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Jessica Simpson Sings For Tiger Woods

Jessica Simpson Sings For Tiger Woods

Jessica Simpson puts her curves on display in a hip-hugging dress while singing the National Anthem at the AT&T National golf tournament hosted by Tiger Woods on Wednesday (July 1) in Bethesda, Maryland.

The 28-year-old country singer was also in attendance to support her boyfriend, Dallas quarterback Tony Romo, who played with Tiger Woods. Both superstars teed off at 6:30am and Tiger even took a bathroom break!

15+ pictures inside of Jessica Simpson singing for Tiger Woods

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jessica simpson sings for tiger woods 01
jessica simpson sings for tiger woods 02
jessica simpson sings for tiger woods 03
jessica simpson sings for tiger woods 04
jessica simpson sings for tiger woods 05
jessica simpson sings for tiger woods 06
jessica simpson sings for tiger woods 07
jessica simpson sings for tiger woods 08
jessica simpson sings for tiger woods 09
jessica simpson sings for tiger woods 10
jessica simpson sings for tiger woods 11
jessica simpson sings for tiger woods 12
jessica simpson sings for tiger woods 13
jessica simpson sings for tiger woods 14
jessica simpson sings for tiger woods 15
jessica simpson sings for tiger woods 16

Credit: Gene Young; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Getty
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  • peaches

    jessica’s boobs are humongous!!!!

  • bella

    In no way do i think she is fat, but horizontal stripes on anyone who has curves is not flattering. Other than than I think she looks beautiful and healthy.

  • nyob

    I agree. I would not call her fat, but she is no where close to thin enough to pull off that dress. Bad choice for her body. Also, bad choice for the venue. How about a subtly sexy, but also pretty sundress.

  • Me!

    She looks rather trashy in that dress considering how busty and hippy her body is.
    Her face is OK; hate her mannerisms when she sings—-she looks like she is suffering through convulsions.
    Tiger Woods and Tony Romo both look like big goofballs.

  • kelly

    Get this girl a stylist ASAP.

  • miss m

    she looks great.. what the hell is wrong with you guys??????

  • Megan

    Dang Jessica Simpson is short!!!!

  • Rachel

    I hate how Jessica opens open her mouth so wide when she sings. It looks like she’s getting ready to take a giant slong. lol

  • jw

    her cooter prob stinks and thats why nick left her

  • bleh

    She’s not fat she just have problem with chosen the right clothes for her body type.

  • Sophie

    wow her boobs are massive..think she looks nice though

  • Anna

    I’m not going to lie the way she dresses makes her look fat. I don’t think she is, but she should find better dresses for her body type. She looks short and stubby in these photos.

  • Lalique

    Yeah, she looks fine and fit. I agree that horizontal stripes are not the best idea if you want to look slim. In Jessica’s case, though, after all the attention regarding her weight, it’s probably her way of saying, “f*ck, y’all, I’m not fat!” But, if you’re going to be on grass, spiky heels are not what you want to wear. That may be why she looks so short in the pictures: she sank her heels in the grass ;-).

  • yes

    She looks dumper than she is. Stripe is for thin girls not for girls like her size.She end up looking she wore 40G bra.

  • Needs a fashion makeover

    Jessica dresses horrible,that’s her main problem, I have YET to see her in ‘normal’ clothes, either trashy, or over sexy, or a mess. And her shoes…erwwwwwwwwwwwww.. And why oh why does she ALWAYS carry a bag twice her size? This woman wears heels with everything, even on a beach. Never in flat, flip flops…never in plain normal clothes..she would look 1000x better if she stopped dressing like a clown holding a purse that looks like she’s moving. Here her hair looks better, when it’s parted in middle…OMG….I wonder who tells her she looks good???

  • sassie girl

    How tall is Jessica Simpson??? She looks pretty short in these photos

  • Kelli Piperata

    I like jessica

  • what a dress

    # 5 exactly! her clothes are horrilbe. she’s always in stuff not meant for her body type. in fact, i don’t think i’ve seen one pic of her looking ‘classy’, has anyone? always ‘over the top’,always clunky heels, these heels here are THE best she’s ever been in I think. Usually it’s a high clunk with a pocket book like a suitcase. sometimes I see her in a magazine and I just can’t take it..why would anyone, want to look terrible, i don’t get it. this dress here is a horror too, for this golf outing. she should have been way more demure. Demure? not in Jess’s world! Ever see her line in macys? and she’s making money, plastic leather bags, shoes for people 3 feet tall, and again,all clunk, of cause she don’t wear any of that crap , it’s for the public! her clothing is more costly, yet just as tacky. and her sister? good lord, I just don’t get it.

