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Kevin Jonas: Peep The Engagement Ring!

Kevin Jonas: Peep The Engagement Ring!

Check out the engagement ring that Kevin Jonas gave his longtime love, Danielle Deleasa on Wednesday morning at her doorstep in New Jersey.

The 21-year-old Jonas Brother helped designed Danielle‘s engagement ring with jeweler-to-the-stars Jacob The Jeweler. MTV reports the diamond ring is a 3-carat solitaire cushion-cut diamond, surrounded by 210 round brilliant-cut pave diamonds.

“She said yes, yes, yes like 500 times super fast in a row!” Kevin said of Danielle after getting down on one knee.

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  • Congrats Kevin and Danielle!

    she is lucky,
    that ring is beautiful.
    Congrats Kevin&Danielle!

  • http://- audrey

    love them so much(L)

  • Saudia

    it’s so pretty! Love them. I hope marriage works out well for them. That’s a huge step, so young too.

  • Saudia

    I seriously think Danielle looks like Haylie Duff!!

  • Wrong

    Wow, getting married at 21! Good luck. How old is she, I wonder?

  • princess perfect


  • cutiemcfreckles

    probably not the first to say it, but she looks like Janice from Friends.

    Hope the marriage works out! He seems like a nice boy.

  • mailey

    it’s nice. good choice.

  • LuckyL

    Lol Blood Diamond

  • Raquel


    She is 22 years old, so both are very very young, wish them all the best and congrats.

  • emmy jay

    Nice ring. They seem to make a nice couple and will be rich enough to be able to enjoy having babies and living the good life. They ain’t your average young engaged couple, facing a depression and wondering how they’ll support themselves.

    My parents got married at an early age, had seven kids, and are still happy together.

    Hope they are happy for a long time. She looks so sweet.

  • Jennifer

    Danielle is a SLUTT. She is not a virgin. She is a bed hopper.
    Danielle is a GOLD Digger. Get a good Pre Nup.
    He is too young to be married.

  • Jen

    nice ring

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    @Saudia: GOD, you are soooooo right. shes looking JUST like Haylie Duff!!!!
    and who wouldnt say ‘yes’ to a ring like that one???? NO ONE!!!!!!

  • Pinkrose

    Better to wed than to burn(with passion) hopelessly and sinfully.

  • ammo

    nope,won’t last! No marriage lasts these days. Don’t believe me just read the news. Divorce, divorce divorce…………..

  • eimear

    holy…… thats nicest ring i have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH she’s sooooooooo lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SuperWoman9

    Too much Diamond for me personally…more power to them!…don’t get me wrong, it’s a great lookin’ ring…but she’s gonna end up hurting/cutting someone with that ring (I hurt ppl with my ring all the time and it’s smaller)…just wanna let ppl know that if they meet her and shake her hand…be wary of the

  • Cat

    @Jennifer: You’re a bitch! you dont know anything about her…

  • alecks. (:

    that engagement is just right.
    i mean that age is enough for that couple to get married.
    look nowadays, even girls aged 18 andd boys aged 18+
    get married. know why? because some got pregnant
    && cant wait to have the so called sex life. LOL.
    sori fer that word. oh well thats true isnt it?
    but this couple will be married because they both
    really love each other. well i hope that
    till death do they apart. :))


  • Cat

    Its a very pretty ring. Its alot of diamond (I like a bigger setting, smaller diamond) but being Cushion cut, its better… Princess or Emerald would be kinda obnoxious

  • Yv3tt3

    Must be nice marrying a jonas. People are making to big a deal on his age. 21 is not to young, he can vote he can drink. Congrats to them, love the ring

  • Lauren

    aaaaw hes so cuuute >.<

  • lola

    im so happy for him! i feel bad for the thousands of girls who r crying right now. i think the group’s music will kinda be different from now. they have all matured and i can totally see that squeaky cleam image of them disappearing.

  • NativeNYker

    He must be gagging for it!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • girl5

    O man, I’m loving these comments!
    I’m sooo happy for him! And they could have a long engagement!
    These boys were raised up right, it’ll last!

  • camCam

    a lot of people think this will ruin the jonas bros but kevin is smart and if he thought for one second that it would ruin them he wouldnt of proposed. it wont ruin them one bit. they will be the same brothers and do the same shows but kevin might move out .that is sad.i just hope they will stay the same guys

  • Noticias de famosos

    They look very happy, well, less then one in the market …
    is a pity …

  • http://kevin yazairajb

    I can not believe Estoi very desepcionada: ( I love joe

  • dyana

    kevin married I do not like what I want for my

  • http://kevin yazairajb

    sucks your ring, Danielle and kevin is my

  • dyana

    i am disappointed kevin I do not like danielle

  • brenda

    That girl is nasty looking and looks alot like Hailey Duff with that nose.

  • Kar

    he just wants to get laid

  • kyra182lovesgosling

    They’re really young. Nice ring. So that mean’s he’s probably not the gay one. So, hmmmmmm who is the gay one??? I sy Joe is the gay one. But i still think they’re all gay hahahaha.

  • sherlock

    What race is his ugly girlfriend because she certainly isn’t Italian she’s so ugly.

  • laurie

    Way to young to be getting married and I agree with # 34 totally……

  • hey

    Awww, Kevin! She doesn’t look very bright or down to earth!

  • carlay

    i love kevin jonas, and im very happy for him and tht ring is gorguse i love it, good luck you two, i still love u the same kevin no matter wht, congrats you too

  • HH

    Age is a state of mind. There is no right or wrong age to get married. People who wait until they are older don’t necessarily stay married either.

  • liz


    i thought the same thing!

  • lakers fan in boston

    ring is really nice, i just dont like the little diamonds on the band
    it looks kinda tacky
    still congrats man, ur the least annoying out of the jonas brothers

  • karenina

    of course she said yes 500x , she is the envy of lots of girls and will have lots of money …personally in 2 or 1 year you cant find your life partner, more because they are so young

  • mistap

    Thanks for showing the ring JJ – I will buy it on eBay when they get divorced. Thanks JJ!

  • baly

    She must be pregnant.

  • Brooklyn

    I want that ring!!!!! So pretty. Congrats to Kevin and Danielle.

  • Amber

    WOW,that ring is simply AMAZING!!!! God,I’m soo Happy that their getting married!!! I seriously hope they have a Wonderful Marriage!<3

  • erica

    @Wrong: shes 22

  • AllyJ123

    The people saying hat she is ugly and looks like she only wants the fame and money… U can not be right. Kevin is smart and I’m sure he would have noticed if she was for the money and I don’t think she is ugly. I think she is beautiful. And plus it doesnt matter what they look like on the outside, it’s what their like on the inside and their parents have raised them up to be gentlemen like that. and it could be possible like #34 said… but I dont think thats kevin. I think he loves her alot. U wouldnt buy that kind of ring for some one u just want to use.

  • Daniela441

    Congrats to both of them but…he’s so young.
    Well, I wish them the best of luck. ♥