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Emilie de Ravin Slurps on Starbucks

Emilie de Ravin Slurps on Starbucks

Remember Me actress Emilie de Ravin walks to the set of her upcoming film as she slurps down a large Starbucks iced coffee on Wednesday (July 1) in New York City.

The 27-year-old Australian actress married Josh Janowicz three years ago in Melbourne, Australia. Last month, however, it was reported that they have been living separately and have filed for divorce. Co-star Robert Pattinson has been shooting numerous scenes with Emilie in the Big Apple the past few days.

10+ pictures inside of Emilie de Ravin slurping on Starbucks…

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emilie de ravin sucks starbucks 01
emilie de ravin sucks starbucks 02
emilie de ravin sucks starbucks 03
emilie de ravin sucks starbucks 04
emilie de ravin sucks starbucks 05
emilie de ravin sucks starbucks 06
emilie de ravin sucks starbucks 07
emilie de ravin sucks starbucks 08
emilie de ravin sucks starbucks 09
emilie de ravin sucks starbucks 10

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  • Cooh

    who cares?



  • liz

    She’s so pretty, can’t wait for Remember Me

  • stupid twilighters

    LMAO watch the stupid crazy delusional Twilight fans start bashing her like real badly! OMG no she is stealing Rob from Kristen, she is evil. WTF? Alright let the bashing begin!

  • Angie

    Well atleast she looks and acts girly. Thank god Rob’s doing a movie with her.

  • Xox

    @stupid twilighters: lol i was going to say the same thing. the robsten fans are crazy, whenever theres a pic of her, they start saying these crazy things like shes a b-tch whos stealing rob. my gosh its a movie leave her along, shes pretty.

  • cutie

    She’s pretty.

  • Huh


  • Pleaseee

    pretty where??

  • Regina

    she is pretty and cute. my gosh you guys were right, let the bashing begin.

  • uhhh

    Atleast she doesn’t look high, so heres an improvement.

  • rob is sexy

    Her and Rob are adorable, cant wait for this movie!!!!

  • rob is sexy

    Her and Rob are adorable, cant wait for this movie!!!!

  • http://internet hope

    Her hair, smile, body, and personality is better than Kristen. She doesn’t always look miserable and nervous like her either. I’msure Rob is taking advantage of all her attributes as well as her time.

  • jennifer

    so cute!!

  • bruce wayne bish!


  • bam

    Omg she is so much better than Kristen, so huge improvement. Go for it Rob!

  • chelsea
  • Alison

    I am really looking forward to this movie too. I think Emilie is more expressive than KS as an actress. I don’t see why it is so important to people for her to be with Rob P in real life. It is called onscreen chemistry for a reason and it will be good to see Robert in a different role with a different leading lady.

  • newbmw

    This girls day are numbered. As soon as this film wraps Rob will run straight to Kristen in L.A. Can’t stop true love no matter how much you flirt, Emilie!!!

  • Tessa

    Emilie looks pregnant. Perhaps just a few too many lattes over the past several weeks.

  • http://internet hope

    OMG!!! Chelsea, I have not seen that picture before. It doesn’tlook like it’s part of the movie cause you can see a stage hand or body guard in the background. Is it??? Pictures tell the truth and if this is real they are really INTO each other!

  • http://internet hope

    OMG!!! She looks like she is in love!

  • Jime

    I can’t wait for the movie!
    she’s pretty, but I agree..looks pregnant. Don’t think she is
    I hope she has chemestry with rob (but just that haha)

  • lila

    She looks cute. I love Emilie so it’s nice to see more pics of her. Keep them coming!

  • blah

    @hope: I saw that pic too, they were done shooting, and they talked laughed and said bye by hugging. Its not a big deal I guess.

  • http://internet hope

    To Blah…that WAS a big deal. The way they were hugging…tight and her expression…they are into each other. Did anyone EVER see Rob hug Kristen like that? EVER?

  • Tara

    She is so cute. I love her hair.

  • leslie

    Wow. You anti-Robsten retards are far worse than the Robsten shippers. There’s more Kristen bashing going on here than discussion about the Lost chick who the story IS about. She’s your girl and all you can talk about is Kristen. What a joke!

  • perrine

    She is “”shapeless… no X factor”" tsk

  • Tash

    Can’t wait to see her back on Lost next season!

  • Sassy

    Who cares? Why is she so famous SUDDENLY????

  • kk


    ShUT UP! STOP with your stupid immature HIGH comment..

  • kk


    U r being stupid …

  • kk


    good one !!! Those anti/haters are stupid, they are being retarded hating kristen, as she’s such a hardworking young actress, serious about her professional.

  • dolleybot

    who cares? I don’t like her. Kristen Stewart is BETTER than her. hehe

  • babe_luv_ya

    she looks so hot to me!

  • babe_luv_ya

    @<a href=”/2009/07/01/emilie-de-ravin-sucks-on-
    aha,you’re funny!
    you’re just as pathetic as the anti-Robsten shippers,and I am a anti Kristen,cuz she can’t act to save her life

  • Sania

    I love her!!!!, Thanks JustJared for the pics.


    Emilie is lovely. Kristen is lovely. Rob is lovely. Leave them alone and stop being out and out B I T C H E S.

  • Honey

    picture #3 is just too funny

  • QueenOftrashin

    Why do people think that have to open wide and stick out their tongue to take a sip or bite of something? Britney’s nasty tongue was hanging out the other day, too. Gross!

  • lylee

    I love Emilie, she is so cute and very beautiful!

  • Meream

    I love her. I love her on Lost. Cannot wait for this movie, too.

  • sophie

    i love emilie but i’m not liking her new hair colour. it looks kind of orangey. idk it could just be the lighting i guess.

  • lambie

    I’ve always thought Emilie looked weird ever since Roswell. She has a weird shaped head and thin lips. And that hug, she’s looks more into it than him…maybe only doing the “one arm hug.” And c’mon guys, ITS JUST A HUG. I don’t like her and never will, and its not because of Twilight. Its because its her.

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  • Stace

    I don’t think either one of them is good looking enough for him. Kristen does not smile enough; Emilie smiles sometimes. I know nothing of Emilie’s acting ability, but I did not think Kristen did the Bella role justice. The only one I have seen him with to get really jealous about was Camille Bell….. woo, that’s some beauty to contend with, but they both say they are just friends.

    This hug looks like two friends/coworkers saying its been lovely working with you, see ya… it’s okay for them to be friends… geeze! If Kristen does not give up her boyfriend for Rob, he should do what he wants, he deserves to be happy. There are alot of other much lovelier, talented actresses, and he needs someone he can laugh with and share his music with to take the edge off.

  • whocareswatuthink?