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David Beckham Gets Roped Off With Posh

David Beckham Gets Roped Off With Posh

David Beckham and wife Victoria cuddle up on some coiled rope in the latest Fall/Winter Emporio Armani underwear by Giorgio Armani campaign (via Daily Mail).

The couple exposes a little of what happens behind closed doors! The dramatic pics are expected to appear on billboards in the heart of Milan, as well London, New York, Los Angeles, Rome, Paris and Tokyo.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the Beckhams’ sexy new shots?

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david beckham rope 01
david beckham rope 02
david beckham rope 03

Photos: Mert Alas + Marcus Piggott
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  • Lalique

    I think they are both gorgeous – and they look like complete idiots in these shots. Giorgio, I expect better from you!

  • Alyssa


  • diva


  • marisa

    wow, very nice!
    beck has a major combover in the first shot though.. : /

  • Boring

    No emotions not sexy at all.

  • Raquel


    not a fan of the Beckhams but this is BEYOND HOT!

    Fntastic ad!

  • Victoria

    Victoria and David Beckham are both gorgeous.
    The photography is pretty good, and their bodies are even better – Fabulous!

  • Hmm


  • Hmm


  • jw

    wow they look like major toolbags

  • Shannon

    They look ridiculous and I’m sorry he is not good looking. He has those bulldog teeth and beady eyes.

  • bald outing

    they are such a good looking couple. as long as posh doesn’t open her mouth

  • irish girl

    Sexiest couple ever. They ooze Euro sexiness which we poor North Americans can only gawk at in wonder.

  • Shannon

    They ooze Euro sexiness which we poor North Americans can only gawk at in wonder.

    Really? Where? lol They try way too hard. How many times are they going to get photographed looking exactly the same way? Fake tan and oiles up. They’re just plain tired.

  • jaye

    The most over rated couple of the century. He p*issed over his soccer career in American and his teammates. There is nothing honorable about how he treated his team who paid him a VERY hefty salary for the little work he did. He should go back to England, I’m sure they miss seeing these fame w*hores on a daily basis.


    @irish girl:

    OMG im ashamed you have Irish girl as your moniker. I thought Irish people saw thru this kind of BS. they are a ridiculous couple. What does she even do? How does she have a hot body? She is emaciated with these great baloons planted on her chest (dreadful boob job) . He is not even that good looking and the more botox he gets the worse he looks. And when he talks !!! ROFLMAO !!

    They have beautiful kids they should think of them before they embarrass them like this. They have enough money without pulling this spectacle. I don’t know much about football but apparently Beckham was a decent player why is he resorting to this? Put it away love!!

  • trev


    Eh no we don’t trust me you are welcome to them ! They truly are overrated. Can’t wait to see the surgery Posh gets when she starts to really age. Joan Rivers the 2nd i think !!

  • wow

    On the other site you can see her leg almost touched his Peen.

  • Karen

    Gosh move on already.. NO ONE CARES ABOUT THESE TWO PEOPLE.

    David was supposed to put American Soccer on the Map..What happened. Posh was suppose to be the Queen of Hollywood..What happened.. NOTHING.. He is an attractive man, but so are most of the American sport stars. Posh is just average looking with an attitude. nothing more. Can we please close the door on these two people once and for all.

  • amy

    They look nice when they act normal. This one I don’t like much.

  • Angela


  • nguyen tran gia linh

    wow Hot and Sexy
    I Love David & Posh

  • LEXI


  • karenina

    i love them but i was expecting something more

  • Pining for Chris


    You couldn’t be more right! This couple is so contrived. I don’t see any love at all, it’s all about the BRAND.

  • Shannon

    Karen @ 07/02/2009 at 12:01 pm Gosh move on already.. NO ONE CARES ABOUT THESE TWO PEOPLE.

