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Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning: Runaway Ruckus

Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning: Runaway Ruckus

Kristen Stewart shares a laugh with costar Dakota Fanning on the set of The Runaways filming in Los Angeles on Wednesday (July 1).

Kristen, 19, and Dakota, 15, who also costar in New Moon together, were also seen jumping on cars and kicking over a couple of trash cans during the shoot.

The Runaways, a biopic on the all-teen girl rock band formed in Hollywood in the 70s, opens in theaters next year.

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kristen stewart runaway ruckus 01
kristen stewart runaway ruckus 02
kristen stewart runaway ruckus 03
kristen stewart runaway ruckus 04
kristen stewart runaway ruckus 05
kristen stewart runaway ruckus 06
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  • Clare b uk

    Looking forward to seeing this film

  • irish girl

    The 5th picture is hilarious. I’m not looking forward to this movie solely because Dakota is in it. Considering her age, she’s a good actress.

  • hellyeah!

    kristen’s costumes are not flattering…really…i bet she’ll be awkward (yet again) in this movie…




    Kristen is beautiful and joan Jett esque as always and Dakota looks cool too. Can’t wait to see this movie.

  • Realme2008

    @irish girl:
    I agree Dakota is a very good actress for her age, and she is so talented. Kristen on the other hand is a terrible actress. Anyway, why does Kristen always stand like she is an ape or something? She has very bad posture.

  • 4


  • KristenRULES!!

    theyre both awesome


    Yeah I think Dakota is going to take the whole show, she’s extremely talented. Her persona completely transforms for her roles. Kristen unfortunately not so much. I don’t like hating on her, but it’s like the she’s the same person in every role she plays. I’m hoping she’s going to do much better in this film. I think the role fits her better.

  • winter

    I must agree…if you’ve seen one of her movies (kristen) you’ve seen them all. and i actually like her…though it’s getting harder now. the twilight fandom can make ANYONE look annoying….ugh.

  • karenina

    @hellyeah!: i think the same..

  • joe

    @VAMPIRElOVER: I agree 100% Dakota will steal the show extras on the set are saying dakota is amazeing to watch one said she thinks it’s worth an oscar

  • Shakaiya

    Learn to have a little faith. Kristen will be fantastic.

  • trev


    Oh here you go again !!! She is impersonating Joan Jett thats the way she walks. Your taste and point of view is up your hole !! Stop with the jealousy. Kristen is awesome

  • tonya


    Oh yeah where did you meet these ‘extra’s’ ??? In your dreams last night was it !!!

  • Meream

    Dakota looks cute with her hair! :) Cannot wait to see this.

  • LuckyL

    I can’t wait to see Dakota. She’s such a little woman now.

  • diana

    I’m so excited for this movie!

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  • Emma

    They look so fierce!! Cannot wait for this movie!

  • Renee

    Dakota is going to crushes Kirsten Performance wise…and the people who don’t see that has not watch Kirsten’s movie they are all horrible…the fact that she herself thinks she’s so great…Makes her an ugly person with an ugly attitude…Dakota on the other hand as done so many great things at 15 year old she still remains a beautiful actress with a gracious attitude!

  • leen

    love KS, she’s very good actress

  • ่ำjennifer

    i loves Dakota!!

  • joe
  • babe_luv_ya

    I love Dakota,I mean she’s so talented and sweet,and expressive,unlike Kristen,I have to agree with @VAMPIREIOVER,she’s the same person in every role she plays.
    And Im not hating!

  • Clarita


    Kristen is not only a beautiful and sexy female, she plays guitar and sings, too, as can be seen in the Sean Penn´s directed movie “Into the Wild”; she is a very good actor and I hope Rob would be smart enough not to lose this so gifted girl, who has the music thing like he has, too, another important thing in common. Be smart, Rob! We fans like the Robsten relationship, too. Rob, do not be a stupid, sick, masochistic lion! Emilie is too old and small for him, not enough charisma either.

  • Really?


    She must deserve an oscar since she can play some strings on the guitar and can “sing” umhmm… Oh and I have seen her other movies so yeah I agree with VAMPIRElOVER. And I’m all for Robsten!

