good-looking? Noooo. Before I go out to face a crowd, I stare and stare at myself in the mirror until I have to tell myself to stop staring, since there’s nothing I can do.”

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204 Responses to “Robert Pattinson Doesn't Think He's Attractive”

  1. 1
    sally Says:

    that’s because he’s not

  2. 2
    taylor Says:

    HAHA at least he knows it too

  3. 3
    Alexanderina Says:

    he is kind of cute but I don’t find him attractive or sexy and at least he knows he is not, but leave it to the twicrazies to think he is the greatest thing since slice bread.

  4. 4
    Marie Says:

    he’s more than attractive!!! Sexy and humble…beautiful and talented…smart and funny…I take all the package!!!

  5. 5
    Marie Says:

    he’s more than attractive!!! Sexy and humble…beautiful and talented…smart and funny…I take all the package!!!

  6. 6
    twihard69 Says:

    hot i hope he gets with kristen

  7. 7
    liz Says:

    rob is the sexiest man alive!!
    why do you think you have girls chasing you around everywhere you go? Silly Rob!!

  8. 8
    whaaaaa Says:

    Whats up with sucking on a cancer stick near the kids?

  9. 9
    Jamie Lynn Spears Says:

    It’s all in the hair and everyone knows it even though not everyone is ready to admit it.

  10. 10
    me Says:

    He would be right…because he’s not attractive. Maybe in a weird way, but instead of staring in the mirror he should try taking a shower or maybe combing his hair. That might help.

  11. 11
    Celia Says:

    ewww! gross. he’s a smoker. that’s not going to help become more attractive. for sure.

  12. 12
    SUNNY Says:

    He is completely right, he is not attractive at all.
    I don’t know why all this noise about him. He just have the chance to be an actor and for girls, it’s the only thing that make him “cut and hot”

    poor fans

  13. 13
    Allison Says:

    That’s because he’s not. Cute maybe, but attractive…not so much.

  14. 14
    Sianie Says:

    Smoking is in film because his sister in film keep telling him to give it up ..(he dose smoke in real life) and I think he is beautiful

  15. 15
    just me Says:

    I couldn`t agree with him more. Not attractive at all.

  16. 16
    Amanda Says:

    He’s really not as attractive as everyone is making him out to be. He’s not hideous, but he’s not hot either.

  17. 17
    Bernadette Says:

    That why he has come number one in a lot of poll!!!!!

  18. 18
    Bernadette Says:

    That why he has come number one in a lot of poll!!!!!

  19. 19
    holly Says:

    Sexiest man alive by far.

  20. 20
    l ray Says:

    no he is not cute at all. and smoking cancer sticks is not going to help

  21. 21
    erin Says:

    He looks as if he has great chemistry with the little girl. The brother sister relationship is going to be so cute.

  22. 22
    helen Says:

    My ovaries exploded. Rob looks so sweet as the older brother

  23. 23
    sarah Says:

    This man is the most handsome sexy man on the planet.

  24. 24
    jess Says:

    He has so much charisma. No other actor has it. None.

  25. 25
    ali Says:

    I simply adore him

  26. 26
    jane Says:

    Such an adorable photoshoot. I could watch Rob all day.

  27. 27
    corrie Says:

    I think it depends on the pictures of him, but sexy after the first look comes from the inside out. It is that look that says you are his alone and for you young single ladies someone will be that lucky one.

  28. 28
    Mike Says:

    He’s not. His character is to some but come on..

  29. 29
    lylian Says:

    ITA with Robert Pattinson’s assessment of his looks.

  30. 30
    camarlengo Says:

    gay :)

  31. 31
    ruth Says:

    A beautiful man and a very interesting person unlike the majority of other hollywood actors.

  32. 32
    D.t Says:

    Rob looks awesome..

  33. 33
    twilight virgin Says:

    I never seen Twilight..not interested. BUT I do think this guy is by far one of the most attractive guys i have seen. He is rather unique looking. I think a little quirky has a lot more magnatism than technically perfect ho-hum features. Hollywood usually makes the mistake of hiring clones.

  34. 34
    loran Says:

    Thats the cutest photos ever. Ahhhhhhhh

  35. 35
    3 Says:

    Bernadette @ 06/30/2009 at 10:54 am That why he has come number one in a lot of poll!!!!!

    - Because same die hard fan like you votes gazillion times a day!

  36. 36
    silly Says:

    yup…he’s right

    those of you that think he IS attractive looking have bad taste or simply, just need glasses. LOL

  37. 37
    lol Says:

    well, atleast he knows he’s not attractive.

  38. 38
    nicole Says:

    He’s right.
    What’s with all the hype surrounding Rob?
    Fans are in love with Edward Cullen, not Robert Pattinson.

  39. 39
    becca Says:

    He has buckets of sex appeal.

  40. 40
    wendy Says:

    Sweetest photos. I want to give Rob a huge hug

  41. 41
    ruthie Says:

    I love these photos

  42. 42
    Sarah Says:

    Oh, dear Robert, you are very attractive.

  43. 43
    Bernadette Says:

    I am in love with Robert more the Edward…..

  44. 44
    charlie Says:

    These shots are so adorable. You want to marry him and give him lots of babies.

  45. 45
    Sianie Says:

    He is so cute ,The way he is with the little girl who plays his sister so adorable xxxx

  46. 46
    mimi Says:

    he’s hot!!

  47. 47
    jeannette laframboise Says:

    Some of you are rather mean…of course he is cute. Not nice to say otherwise…he is very humble also which is a wonderful attribute. He has become increasingly popular so obviously some people think he is handsome…I am old enough to be his mother so I don’t think of him that way but he is a handsome fellow.

  48. 48
    Lolol Says:

    I’m glad he knows and admits it! He’s not bad looking but at least he knows he isn’t good looking either.

  49. 49
    Jessika179 Says:

    He is soo hot!!! and i luv that new pics! he looks awesum!!
    Team Edward forever

  50. 50
    me Says:


    EXACTLY! You took the words right out of my mouth!

  51. 51
    em Says:

    I adore him even more

  52. 52
    kasam Says:

    yeah it’s good that he knows he’s not.. it’s just because he plays a vampire and vampires are hot..he’s just not..he’s ok looking..but attractive, i don’t think so

  53. 53
    carolyn Says:

    I’d love to play peek a boo with him preferably in my bedroom.

  54. 54
    lizzie Says:

    Oh come on – he’s different!!!! UNIQUE EXQUISITE!!! He’s not your Zac Crawford, Ed Efron, Chase Westwick generic Hollywood (boring) pretty boy types…thank God how tedious and boring, ten a penny types. Good luck to you Rob! Ignore the haters!

  55. 55
    betsy Says:

    Beyond adorable together.

  56. 56
    Linda Says:

    You people are nuts….Rob is more than attractive, he’s freaking handsome….and sexy without even knowing it……

  57. 57
    Regina Says:

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Don’t fret Robert, you have nothing to worry about.

  58. 58
    jo Says:

    OMG Rob with child sister is making me very broody

  59. 59
    Natalie Says:

    He better ditch the cigs and Coke if he wants to keep his health and good looks… Yuck!

  60. 60
    Korrina Says:

    The little girl and Robert are just adorable together.

  61. 61
    Sandra Says:

    QUOTE:silly @ 06/30/2009 at 11:06 am

    yup…he’s right

    those of you that think he IS attractive looking have bad taste or simply, just need glasses. LOL

    And people like you that DON”T think he’s attractive that are in need of new eye glasses and some brains lol….maybe even some duct tape to cover your mouth

    Love these pics of ROB…NOT EDWARD

    Have a nice day

  62. 62
    Korrina Says:

    @Natalie: Agree, he is handsome until he puts that cig. in his mouth and then that ruins it for some of us,

  63. 63
    D.t Says:

    #54 You’re totally right !

