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Halle Berry: Hollywood's 12th Top-Earning Actress!

Halle Berry: Hollywood's 12th Top-Earning Actress!

Halle Berry rushes to catch a departing flight out of LAX airport in Los Angeles on Wednesday (July 1).

The 42-year-old actress was accompanied by her adorable daughter, Nahla Ariela, 15 months, and beau Gabriel Aubry.

In the past year, Halle tied for 12th with Anne Hathaway in Forbes‘ list of Hollywood’s Top-Earning Actresses. They each pulled in $7 million. Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston and Meryl Streep took the top spots.

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Credit: Radcliffe; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • becca

    that’s one good looking family!
    cute baby!

  • H

    Nahla cute

  • mailey

    halle and her g-damn man candy. sigh. *jealousy*

  • dianne

    Halle should have never cut her hair off she has no femininity anymore

  • dianne

    Halle should have never cut her hair off she has no femininity anymore

  • Lindsey

    Bi-racial = beautiful!

  • jugzz

    In that second pic halle looks like a total b**tch

  • Nahla

    Oh Gosh, I’m so jealous of Halle! She has like one of the most YUMMY man ever!! Too HOT. Awwwwww and besides, they made the most gorgeous baby in Hollywood! Nahla is so beautiful. Too cute!

  • NativeNYker

    Damn her man is hotness.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • n.o.l.a

    Seriously, who goes to see movies just because Halle Berry is in it?

  • n.o.l.a

    Seriously, who goes to see movies just because Halle Berry is in it?

  • Sally

    Halle and Gabriel have, both, unique beauties. The mix of they two would be a lovely surprise: when Nahla grous up, I bet we will have an incredibly gorgeous woman.


    Lindsey @ 07/02/2009 at 8:53 am

    1000% agree with your statement. The world is more beautiful when it is mixed.

  • Sally

    Sorry: grows up (not grous). ;) A little mistake.

  • Sally

    At least, but not last: Nahla is already really cute!

  • Jolie hot chin not

    Halle started her career with short hair. There was such a thing called the “Halle Berry” haircut. And I love it on her. Only a stunning woman can pull that off. And Nahla is proof that Angels really do exist. What a stunning perfect looking kid. Wow.

  • rocky

    Baby is just too cute! Halle and her man are just too fine! So unfair! HA! HA! Very cute family.

    Halle can wear any haircut. Like the shorty do. At least it’s HER hair and not a weave!

  • rocky

    @Jolie hot chin not:


  • rocky


    You said it!!!! The most beautiful people are MIXED!!!

  • rocketsummer

    What color are her baby’s eyes? They look SO pretty!

  • Pandora

    Such a cute baby. She has her Daddy written all over her. Very intense little eyes/expression. Halle’s looking really rough these days.

  • Jessica

    That baby is NOT cute.

  • tonton

    Bi-racial is not beautiful

    Especally Asian and white. Very ugly

  • IvyMades

    I love Halle’s hair. Long hair does not equal feminine! Sheesh. You can have long hair and still look mannish!

    That baby looks a like perfect mix of Halle and Gabriel. She is cute!

  • Wrong

    I am happy for her that Gabriel did not hold that low-class humping of Jamie Fox against her. Let’s hope she can continue to keep her sh-it together!

  • blah

    That baby is kinda ugly. Not being mean but its true. Maybe she wil get cuter as she gets older

  • Cammie

    I think the baby is cute, but not stunning or beautiful as people make her out to be, I think they say that because her parents are goodlooking, but honestly she looks like a alot of mixed races kids I see

  • M

    This baby always look cranky.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she’s still with that guy…
    havent they been together for awhile?
    i barely see them together and id be pissed at her if i was her bf for what she did with jamie foxx even if it was just done for fun

  • ELLE


  • WTF?

    Halle didn’t even work last year because she was raising her baby and she still made that much money? Must be nice

  • WTF?

    People need to get over that Jamie Foxx kiss. If you actually watched that show, you would have seen that the entire show was inappropriate…that was the point of the show. Jamie and Halles kiss that was staged, was nothing compared to the nonsense that was going on in that show that night. That show was filled with nothing but cursing and sexual behavior. Both Mila Kunes and Rosario Dawson kissed men on the mouth that night as well…are all of you going to talk about that? The fact that some of you keep bringing that up only further proves others point of the fact that because its Halle Berry, you will say something negative regardless. Quit worring about her and her man so much and worry about your own situation in life. Because juding by these pictures its more then obvious they are not worried about you.

  • Bran

    I’m surprised any actress of color is on this list. Nothing against
    those who made they list but if they were NOT white they wouldn’t be on the list either regardless of how talanted they may be.
    I don’t think white actresses realize how lucky they are to be given
    choices and opportunities to work. Ms Anison is of very average talent and looks but she is a superstar. (?) Surely, there are women of color that have more talent then she but they are not white and producers or
    directors are afraid a brown skinned actress won’t appeal to whites.
    That is sad but reality.

  • Raine

    So you’re saying the most beautiful people aare mixed? Thats bullshit. There are equally gorgeous and ugly people of every race.

    And just so everyone knows Halle has gorgeous hair..when she gros it out its long and curly, NO WEAVE

  • Raine

    @Bran: I agree completely, you are so right. Its truly sad how that words. jen aniston is average. average face, talent, everything. kate winslet is extremely underrated, and there are others who get no credit.

  • rebecca

    Actually, Halle tied for 10th place with Anne Hathaway at $7 million.

  • Megan

    I don’t think she and baby daddy are together anymore but Nahla is the cutests celebrity baby out there. So there will not be baby #2 for them. Plus Halle is probably having age related fertility issues.

  • http://nicolita nicolita

    The girl looks like many mixed children that I have seen…nothing special. Actually she looks a little ‘special’, she’s very expressionless in the pics I’ve seen. Halle looks ugly in the pics. Her man looks like he’s homeless and in much need of a bath and a hair wash.

  • Buck

    She looks nothing at all like the mother. I just don’t think the daughter is very pretty at all

  • g!na

    the baby would be cute if it wasn’t for her weird shape eyebrows! Nahla is odd- looking but may turn out to be an exotic beauty later on! potential is there!

  • alex-P

    nahla is just perfect.. she took the best features from both her parents.. love her eye color and skin tone

  • no effect…

    From the looks on GossipGirl, the mention JF joke seems to be having no effect on the happy family. Gabe seems to have his rapt attention to Nahla and Halle. Google the site for yourself. They look like they’re all smiles.

  • hmm

    looks like gabriel has taken up halles bad habits and had his eyes worked onn umm botox!!!

  • liverwurst

    @n.o.l.a: Ummmm…she is an Academy Award winning actress, you twit!

  • nope

    Doubt they’re keeping up appearances. Saw the other blog photos, they actually look like a family and not one of Halle’s staged photo ops.

  • youallneedjesus

    Can we wait until Nahla could at least talk before you start talking about her looks? At least until she can say “kiss my @ss haters”.

  • don’t get it

    Still don’t get how she got on the list when Frankie & Alice was the first movie she made since Things We Lost In The Fire, which still doesn’t have a distributor or release date. Maybe they figured her endorsements etc. in?

  • pat


    Let me guess Jessica your fat and jealous!

    Beautiful baby. I have one just like it

  • chuck berry

    aw nahla is so cute
    the cutest celeb baby
    and she’s growing so fast

  • Lala


    Agree Nahla is not cute. People are just saying that because its Halle. I am also suprised her baby is that dark. Most biracial women who have children with White men end up having children who look white