  • Jen

    I wouldn’t doubt that Dakota would do way better than Kristen.. Dakota is a great actress and Kristen not so much.. She is very one dimensional.. Not a hater because it would be great if she became better but so far she has acted exactly the same in all movies and actually doesn’t act any different than how she is outside of the camera.. Most boring girl ever…

  • sweetness

    Robsten is great!

  • sweetness

    Robsten is great!

  • anon

    … does JustJared practice censorship..
    this film will fail. no one will pay to see these two play at being 70′s rockers..

  • sooo


    i think they made dakota wear them because her character was taller than kristen’s

  • Helena

    best joan costume yet. kristen looks great, and dakota does as well.
    you people need to remember that his movie isn’t set in 2009. i don’t think it’d be acurate if joan jett was seen in her teens wearing skinnies.

  • newbmw

    I would like to please ask all the people who think Kristen Stewart can’t act to please rent the indie film ” Cake Eaters” she is amazing in this film. Watch it and I think you will see a different Kristen. Loved it!!!

  • blah

    kristens been wearing those same leather pants for every shooting… umm ok? dakota looks great she’ll do good

  • jess

    kristen is awesome always!!! and dakota too

  • realme2008


    Oh, please she is not channeling anything. That’s just her general posture. She always stands and walks like a hunchback. Yes, she is a horrible actress. She always has the exact same facial expression, and does the exact same thing in every movie. Dakota on the other hand is phenomenal! She knocks it out of the park!!! Maybe Kristen can learn a thing or two from Dakota. Who am I kidding, she needs to learn everything.

  • nat

    is kristen smoking in the 6th picture??

    OMG i love kristen and dakota, my favorite actresses in one movie together and of course in twilight too… cant wait for it….

  • joe

    Not to bash on Kristen but Dakota will steal the show, and the fans. this will be the part that will change the way people look at her. not a little girl anymore

  • momo


  • lillian

    I don’t understandwhat’s with all the haters of Kristen. She is one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in her age group. As far as Twilight saga, no one could have pulled Bella off than her. She was perfectly cast as well as Robert for Edward. She will be simply awesome as Joan Jett. You just wait and see. The girl can’t take a bad picture. Great roles will come her way because she is willing to strtch her talent. Dakota will be great as well in this film. It will be an interesting film because of Joan Jetts colorful life and career.

  • joe

    @lillian: so sorry and not to be rude but any body could have pulled off bella. the book s are what made the fans, and any two bit actress would have had the same faim that cristen has now. remember she was a b actress doing b films twilight is a pooooooooor movie it’s hard to watch the acting is so bad sorry but thats the facts wake up. i don’t hate kristen but she is not gods gift to acting

  • lauralou

    @Renee: oh come on renee ks is soo.. shy its unbelievable am totally unbias when it comes to films that aren’t even been released let alone finished, going on background BOTH girls are amazing actresses considering what they have too put themselfs though too do there job and get into the right mind set i personally feel that they should have our support

  • nia

    I agree she is really talente and she always take her rolles really well she asume the persone or the role she is in.

  • Hmm


  • http://justjared dee




  • enie

    ugh…like a junkie…:S…Kristen is looking better already,no?

  • kk

    @Realme2008 : u need some new eyes ,,,
    kristen is awesome .. u r just another brat who is jealous for no apparent reason…get a life

  • kk


  • kk

    @haters and anti-kristen for no good reasons : jealousy is ugly guys are too dumb for words..

  • kk

    i totally disagreed with you jealous bitches or ppl who are obviously blind … kristen is a wonderful actress … i saw her first in Panic Room, she was awesome ..after that i saw her in a few other movies, as for dakota, finally i saw I AM SAM, she was great …
    they are both good actresses ..
    but i think kristen will do better in RUNAWAY, as she’s so serious about getting into roles, she did what she could …. she is going to rock ..
    Advise those who are hating or disliking kristen for no good reasons, give it up, you are missing out on a good actress…
    stop being silly.