  64. 64
    agreed Says:

    well, robert pattinson, i agree, you are not attractive, i’ve been asking your fans what they possibly find attractive about you, because i don’t understand the fans, good to hear you set it straight, YOU ARE NOT ATTRACTIVE, you said it yourself

  65. 65
    pokeman Says:

    i like him because he is humble. he is not full of himself like most actors are. i like his personality. i think he is not bad to look at but not gorgerous.

  66. 66
    me Says:


    Yeah but he has the same fan base. And I actually think Ed Westwick is pretty damn sexy. lol.

  67. 67
    lisa Says:

    Hes right.. hes not attractive… hes not charismatic, and hes a rather poor actor. Hes not manly, hes thin, pale… he actually turns my stomach.

  68. 68
    princess perfect Says:

    he si sooooo atractive and sexy, cute good looking cool beautiful hair he has and a amazingly sexy

  69. 69
    joanne Says:

    Hurry up 2010 I want to see this film so much

  70. 70
    di Says:

    Rob’s role as Tyler is great. People will fall in love with the character

  71. 71
    TreamEdwardcullen Says:

    Edward seems much more perfect in feature in the book. I don’t blame pattinson. He’s only human.

  72. 72
    TreamEdwardcullen Says:

    Edward seems much more perfect in feature in the book. I don’t blame pattinson. He’s only human.

  73. 73
    CarlaD Says:

    He looks like Tarantino xD maybe is the forehead

  74. 74
    lola Says:

    I love you ROB!!!! :)

  75. 75
    dazzled Says:

    cute in fact cuter than cute.

  76. 76
    marge Says:

    Stuff Edward its Pattinson I adore

  77. 77
    yeahh Says:

    ITA with him but he seems to have a beautiful personality and so that makes him beautiful from what I can see.

  78. 78
    M Says:

    wooow can you say haters…

    I think he IS attractive, and sexy and gorgeous and he saying he’s not makes him even moreee

  79. 79
    M Says:

    wooow can you say haters…

    I think he IS attractive, and sexy and gorgeous and he saying he’s not makes him even moreee

  80. 80
    babe_luv_ya Says:

    atleast he’s humble and not big-headed.
    I find him attractive.His face is so masculine and sweet.
    he is charismatic.that’s why I find him sexy.

  81. 81
    tenamoore Says:

    Rob is amazing and people how hate him should be ashamed he is a great actor and will go far. give him a change and that picure with the little girl is cute, i hope the movie comes to the uk :)

  82. 82
    ripley Says:

    Luvin Rob with the child actress. They look adorable. Its nice to see him build a screen relationship with someone other than a romantic one.

  83. 83
    birdie53 Says:

    #43 I agree. Just the fact that he thinks that makes him more attractive.
    As far as him smoking all young hollywood does, it’s just he’s honest
    about it and doesn’t hide.

  84. 84
    Suzi Says:

    LMAO at people not finding him attractive. I’m really greatful we have an actor with such unique looks unlike those generics Zac, Chace, Chris Pine, etc. And please, say Rob is ugly but Ed Westwick is sexy is the end of the world, come on.

  85. 85
    jaye Says:

    Next year it’ll be someone else who’s the hottest, sexiest alive. He knows it’s all b/s. Zac Efron was the hottest, sexiest a while back. Good for him, he knows how fickle fans can be. .

  86. 86
    didi Says:

    Ohhhhh how sweet

  87. 87
    amanda Says:

    Firstly there is no hotter actor than Rob. Secondly the photos of Rob are gorgeous

  88. 88
    Sarah Says:

    Shouldn’t have said that,Robert, now you’re going to get all the haters coming out saying, “Good, because you’re not!” har har. eyeroll.

    Rob is very good looking. He has a look all his own. Thank God not everyone looks like Zac Efron & Chace Crawford.

  89. 89
    rach Says:

    awwww he is so HOTTT! :D

  90. 90
    sEZME Says:

    Rob is a beautiful person inside and out ! Of course he wouldn’t see this himself being the modest person that he is! I find him adorable and I am not a Twicrazy, only a hater would use that term by the way! Don’t let it bother you Rob just go on being your sweet self and living your life!