  • calling a stylist

    lol look at those earrings! damn! dress? not for her, and tacky for this occassion. some one please tell her what to wear. she must not have a stylist. cant be! shoes are better then usual, usually she’s in really horrible heels, like those with thick soles and platforms. yuck yuck yuck!

  • Liverwurst

    Jessica! You just look so ridiculous. Hire a stylist and let their word be gospel.

  • irish girl

    She seems like a sweet enough girl, and I wish success for her. But she needs to change her style asap. She is also getting… a little big and perhaps should consider going to gym. Unless of course she’s pregnant then she looks fine.

  • valtie

    Jessica is performing at the artichoke festival! Tickets are $3 and comes with a free corn dog!!! She might forget the words so bring earplugs.

  • madrid

    Curvalicious. Isnt it refreshing to have a celebrity not concerned about being model thin. Jessica has curves in all the right places.

  • Betty B

    @ madrid
    I beg to differ. There are no curves in the back. She is flat as a pancake.

  • amber

    dolly parton with a pancake ass.

  • Adri

    Wow, is all I can say. She’s a beautiful girl, but that dress, those earrings, the shoes…they’re all really tacky & inappropriate for a golf course. I agree with nyob, she should have worn a conservative and pretty sundress. And no heels on grass, duh! I love Tiger’s daufghter Sam. She’s so cute & looks just like him. Can’t wait to see pics of their boy once he gets a little older.

  • sassie girl

    She could of wore wedge heels, and she wouldn’t have to worry about sinkage.

  • nat

    @Me!: the question here is when doesn’t she look trashy? She always looks very trashy. She has good figure, she does not know how to dress herself

  • dom

    omg help this girl!!

  • itstrueagain

    She is the only person who can sing a song and look like she’s having a seizure. Don’t get it. Very annoying.

  • molly

    she’s starting to look and dress like mariah carey……maybe she’s not fat, but she should choose her clothes to fit more loose…

  • Andy

    Big Boobies! :D

  • silly putty

    she dresses like a bimbo…..knowing men are going to oogle her.

    those boobs are too much. I would not want to get lost in there.

  • kiki

    I think this is the best she has looked for ages. I am so glad that she is no looking sporting that orange plastic caked on make up drag queen look. She looks fresh and natural and really pretty here.

  • Anonymous

    She is too big to wear a dress like this. Her butt is huge and she is so thick through the middle. She has an odd figure and should wear looser fitting clothing to cover up all her flaws.

  • sambo

    GET THAT GIRL A BRA!!! Her boobs are massive because that’s where she gains her weight, they weren’t that big when she was thin.

  • d

    Jessica, you are a fat person and fat people should not wear horizontal stripes. Thanks for wearing a girdle to reign in your unsightly fat bulges, though.

  • Donna

    She looks like Beth from “Dog the Bounty Hunter. Someone please teach that girl how to be less tacky and more tasteful. My GOD!!!!!

  • mertz

    that dress is all kinds of wrong i’m not even going to bother that i even looked at it for a second. gosh. doesn’t she have a stylist. why is she so constantly whack.

  • Chris

    I’m indifferent to her, but I think she looks very pretty in this pictures.

  • Donna

    I am a petite girl with big boobs and I am getting them reduced. Jessica has the boobs and the booty, it’s just too much. Coupled with the horrible — not for her body — clothes, she looks like a cheap, overweight porn star. She should get a breast reduction or dress more appropriately for her figure.

  • Jess

    I’d kill to look like Jessica, she has a great body! But she should where other clothes…. stripes doesn’t help us girls with curves…

  • joneblaze

    What a body Lord have mercy!!!!

  • You can’tcover thosesuckers up

    to quoteJoe Simpson.Headlights were on so she was not wearing a bra. she is very pretty.I think a cute golf outfit would have been cute.

  • Honey

    I don’t think stripes are flattering on her. That dress is a bit tight
    and Jessica is in NO WAY fat!

  • RobN

    Totally inappropriate outfit for both the event and singing the national anthem. She may be nice, but she’s a class-free zone.

  • VONS

    Ever since Nick left her her career has been in the toilet. She has the creepiest dad on earth.

  • Maggie

    She is not fat what so ever, neither is she skinny, but for some reason im thinking shes pregnant, all of the signs are there, her boobs are huge, she put on weight and it so looks like a baby bump and if you seen pics of her lately, shes trying to cover herself up with a huge bag and sweaters, they might deny it at first because they dont want it out to the public, but when you think about it, she’ll be the second Simpson to lie about her pregnancy, just like Ashlee did at first when she said she wasnt pregnant and we all knew she was, we’re not under a rock, we can see and Im thinking she soo is.

  • lala

    oh noo, those stripes are so wrong! The dress is horrible and doesn’t flatter her body at all

  • Meream

    Yikes, bad fashion choice. Not that she’s fat but she still cannot pull off that pattern.