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Bar Refaeli: Black, White and Sexy All Over

Bar Refaeli: Black, White and Sexy All Over
  • Bar Refaeli bares it all.
  • Cheryl Tweedy is a birthday girl.
  • Jessica Simpson arrives in style.
  • Dolly Parton says goodbye to Michael Jackson.
  • Shia LeBouf shirtless and inked.
  • Mischa Barton has had one too many.
  • Justin Timberlake has a night out on the town.
  • Photos of the alleged biological father of Michael Jackson’s children Dr. Arnold Klein.
  • Bruce Springsteen lives up to his nickname.
  • New details of Michael Jackson’s will announced.
  • Taylor Swift is a long distance lover.
  • Miley Cyrus gushed on Twitter that she’s engrossed in Ellen Hopkins’ book, “Identical,” in which twin sisters escape their troubled lives, one through sex and drugs and the other by binging and cutting herself.
  • Heidi Klum had baby shower No. 4 Sunday afternoon on the second floor of the Cooper Square Hotel. She celebrated with 30 friends including Liv Tyler.
  • Megan McCain is already planning a movie version of her currently unfinished book. McCain says that Hilary Duff is “really hot, hotter than me, but I’d still want her to play me.” McCain adds that she just wrote a chapter about Sarah Palin and hopes that Tina Fey will agree to play the Alaskan governor.
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  • valtie

    Barf – nice por^no!!
    Tel Aviv po#RN exhibit.
    Vag shots coming soon!!
    What a talent! Not.


    Barfareli looks like a trout! Minus the fishing hook.
    Showing T&A is not modeling people!

  • Adri

    I think she expected her career to take off after the SI cover. Since it hasn’t, she’s getting desperate and doing Jennifer Aniston stuff.

  • http://Israel Lisa rose


  • http://Israel Lisa rose


  • Sally

    How can someone don’t think that Bar is gorgeous? I know, beauty is a personal thing and we all have the right to think different, but to me she is obviously so beautiful that I can’t see from another point. Sorry. ;)

  • Piroo

    #6 is Tzipi – Bar’s mom.

  • Sally

    @Adri: Jennifer Aniston stuff? I can’t understand that. When Jen looks desperate? She is doing her work and so easy living her life… how can’t you see that? It’s so obvious to me that I really, really can’t understand. She have just won an award for her career, and still gorgeous even with forty, so… what’s the point? Why a beautiful, rich and sucessfull woman, with a lot of friends and plans, would be desperate? I’m sorry. This never will make ANY sense to me.

  • Sally

    @Piroo: I’m just a woman who can see the beauty of another woman without been jealous or angry about that. Simply this.

  • Piroo

    Hi Tzipi!!

  • bella

    @Adri: well put. Why do woman in this industry feel the need, in order to get attention and make it they have to take off there clothes to get attention??? if you are talented, none of that should matter. People will like you and pay attention to you for the right reasons, not because you pose half naked in a magazine . . .all you will get is you 15 minutes of fame.

  • I don`t get her appeal at all. This girl barely wears clothes for work and seems pretty desperate to me.

  • Adri

    @Sally: Sally, look at Jen’s naked GQ cover. She did that when her movie had to compete with Brad’s. This is what I mean. I know Jen is pretty & successful, but what’s that GQ cover all about?

    P.S. Thanks Bella!

  • dundies

    not surprised that miley is eating out that book. ive read it and its filthy

  • LuckyL

    Ugly. I dare say Plastic Chin looks better.

    MiHoley being wh*rish yet again, and recommending more trash to more impressionable young fans.

  • Q

    Bar has a slamming body, but that mouth. Makes her look like she has an eternal frown. She looks mean and unhappy.

  • !!!

    I’d love to bang Bar!!

  • nasty

    bar’s disgusting !!!

  • mayra

    she is NOt super model not even close, she is just cute.

  • pinky

    Bar is so “bleh” – there’s just not “supermodel” appeal. Gisele is so much more attractive.

  • Stacy

    That Shia Labeouf pic is so old!!! I was all excited to see a new shirtless pic of him. ugh… so disappointed lol

  • heshot

    @Stacy: I AM DISSAPOINTED TOO!!!! i was really excited, this is old jared, post pics of him shirtless, but new!!!

