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Hats Off to Isabel Lucas!

Hats Off to Isabel Lucas!

Transformers breakout star Isabel Lucas throws on a hat and casual dress while out and about with her family in West Hollywood on Wednesday (July 1).

The 24-year-old Australian actress hits the big screen again at the beginning of next year with the action/horror flick Daybreakers. Co-stars include: Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe and Sam Neil. The film revolves around a future earth with human struggle for survival where 95% of the world is vampires and 5% are humans on the run. Isabel spoke of her role, saying, “My character is human, and she’s trying to protect the human race.”

WOULD YOU GO see Isabel protecting the human race against vampires – YAY or NAY?

10+ pictures inside of hats off to Isabel Lucas

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Credit: London Entertainment; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Emma

    She’s so purdy!!

  • LuckyL

    Natural beauty. That’s why she was invited to a Vogue party.

  • bruce wayne bish!

    she’s really ugly. and she wasn’t a break out nothing in her 5mins of silence in transformers. ROTFLMAO.. stop riding her. i thought you were gay?

  • dollhouse

    This girl is fugly.
    I don’t get your obsession with her.

  • andrea

    How much is her people paying you to put her name on your site every single day!? COME ON! She’s just a pretty girl who was like 5 minutes in Transformers!

  • joe

    What’s with all these OZ starlets always running around with JJ for some BS publicities… for example the wannabe Miranda Kerr… now Isabel hahahahaha

    Hey Isabel, why don’t you try modelling instead? You have a borderline anorexic body lke those of runway models… plus some sort of an alien look like also those HF models!

  • Jay

    she desperately need bangs

  • deraj tsuj

    She sucks …breakout star???, that a joke.. Also Transformers is the 1st movie don’t be lazy use the correct title

  • Mike

    she isnt that pretty, megan fox made her look ugly in the movie.

  • Michelle

    The film sounds too much like I Am Legend.

  • Pining for Chris

    She has a Rihanna esque forhead!

  • irish girl

    @Michelle: I was thinking the same thing.

  • Sally

    Cute as usual. She is naturaly beautiful, I agree. Fresh and cool. There are no reason to still compare Megan and Isabel. They have different kind of beauties. You may have your favorite kind, but you don’t need to be nasty to value your point of view.

  • Rose

    What is it with you sweating these sub-par model/actresses? First, Bar Refaeli and now Isabel Lucas. You must be getting paid some nice coin to endorse these bland girls. Sure, they are pretty, but they are lacking substance. They rely strictly on their looks and the men they sleep with to make something of them. It’s quite pathetic.

  • Celeste

    Love her!

  • Sally

    @andrea: Why do you bother yourself so much about that? I don’t get it. If you don’t like her, just let this note pass and read the other ones that may interest to you. It’s make more sense, or not?

  • bruce wayne bish!

    LMAO jared is the poor mans blog. he’s a tween, kiddie, c,d,z-listers personal blog. jared continuously post on the unknown of unknown, lame non-”celebs’. people who never ever make it to any site gets love here. jared, aim higher.. stop sucking off nobodies just so u can get an interview. thank god for perez and dlisted and every other blog.

  • Sally

    @Rose: Some of us can disagree. So let Jared be democratic. It’s fair enough. And you can read about what you like, or not, but it’s better to have the opition than not to have. Go Jared!

  • casey

    i love her!

  • JO

    What a forehead !
    Please …. she isn’t pretty. Say Megan Fox if pretty I’d tell you she’s HOT, but come one , that girl has nothing pretty.

  • adrianna

    hi alien girl

  • Maria

    Humans are evil go vampires lol ;P

  • grow up….

    It’s quite obvious the same person is posting negative comments about Isabel Lucas over and over again, so childish….are you 12???

  • omg

    Not pretty . . .but not ugly.
    and the movie does sound a lot like I am legend . . .which I saw and was not the greatest of movies.

