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Angelina Jolie + Jennifer Aniston = Top-Earning Actresses

Angelina Jolie + Jennifer Aniston = Top-Earning Actresses

Angelina Jolie‘s cinematic butt kicking made her the highest-paid actress on Forbes annual Celebrity 100 list. Coming in second behind Angie is Jennifer Aniston, continuing the never-ending tabloid battle between the two actresses. Check out the Top 15 below!

1 – Angelina Jolie, $27 million
2 – Jennifer Aniston, $25 million
3 – Meryl Streep, $24 million
4 – Sarah Jessica Parker, $23 million
5 – Cameron Diaz, $20 million
6 – Sandra Bullock, $15 million
6 – Reese Witherspoon, $15 million
8 – Nicole Kidman, $12 million
8 – Drew Barrymore, $12 million
10 – Renee Zellweger, $10 million
11 – Cate Blanchett, $8 million
12 – Anne Hathaway, $7 million
12 – Halle Berry, $7 million
14 – Scarlett Johansson, $5.5 million
15 – Kate Winslet, $2 million

FYI: The top 10 actors earned $393 million, compared with $183 million for the top 10 actresses.

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  • Nikki

    :) Cool!

  • valtie

    JJ – you must be really bored to put this pic together!

  • jolie-pitt fan

    I love Angie’s look, X is no near Angie’s beauty. Why is X in 2nd place? Just asking?

  • bdj


  • LEXI

    Jennifer Aniston movies are more interesting……

  • passby

    This is a joke and stupid. Maniston makes most of her money from her Friends sitcom. She is not a movie star quality. There should be no comparison between these two because Angie makes Maniston’s life so shallow and empty.

  • blah

    Is that how much they make a year or how much per movie?

  • Beth

    people are people. Why pit them against each other in our mind when they are not in real life? We live in our own delusions.

  • alexa kaelyn

    awesome Angelina Jolie is my fav. actress

  • Shar

    Um, why does Jennifer Aniston looks like a man in that picture? Whoever did this cover did her no justice.

  • wow

    It is because of friends .

  • rpatzfan

    yeah Angie!

  • Ihatemaniston

    16 million of that came from Friends. Stop comparing that loser to Angie.

  • siska

    why Woman always get paid less???

    Jen rock!..she is kick ass!!!

  • jenjen

    JA looks a man on this pic.

  • Shar

    blah, Angie made that amount from 2 movies, while Jen made hers from 3 movies plus backends from her Friends series, considering she does not make per movie anywhere near what Angie makes.

    Angelina J. makes $15-20 million per movie.
    Jennifer A. makes $6-8 million per movie.

  • poor jen hens

    please lets not give jared hits on this one
    maniston got bunch of the money fromnfriends
    i doubt she is paid 8 million as an actress

  • Jay

    Jared fix :
    8 – Nicole Kidman, $8 million
    8 – Drew Barrymore, $8 million
    10 – Renee Zellweger, $10 million

    That makes no sense, Renee should be before them

  • annie

    Fascinating that the most talented actress in the list except for Meryl Streep – Kate Winslet – earns the least.

  • dundies

    wtf is wrong with this list and why is kate winslet at the bottom

  • jon

    eiyi eyi eiyi They don’t hate each other. They don’t even know each other.

  • Shar


  • john

    Aniston royalty money will always there but angie can not play ass kick woman when she is old..Megan Fox will replace her..
    Aniston produce she has back of plan..


    That pic is funny.

  • hmmm

    Why this Jared,Not interesting at all.I do not like the bickering always about these two.Did Angie make this amount and carry two
    babies 9 months and took care of 4 children.

  • jasmine

    >>Fascinating that the most talented actress in the list except for Meryl Streep – Kate Winslet – earns the least.<<

    TOTALLY AGREE, wth is up with that????

  • linda

    Jennifer and Angelina must be laughing their heads off at all the energy people put into wondering if they hate each other or which is “better” than the other. This IS hollywood after all. Hook-up’s here head south more often than not. Give it a few more months and there may be a complete set of players in the game.

  • Alexkziel

    Can you see Megan Fox with a Oscar?
    ….. ok Next…

  • Just Jared

    @Jay: Thanks!

  • Passing Through

    ROTFLMAO. This is exactly what you people deserve for asking for a new thread for that bogus Forbes list. I’m not going to have any sympathy for anyone whining about the picture Jared used or anything else that came out of this Forbes crap. Guess y’all never heard, “Be careful what you ask for.”

  • Q

    Agreed, Shar#16. Aniston’s earnings are from Friends residuals so this list does not compare apples to apples. What’s sad about this list is there are Oscar winners and Oscar nominated talented actresses who made less than Chin so I guess that makes her one lucky SOB. She should be forever grateful to be part of a very popular TV series.

  • gobruno!

    aww! it’s so cute to see all the Brangelina fans angry because they can’t accept Jennifer is pretty much as succesful as your dear Angelina.

    ”Mommy mommy!, it’s not fair, Jennifer is earning as much as Angelina” LOL! you guys are pathetic. and FYI, I have nothing agains tAngelina or Brad or anything…

  • Ihatemaniston

    John….Maniston produce movies that doesn’t make crap. Mismanagement has yet to reach a million dollars and she spent about 5-10 mil on it.

  • franco

    Jen movie earn less cause the movie she play less budget than Angie and her Friends loyalty will keep on going after Angie become old news..Fox is better version than Angie!!!

  • vanessa

    can angelina just go away and never return?? i’m tired of seeing that slutty old hags face

  • erick

    Can’t wait to see how Angelina just fades away and Megan Fox takes her place… just can’t wait!

    Aniston is OK, and as many of you have said, she has a back up plan, she produces..she acts.. and she has the Friends money.

  • Ilia

    Anjelina Jolie is overrated both’ beauty, and acting-wise.

  • baby huey

    Morticia is past her sell by date.

  • franco

    jen will alwas be better paid and better value cause her movie low budget and she produce her own movies..and friends loyalty keep on making her money

  • lol. there is only one angelina jolie.
    miss boobs and ass can never replace her – only in her fans wildest dreams!!!!

  • forbes

    friends loyalty keep on making her money

    - She may have a lot of money from her old sitcom but is she happy? no oscar, no lovelife, no children.

  • marisa

    i have one thing to say and one thing only: angelina should NOT be at the top of that list. Why should she get more pay then actresses that are light years better than her? just because she may be prettiier? because she is not that well liked as an actress. but she is a person.

  • carlos

    megan fox hot!!!! two time hottest woman on MAxim mag!!!
    Jolie is old!!!
    Aniston is ok..she make comedy,drama and has her own production company.and Friends plus Smart Water (she own the share)..and her Hollywood circle is powerful!!! she will keep on the list!!!

    Salute to Meryn Streep!!! Great Actress with great pay check!!..She co produce the Mamma Mia..thats most of her money come get better cut when you produce it!!!

  • Jolie hot chin not

    Oh please! Angie is the top earner..period. And Chin looks like Yoda in that pic. Actually Yoda looks a little better while Angie looks like the Queen of the Galaxy that she is!

  • linda

    wow, both actresses are great, along with the rest on the list!

  • Bee

    This list is way off or is based on data from like 2007. What has Scarlett Johansson done to get that payday besides ad campaigns and how is Katherine Heigl not on the list when she made $6M on EACH of her last two films in addition to her Grey’s Anatomy salary?

  • eloise

    oh dear….here we go….an angelina AND jennifer thread.
    wow jared is a smart man isn’t he!

  • bruce wayne bish!

    who would pay maniston 25 mill?!? she’s never carried a film, all her movies have funny leading men who carry her.
    and who the hell would pay nicole kidman anything?!? all of her movies flop, bomb, tank! she’s poison.

  • boring

    The magazines get profit when they put them against each other.There always be crazy fans that fight over this.

  • laura

    2 – Jennifer Aniston, $25 million ?????????? for hair?

    She gets paid MORE for movies that SUCK while OSCAR winners get paid less??? ………………………….. no wonder Hollywood is in trouble.