  • rachel

    Cheryl Tweedy has took her husbands name Cole-Cheryl Cole

  • adna

    My compliment for Leo DiCaprio.He has a right women!!!!!.
    I mean p orno women!!!

  • Sally

    @Adri: Please, think with me: what’s the problem with that gorgeous cover? She is stunning and GQ is a man’s magazine with this kind of style. I’m sure it’s not her idea. The tie and everything. It’s completly GQ’s kind of stuff (hot, but sofisticated). They always have shown sexy pics of Jen. It’s not the very first time, you know? Not anything is related with Brad. It’s so obsessive thinking like that, understand? As everything is always linked. It’s paranoic.

  • french

    She is not a model she is a p-orno girl , what a talent !!!!!
    Now that she is not anymore Leo’s fake girlfriend, she is so desperate that she made this p orno video. What will be her next work? : playboy? a p orno movie? She is a pathetic girl. I feel so sorry for her.

  • jsy

    Bar is cheap and trashy … as always.

  • SUBsub

    I thought I was going to see a new pic of Shia shirtless. Oh well! Tis still a nice pic.

  • *******

    I don’t understand why the need to know who the biological children of MJ are? If anyone else were to have had children by artificial insemination I guarantee you that we wouldn’t be looking for the biological parent. I feel really sorry for the children and what is going on around them. Let Michael’s soul live in peace as well as his three adorable children.

  • Sad

    She only gets attention when she takes off her clothes. Sad. I’m talking about Barf. Next will be full frontal.

  • lollipop

    Is Bar starting to take meth sort of like Lindsay Lohan?? Her face looks strained and disconcerting. The energy she emits is dark and sullen. Maybe its over the fact that Leo hasn’t jumped to marry her as soon as she’d like.

  • http://Israel Lisa rose


  • just me

    Seriously, how much lower can BR get for some attention? I watched the first part of that soft p o r n video and I admit her body is pretty nice but her face… Plain and she looks annoyed and almost mean while exposing herself. All time low for her!

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    OMG you af to see this — Bar and Leo are naked together!! LOL that so funny…..

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    @just me: I read somewhere that she did it becouse some very famouse photographer comes to Israel! and its was for some pretty big woman’s event in Israel…….
    that photographer takes the nude photos of Madona, Angeline, paris, and even Leo (but not a nude photos of him)……..and some more bigs stars all over the world.

  • First of all that youtube video is beyond stupid. It puts Leo to Barf`s level… Shame! Negative publicity for Leo!!!
    Famous photographer or not that video is tasteless and pointless. It was for an exhibition about `beauty` which has nothing to do with trashy Barf. Just one more attempt for attention.

  • K.G.

    @Lisa rose:
    The clips of Leo naked are from his film The Aviator, not real!

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    @K.G.: I know! I didnt said that its real, i just said that its funny……

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    @: Leo is NOT GOD!! he is not any different from any of us , what means that he and Bar are actually in the same level!! and just like Leo is getting naked to his work, bar is getting naked to her work- dont worry she get alot of $$$ for that video!!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    bar looked really hot in that video, i use 2 say she’s overrated but lately she’s been showing how good she is
    finally jared!!!
    some cheryl!!!yes!
    i dont think it’s one of her best outfits i like the shirt but the skirt is pretty bad
    she looks gorgeous as ever tho =]

  • french

    @Lisa rose:

    I didn’t know that models are always naked

  • mistap

    @just me: I know right? She looks so mean – sour puss face. That makes the video ugly because she is making such hateful haughty expressions. Talk about mood kill.
    @Lisa rose: Leo would not be in a naked video rolling around making mean faces. I am sure after he sees this video he feels glad he broke it off with her. It’s not like this was done for some important charity or is even artistic in a meaningful way. It’s more like oh lemon press face decides to show its butt. No thanks.

  • cosi

    bar’s undereye bags are ridiculously pronounced for someone her age. get thee some surgery, girlfriend.

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    YOUR LIFE WILL BE BETTER!!! (((( :::::

  • lali


  • @cosi

    I agree with cosi

  • gross

    her body doesn’t look toned. Her butt looks mushy and out of shape for such a young girl. that video is gross.

  • black, white and sexy all over

    I highly doubt it. Desperation and overdoing it shows that she doesn’t quite have what it takes. Something about her makes me want to barf. Highly overrated, there’s some desperate on-lookers out there.

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    I’m bored………….. )))::

  • french

    @Lisa rose: