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Gisele Bundchen: Sexy Scarf Time!

Gisele Bundchen: Sexy Scarf Time!

Pregnant supermodel Gisele Bundchen and a gal pal enjoy the beautiful California sunshine in Santa Monica on Wednesday (July 1).

The 28-year-old Brazilian mom-to-be looks like she’s staying active with her baby bump barely showing.

On Saturday afternoon, a solo Gisele tried to avoid photographers by leaving through the side door of Italian restaurant Little Dom’s in Los Feliz.

10+ pictures inside of Gisele Bundchen and her sexy scarf…

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gisele bundchen santa monica 01
gisele bundchen santa monica 02
gisele bundchen santa monica 03
gisele bundchen santa monica 04
gisele bundchen santa monica 05
gisele bundchen santa monica 06
gisele bundchen santa monica 07
gisele bundchen santa monica 08
gisele bundchen santa monica 09
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  • jw

    If this girl can be considered a super model then Al Bundy can be considered a sex machine.

  • valtie

    Gisele has a lot of friends!!!

  • 3

    horse face

  • Jennifer

    Without makeup she is just average looking. She has absolutely no breasts.

  • valtie

    Leonardo is much more handsome than Tom the monkey man!

  • valtie

    Tom is a huge ape whose head comes to a point and has a hard time standing upright!

  • Adri

    It’s so hard to tell if she’s pregnant because she’s so tall & thin, she doesn’t show. But her face seems to have changed a bit, and she’s looking a tiny bit wider in the hips, so I think she probably is. Hopefully the baby won’t get Tom’s forehead. He’s gorgeous from the eyes down, but the top of his head is oddly shaped.

  • NiCOLE

    She’s a super model, don’t be jealous people. And of course, she’s brazilian, that’s why she’s the best.

  • valtie

    Tom is not gorgeous from the eyes down maybe from his kneecaps down leaving out his feet though because he eats with them and gets food under his toenails.
    Leonardo is totally gorgeous!!!!!!

  • Adri

    @valtie: Well my opinion is that he IS gorgeous, and lots of people share my opinion. Leo is gorgeous too. Why are you so aggressive about it all? It’s not like Tom dumped you while you were pregnant.

  • valtie

    Leonardo is much better looking than Tom the monkey.
    I am expressing my opinion too.
    Tom won’t get me pregnant because I won’t have sex with monkeys.
    Thanks and have a great night!

  • to valtie

    What are you? 13 years old? That is what you sound like. Grow up.

  • valtie

    No, you mean they won’t have sex with you because you are ugly! Sleep well!!

  • Me!

    #8 Nicole
    She is about as Brazilian as moi! Bundchen (can’t do the umlaut on this computer) is a good German/Nazi surname. Her looks alone tells you that she is of Northern European descent.
    In any event she is quite pretty:-)

  • Sally

    @3: So jealous! So the über model has horse face? Wish yourself have a face as hers… you have the right to don’t like her, of course, but Gisele is the number one of the world for a reason, babe. If you disagree, ok. But you’re an exception. By the way, to me, like to the most of the world, she is simply GORGEOUS.

  • valtie

    Gisele is pretty – much prettier than Bar!

  • jaye

    Dang Jared. How many months before she gives birth? Looks like you’re going to post pictures of her every one of those days.

  • She looks great, I love her style.

  • valtie

    Hi Adri!
    You are ugly and FAT – tuck your fupa in – do not trip over it on the way to bed. Night nite fattie bit^chie!!!!
    Have nice dreams drooling over Tom the monkey who will never pee on you!!!!

  • valtie

    @Adri: Is your pretend husband fat and ugly like you? Stop lying!!!!
    Have fun dreaming about Tom the monkey.

  • Lisa ann

    I cannot stand Tom – he does remind me of an ape and does not seem to be a very great dad.

  • Lisa ann

    @Adri: Don’t forget to shove a pciture of Tom the monkey up your stanky sore infected vag and then let out a huge fa$rt to show you are aroused! I am so sure Tom will leave Gisele for your fat ugly azz!!! If Leo saw you he would pull his hat over his face and walk away quickly.
    Tell your stanky fat nasty looking pretend husband hi! Better get to bed wit him asap before he pretend leaves you for one of the other trailer park fatsos!!

  • Piroo
  • valtie

    @Lisa ann: I hope her pretend non-existing fat ugly husband does not know that she posts about how she wants to marry Leo!
    @Adri: No man wants you or your fupa!!! I have seen your other posts and know u are not married – so don’t get too embarrassed if they re-appear to show that you are full of shi^T!!! Have fun pretending you are married to Tom the monkey in the trailer park!! Be sure to cash in on your food stamps to buy magazines with Tom and Gisele in them and paste your ugly face over Gisele’s picture! AZZHO*LE!!!

  • Lisa ann

    @to valtie: Hi Adri!! I am so glad that this site does not have video feed because I am sure we would all vomit in our mouths upon seeing your grotesque face and body. Sweaty stinky obese ugly trailer park trash!!!!! I am sure you fart and belch during sexy times with yourself. Oh exuse me – with your “husband.” Yes – and then you woke up.

