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Adrien Brody: Chest Hair Proud!

Adrien Brody: Chest Hair Proud!

Adrien Brody dares to be different and proudly shows off his chest hair at the ‘BOSS Orange’ fashion party during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin S/S 2010 at Rathenauhallen on Thursday (July 2) in Berlin, Germany.

The 36-year-old Queens-born actor wore a gray pair of skinny jeans, a blue-striped cardigan and a red handkerchief around his neck. Adrien finished off his look with a straw fedora.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Adrien’s undershirt-less look — HOT or NOT?

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Photos: Anita Bugge/WireImage, Florian Seefried/Getty
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79 Responses to “Adrien Brody: Chest Hair Proud!”

  1. 1
    Jennifer Says:

    OMG…..!!!!!!!!111111 MY EYES………

  2. 2
    mary Says:

    not, duh.
    how can someone look in the mirror and think they look good.
    if they look like that.
    i don’t understand.

  3. 3
    vmars111 Says:

    That outfit is perfectly fine if you’re going for a bohemian-style….IN THE STREETS.

  4. 4
    ok what? Says:

    Ewwwwww he needs a shirt big time.. BIG TIME.. this is not bohemian style.. this is just plain lazy…

  5. 5
    he needs a shirt Says:

    please someone…give him a shirt

  6. 6
    rafertyrafe Says:

    oh my goodness! he’s beautiful! ahhhhh! Jared! You must post more pictures of Adrien Brody. He’s so dreamy!

  7. 7
    male Says:


    those r not skinny jeans

  8. 8
    Punjab Says:


  9. 9
    Ashley Says:

    OMG Adrien!Sooooooooooooo sexy chest hair!!!

  10. 10
    LuckyL Says:

    He got a very subtle nose job.

  11. 11
    sheryl Says:


  12. 12
    LuckyL Says:

    Maybe not. I think he’s generally attractive.

  13. 13
    ugh Says:

    Lol @ the tween children on this site. I’d hit it…hard.

  14. 14
    KJ Says:

    I don’t get any part of that outfit or how it even came about? It just doesn’t make any sense. He’s not attractive at all and that lady sweater with the scart & no shirt? Are you Kidding??!!…also can he please shave?

  15. 15
    eve Says:


  16. 16
    TJ Says:

    He’s got a ugly face (nose), but he’s body is hot.

  17. 17
    jill Says:

    He looks really hot, not!

  18. 18
    bleh Says:

    yuck shudder*

  19. 19
    t Says:

    his chest is definitely hot

  20. 20
    janel Says:


  21. 21
    Tands Says:

    This reminds me of when women wear long necklaces to cover their cleavages.

  22. 22
    lala Says:

    He is HOT! The outfit is NOT!

  23. 23
    jazz Says:

    american standards of beauty = zac efron? In world standards, he is truly a hunk. I love his scruffy euro look.

  24. 24
    mina Says:

    oh lordy NO… and don’t call yourself a Queens boy lookin’ like that.

  25. 25
    mertz Says:

    omg. my eye feel so freaking violated. why jared why. lol. i don’t even think i can laugh in a har har har kind of way :(. totally ruining my zefron high. there should be a huge x over that. not a good look.

  26. 26
    getreal Says:

    He looks like Bruno

  27. 27
    Mousse Says:

    No style at all. Nothing fits together, that makes it to a big nono for me. But he looks like a cutie. With some help for other clothes he can show that chest hair.

  28. 28
    Killroy Says:

    It’s a hard knock life for him.. ALWAYS! I wouldn’t buy a slice of pizza from his cart.. EW ew ew!

  29. 29
    Jughed Says:


  30. 30
    mertz Says:

    ahahha jughed actually meant not :P. i usually like ab, but not in this get up…and definately with a trim. too bad he’s a sheepskin douche. he should leave that elsa chick or something.

    i’m using these pics to get off my brad pitt hotness on his motorcycle high from above thread. HOT=BRAD PITT. NOT=ADRIAN BRODY

  31. 31
    mayra Says:

    Noooooooo, please put a shirt on righ now!

  32. 32
    Donna Says:

    I have never found him attractive, but I kind of like the look.

  33. 33
    mickey Says:

    It distracts from his face, so that’s something.

  34. 34
    maryrowery Says:

    that’s funny :D

  35. 35
    clive Says:


  36. 36
    sims Says:

    Wardrobe choice aside, Brody does have a certain charm about him. This was evident in King Kong, he had great chemistry with Watts.

  37. 37
    NativeNYker Says:

    I want him!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  38. 38
    Alongamento Says:

    I love his vintage loooks, a real man!

  39. 39
    Jen Says:

    he looks badd

  40. 40
    ******* Says:

    lol… very nice. I’m thinking he decided just to be comfortable and screw the people. But I’d have to say “not”. Sorry Adrien:)

  41. 41
    liverwurst Says:

    He’ll do this ridiculous outfit for attention but wouldn’t get the nose job. His choice but it ruined his career.