  91. 91
    Stern Says:

    @twilight virgin:

    I totally agree with you. His unique look & his charism differs him from many other (young) actors and makes him so attractive to many women. He always seems to be down-to-earth in spite of all the hype about his person.

  92. 92
    eh Says:

    I can’t believe you guys think this guy is the sexiest man alive.

    Hugh Jackman is

  93. 93
    Sioux Says:

    I disagree with him!! He is good looking…and has improve with age:)

  94. 94
    Sioux Says:

    I disagree with him!! He is good looking…and has improved with age:)

  95. 95
    Sioux Says:

    He is good looking..and has improved with age….

  96. 96
    Anonymous Says:

    He’s right! And has enough sense to recognise it when he looks in the mirror.

  97. 97
    diane Says:

    My lady bits will never recover from seeing Rob.

  98. 98
    si Says:

    He’s so cuddly.

  99. 99
    judi Says:

    He’s yummy

  100. 100
    Jolie hot chin not Says:

    Funny Robert, I was thinking the same thing.

  101. 101
    k Says:

    what is he talking about??!?! he is freakin’ fine!

  102. 102
    celia Says:

    he’s not ugly, but he doesn’t do it for me. He always looks drunk or like he’s high on something.

  103. 103
    rpatzfan Says:

    he’s gorgeous ,love you R-patz

  104. 104
    rocknmovies Says:

    Rob is the most attractive, sexiest, handsomest, best looking, hottest young actor today. Nobody comes close to him.

  105. 105
    meh,eh,bleh Says:

    well of course he’s gonna say that, isnt he. He’s not exactly gonna start singing “i’m too sexy for my shirt” is he???

  106. 106
    ana Says:

    The little girl sitting next to him is really cute.Rob is so funny,that is why he is so attractive.

  107. 107
    E Says:

    Funny how it’s usually the most good looking people who don’t think very highly of themselves

  108. 108
    mia Says:

    I think he is hot as hell, and I’m not some tweeny girl, I’m 32. There’s just something about him that gets me going :)

  109. 109
    aerin Says:

    He’s so cute and modest. Luv ya, Rob!!

  110. 110
    amara Says:

    lol i think everyone is like that about themselves…
    but he is def kute.

  111. 111
    D.t Says:

    He is so yummy !

  112. 112
    Jen Says:

    Im not a tween either…. I’m 22 and I just think Rob is the cutest.. I dont find him to be super subtractive but he’s got a certain something that makes him appealing….I just want to give him a hug lol…. dont like that he smokes but oh well.. He definitely seems like a really nice and funny guy.. Interesting personality too!

    BTW, these are the most adorable pictures ever!!

  113. 113
    Alexkziel Says:

    He is so … X
    Not even cute.
    Women find him attractive because they think he is the vampire guy.

  114. 114
    barbara Says:

    I don’t think R man owns a mirror. how can he not faint when he looks at himself in a mirror. the man is perfection.

  115. 115
    hena Says:

    What’s wrong with you people, he is freakin gorgeous!

  116. 116
    Alicia Says:

    @Jamie Lynn Spears: i’ve seen him without the hair and he looks just as good if not better!

  117. 117
    dee Says:

    Please ..this guy is MOOOREE THAN ATTRACTIVE. I refuse to believe he’s in complete denial about this,this whole modesty thing is not gonna work out Rob!You can give up the act right now!

  118. 118
    lauren Says:

    he is crazy hot

  119. 119
    maira Says:

    thats cuz hes more than HOT!!!!!!

    ROB is SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!

    i love the fact that he doesnt get why sooo many girls love him….

    hes soo humble and funny

    I LOVE HIM<3

  120. 120
    pam Says:

    Man all the haters here. Wow must be something about this guy to provoke people who don’t like him to look at him.

  121. 121
    Kelli Says:

    I do find him cute in these photos but that’s because he’s talking to kids and as a mum i find it cute!

