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Taylor Swift: Glamour Girl August 2009

Taylor Swift: Glamour Girl August 2009

Taylor Swift dresses down and looks super chic in denim in honor of Glamour‘s August 2009 “Jeans” issue, on stands July 7.

Gorgeous!!!!! Interview snippets below:

On maintaining who she is, famous or not: I’ve never felt like I needed to tone down being seen as a regular person. When I first started doing MySpace, I wrote by bio in the first person. I didn’t want [it] to look like a publicity promo site, so I was the one doing all the commenting, and I was the one putting up the pictures and videos. I’ve approached my whole career like that—I don’t see that ever changing.

On using her real life to inspire her songs: For me, rebelling is done with words: I love to write honest songs that name real people, then get up onstage and live out those emotions in front of of 15,000 people. Penciling in a night to get wasted is not something I want to do.

On the logisitics of having a boyfriend: It’s always going to be long-distance, even if I date the boy who lives next door to me in Nashville. I’ll be flying to see him and flying him places to see me. It feels like it would involve more scheduling, and I already deal with a lot of scheduling in my life. Of course, if I met somebody who was worth it, I would probably stop thinking that way!

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Photos: Matthias Vriens/Glamour
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  • marisa

    wow such a pretty cover. love her.
    i wish for once though in her other spreads she would have straightened hair. i love the curls, but just as something different for once.

  • Casey

    Ha. Ew.

  • Patricia

    Wow, she really does look uber amazing

  • Michelle

    I want that black & white shirt!!

  • JENN

    shes amazing!

  • RanRaN

    she looks amazing!
    love her hair!
    and her striped top!

  • VICTORIA # 1

    e-i-e-i-o-well !!!!!!

  • nyob

    Is she too young for the cover of Glamour or am I just old?

  • Alex

    She looks beautiful in this cover.
    I love the shirt and the necklace..! :)

    Hmm..wonder where you can find them..hehe

  • Noticias de famosos

    It looks fantastic and very pretty on the cover, and bring more of this style.

  • mertz

    love her. that cover is photoshopped though. weird proportions. she’s beautiful enough without your needing to manipulate whaatever you feel you have to flare. gosh. emma watson’s spreads are good too.

  • mertz

    i meant glamour not flare. it doesn’t matter. same shit.

  • Michelle

    Love her!!! She’s the best and I love her personality!!!!

    And to #9, ummm Glamour even put Miley Cyrus on the cover!!! So I would consider her being too young for the magazine.

  • ellie’

    Taylor your a young beautiful talented young woman.. Beautiful cover..

  • Liverwurst

    Absolutely darling.

  • mailey

    she’s just ok. dont see what the big deal is. ok, she’s nice, we get it. but she’s wound up way too tight, imo. there’s nothing wrong with letting loose and getting wasted sometimes. she tries too hard to be “good”, so that one day when she’s caught on video completely trashed, she’s going to look like a hypocritical a**.

  • Jen

    she looks great

  • alicia

    Loving this cover and interview. Taylor is a talented young girl and doesn’t rely on shaking her butt on stage to get fans. She has respect for herself as well has her audience.

  • Natasha !!

    She looks realy pretty on the cover !!

  • Maria

    Only a blonde girl can make it in Hollywood, just LIke Jessica Simpson. She is talentless, don’t know what the media is making a big deal of. She uses media also to be out there, a user-kisser- teller person, very much like John Mayer. How can you admire a 19 year old person who already is using herself too much, exposing personal life (terrible low class one) , dressing like a 30 year old woman…………….we need a role model for the young kids, not this one for sure, not even Miley is a good one………what is the world coming out to……………….well, Hollywood is a haven for ………………

  • Maria

    One more thing……….why is it singers or musicians (they always think they are) think they have a right to talk about their past relationships in public? They are all the same: Swift just admitted it here, Simpson, Jonas brothers, Mayer……….doesnt it show immaturity and insecurity on their part………..they want to be famous right away and be considered musicians and do anything possible under the sun to do it …….the real good ones didnt have to do it: Josh Groban, Michael Bubley, John Legend, Beyonce, that young girl Charice (who is the real good role model for the young kids, awesome kid) to name a few…………..and of course the older ones who never stoop so low to be recognized.

  • KRiley

    @Maria: Well, what do you want from a 19 yr old? Do you want her to go out and get wasted, wear slutty clothes & let that be your child’s role model or mess up her own life b/c someone wants to see some skin or her get wasted? Were are your morals? She is talented is just her song writing & singing, she doesn’t have to do all that other stuff to get noticed! She is very fashionable & yet she can keep it from being slutty, see it can be done. I think she has seen to many young stars end up messed up: Lohan, Spears & their parents. She is handling herself like a person of any age should. She respects herself, her family & fans by not giving in to what the typical society thinks is okay! America used to care about what they & their children see on tv and listen to on radio, it’s about time we got back to that! KUDOS to her & she has so many fans the way she is, so she must be doing something right!

  • KRiley

    @Maria: Sounds like you have some ghosts in your closet!!!

  • KRiley

    @alicia: I agree! She is smart, talented and doesn’t have to rely on butt shaking or getting wasted to be in the headlines! She hasn’t dated every boy she has written a song about. It could be that she truly dated them, dreamed out them or saw something that made her write a song about it. Isn’t that what most singer/song writers do?! She will grow and so will her music, but I think that the way she will grow won’t be in next week tabloids as negative publicity. What she is and isn’t doing is what people are liking about her!

  • Meream

    I really really really envy her hair. I’d bring a photo of her to the salon and see if they can give me those curls. :D

  • Jess

    She looks gorgeous!
    Love her!

  • chelsey

    That pose is totally copying the pose Carrie Underwood gave in Elle Magazine a few months ago. She tries to hard to be like her I think. The minute Carrie broke up with Chace, Taylor said he was her celeb crush. Shes so annoying!

  • Sarah

    God this chick is boring. Maybe she’ll get interesting some day but for now it’s like somebody just handed a guitar to some chick behind the counter at Forever 21. Next!

  • Hiroko.

    love love love her!

  • lakers fan in boston

    she really looks nice on the cover
    when they dress her up well she looks beautiful
    1st cover ive actually of hers, in all the other covers ive seen of her i thought they chose some bad 1s

  • dadaly

    @Jennifer: hey how come u say that?? she is my idol man,,watch ur language

  • lokomotor

    This girl is almost too good to be true!

    Talented, humble,looks like a super-model but doesn’t exploit her sexuality.Self-controlled but still comes across as real and not boring.

    If she plays her cards right, she could be the next Grace Kelly and Julia Roberts rolled into one.

  • Timmy Vermicelli

    Wow Taylor…..what skanky pics the photographers took of you……not your style at all! These pics are worse than Miley’s Glamour shoot!

  • lucky brand

    Hello Everyone,

    Taylor Swift is very big country star. I hope she join the Disney company. I hope also have beautiful cloth on own mind and design.The picture is awesome in the magazine cover. If she plan make a movie or top showing. But i saw her at Disney channel and i hope she have big TV stars.

  • wow

    shes so lame. i really dont like her or her music she trys way to hard to be someone shes not for example thug life haha what a joke late

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  • suppress your appetite

    she looks amazing :)