  • Sally

    @grow up….: I agree. This person must get a life so badly. :)

  • Amber Celeste

    I adore Isabel, I always preferred her as a blonde, but it’s nice to see that she is sticking to the more natural bohemian look that represents her instead of converting to what all these people want to see – another preppy, punky hussy celeb

  • ??

    why is this girl everywhere on this site? she’s not that famous

  • Sophie

    I really like Isabel dont get me wrong, and as an Australian I am proud that she has gone over and done pretty well for herself..but whats with all the press on this site about her?she does not get nearly as much publicity down here is Australia!Is her publicist paying you or something?!lol she is pretty but looked better as a blonde when she was in Home and Away :)

  • laura

    I definitely think she’s a breath of fresh air in Hollywood. She looks gorgeous when she smiles.

    + The jealous comments are super amusing. I guess high school never ends for some people.

  • Lalique

    @Sally: Oh, excellent point!

  • Lalique

    WTF with the fedoraÇÇ????? Oh, and also, I think she’s a gorgeous girl. Different type of beauty from Megan Fox, but just as pretty.

  • Jen


  • valtie

    Blue shoes don’t match the outfit and are fugly!
    The hat needs to go in the trash!

  • Australia Grace

    So naturally pretty!!! Izzy keep shining bright!<3

  • Australia Grace

    So naturally pretty!!<3

  • lydia

    Yes, I would. She needs a new stylist though :P

  • dolleybot

    she’s pretty. but Megan Fox is PRETTIER hahaaaaaaa

  • michelle

    She’s an alien. She seriously needs bangs to cover up that scary high forehead.

  • joyce

    shes definately not a breakout actress. the only reason why i know who she was is cause of justjared. and she wasnt even great in transformers 2

  • isabel

    Isabel is beautiful, Megan is hot. Isabels not that hot and Megans not that beautiful. I also don’t know why she is posted on this site so much lately, it doesn’t bother me though.. seriously if you don’t want to read it just keep scrolling down the page!

  • celery gloss

    she’s pretty and has an interesting look.

  • twifanatic Amanda

    I don’t care. Stop pimping her out.

  • nyob

    Never heard of her. The hat is silly looking. Love the dress though.

  • blah

    I like Isabel, but why are you posting about her every single day? Are her people paying you, JJ?

  • blegh

    Not a fan and think she’s almost trashy and is weird looking. JAred can keep shoving her in my face but that doesn’t mean I’m going to come around. @#2 have you seen the guests at Vogue parties? Have a name, you’re in.. big deal.

  • val

    actress? ahahah please, don’t make me laugh.

  • fairycake

    Whats the obsession JJ? Before Transformers she was unknown in the US and now she appears on this site all the time!


    Did America run out of actresses. Whats with the aussies donning fake accents to play an american? Its stupid and taking jobs away from american actors. What a fuc*king dumb concept. And they are very very racist people. They can’t stand minorities in their own country, They will treat they like piece of shi*t and yet are willing to play a part in a movie with minorities in America.

    As for this dumb fu*k, she is not attractive in the slightest way. Michael Bay was high on drugs when he hired this stupid dog. She needs to go back to her own fuc*king dumb cuntry. Fuc*king stupid racist biA*ctch. Jared please stop supporting her. She is not a nice person. I can say for sure that she is a racist. Alot of the anglo australians are racists trash.

  • Coter

    Those women in the pictures are her mother and sister. So, what’s she trying to do now- elevate her entire family to ‘fame’ status?????? This girl is such a fake. One minute she complains that the paparazzi aren’t leaving her alone- the next she willingly poses for them. I’m beginning to think Jared, that you’re being paid by her people for these pictures, but it ain’t gonna work.- this girl is too country-like to ever have the sort of success she wants. Why don’t you do as your viewers are tell you, and stop shoving her down our throats. SHE’S A NOBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nobody wants to see a little minx like her, who played another minx in Transformers- so get a life.

  • moila

    Keep posting just jared :) im so sick of these typical hollywood celebs i think Isabel is a natural beauty and i love her laidback style, and personality a sweet and innocent girl, she is beautiful and ethereal stop hating people!