  122. 122
    WHY? I DON'T CARE! Says:

    I Totally agree with him..

    he’s not attractive!

  123. 123
    leonor Says:

    i don’t think he is attractive either.

  124. 124
    ali Says:

    oh rob its okay you dont find yourself attractive. i do. you are sexy! :P

  125. 125
    LALA Says:

    ohhh robbyyyyyyyyy u neeed glasses cuz u r soo attractive LOV YAH

  126. 126
    Deborah Says:

    Rob is very attractive. The fact he doesn’t think he is makes him even more attractive. And no it’s not the hair, it’s not Edward and it’s not just tweens. Women in their 40s find Rob to be extremely attractive and sexy.

  127. 127
    hrhkat Says:

    and i agree with him…

  128. 128
    natalhy Says:

    He is totally hot and a great guy. The most important thing is he is nice great inside and outside, the guy is amazing . And talented no one can ever doubt that about him

  129. 129
    mimi Says:

    I think he is honest. He isnt atracttive at all and looks as somebody close thirty. He is only hot when plays Edward Cullen.

  130. 130
    sammy Says:

    One word: FUGLY

  131. 131
    louise soldati Says:

    ele ta lindo *-*

  132. 132
    caroline Says:

    A monkey has much talent and charisma than him. He has a such drunk face. yuck

  133. 133
    Alison Says:

    He’s hot alright and him thinking he’s not is even hotter!

  134. 134
    angiee Says:

    anyone knws where they are shooting 2mmrw???

  135. 135
    rocy Says:

    aww rob ,youre more than cute ,hot ,the sexiest man alive. how cant you see how beautifull u are ….love watching u smile …..

  136. 136
    love rob Says:

    haters keep on hating ..behind this hott guy is a pack of haters but a bigger way bigger pack of fans that love and adore him ..he is the sexiest man alive.

  137. 137
    jenny Says:

    love u rob.. i totally disagree you are the hottest guy ever…

  138. 138
    cosi Says:

    pattinson’s right about this one

  139. 139
    Katie Says:

    I think its more of his !i dont care attitude!. I hate pretty boys and he is rough around the edges which is very attractive and the fact that he seems to have a humble, nice, and funny personality is very appealing!

  140. 140
    Hannah Says:

    I love Rob, he looks so good in these pics!

  141. 141
    anonmymous Says:

    rob, are you saying i have BAD taste in men????? me <- offended! ofcourse you’re HOT!

  142. 142
    freckles Says:

    i think he is somewhat cute.
    i think it is funny that he holds out his pinky while drinking from a coke can!

  143. 143
    Rose Says:

    I agree with Rob, he is not to attractive. Thank you for admitting it :)

  144. 144
    tabitha Says:

    He is more then attractive. He is just so humble, funny and talented. Also he is one of the sexiest people alive. With or without his hair, I adore him.

  145. 145
    make the world get rid of Chin Says:

    He is right indeed, he is NOT

  146. 146
    Kylo Says:

    I don’t either.

  147. 147
    katie Says:

    For people saying people only like him because he’s Edward.. Erm hello, they’re different guys. Completely different personalities. I like Edward AND Rob. Rob is hilarious and seems like such a nice guy. Edward is a fictional character, nothing more. Fans can like both Rob AND Edward… Or just Rob!

  148. 148
    pam Says:

    I’m not a teenager I’m almost 24 and I think Rob Pattinson is so sexy !

  149. 149
    stephanie Says:

    Whoever is agreeing that Rob is not attractive, you are so wrong. He is so hot and sexy, I love him and want to Marry him.I agree that the smoking is bad, and it is bad for him , but I still Love him.

  150. 150
    stephanie Says:

    I Love Rob !! <3

  151. 151
    stephanie Says:

    Whoever is agreeing that Rob is not attractive, you are so wrong.He is so hot, I love him and I want to marry him. I think the smoking is bad an is bad for him, but I still love him. I love Rob!!! <3

  152. 152
    Maggie Says:

    Yeah 10 million women around the world are WRONG and you little handful of people are right. What in the world was1 thinking, oh yeah, I was thinking for myself. I can’t help it if I have better taste THAN YOU. YOU TROLLS LOVE THIS FOR SOME SICK REASON DON’T YOU?