  • mayra

    she is very beautiful, her photos are amazing, that’s why the world call her bomb shell from brazil..

  • kira

    She is absolutely beautiful head to toe. Love the jeans!

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    Gisele is a living proof that the fashion industry is ruled by gays who love tall- skinny boys!
    Her face is masculine and her body is a straight line.

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    And there is nothing Brazilian about her. She looks like a German peasant. Many Nazis escaped to Latin America after the war, so there are Germans living in Brazil too.

  • marco

    Gisele is taller and skinnier than average woman but without makeup she is just average looking (sorry, Gisele’ fans ;) )

  • Dan

    can this woman be any hotter? i mean she’s so hot for this planet.

  • Dan


    on and on with this ridiculous rant.

    get a life.

  • Jessica de Goes

    Oh please! SHE IS BRAZILIAN!

    STOP with this nonsense! Just because she has german heritage doesn’t mean she’s not brazilian! If so, I’m more than happy to make a list of people that aren’t american (based on the same idea and concepts that Gisele is not brazilian):
    /Ironic mode on

    The Kennedy family (Hey, guess what?! They’re Irish!)
    Al Pacino (He’s italian)
    Robert De Niro (him too)

    And the list goes on…

    /Ironic mode off

    Please. You don’t know your own history, don’t start to think you know brazilian history! Germans arrives in Brazil beetween the end of the 19 century and the begining of the 20 century. NOT after the II WW.

    Her family is here since her great-great grandfather. Sou I doubt he was was a nazi on the run.


  • Jessica de Goes

    arrived* not arrives, and so* and not sou.

  • WTF?

    @valtie: You are just gross. Seriously.

  • Honey

    I love her style

  • Sally

    @Honey: I agree. She is so simple. So rich, so sucessfull, so gorgeous and still so simple. It’s great to see!

  • rach09elm

    Damn, is she even pregnant?

  • lakers fan in boston

    she looks alright, im kinda getting tired of seeing her tho
    she needs to switch up her style a bit, all she does r skinny jeans and shirts most of the time

  • mistap

    I do not like ripped jeans.

  • rocknrollapmm

    Wow! Some of you bloggers really get whipped up and abusive! I’d like to know where she got her scarf.

  • Leo

    Valtie and Lisa Ann must be the ugly, poor Brazilian girls that didn’t make it anywhere in life. Getting knocked up out of wedlock (like Gisele) is their ticket in life. Chase your dreams girls.

  • Tom

    Adri must be the obese fugly trailer park dweller that wishes she did not have a beard and mustache and that she did not weigh 500 pounds. Dumber than an ashtray and words have not been invented to describe how unattractive she is. Enjoy those corn dogs and twinkies while pretending to be a supermodel.

  • Era

    Like Gisele?
    Are you retarded?

  • hmm

    Guys face it, tom and gisele are both perfection! there baby will be a reflection of that :) good genes run in giseles family, look at her mom, and her sisters they are all quite good looking! Gisele being the best one of course.

    She is soooo pretty, i love her supermodel face <3 supermodel cheekbones <3 supermodel bone structure <3

    dont be jealous of her, just go make an appointment at your local plastic suregeons office, and maybe you too could look like a supermodel. oh wait I forgot she was blessed from God with her facial structure, good luck!

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  • Adri is NOT married LOL

    Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Refaeli: Still Together! Comment 73
    Adri @ 06/09/2009 at 10:01 pm I think Bar is cute, pretty and sexy. She has lots of appeal. That’s why she’s on the cover of SI and becoming more famous. She reminds me of Christie Brinkley a little bit (when Christie was younger).

    I love Leo, but I don’t understand how he can be with women for years, and still not know what he wants. I think he was just young with Gisele, so he wasn’t ready. But he should be ready by now with Bar. He either is still in love with Gisele or he knows Bar isn’t the one, but likes staying with her because he’s comfortable with her. She should wake up and move on with her life. Men know right away if you’re the one or not….and they should definitely have a clue after years together. Women need to set standards for theirselves so they don’t get strung along by men and waste their youth and self respect.

    I wish Leo would want to marry me :-). I’d be his Italian Mama!!!!!

  • Adri

    Listen you silly girl. I said I wasn’t going to respond to you, but I’m tired of your stupidity. I have been married for 4 years. I’m married, not dead. I can still think guys are hot. Like I would ever actually meet Leo DiCaprio? It’s a comment, silly girl…not reality. Just because I say I love Leo and would love to marry him doesn’t mean I am not married in REAL LIFE, hello?!?!?!? Please leave me alone. This site is for fun, not for nasty, abusive girls like you. I think you must be very young because you are so immature and just too nasty for any sane adult to be. Have a nice life, and try to grow up and have a little more respect for people.

  • Adri

    Oh, and by the way little miss researcher…why don’t you look back at some other Gisele posts where I mention that I have a stepson. Kinda hard to have a stepson if I’m not married, isn’t it? Get your facts straight before you go insulting people.