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Gisele Bundchen Gets FedEx Friendly

Gisele Bundchen Gets FedEx Friendly

Gisele Bundchen and husband Tom Brady make a quick stop at the FedEx store in on Tuesday (June 3) in Brentwood, Calif.

Tom, carried his son John into the store and tried his best to cover his son’s face. Later on, Gisele headed out to the bank.

Earlier this month, People magazine confirmed that Gisele is pregnant. Looks like Gisele is getting sneaky and keeping her bag over the baby bump!

10+ pictures inside of Gisele Bundchen getting FedEx friendly…

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gisele bundchen fedex friendly 01
gisele bundchen fedex friendly 02
gisele bundchen fedex friendly 03
gisele bundchen fedex friendly 04
gisele bundchen fedex friendly 05
gisele bundchen fedex friendly 06
gisele bundchen fedex friendly 07
gisele bundchen fedex friendly 08
gisele bundchen fedex friendly 09
gisele bundchen fedex friendly 10

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  • jj

    She looks like a ugly giraffe.

  • Jennifer

    Her vagina smells like pig puke.

  • ana

    gisele is a beautiful and sweet girl.

  • billy

    where did the zac efron post go? it was there, then the link was down, then i came back to main page and this is the most recent post…? weird

  • Noticias de famosos

    When Gisele has the baby, a beautiful family will make good partners.

  • Jennifer
  • .,.

    why u guys hate her? cuz she is skinny? married? rich? famous? HAHAHAHA

    PS:i think she is beautiful but those things above are FACT, not questionable.

  • Katsaridoula

    I like her, jj’s comment about an ugly giraffe is just a fit of jealousy. I wonder what the person looks like themselves, I bet s/he is ugly themselves. Yuck. All the best, Gisele

  • annie

    Is anyone actually interested in seeing daily photos of this boring couple with or without his sweet little boy?

  • maryf

    Awww Tom and his mini-me !!! Seriously James is the sweetest little boy ever !!!

  • maryf

    lol i mean john

  • Liverwurst

    Obviously he doesn’t want his child photographed and that should be respected. This couple isn’t one of “those” celebs that have their children photographed to keep themselves in mags.

  • NativeNYker
  • A

    This is a first.. seeing Tom try and hide John’s face. I wonder if Bridget said something to him about that because she tries to keep John out of the spotlight.

    Have no respect for Gisele.. not after the comments she’s made about John. Fluent in English or not is no excuse for her to say what she’s said. If she can’t speak the language then she should stop giving interviews because the dribble that comes out of her mouth makes her look like a psychotic woman.

  • Who could it be?

    I wonder if Tom has figured out who has the paps on speed dial. You know they are always hanging out at Fed ex.

  • Adri

    He looks like such a cuddly little guy. Tom’s face in #4 is hilarious.

  • kate

    I don’t see any effort to cover the child’s face – he’s covering his own face while leaving the child out for all the world to see.


  • to liverwurst

    is your number one idol jennifer gonna have a real boyfriend soon?. i think you should apply as her dogwalker for norman and dolly. since your loyalty is become too obsessive and extremely fanatical that hateful obsession towards jolie is overly transparent . you always bring up the issue in other’s people’s thread w/c is totally unrelated to them . perhaps you are too scorned ,miserable and has a miserable looking face that you projected all your misfortune to jolie . personally, i think you project yourself too much as jennifer aniston. please go find a boyfriend,lover or whatever , get a LIFE – yes, you don’t have one because ,if you do how come you’re so miserable and delusional?. you seem like one step in getting mental. i am tired of seeing your delusionally, mental post in thread w/c is no way related to jolie at all.why not make a hatejolie website and invite all your mentally and emotionally scorned buddies to join you?……so you all can live and die miserably in your own venom. perhaps , you can make yourself better and jennifer too ,by making a save-jennifer or findjennifer a boyfriend website, who knows you will find your’s too. by the way, you sound way off and too obsessed like your possessed w/ evil spirit.

  • Adri

    @to liverwurst: Who are you talking to? I don’t see that anybody mentioned JA or AJ on here. Maybe wrong post?

  • to liverwurst


  • Wow!?

    These two are respectable young people and appear to make very positive life choices. Congratulations to Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady!!!