  153. 153
    ayj6m6l Says:


  154. 154
    ayj6m6l Says:

    SEXY…. OH BABY….LOVE U !!!!

  155. 155
    ayj6m6l Says:


  156. 156
    ayj6m6l Says:


  157. 157
    ayj6m6l Says:


  158. 158
    izabel Says:

    That statement is absurd!
    He is attractive!
    I mean he’s not the hottest guy in the world but still he is not NOT good-looking!

  159. 159
    izabel Says:

    That statement is absurd!
    He is attractive!
    I mean he’s not the hottest guy in the world but still he is not NOT good-looking!

  160. 160
    maya Says:

    he is disgusting!!!!!!!! good he knows that too ;-)

  161. 161
    maya Says:

    he is disgusting!

  162. 162
    anna Says:

    oooohh i love him!!! he IS hot!!! ok, i like guys who don’t KNOW thy’re hot and think they’re too good to be true! yay rob i love u!

  163. 163
    The ny cabbie will triumph Says:

    He’s right, he isn’t. He is A FUGLY B*STARD!!!!

  164. 164
    Anonymous Says:

    I think Rob is very gorgeous. He is a fresh face in a sea of typical hollywood men. What makes him attractive is not just his outer apperance, but his persona. He is not only handosme, but the type of movie star you would not be afraid to approach. Love you Rob. Don’t listen to all of the haters.

  165. 165
    kara Says:

    rob is the hottest man alive

  166. 166
    Noemi Says:

    HE’S RIGHT!! Not attractive at all.

  167. 167
    Jenny Says:

    I don’t think he’s attractive either.

  168. 168
    Anna Says:

    I don’t think he’s attractive either, and I’m glad he doesn’t think that either. Tweens and teens seem to think he’s the most gorgeous man to walk the face of the earth just because they like Twilight and his character. It’s sickening. He is not good looking at all. Neither is Chace Crawford or Zac Efron!

  169. 169
    Jokergurl Says:

    He’s NOT attractive, he’s got weird eyes but he looks like a vampire so they picked the right guy for the part, I just don’t see what’s so hot about him, SHia’s a lot cuter and talented. He doesn’t have ANY charisma.

  170. 170
    krish Says:

    he just look hot because of his character in twilight

  171. 171
    Isabllea Annett Says:

    I Will Amit,
    He Is Beautiful.

  172. 172
    newport beach, 92660 Says:


    he is simply

    there .

    laaaave him (L)
    - audrey ♥♥

  173. 173
    newport beach, 92660 Says:



    - audrey :O

  174. 174
    Anninha Says:

    @Marie: Ohhh YESSSS! He is!!!!

  175. 175
    Asha Says:

    hahaha, he dont think he is hot. lol, thats cuz hes not.
    JACKSON RATHBONE is better! lol.

  176. 176
    Angie Says:

    I think he very handsome. He does not fit into tha typical hollywood mold. That is what makes him unique in his good looks.

  177. 177
    Daniela Says:

    YAY! i think the same! he isnt atrctive !!!

  178. 178
    Eva Says:

    “I never really considered myself attractive,” Robert told the Improper…”

    Well, the guy knows what he’s talking about… He is not manly at all…

  179. 179
    Bee Says:

    He’s right – there’s just massive hype about him because he’s OMG OMG EDWARD!!!!!~!!@%!#@%!!

    He was kinda cute as Cedric, but otherwise – no, just.. no.

  180. 180
    leena Says:

    He’s good looking in a weird way but people make a big deal about him because they think he’s EDWARD Cullen but he’s just not! Seriously though it’s all about Taylor Lautner lol!!! :)

  181. 181
    hannah Says:

    Rob is not only hot, but talented! His face is beautiful, and his personality (at least in interviews) is so modest and polite. Luv ya Rob!!

