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Violet Affleck is Pigtails Pretty

Violet Affleck is Pigtails Pretty


Pigtails pretty Violet Affleck pulls on wonder-mom Jennifer Garner‘s shirt as she gets dropped off at school on Wednesday morning (July 1) in Santa Monica, Calif.

Looks like Violet, 3, couldn’t be happier skipping her way to class! She wore a cute green sweatshirt with an orange monkey design on it.

Yesterday, Jen, 37, was spotted lunching at Italian restaurant Toscana.

15+ pictures inside of pigtails pretty Violet Affleck

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  • jw

    Jenn Garner is the ugliest star in hollywood. she reminds me of just an average “do-able” girl in high school that when a guy bangs her he spreads the word all over school that her cooter stinks.

  • sweetie

    Adorable! :-)

  • emma

    I love that this little girl is happy

  • mailey

    is jenn pregnant or no? violet looks like both of them to me. her name is kinda hippy tho.

  • huhu

    Jenny and her ratty tooth kid …yay!

  • sarah

    Cute, I’m sure she’s glad that she’s back in l.a. and not in Boston. But, I’m afraid that Violet loves the cameras way too much! She’s gotten used to them. It’s sad that Jen put her in front of the cameras so much like Kate Gosselin that their kid is now used to it. Is Ben still in Boston?

  • elodie

    It’s pathetic how this woman is using her daughter to stay under the spotlights.

  • barron797

    I think Jen wants Violet to be a baby forever…the way she’s always carrying her around, even though she’s old enough to walk around by herself.

    I think Jen will be sad when Violet gets too old to be carried around like a baby.

  • emma


    what mother is not sad when there baby is growing up and gets to big to carry. I have a 8 year old son, a 6 year old daughter and a 4 year old daughter and when my 4 year olds wants to be carried if i am ok with it i carry her because you never get that bit of there life back again.

  • STupid Elodie

    @elodie: how is she “using her daughter”? they are merely walking around and the paps just happen to get pics of them wherever they go….

  • emma


    The paps are always outside of Violet’s school. Jen can not help that at least she spends time with Violet and takes her out

  • mel

    They smiled so much, I’m sure they enjoyed the paparazzi ! So, she should stop complaining about that.

  • mel

    They smiled so much, I’m sure they enjoyed the paparazzi ! So, she should stop complaining about that.

  • Sally

    She looks so happy, Violet, this sweetie kid. Always smiling and playing. It’s so good to see that. And Jen is a mother that inspires me. Really. Love the pics. Adorable.

  • Sally

    @mel: Enjoyed the papz? They’re just living her lives. Violet must go to school and do things that a kid would usually do, or not? With luck, they’re not bothered of be persued. Jen has an easy way to lead with that, cause she looks so natural and not affected. So good for both. After all, they’re only humans, before Violet her parents that also are stars. ;)

  • Sally

    @elodie: My God, a mom can’t even take her kid to school or to play and she is using her daughter? How crazy is that? Please. Think better. They are real persons, it’s not a movie. It’s life. Just it. And they’re living, normaly.

  • agreed

    I agree vio likes the paps way to much.She always seems to enjoy being around them.

  • fun piggy tails

    Violet looks like she is having fun. She doesn’t put her children out there like Kate G. Jon, Kate put cameras in theri home, Ben and Jen try to go about their normal lives.

    Probably back in LA, as Ben is doing a charity event in Vegas with Matt D. The yearly poker tourn.

  • Q

    They said gwenth kids go to the same school as well, why we dont’ see gwenth picking and talking her kids as much as we see jen?

  • Sally

    @jw: Well, I have to completly disagree. To me, Jen is one of the most beautiful actresses of nowadays. I mean, and she don’t need any efforts. Naturaly beautiful. When she is all dressed up, she becomes absolutely gorgeous. But I think she is so pretty always that she don’t even need that. So unfair with the most of mortals! :)

  • oh

    That means Ben a recoverd alcholist and gambling addict still do those things.

  • Tazina

    Why would she be all dressed up to take Violet to school or pick her up? Using her daughter? Some of the comments on here are written by total asswipes.

  • love kids

    aww… violet is so adorable!!!!! she always look happy go lucky!

  • Sally

    @agreed: How insane! She’s just a kid! I don’t think she is happy about the papaz, I think she is glad because she is a loved and healthy child, and children, normaly, are happy when they have a fair and warm life. Thank God.

  • lol

    Q @ 07/01/2009 at 3:43 pm They said gwenth kids go to the same school as well, why we dont’ see gwenth picking and talking her kids as much as we see jen?

    - Because nobody cares about gwyneth and her kids.

  • Sally

    @Tazina: I completely agree with you. Wich world these guys live? Please… It’s so crazy that I feel they’re in other galaxy.

  • max

    I live near Brentwood and it’s a quiet small town. No paps do not linger around unless they are called. I find it amusing that her people call the paps to tell them where and when she’ll be there. She doesn’t seem to mind unless Ben is with her, who hates the paps. Only then does she “act” all bothered. I agree, Ben and Jen only seem happy when they are with their kids and not so much with each other. I hope they last but it’s hollywood so i doubt it – bunch of weird not very normal relationships all hidden under their celebrity camps.


