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Mischa Barton Drinks To Whiskey Mist

Mischa Barton Drinks To Whiskey Mist

Mischa Barton leaves Whisky Mist and Bungalow 8 Nightclub in London, England on Tuesday (June 30).

The 23-year-old former O.C. star recently shared about how everyone thinks she’s American, but is actually British. “I haven’t lived here since I was tiny, but my entire family is British and I’ve been raised as a Brit,” Mischa said. My sister lives and works in London as a barrister, but nobody can get their head round the fact I’m anything but a Hollywood girl. In the US nobody thinks of me as American, and here, nobody believes I’m British.”

Mischa also told the Daily Mail about how she tried to lose her British accent. “When I lived in New York I tried really hard to ditch the British accent to fit in. I went to classes and everything.” she said. “I ended up putting on this terrible ‘Nu Yawk’ accent and hid behind that for a while. Now I don’t try to hide it so much, but my accent slips all over the place. It’s a mess – I don’t sound like I’m from anywhere any more.”

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  • since

    Please limit pics of this talentless skank. She disses Twitter yet as a Twitter account. Kutcher – who has stupidly given her a part in his new show – even suggested that his followers should follow her. No chance, mate!

  • lils

    I love the last line. You can also apply it to how she looks. “It’s a mess – I don’t sound like I’m from anywhere any more”.

  • Jennifer


  • Sally

    I think she is living a hard time, but she is still the same girl. It’s not easy live with so much presure and with all the Hollywood things. That’s a lot of crap. It looks like she moved to Europe to try to avoid these things a little bit and try to find some peace to live. I don’t want to judge her, really. She is so young and we can’t even imagine what means have papz around you all the time. It must be really difficult and I hope Mischa can find herself again and be truely happy. She is a good girl and, in the gold times, so elegant, smart and beautiful. Well, beautiful she still is, messy or not messy. Somethings doesn’t change.

  • rocky

    Not going to call her nasty names because I don’t know her, but WHY do we need to know anything about her? Who is she and what has she done that has any consequence?

  • Anna

    Shouldn’t she, as an “actress”, be able to speak with a different accent? It’s still English, Mischa, come on! I don’t get, why she wants to do it just to fit in though. I mean, look a her…

  • mailey

    wow, she is so ugly.

  • Mike

    her family immegrated to UK before coming to the US. She’s Russian or something like that.
    BS-er. British as I am! LOL

  • Honey

    poor mischa.
    We haven’t heard much from her lately.
    I think she’s kinda flown off the radar

  • Another Brit wannabe

    Yet another one who likes to pretend to be British. Rolls eyes. If you haven’t lived in England since you were little; you’ve lived most of your life in the US, that pretty much makes you American doesn’t it? LOL, if you lived in England since you were little, why would you have an accent? I moved from England when I was small. I don’t have an English accent and I don’t pretend to have one either.

  • jenna


  • karenina

    i loved her as marissa..

  • ok

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  • Noticias de famosos

    It’s beautiful, but would be better with a couple of kilos more.

  • irish girl

    It’s like she wants to keep up with the bad reputations of the other skanks in Hollywood. Her behaviour screams, “Look at me.” So sad.

  • http://deleted koko

    jared ,you post ben ,rachel and mischas pics but no adam ,why? he is part of three a list projects .come on. give me something .

  • rocky

    @Another Brit wannabe:

    I have a close friend whose parents are English, but he’s lived in the US for years and has an American accent, but once he starts hanging out with his parents and his family from England the accent comes out and he wouldn’t eve notice it. It was so funny to see the interaction between him and his relatives when they came to visit.

    Don’t know who this woman is, so I’m not going to slam her. Hope she’s not another Madonna with the ‘fake’ accent. Now that was something to hear. My friend couldn’t stop laughing at how horrible it was.

  • rach09elm

    Damn, she’s so cool! I love her outfit!

  • Sally

    @Honey: It seems to me that it was exactly her intetion when she decided to pass some time in Europe, far away from Hollywood life.

  • Sally

    @Honey: It seems to me that it was exactly her intention when she decided to pass some time in Europe, far away from Hollywood life. She wants to be out of the buzz.

  • KATE


  • Sally

    @KATE: I’m sure she still can looks great whenever she wants. She just not seems really worried about it right now. What’s the big problem with that? All of us have our time to rest and the right to give a shit for the other’s opinions. You should try it more often. It’s really sets you free. Live like you want, and not like the others would expected to.

  • Kayle

    She’s young and beautiful. I’m not intimidated by other women. Why do you fat sows sit here day after day and call adorable kids “ugly”, beautiful women “ugly? ” Could it be that you consider you own selves so unattractive? You have ugly hearts, that’s obvious.

  • brt

    Daily Mail

    Worse for wear Mischa Barton ‘kicked out of ladies toilets’ at Whisky Mist

    Mischa Barton was left red-faced after she was kicked out of the ladies’ loos for trying to bring her pal into one of the cubicles.

    The former OC star, 23, was at Whisky Mist nightclub in Mayfair when she decided to drag her friend into the ladies.

    Our spy told us: ‘Mischa looked like she was having a really good night.’

    ‘After sitting with a few pals at her VIP table she dragged her friend Bridget into the loos.

    ‘They tried to go into the toilet cubicle together but they were stopped by the toilet attendant.

    ‘The lady said to her, “What are you doing? You are not allowed to go in together, you have to come out now.”

    ‘Mischa looked really p***ed off and embarrassed but her friend was fine about it.’

    Despite a long queue, Mischa then decided to go into another cubicle alone – but her night didn’t get any better.

    She apparently took so long that the attendant was forced to check if she was feeling okay.

    An onlooker said: ‘She took so long to emerge that everyone was worried about her.

    ‘At one point the toilet attendant had to knock on her door twice to ask if she was alright. Then her mate was knocking to check she was feeling okay.’

    The source added: ‘When she came out of the cubicle, she was complaining about people knocking on the door. She looked slightly worse for wear as she attempted to apply her make-up.’

    The American actress was with five pals and her new boyfriend at Whisky’s Committee night and was drinking vodka and cranberry juice for most of the evening.

    She left shortly after 2.30am via the back entrance before moving on to Bungalow 8.

  • arkos

    Here’s Mischa channelling her inner Marissa Cooper and looking high as a kite at Harrods

    Here she is a few months ago doing another interview. When is she not smashed?

  • anna

    she needs to do some basic phonetics/accent work like REAL actors do when she’s playing characters who, unlike her, weren’t born in England and raised stateside. She does a terrible British accent in movies when she’s tried, and she never sounds American either so it’s really awkward.
    i think that’s why i can’t watch her as an actor, she opens her mouth and immediately takes you right out of the movie.

  • frankie

    “i’ve been raised as a brit”? WTF? she sounds stupid and just desperately wants to be different.

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  • suppress your appetite

    I love her

  • daisy

    For god sake whats wrong with people either a) people who obsess over things ”british” get over yourselves because we dont think wer’e ‘that’ great (madonna snd mischa get lost!) or b) plonkers who make fun about us although we never say anything against you commonwealth/american twats just sod off everybody!

  • daisy

    oh and check out st trinains for some damn funny footage of mischa!