  182. 182
    Lily Says:

    Omg! Are his eyes painted on??
    He is one of the hottest guys ever, silly Rob :-)

  183. 183
    Ann Says:

    I agree-not cute at all! Maybe it’s all the years that he never bathe nor washed his hair…my mother has a nickname for him…STINKY…due to him admitting that he has poor hygiene-the man said it himself on Jay Leno…what a STUPID comment to say about yourself. Way to go Stinky.

  184. 184
    Holly Says:

    he is awesome!!! Also hope he stays with Kristen!!!!

  185. 185
    alexa Says:

    WHAT!?!?! ROB, U R FREAKING HOTT!!!!!! you r hot, loyal, sexy, nice, beautiful, handsome, hot….. shall i go on?

  186. 186
    howcan Says:

    how can people find him hot; hello earth calling these people HE IS UGLY!!! just look at him and i’ll kill anyone who says once more that my brother looks like ugh

  187. 187
    camille Says:

    i think hes cute hes simple

  188. 188
    camille Says:

    i think hes cute hes simple

  189. 189
    Zaina_x Says:

    i absolutly love him, its just weired..
    the world thinks his attractive…..
    id still marry him :)

  190. 190
    lala Says:

    he’s no atractive!!!!
    sorry but it’s the ture, you’re right robert.

  191. 191
    rose Says:

    Those haters must be boys,they are just jealous,I don’t believe there are any girl who doesn’t find him attractive.Maybe you guys need glasses.
    He is very modest.As every really good-looking man does.

  192. 192
    rose Says:

    Those haters must be boys,they are just jealous,I don’t believe there are any girl who doesn’t find him attractive.Maybe you guys need glasses.
    He is very modest.As every really good-looking man does.

  193. 193
    Me Says:

    I didn’t think he was good looking at all until I saw him in interviews and movies. It’s his personality and his mannerisms and things that make him sexy, not his actual facial features or body or anything like that. It’s who he is.

  194. 194
    the last laugh Says:

    VERY handsome. VERY cute. very HUMBLE! allelujah!

  195. 195
    the last laugh Says:

    ok, would you rather have someone who looks like zac efron who is so full of himself? the man is knocking himself down, saying he’s not attractive, doesn’t believe the hype, and you don’t appreciate that? it’s looks over substance after all. wow women’s taste has gone WAAAAAAAAY downhill. no wonder nice guys finish last.

  196. 196
    cec Says:

    Rob looks really great!
    love him!

  197. 197
    Steffy Says:

    I think he is vry much attractive…those who think hes ugly or not attractive have very bad taste in guys :)

  198. 198
    Cassidy Says:

    Wow I’m surprised he doesn’t see that. Everyone else does :) Especially me. lol But yea he actually has more to him then just good looks. And some people don’t get it, he isn’t Edward he is Robert they are to different characters in personality! I can tell the difference. :)

  199. 199
    Cassidy Says:

    Well I agree “personality and his mannerisms and things that make him sexy” I agree but with is facial features I disagree he has very very very good facial features lol.

  200. 200
    gbb Says:

    pff,he’s just saying that,he wouldnt be able to model or act if he thought he wasnt good looking..and if he really thinks he isnt,hes wrong!!! I absolutely LOVEEEEE him such a sweetie.

  201. 201
    suppress your appetite Says:

    @taylor: :D:D:D;;

  202. 202
    g Says:

    this guy is goodlooking , samtimes he looks good and other times not so great but then thats the thing that makes him sexy. people who look good all the time get boring after a while, i love how u have to expect something b4 u see another picture of him.

  203. 203
    g Says:

    @ayj6m6l: i love his voice 2.

  204. 204
    g Says:

    @TreamEdwardcullen: u r right. I watched twilight and then read the book, i actually noticed that edward is tooo perfect for rob, nomatter how much make up they put on him………….but he is not even close 2 ug…..wat word is that? rob is good lookin, but those lungs of his won’t live too long.

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