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Hilary Duff Joins Gossip Girl!!!

Hilary Duff Joins Gossip Girl!!!

Hilary Duff is joining Gossip Girl for a multi-episode arc, sources confirm to EW. OMG!!!!!

The 21-year-old singer/actress will play Olivia Burke, a movie star who enrolls at NYU in search of a traditional college experience. She ends up rooming with Vanessa (Jessica Szohr). E! also reports that Olivia will be the new love interest for Dan (Penn Badgley).

The Duffster is scheduled to debut in this season’s fourth episode, slated to air on Monday, October 5th.


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  • jen

    OMG!!!!! can’t wait to see Hil on GG!

  • Honey

    Good for her! It’ll be a good role I think

  • ava

    even though i like some of hilary’s music and have nothing against her, the first thing i thought reading this was ‘noooooooooooo’.

    there’s something a bit too mainstream about h-duff which i feel would detract from the elite quality of the show.

  • nico

    lame. i can’t stand her..

  • adrianna

    no no no no no no no why ?

  • f

    well okay then… as long as she does a good job. cant be worse than vanessa and chucks model girlfriend

  • reen

    OMG! this is awesome!
    cant wait for new eps!

  • anonymous

    Just what we all needed…………another untalented actress…………..thanx Jared!!!!!!!!

  • vanessa


  • joanne

    her career is going nowhere

  • Melissa

    This is like the best story you have ever reported jared!!!!

  • cecile

    well at least it’s better than Ashlee Simpson… And what are you expecting ? it’s GG, a teen show, they are doing this to increase the ratings that all…

  • OLya

    АААААААААА)))) КРУТО)))) не могу дождать 3 сезона))) оч хочу увидеть Hilary в Gossip Girl))))))) это оч круто))) посмотим как Хил справится))))

  • Lucas


  • Amine

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaay good for her !! She really deserves a break-up role

  • mailey

    sweet, i luv hilary. but GG sucked. i dont really want to watch it anymore.

  • katie-elle

    whoa, what? how is GG an elite show?? lol its acted by C-list nobodies. chace getting footloose was going to be maybe good.. until they chose Hough as his co-star! now it’s totally a C-list movie.

  • dannie

    holy shit! hilary duff on GG?
    this season it’s gonna get better :)

  • Andrea

    Noo! She is not the tipe of girl of GG.
    I like her, bur in GG the girls are different.
    Many of the people in there was not famous before.
    I don’t know. Maybe she doit great. But is wear.
    Any way. GG <3

  • assyhole

    WTF!! No! Ruining a series I actually like!

  • anonymous

    Umm.. I love Hilary Duff, but on GG… I don’t think thats such a good idea. But if she does a good job then I’m fine. =)

  • barron797

    Hilary better lose weight fast!!

    Short and stocky, she’s going to look like little Miss Piggy next to Taylor Momsen and Blake Lively.

    Diet and exercise like there’s no tomorrow Hilary!

  • karenina

    wuuuuuuuuu:D cant believe it! i hope they take vanessa out of the series, cant stand her!

  • N

    this season will be great!!! LOVE HIL!!

  • evalynn

    this is going to be great!!

  • Kathy

    omg noooooooo!!!!!
    i have nothing against hilary but she does not fit in the cast of gossip girl.
    plus i cant stand her high pitch voice, the show doesnt need her!! ugh!

  • amina

    Ugh…why? Why are they ruining this show…I dont have a big problem w/ Hilary Duff but honestly why the heck r they putting her on GG

  • amina

    @karenina: OMG me 2 i CANT stand Vanessa hopefully wen Hilary’s character leaves she can take Vanessa w/ her to travel the world and never come back to NYC lol

  • Anyny

    Perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE her so much!!!!!!!! and I liked GG too :)

  • caroline

    YAY!!! Great news, love GG and Hilary!!

  • NO!!


  • Marty

    this is definitely going to ruin the show! death of GG…

  • tease

    SHE CAN’T ACT and she is TAINTING the show. Keep her away !

  • heshot

    i don’t like this….. she’s not the GG type of girl:S but I’ll wait and see what happens, also I dislike the fact that she’s going to be Dan’s love interest…. NO! he has to be with Serenaaaaaaaaa

  • edlover

    YUCK. This is horrible news. I agree with a PP she is too mainstream for GG. I also HOPE when she leaves that she takes Vanessa with her. I hate that this also gives Vanessa a storyline. More YUCK.

  • myrtle

    no no no ;/ she is stiff, dowdy! bleach ! Dorota, Poland is proud of you ! :)


    I’d rather enviserate myself with eyebrow tweezers than watch this show, but even I wouldn’t have predicted HD.

  • male




  • spotlight

    I am not happy. At all.

  • a n g e l a

    YESSSS! I love GG, and Hilary.

  • Alex

    Yeah!!! Hilary is great! I can´t wait to see this

  • Alex

    @vanessa: u suck!

  • nat

    Looking forward for Hil appearance

  • lewis

    RIP GG

  • Lena


  • sophie

    oh dear god. please no.

  • rach09elm

    Aww another bummer for Serena and Dan’s relationship. You gotta be kidding right? :((( I’d rather Brittany Snow pleasee….. well, perhaps i could stand couple episodes..

  • louberry

    wow. some people here are REALLY RUDE! hil’s not fat, love.
    she has become a WAY better actress than a lot of people in GG!
    don’t get me wrong, i love the girls, but Hi’ls gonna KICK ASS in this show. CAN’T WAIT! <333

  • Sarah

    Ugh. I love Hilary Duff, but seriously they should’ve picked somebody that isn’t well known yet. They’re good with the cast they have, in the beginning most of their cast wasn’t known, (except for maybe Blake, since she was in the Sisterhood movies) but they need to give somebody else a chance at stardom. Just like when New Moon came out and big names were attached, I got upset. The first Twilight was good because it gave the cast a shot at fame, they need to learn to pick nobodys, so they create somebodys. Give other people a shot at fame, don’t keep reusing. It’s a lot cheaper to pick new people anyway, because the more famous the person is they pick, the more dough is gunna be brought out because they’re a big name. If you ask me Gossip Girl was fine, should’ve left the cast, and brought in new unknown people.

  • natt

    Wow, finally Dan-Serena is moving on! But i can’t imagine Hilary doing anything bitchy !