  42. 42
    .,. Says:

    OMFG, that is so ridiculous, i feel sorry for him.

  43. 43
    Iggles Says:

    His chest hair is ok. His face, hair, and beard are NOT attractive in the least. The hat, the scarf, EWWW. Bad outfit and an fug dude.

  44. 44
    Choose Jared Says:

    I love Adrien Brody. He’s an extremely good looking man. A big nose does not equal ugly!!

    But that outfit! It has GOT to go

  45. 45
    girl Says:

    absolutely hot. i love that he never looks generic and dares to be different.

  46. 46
    rrr Says:

    i like adrien brody but this isn’t flattering.

  47. 47
    Paranel Says:

    What kind of outfit is that ? Never mind. Whatever gets you thru the night ….

  48. 48
    nitagirl60 Says:

    the beard and the ridiculous outfits are totally out of character for adrien brody….has he had some kinda breakdown or something?

  49. 49
    cain Says:

    never thought a man would show his “cleavage”…gross.

  50. 50
    irish girl Says:

    I would change one thing… the cardigan. Put on a white T-shirt and the outfit’s golden.

  51. 51
    Shakirakitten Says:

    Adrian Brody is an amazing actor. IF you saw him in “The Pianist” you would get goosebumps at moments, he was so present in the role. He is wonderful. Whatever he wears in the streets doesn’t matter. That is his personal choice.

  52. 52
    lara Says:

    he look may not be so hot, but he sure is

  53. 53
    Meream Says:

    That is not flattering. First off, guys in cardigans do not look nice. Secondly, chest hair is not attractive.

  54. 54
    jaye Says:

    he’s always looked weird; even more so now.

  55. 55
    Sandy Says:

    Love Adrien,don’t care for the outfit. I’ve seen him dress way,way better. He’s cute though,even with that outfit.

  56. 56
    Sandy Says:

    Love Adrien,don’t care for the outfit. I have seen him dressed way,way better. Even so he still looks so cute to me.

  57. 57
    djl Says:

    not the greatest look, but not the worst either – i think he pulls it off.

  58. 58
    Laurie Says:

    There is something oddly HOT about this! lol
    Did he have a nipple slip??

  59. 59
    Alexandra Says:

    Jaejoong-ha, Brody stole your shirt!! XD

  60. 60
    Haya Rizvi Says:

    Oh god, i mightve just thrown up in my mouth. I love that jew curl look (adam brody, zach levi, etc.) but Adrian Brody is just gross.

  61. 61
    mykel Says:

    the man is HOT… c’mon, look at those pecs!!! and why not a little chest hair? he’s not a woman for crissake!

  62. 62
    bonzo Says:

    disgusting! gross! ewww!! i’ll never see him the same again… :(

  63. 63
    Mo Says:

    there is supposed to be a shirt under that cardigan and he doesnt even match!

  64. 64
    oy Says:

    That burned an image in my retinas I might never be able to shake. Horrible dresser. Not attractive at all. Who let him leave the house looking like that?

  65. 65
    esp Says:

    I don’t mind his chest hair. I love guys showing it off. Adrien is charming and very talented but the cardigan and the scurf are not the best possible combination in this look!

  66. 66
    rocky Says:

    Loooove me some Adrien!

  67. 67
    retrobanana Says:

    im not crazy about his outfit (though he looks cute in the fedora) but im innn looooove with him…total hottie!!!!

  68. 68
    brenda Says:

    This cracker really thinks he’s something hot, but he looks like sh_t.

  69. 69
    Tdani Says:

    Who is he trying to look like? Frank Zappa?

  70. 70
    heathersodropdeadgorgeous. Says:

    I personally love that look! haha. And he some how pulls off that huge honker!
    Confidence is key people. (:

  71. 71
    brooke Says:

    omg. he is really hot! i love his chesthair! and that look is gorgeous… :)

  72. 72
    Essie Says:

    I love him but I’d prefer seeing him without anything at all rather than that shirt, or whatever it is. In fact, I’d rather see him without clothes than with them no matter what he’s wearing…

  73. 73
    brooke Says:

    and if i was him, i would take off the scarf thingy, that’d be even hotter!

  74. 74
    shin Says:

    not the best shot, but he definitely has been working out and looks so sexy and comfortable with himself

  75. 75
    dc39 Says:

    the outfit, whatever. who cares. its good because you can see his chest. proportionately to his body type, he has a REALLY nice upper body.

  76. 76
    suppress your appetite Says:

    @Jennifer: :DD !!!

  77. 77
    puppycat Says:

    I LOVE Adrien Brody, but this outfit is SO random and SO hideous!!!! And he looks a lot better when he shaves : )

  78. 78
    nina Says:

    i love Adrien Brody ,he looks good in anything and everything,Yummy!!

  79. 79
    aumentar o penis Says:

    So hot !! mmmmmmmmm

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