    David was supposed to put American Soccer on the Map..What happened. Posh was suppose to be the Queen of Hollywood..What happened.. NOTHING..
    Well that was the press and fans in the UK saying that. lol. They can’t seem to understand why America hasn’t gone crazy over these two like they have. Put these two in America and then Hollywood I think it’s pretty obvious why not. heh

  • pink

    very much photoshopped

  • yuckybeckhams

    They are the most pretentious and hyped up ‘couple’ on the planet, Victoria is the ultimate pain in the nether region. As sexy as wet fish.

  • kaos

    Tasteless, tacky, vulgar, moronic, crass, narcissistic, self-obsessed, self-deluding egomaniacs smacking of desperate self promotion and self hype… I could go on but you get the picture.

    If Armania et al know what is good for their brands, they will get rid of these two tiresome, talentless, delusional , self-obsessed famewhores. Landon Donovan and his teammates have every reason to be furious at Beckham’s self-serving ways at LA Galaxy. It is all so clear that he only came to LA to break his “brand” into the US market and when it clearly was not happening, he then tried to engineer his own escape to Europe (MIlan’s old man team!), even if the move was injurious to the team and complete betrayal of his teammates. I hope he is booed off the field in LA! He is only getting what he so richly deserves. As for his pouting wife, the less said, the better. Even better of course if she just disappears from sight. But we should be so lucky!

    Just Jared, enough coverage of these two meaningless useless waste of space. UK press and public learned about this long time ago so it is time you wise up too and stop providing them a free forum of publicity. Enough!

  • meems

    I used to like them but I have to say I am starting to grow tired of seeing them everywhere. Overexposure to the max.

  • JOhn


  • rocky

    These two are just so boring now. They should go back across the pond and leave us alone.

  • eeyak

    Noooooooo! The majority of us Brits do not want them back on our shores. Only the British media gossips will welcome them back because they’re desperate for someone other than lilly allen and the ugly Geldoff sisters to harp on about. When it comes to talented British celebs we no longer have any…. the few we do have hide from the media or move overseas.

  • deea

    victoria looks much prettier than she actually is…and the made her look like Oana Zavoranu=))

  • Sally

    I don’t know if I like them… but I admire that they are still together after all these years in a world so fragile (about marriage and all). And not as a regular couple. They’re authentic and it’s interesting to see. And these pics are hot, no matter what I think about them. Very sexy and sofisticated (at least).

  • http://AOL SUSAN

    I have to admit I do not like this couple, and also believe they are shallow and very over exposed, particularly Posh who seems ONLY concerned with how she looks. However, with that said, why shouldn’t they earn as much money as they can with the ridiculous people who are willing to pay them millions to pose in their underwear. They use their names for many, many things and if I could do it, I would as well. They are a commodity that happen to make lots of money off their name and image. I imagine they will continue to do this until such a time that no one wants to pay them anymore. I wish I were lucky enough to have someone be that interested in me…LOL…I would do it in a second.

  • FUgs

    Wow her insecurities shine through! She would not have allowed any other biotch to take that picture with him! I wish and hope they become poor because that smirk on her face and attitude needs to be wiped the fudge out!

  • FUgs

    @kaos: I HEART you darling

  • ammo

    He’s a glorified free kick merchant and she’s the one who couldn’t sing and had bad skin. How, in the name of all that’s holy, did these two washouts become so famous in the first place? Hype, pure hogwash hype and bullshit, that’s how!

  • jaxon

    Is that supposed to be some kind of phallic symbol growing out of her head? Are these her new boobs? They don’t look smaller.

  • ELLE


  • Marieme

    I don’t dislike either of them but they’re seriously two of the most nacissistic people alive. Seriously, how much is enough?

  • anoN.y.c.

    david: that macho man glance is way too old, try something new man.

  • Jordy

    When will they grow out of doing all the photo ops? They have plenty of money or do they want to remind us that they are just like Spiedi?

  • Ckayed


  • MiHay

    Sooooooo GROSS

  • bonzo

    oh man…these 2 make me laugh, they always look so ridiculous. does anyone really take them seriously?

  • suppress your appetite

    She’s sooo sexy!!!!!!!! :)