  • come on paps

    I am celeb gossip hound reading all the sites and papers when scandal hits. Red carpet,no holds bared!!!!! Scandals are things no one has to do.They deserve to have all picked apart on them when they get in scandals.Going to FedEx,grocery shopping,etc are not choices but neccessities.The paps should not follow these people running their daily errands.1-BORING!!What is there to take pics of? Nothing.
    JenniferGarner walks in sweats,jeans,,takes her kids to preschool startled,pis*sed and hid his kid’s face.Protective.

  • ok

    Just wanna say,True beauties are actually among ourselves,check this out___millio nair ech ats Co m__ hot and sincere rich people,hot girls and handsome men there are much more attractive and charming!

  • Honey

    Oh Gisele, don’t hide your baby bump!

  • karenina

    i love this couple

  • Keira

    i love them too

  • Keira

    posts numbers 2 and 3 are disgusting

  • anon

    If he wanted to protect his kid, he could’ve just left him in the car with Gisele, or left him at home while he’s gone on a 15 min errand to Fedex. It’s not as if a stop to Fedex is like visiting Disneyland for the kid, is it? And I do agree about having the paps on speed dial. They’re pictured in the most unlikeliest of places at some times.

  • Keira


  • irish girl

    Funny… does JJ post stuff then change wording. I read several comments about a giraffe but there’s nothing in the “article” beside the photo. Bizarre.
    I think it’s hilarious that she’s doing the jacket, purse, hide the baby bump move.
    This move is especially interesting considering she’s protecting her own child’s privacy while it’s in-utero but she freely flaunts off her step-child.

  • Sarah

    Awww. I absolutely adore the last pic of Tom with John! It really shows the fatherly side of him. He has his baby boy tight in his grips. I’ve never seen Tom do that before. I think he might be softening up a little. It sure will help if he is, baby #2 is on its way. Good Luck! (:

  • nicolleee

    wow, one of the very first times i’ve seen Tom Brady actually look like a father…cute pictures. John is adorable!

  • nicolleee

    I don’t get how people could honestly believe, celebirties take time out of their day to actually call paps to come photograph them…I mean seriously. No one is that low. Paparazzi are every where, and depending on how popular the couple is, the more they get followed! Tom & Giselle are a very popular couple, and now that they have a son and are expecting their even more popular! That’s why they get followed, not because they “call” the paps. That’s just ridiciclous that some people who actually believe that.

  • lisa

    Toms face in that one pic is hilarious… I think Gisele looks very pretty, even dressed down with no makeup.. natural beauty.

  • Bonitto

    I could not agree with you more Nicolleeee, the posters here have to be some of the stupidest people on earth, Gisele calling paps or any celebs calling paps to come take their pictures, let them going on believing their nonsense.

  • Anonymous

    You people are being ridiculous…you think Tom and Gisele actually call the paps? Come on! They’re in LA…you know, the city that’s full of celebs, there are paps EVERYWHERE!
    They’re just living their life. Don’t most people do errands, etc.? Are they suppose to turn their entire world upside down just cause the paps are following them? I’m sure it annoys them but I’m also sure that to a certain degree they’ve accepted it and are used to it. And its not even like these two are ever at those celeb hot spots, they’re at the Fed-ex store! I’m sure Tom and Gisele could care less whether or not the paps are stalking them.
    On a totally different note, how cute is that last pic of Tom holding John?

  • lakers fan in boston

    brady looks like such a douche sometimes
    he’s a good player but i dont really like him as a person
    im still not convinced she’s pregnant, i think it’s possible but until i c it or she says it i wont 100% believe it

  • barbie

    She spoke in Portuguese which was then badly translated….by the press.

  • Anonymous

    Always a PR show for these two. Karma baby. You should always watch what you say Gisele. Karma will get you in the end…

  • missknowitall

    Am I the only one who doesn’t give two flying pigs if Gisele Bunchden is pregnant…I mean really, I think she is way overrated!

  • sara-amw

    What the f” is your problem!
    Giselle is not just beatiful, she is pleasant , nice and brazilian happy woman,
    so Anonmous SHUT UP!

  • valtie

    Leonardo is MUCH better looking.
    Tom is an ape man. He has simian DNA.

  • Bonitto

    You are strange missknowitall, what are you doing here if you dont care – what a punk you are.

  • Dan

    she’s is absolutely stunning

  • rachel

    she is the #1 top supermodel in the world and yet you say she looks like an ugly giraffe, that makes sense. that shoes how much knowledge you know about beauty.

  • suppress your appetite

    she looks amazing :) Gisele ROCK!