    Unlike JHo and Skeletor, they didn’t ask for millions of money to put their kids in the cover of the magazine. She’s not like Gwyneth who seems so full of herself about how she should look, her diet, etc. Ben’s X-GF’s are so phony and vain that’s why they have been dumped. Who would want to marry those cuckoos anyways? They may be richer than Jennifer Garner but you can tell that Ben is happier with this Jen. And JG is still making movies and people still pay to watch her. Where is JHO and Gwyn’s career going to???

  • sarah

    OF COURSE Ben is out of town AGAIN. Never likes to be around her but stays in the marriage for the kids. What a dad! We never see Gwyneth b/c they know how to avoid paps and hate them. Jen likes the attention and being in front of the cameras – there are ways that stars avoid being in front of the paps every day but she seems to enjoy it in a weird way. Attention for a desperate housewife? Yes, she is the Kate Gosselin of Hollywood.

  • Bella

    oh belle, Jen Garner’s movies do not do well. They always return less than expected and everyone knows she only gets movie roles b/c she has her own production co (ben’s advice) so she can cast herself in lead roles. She’s a has been tv actress who’s famous now for being a celebrity mom and marrying Ben Affleck. Much like Katie Holmes…Robin Wright Penn…all once had huge potential. Stepford desperate housewives who used to be badass but not anymore b/c they are in their kids and husbands shadows unite!

  • pokeman

    i don’t care if I get bash on but i just don’t find her cute at all. maybe she will get prettier when she growns up.

  • jaye

    lol @ 07/01/2009 at 3:48 pm

    Q @ 07/01/2009 at 3:43 pm They said gwenth kids go to the same school as well, why we dont’ see gwenth picking and talking her kids as much as we see jen?

    - Because nobody cares about gwyneth and her kids.
    Dang I was thinking the same thing lmao. G doesn’t have time to be picking up her kids, she has GOOP to spread.

  • cas

    violet is a cutie!

  • denise

    Violet’s cute but way too happy to see the paps. Maybe she thinks they are her friends or she likes the attention since she’s not getting it with a new baby around? Jen is okay. In interviews, Ben makes Jen sound very controlling and like she’s yelling at him and telling him what to do all the time. Ben is hot. She’s very lucky to have him.

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    Jen Garner looks like a peasant and despite her plastic surgery, she is still homely.

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    Violet looks like she was trained to pose ans smile for the cameras.

    Her mother is using her to get into silly gossip magazines. What a shame.

  • lori

    gwyn knows how to avoid the paps that’s why. Celebs can easily do that and if they don’t want it, they can avoid the paps. It’s obvious Jen doesn’t mind her pic taken with her daughter since she exposes her all the time. I think it’s weirder that Ben and Gwyneth are still really good friends and they visit each other, as friends. I don’t think Jen can be very happy with that one but like she says “don’t change the man”. Does that mean his womanizing, addictions and filthy potty mouth as well?

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    Violet is still fugly……….

  • fun piggy tails

    There are pics of Gwyn taking/picking up her kids from the preschool. BUT Gwyn doesn’t pick her kids up everyday, she sends the bodyg. to get them.

    The paps do indeed hang around Brentwood. While Jen was in Boston, there were tons of pics of other celebs at the market, grocery store and a bunch of other places. What did Jennifer calls the paps to get them some other celeb was at ther farmer’s market. How crazy!

    And Ben is playing poker in Vegas for a charity. He and Matt play every year for a charity started by Don C. called Anti for Afr.

    So Ben likes to play poker and he plays a few times a year for charity. That does not a gambling junkie make.

  • emma

    @Lisa rose:

    wow how low insulting a kid

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    @emma: Sorry, someone need to say the trues! lol

  • amy

    She was right … don’t ever try to change a man . That is the key for a happy relationship. If you don’t like it leave. Change must come from inside. Ben and J.lo failed so bad trying to change one another.

  • emma

    @Lisa rose:

    insulting a child is not even funny. Keep your low unintelligent thoughts to yourself. I would like to see what you look like. How would you feel if people were calling you Ugly

  • Sally

    @denise: Well, I think Ben is sort of charming, of course, but to me, he seems the lucky one to have Jen in his life. She’s great. But what do we know? We just have our little opinions here. :) I feel Jen is really special, and I hope Ben be so special too. They have a family and that’s huge. They deserve to be happy!

  • Sally

    @YES!: Like Jen would need of this… you’re so naive sometimes… or so cruel, I don’t know what to choose. Maybe both. Shame on you, not her.

  • Sally

    @emma: @Lisa rose: The true doesn’t exist. What exist are just opinions. Are you megalomaniac or what? To me Violet is not just cute. She is pretty, sweetie and lovely. We have different opinions, of course. Can you live with that? Nobody owns the truth. Luck for us.

  • emma


    yes but i find it rude that she called Violet Fugly

  • mertz

    she’s the best. i hope she’s like this forever. thanks ben and jen.

  • lakers fan in boston

    come on jen try a little harder….
    her lips look kinda gross, r they like that or does she inject them?

  • SarahC

    So cute! Ben & Jenn had the most adorable girls in Hollywood.